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Henry GODSIFF - Picton New Zealand

Journal by ngairedith

note some birth dates may be approximate, based on age at death

HENRY 'Harry' GODSIFF (1841-1898) was born in Chatham, Kent to:
George GODSIFF & Mary Ann NEWTON.
1851 CENSUS Faversham, Kent, England
* George Godseff (abt 1796) Faversham, Kent, England - Head
* Mary A Godseff (abt 1806) Yarmouth, Norfolk, England - Wife
* Thomas Godsiff (abt 1839) Chatham, Kent, England - Son
* Henry Godsiff (abt 1842) Chatham, Kent, England - Son

For a few years Harry followed a seafaring life and arrived in New Zealand about 1859 where he farmed for awhile in Queen Charlotte Sounds then Picton

He married in the Holy Trinity Church in Picton on 10 Nov 1864 to:
HANNAH ELIZABETH 'Annie' BOND (1844-1920)
Colonist, 22 November 1864
... ... GODSIFF-BOND - November 10, at Holy Trinity Church, Picton, by the Rev T. L. Tudor, Mr Harry Godsiff, to Hannah Elizabeth, third daughter of the late Mr Thomas Bond, Carrot Bay, Tortola, West Indies

Harry & Annie had 9 children in Marlborough
... 1
1865 - 1936 George Newton Proctor Godsiff
- born 6 October 1865
Colonist, 13 October 1865
... GODDSIFF - October 6, at Mount Pleasant, Marlborough, Mrs H. Godsiff, of a son
- George married Phoebe CLIFFORD in 1899
- their known children:
* 1900 - 1980 Henry Edward Clifford Godsiff
- Henry married Phyllis Eileen TAYLOR in 1929
* 1902 - 1990 Hannah Minnie Catherine Godsiff
* 1904 - 1985 George William Claud Godsiff
- George married Thelma Anna NEVE in 1930
* 1906 - 1995 Hugh Gordon Godsiff
* 1909 - 1909 Clifford Hadfield Godsiff (aged 6 weeks)
* 1910 - 1969 Max Leland Godsiff
* 1913 - 1995 Phoebe Geraldine Madge Godsiff

... 2
1869 - 1939 David Henry Godsiff
- born 3 January 1868 in Clova Bay (died in Dec 1939, 9 months after Fanny)
- David married Fanny Louisa Jane CURTEIS (1868 - March 1939) in 1890
- their known children:
* 1890 - 1964 Charles Henry Newton Godsiff
- married Myrtle Amy ROBB in 1915
* 1892 - 1918 George Leonard 'Len' Godsiff
- Killed In Action Aug 1918 in France
* 1894 - 1983 Francis Claud William Godsiff
- married Margaret Rose McALPINE in 1914
* 1896 - 1916 John Carroll Hetherington 'Jack' Godsiff
- Killed In Action July 1916 in France
* 1897 - 1901 Eveleen Hannah Jean Godsiff (aged 4 from burns)
... The little daughter of Mr H. Godsiff, seriously burned in a bush fire at Kenepuru, died at the Picton Hospital the other day
* 1900 - 1962 Albert Harold Godsiff
- married Freda Marjorie HOPKINS in 1925
* 1901 - 1991 Ewart Walter Godsiff
- married Norma Jocelyn FORBES in 1925 (their ashes buried Fairhall)
* 1910 - 2004 Violet Muriel Rawlinson Godsiff
- married George Robert HAMILTON in 1932
* 1912 - 2007 Gertrude Annie Jean Godsiff
- Gertrude married ? NOTT
... Godsiff, David Henry, Farmer, Waitaria Bay, Kenepuru, Pelorus Sound. Mr. Godsiff is the second son of the late Mr. Henry Godsiff, and was born at Clova Bay on the 3rd of January, 1868. He was educated privately at Manaroa, spent his early years at farming and the timber trade, and has lived continuously, except for a couple of seasons, in the Sounds. He bought his present farm from his brother in 1890. The property consists of over 200 acres of rich grazing land, which carries a flock of nearly 500 sheep, including a stud flock of pure Lincolns, and a small herd of cattle. Mr. Godsiff is a member of the Waitaria school committee. He married Miss Annie Curteis, of Mahakipawa, and has six sons.

... 3
1870 - 1946 Mary Adele Pemberton Godsiff
- born 20 June 1870
Colonist, 26 July 1870
... GODSIFF - June 20, at Havelock (South), Mrs Godsiff, of a daughter
- Mary married John STUART (1869-1896) in 1894
- they had 2 children:
* 1895 - Charles Gordon Stuart
* 1896 - 1979 Ada Grace Stuart
- Ada married Sydney CANNINGTON in 1919
Marlborough Express, 30 September 1896 BOATING CASUALTY
... The steamer Elsie and the settlers' boats of the Pelorus Sound have been searching for the bodies of John Stuart and Edward Clifford who were drowned by the capsize of a yacht in Flea Bay, but without avail. Stuart was aged 27, and Clifford 21. The former was the son-in-law of Mr Harry Godsiff, and leaves a widow and two young children. Bother were fine steady and hardworking young men, and were greatly respected by all who knew them. Widespread sympathy is felt for the bereaved families and relatives
... It appears that the young man Clifford was working for Stuart, and that they had come over from Eli Bay, where Stuart lives, on Monday morning in the yacht "Una" to take sheep from Maud Island. One load had been taken away, and they returned from Eli Bay to the Island on the Monday night
- Mary next married James Lauritz ROBB (1879-1943) in 1901
- their known children:
* 1902 - 1971 Henry James Lauritz Robb
- Henry married Muriel Emma PATON in 1925

... 4
1872 - 1951 Ada Elizabeth Grace Hetherington Godsiff
- born 16 October 1872
- Ada married Charles August BORCK (1866-1951) in 1895
- 1 of 13 known children of Lauritz Christensen BORCK (1832-1910) & Fredericka Sophia Maria SCHWASS (1841-1924, her parents were from Germany & died in Nelson having, at one time, 1400 acres at Linkwater))
- their known children:
* 1895 - 1983 Lauritz Charles Borck (called up 15 Sep 1916)
- Lauritz married Florence Isobel Annie BUSH in 1921
* 1902 - 1979 Frederick Herbert Gerald Borck
Marlborough Express, 16 February 1894
(re Charles's brother Lauritz Borck who died in 1894 aged 29
... PROBATE - In Chambers this morning on the motion of Mr McCallum, probate of the will of the late Lauritz Ferdenand Borck, of Maori Bay, Pelorus Sound, was granted to George Proctor Godsiff and John Gould, both ot Pelorus Sound, settler, by Mr Registrar Allen, acting in the absence of the judge, the other executor, Mr Charles Borck, having previously renounced
from NZETC (written about 1906)
... Charles August Borck, Farmer, Maori Bay, Pelorus Sound. Mr. Borck is the eldest son of Mr. Lauritz Borck, an old settler in the Sounds, and was born at Richmond, in Nelson, in the year 1867. He settled in Maori Bay with his parents in 1872, and spent most of his early years at farm and general work. His present property consists of nearly 550 acres of good grazing land, and carries 400 sheep and about thirty head of cattle. Mr. Borck is a member of the Havelock Poultry Club. He married Miss Godsiff, in the year 1894, and has two sons.

... 5
1876 - 1957 Claud Hamilton Godsiff
- born 6 June 1876
Colonist, 23 January 1891 SERIOUS GUN ACCIDENT
... We are sorry to learn that Claude, the youngest son of Mr Henry Godsiff, of Manaroa, Pelorus Sound, has met with a very serious gun accident. Young Godsiff, who is 15 years of age, was in the act of stepping over a log and lifting the gun over with the muzzle towards him, when the gun went off. The bullet entered his left arm just above the wrist, and came out at the elbow, taking away a piece of the elbow bone. The accident occurring some distances away the sufferer had some difficulty (through being weakened by loss of blood) in reaching home. On Saturday he was taken to the Picton Hospital, and was placed under the care of Dr Scott, but some days must elapse before it will be known whether the injured arm can be saved amputation
- Claud married Edith CLIFFORD (1874-1947) in 1899
- their known children:
* 1900 - 1972 Thomas Henry Edward Richards Godsiff
- Thomas married Natalie Lilian BELL in 1917
* 1903 - 1981 George Edward Thornton 'Ted' Godsiff
* 1905 - 1997 Alice Annie Catherine Godsiff
* 1908 - 1976 Claud Spencer 'Toby' Godsiff
- Claud married Martha HERD in 1928
Marlborough Express, 10 November 1909
... The following memorandum of lease was submitted to the Board for approval; - Andrew Nelson Corepb to Claud Hamilton Godsiff of section 12, Block I, Orieri S.D. - term 14 years from the 1st day of June 1908 - Approved
- Claud next married Daisy Kathleen WEBB (after 1947)

... 6
1877 - 1947 Clara Agnes Godsiff
- born 22 December 1877
- Clara married Lawrence O'SULLIVAN in 1898
- their known children:
* 1901 - Eileen Mabel O'Sullivan
* 1903 - 1981 Laurence William Charles 'Bill' O'Sullivan
- Laurence married Nora Mary BARRS in 1929
* 1911 - 1995 Margaret Mary Olive O'Sullivan
- Margaret married Francis Joseph DEVINE in 1931

... 7
1879 - 1950 Maude Godsiff
- born 13 January 1879
- Maude married Arthur Wallace BARKER (1885-1937) 3 January 1910
Marlborough Express, 6 January 1910 MARRIAGE, BARKER-GODSIFF
... A function that caused considerable interest in the Sounds was held at Manaroa on 3rd January, that of the marriage of Miss Maud Godsiff, daughter of Mrs H. E. Godsiff, of Manaroa, to Mr Arthur Wallace Barker, son of Mr E. Barker, late of Wairau Valley, took place at the residence of the bride's mother on Monday, the Rev Mr Richards, of Blenheim, being the officiating clergyman. The bride was given away by her brother, Mr George Godsiff, and was attended by Miss E. Henderson and her sister, Miss Heather Godsiff; while the bridegroom was supported by his brother, Mr Percy Barker. The bride looked very pretty, attired in a cream silk muslin dress trimmed with silk insertion, with the usual orange blossoms and tulle veil. The bridegroom's gift to the bride was a gold brooch set with diamonds. After the ceremony the happy couple set out for Havelock per oil launch en route for Nelson, where they are spending their honeymoon. The bride's travelling dress was a green cloth costume with hat to match. Miss Masefield kindly played the Wedding march after the ceremony
- their known children:
* 1911 - 2004 Maymie Violette Barker
- Maymie married ? McKENZIE
* 1913 - 1985 Arthur Arnold Barker

... 8
1882 - 1970 Minnie Rose Godsiff
- Minnie married Sydney Herbert SPENCER (1873-1948) in 1903
- their known children:
* 1904 - 1980 Sydney Spencer
* 1906 - 1977 Claude Seddon Spencer
* 1909 - Evelyn Ivy May Spencer
* 1912 - 1951 Jack Spencer

... 9
1888 - 1946 Ellen Isabella 'Heather' Godsiff
- born 2 February 1888
- Heather didn't marry
- she died 2 October 1946 in Nelson aged 58

TIMELINE for Henry Godsiff & family
Appendix to the Journals of the House of Representatives, 1861
PICTON RAILWAY BILL - PETITION of Inhabitants of Marlborough
... That the Provincial Council of Marlborough, during its last session, unanimously passed a resolution authorising the Superintendent to introduce a Bill to your Honourable House, praying for leave to construct and maintain a Railway, connecting the harbour and port of Picton with the Wairau plain
SIGNED ... & Henry Godsiff

Marlborough Express, 14 February 1877
... The Chairman said that he had received a communication from Mr Harry Godsiff, stating that he had built a school and employed a master and asking for assistance. He thought it would be better to get further information as to the number of pupils &c., before dealing with the matter. It was then arranged that the Chairman should communicate with Mr Godsiff on the subject

Marlborough Express, 9 January 1878 CROWN LANDS OFFICE, Blenheim
... It is hereby notified that it is the intention of the Land Board to grant a Timber License to Arthur Beauchamp and Henry Godsiff over the undermentioned Crown Land. Such License to be subject to the conditions contained in certain regulations for issuing Timber Licenses published in the Marlborough gazette No. 266 of 3rd August, 1875, and also to other usual conditions in Licenses for cutting timber on lands held under Pastoral Leases. Term of License to be from date of issue to 30th June, 1885, subject to being sooner determined in certain cases.
All the leased by the Crown to said persons on 1st July, 1879, and known as the Manaroa Run, Pelorus Sound, excepting therefrom any of the said land which has since become freehold. CYRUS GOULTER, Commissioner

Colonist, 2 February 1878 FIRE IN MARLBOROUGH
... A destructive fire occurred at Clova Bay on Thursday, the 17th instant, when the store and office connected with the sawmill were destroyed, together with a boat, boatshed, about 1,000,000 feet of slabs, and a variety of other articles contained in the buildings. The weather was very unfavourable, as a steady wind was blowing the flames towards the wharf, about 200 feet of which was burned with ?100 worth of timber on it. Great difficulty was experienced in saving the residence of Mr H. Godsiff, and had the men worked less energetically the amount of destruction would have been much greater than it was. The estimated damage is ?750 ($14,200 in 2011), and the property was uninsured. The fire at Clova Bay will cause serious loss and inconvenience to the owners of the property, as apart from the immediate money loss, a considerable time will elapse before everything can be made into its former state of completeness

Evening Post, 29 April 1878 FRIGHTFUL ACCIDENT
... A fearful accident occurred on Monday last, at Messrs Godsiff and Newton's sawmills, Colva Bay, Pelorus Sound, by which a youth, named John Henn, aged 17 years, lost his life in a most appalling way. One of the large circular saws is driven by a belt from a drum, propelled by a shaft from the main steam engine, and when required to be stopped, is thrown out of gear by slipping the belt off this drum, which is below the level of the floor. Henn was sent to stop the machinery, and instead of carefully slipping off the belt in the proper way, gave it a careless kick. His foot instantly was caught by the belt, and he was carried round with terrific velocity, striking one of the flooring boards - a stout plank, an inch and a half in thickness - with such violence as to break it in two places. His fellow workmen rushed at once to the rescue, stopped the machinery as quickly as possible, and extricated the unfortunate youth from its fatal embrace. It is needless to say that life was totally extinct, the corpse being mutilated in a most horrible manner, in fact torn and battered out of all semblance of humanity, while the blood, brains, bits of skin and flesh, and fragments of clothing were sprinkled all around. The mangled remnants of what only a minute before was a living, breathing, human being, were gathered reverently together, and, being placed in an impromptu coffin, were sent to Picton by one of the coasting vessel for interment. This dreadful occurrence has cast a deep gloom over the neighbourhood

Marlborough Express, 4 September 1878 MARLBOROUGH LANDS BOARD
... A timber license in favour of Arthur Beauchamp and Henry Godsiff over the Manaroa Run held by them under lease, excepting therefrom the freehold, was submitted to and approved of by the Board, previously to being signed by the Chief Commissioner

Marlborough Express, 13 December 1880 TUHI
... About a week ago we mentioned that Tuhi, the murderer of Miss Dobie, was formerly working from one or more residents in the district. To-day we have been informed that he was some four years back in the employ of Messrs Godsiff and Beauchamp, in the Pelorus, and used frequently to carry the mails

Marlborough Express, 2 July 1886 ALMOST A ROMANCE
... A correspondent sends us the following:- There is a family living in Pelorus Sound named Harvey, in and about Clova Bay. They own a saw mill and a couple of small vessels. Neither of their own vessels being available, some of the brothers a few weeks back borrowed the cutter "Flirt" from Mr Godsiff of Manaroa, and went to Nelson for a cargo of goods for their own use. On the passage back from Nelson "Flirt" got into some difficulty, when one of the Union Co's steamers gave her a tow into apparent safety, where she anchored. A gale of wind shortly afterwards sprung up, and she was driven ashore, the entire cargo being destroyed and the vessel seriously damaged, I believe she is afloat again, but the expense will be considerable to refit.
On Wednesday night last one of the brothers, Nathan, returned from working at the Flirt, only to hear that his brother Alfred had been killed at 10 a.m. that day while working at the sawmill, two logs having smashed him into a pulp.
At 9 a.m. the same night, Isaac Harvey, another brother, was sailing the Hannah Jane (owned by Abraham Hocquard, of Guard's Bay) from Nelson with a large cargo of goods, to replace those lost in the Flirt. When beating a passage somewhere between Forsyth Island and Port Ligar, the vessel suddenly lost the wind, in which state she lay for a few moments, when another squall struck her and capsized her without a moment's warning. The men jumped into the boar, and the cutter sank instantly in deep water.
Thus, the Messrs Harvey in the space of a few weeks have lost ?1000 in good, etc (supposing the Flirt to be worth repairs). the cutter Hannah Jane, and their brother Alfred, the two latter accidents happening on one day. If the Hannah Jane is not insured she will be a great loss to Mr Hocquard, who is an aged man. I believe he was on board when the accident occurred, and had with him a lot of his own goods. Some time back he lost his eldest son, a fine young man, from the same cutter, while passing through the French Pass

Appendix to the Journals of the House of Representatives, 1892
NAVAL & MILITARY LAND CLAIMS (return of) Lodged since 25 Sep 1891 and have not substantiated, also briefly, the reasons for their rejection
MARLBOROUGH - 'did not have five years service'
AVIS, John (deceased), Picton Rifles
BALLARD, John F. (deceased), Christchurch Rifles
BROOKE, Robert (deceased), Picton Rifles
CARNEY, Francis J. (deceased), Blenheim Rifles
DRAKE, Francis (deceased), Picton Rifles
GODSIFF, Henry, Picton Rifles
HARRIS, Samuel (deceased), Picton Rifles
HEBLEY, Joseph (deceased), Picton Rifles
JAMES, Edward, Blenheim Rifles
LACEY, Alfred J. (deceased), Picton Rifles
MORRIS, George Piddock, Dunedin Navals
NEAL, William (deceased), Picton Rifles
O'SULLIVAN, Thomas (deceased), Renwick Rifles
VERCOE, Philip, Taranaki Volunteers

The ANNUAL SHEEP RETURNS for the year ended 30th April, 1895
... showing Increase or Decrease in the Number of Sheep in each County throughout the Colony
*GODSIFF, Henry, Manaroa
April 30 1892, 397 + April 30 1893, 560 + April 30 1894, 598 + 30 April 1895, 690

Colonist, 19 September 1898
... The Great Reaper has laid his hands on an old, jovial, and highly esteemed resident of Manaroa - Henry Godsiff - at the age of 63 (sic). Mr Godsiff died at Picton and his funeral took place at Manaroa

1905 from the NZETC:
... Mr. Henry Godsiff , sometime of the Peninsula Run, Pelorus Sound, was born in the year 1841, in Kent, England, where he was educated and learned engineering. For a few years he followed a seafaring life, and came to New Zealand in 1895 (sic, 1859?). Mr. Godsiff then farmed for a while in Queen Charlotte, Sound, afterwards conducted a fellmongery for two years in Picton, and in December, 1865, settled in the Pelorus Sound. For several years he was part owner of the Manaroa station, and in 1874 he took up the adjoining property, known as the Peninsula run, which he farmed until his death in 1898. Mr. Godsiff was connected with several public bodies, and was highly respected. He left a widow, who still (1905) resides on the Peninsula run, three sons and six daughters

Muriel Washington (1923-) wrote a book (1988, 196 pages) about the History of The Godsiff Family: A Record of Hannah and Henry Godsiff and Their Family, Followed by a Record of Their Families since they arrived in the Sounds. This book has been re printed. You could contact "Williams Service Centre Ltd", 12 Nelson Street, Blenheim, phone 03 5781021 to see if they have a copy
* Muriel also wrote: in 1994, Pioneers of the Pelorus Sound: The Stuarts, 1860s

Henry Godsiff & daughter Ellen Isabella

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