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Henry + Helena WAY - Taranaki

Journal by ngairedith

written for mbs42 who was looking for info on this family.
the Louisa Mary Way recorded as having died in NZ in 1953 aged 66 was:
Louisa Mary COLE (1886-1953) who married George Thomas WAY (1880-1951) in 1917. George was a Boilermaker in Dunedin. They lived at 61 George St., Port Chalmers & Pine Hill Rd, Dunedin
* Louisa was a daughter of Sidney Jacob COLE (1850-1932) of England & Catherine LIVINGSTONE (1858-1945) of Scotland. Sidney had the Central Hotel in Petone in 1895. He died 21 Sep 1932 at Rankeilon St., Dunedin & is buried at Andersons Bay with Catherine
* George was a son of Thomas WAY (1847-1918) & Mary Ann Comben PETERS (1852-1930) who married 8 Dec 1872 in Portland, Dorset. Thomas died 18 Dec 1918 in Mansford town (then a small fishing village in Port Chalmers, now known as Carey's Bay) & buried in Port Chalmers cemetery with a son, William John Way (1876-1950)
re my original couple:
HENRY WAY (1842-) from Oxford, England
married 17 Jan 1867, Golcar, St John the Evangelist, Yorkshire, England to:
Selina 'Helena' WEBSTER (1848-)
* baptised 22 June 1848 Golcar, York, daughter of Joseph (1815-) & Ester (1833-) WEBSTER. Joseph Webster was a Physician & Surgeon at Golcar Hill in 1861

NOTES of importance
* There is a family tree at Family Tree Maker that has the notes that Henry Way, son of William WAY (1810-1876) & Elizabeth CROZIER (1816-1883) was a Grocer and his siblings were:
1833 - William Widbin Way (became a Grocer & Tea Dealer in Oxford, 1863)
1838 - Ann Way
1840 - Elizabeth Hannah Way
1842 - Henry Way
1842 - Harriet Way
1845 - James Arthur Way (became a Grocer)
1846 - Jane Way
1848 - Thomas Way
1852 - Catherine Ann Way
1857 - John Francis Way
1857 - Mary E. Way
the census for Henry Way
1851 Census Address - 110 High Street, Oxford, England
1861 Census Address - 110 High Street, Oxford, England
1871 Census Address - 3 Hollywood Villas, Cowley, Oxford, england
1881 Census Address - 74 Warnborough Road, Oxford, England
1891 Census Address - 110 High Street, Oxford, England
1901 Census Address - 110 - 112 High Street, Oxford England (Ironmongers Shop)
This then is not the same Henry Way as 'mine'

* There was a Selina Helena Webster with much the same details as above: baptised 22 June 1848 Golcar, York, BUT daughter of Joseph Webster (1815-) & Louisa ALLDER. Was Louisa a second wife of Joseph??. This is where 2 or 3 families being researched become confused I think.
In the 1861 census in Golcar, Huddersfield there was:
Joseph Webster age 46, head
Ester Webster aged 28, wife
Selina Helena Webster aged 13, daughter
Vincent Webster age 12, son
Fanny Webster aged 2, daughter
Ann Webster aged 5 months, daughter
Mary Jane Entwistle age 21, servant

* Going on information on an on-line family tree that the above couple emigrated to New Zealand, this journal was originally written using them, but after further research and going by the notes I have above, I am not so sure it is correct. A Henry & Helena Way did emigrate to New Zealand but I have changed the details of Helena from those above to what is written below (on 26-7-2014), ages from passenger list.
Your help in identifying her would be appreciated


Henry WAY (1844-1902) from Middlesex
* Shoemaker by trade - Painter by vocation *
married Helena ? (1848-) and emigrated to New Zealand in 1874

the known children of HENRY & HELENA
(children born in England)
... 1
1867 - Mary Louisa Way
MARY LOUISA Way possibly died before 1874 (the departure of the Wennington)

... 2
1870 - 1888 Frances Helena Way
FRANCES married Edwin Charles KENT (1866-) in New Zealand 1887
(son of William & Mary Elizabeth KENT)
they had a son, Edwin Charles Kent. Born 23 March 1888, Edwin died 3 days later
FRANCES HELENA Kent died 3 April 1888 aged 18 (11 days after giving birth)
NOTE of interest
Christchurch Press, 17 March 1876 - TAKE NOTICE
Whereas an order was made in the Supreme Court Thursday the 16th instant, that a child named Edwin Charles Kent should be delivered into the custody of his father, William Kent, and the child has since disappeared and cannot be found, any one detaining the child, and not informing the police of his whereabouts, will be liable to be prosecuted. The child is about ten years old, and three feet six inches high, has fair hair, and very pale complexion. When last seen was dressed in a light grey tweed suit, and was wearing a light colored soft felt hat.
Otago Daily Times, 25 March 1876 - HIS MOTHER HAS HIM
A writ of habeas corpus had been obtained by the counsel of one William Kent, calling upon Mary Elizabeth Kent, his wife ... read the story

... 3
1872 - 1911 James Edward/Edwin Way
He was a Painter like his father
JAMES married Elizabeth Ada COLELLO (1876-1952) in 1894
their known children:
* 1896 - 1917 Edwin James Way KILLED IN ACTION, Belgium
* 1898 - 1966 George Henry Way
* 1901 - 1949 Hilda Ada Way (+ Albert Henry FLOWER 1933)
* 1905 - Gladys Louisa Way (+ Hughie Wise FLOWER 1930)
* 1907 - 1978 Richard Vernon Way
NOTE Albert Henry (1891-1968) & Hughie Wise (1901-1937) Flower were brothers, two of 12 known children (5 sons) of Richard FLOWER & Jane WISE
JAMES EDWARD/EDWIN Way died 22 June 1911 aged 39
Taranaki Daily News, 24 June 1911 WAY - On June 22, 1911, at New Plymouth Hospital, James Way; aged 39 years.
A fund was started to assist the widow and family
ELIZABETH ADA Way died 4 Oct 1952 in Inglewood aged 76
they are buried Plot 2, Lot 19, Anglican Row 13 at Te Henui cemetery

21 January 1874
Henry, Helena and the above 3 children depart from Gravesend on board the Wennington and arrive in Wellington 28 May 1874

... 4
1874 - 1903 George Wennington 'Wennie' Way (born on board)
GEORGE married May Belle HALL (1877-1900) in 1898
Auckland Star, 10 January 1899 WAY-HALL - On December 26, at St Mary's Cathedral, Parnell, by the Rev G. McMurray, George Wennington, youngest son of Henry Way, New Plymouth, to May, youngest daughter of Samuel Hall Esq., Drury.
MAY died 28 Nov 1900 aged 23
Auckland Star, 28 November 1900 WAY - On November 28, at Norman-street, Mount Roskill, May, the beloved wife of George Wennington Way; aged 23 years. Deeply regretted. Interred to-morrow at Drury at 2 p.m.
GEORGE next married Mary LONG in 1902
GEORGE WENNINGTON Way died 6 April 1903 aged 29
Taranaki Herald, 6 April 1903
WAY - On April 6th, 1903, at his residence, Charlotte-street, Auckland, Wennington George (Wennie), third son of the late Henry Way, of New Plymouth, aged 29 years.
He is buried Plot 30, Row 44, Block E at Purewa cemetery with sister Louisa
* Mary next married George William SHARP in 1905

(children born in New Zealand)
... 5
1876 - 1944 Edith Selina Way
EDITH married George Wilfrid HARTNELL (1871-1918) in 1896
- George was a Builder. They lived at Mosstown, Wanganui and owned a large number of freehold properties in the area
their known children:
* 1898 - Winifred Helena Emma Hartnell (+ Ralph Gilberd HAYER?/HAYES 1929)
* 1905 - 1975 Wilfrid Henry Hartnell
* 1909 - George Ernest Hartnell
GEORGE WILFRID Hartnell died in Wanganui 18 June 1918 aged 47
- he is buried at Aramoho cemetery
EDITH died 19 December 1944 aged 68

... 6
1878 - 1911 Louisa May Way
LOUISA married John Julian St. JAMES in 1900
Auckland Star, 3 December 1900
ST. JAMES-WAY - On October 28th, at Auckland, by the Rev W. S. Potter (privately), John Julian St. James, youngest son of the late Don Julian Pedro St. James, of Rio de Janiero, to Louisa May Way, third daughter of Henry Way, Esq., New Plymouth. Amer and N.P. papers please copy.
LOUISA MAY St JAMES died 30 August 1911 aged 32
She is buried Plot 29, Row 44, Block E at Purewa cemetery with brother George

... 7
1879 - 1880 Laura Amelia Way
LAURA AMELIA Way died 6 January 1880 aged 7 months
She is buried unknown plot at Te Henui cemetery, New Plymouth

... 8
1881 - 1881 Maude Way
MAUDE Way died 10 Oct 1881 aged 8 months & buried at Hawera with sister Hannah

... 9
1882 - 1883 Hannah Valentine Way
HANNAH VALENTINE Way died 27 Feb aged 13 months & buried at Hawera with sister Maude

... 10
1883 - 1971 Blanche Rosalie Way
BLANCH married Edmund Arthur SMITH in 1905
Auckland Star, 27 January 1906
SMITH-WAY - On Wednesday, 27th December, 1905, at the residence of the bride's sister, Mrs J. St James, Newton road, by the Rev. W. S. Potter, Edmund Arthur, third son of Frederick Smith, Newton-road, to Blanche Rosalie, third surviving daughter of the late Henry Way, of New Plymouth. N.P. papers please copy.
BLANCHE ROSALIE Smith died 29 April 1971 aged 87

... 11
1886 - 1886 Osmond Way
OSMOND Way died 1 March 1886 aged 6 weeks
Hawera & Normanby Star, 2 March 1886
WAY - On the 1st March, at Hawera, Osmond, infant son of Henry Way, aged six weeks.
His burial not found

... 12
1890 - 1923 Emily 'Stella' Way
EMILY married Frank LEACH (1859-1927) in 1912
their known children:
* 1908 - 1969 Eric Charles Leach
* 1912 - 1964 Ronald George Leach
* 1914 - 1982 Rita Mary Leach (+ William CARTER)
* 1917 - 1970 Sibylla Betty Leach (+ George SIMMONDS)
EMILY STELLA Leach died in Auckland 3 May 1923 aged 33

Taranaki Herald, 24 April 1875 - Inquiries for HENRY WAY
The following notice we copy from the New Zealand Gazette of 13th April:-
...Colonial Secretary's Office, Wellington
...14th April, 1875
Inquiries having been made respecting a person named Henry Way, by trade a painter, who with his wife and family arrived in New Zealand in 1874 by ship Wennington from London and who is supposed to have gone to settle at or near Wanganui, in the Wellington Province (which it was back then), any one who can give any information respecting him is requested to communicate with this office
...G. S. COOPER, Under Secretary

Taranaki Herald, 8 March 1881 - In BANKRUPTCY
In the matter of 'The Debtors and Creditor's Act' and of the bankruptcy of Henry Way, a Debtor. This is to notify that HENRY WAY, now of Hawera, but late of New Plymouth, Painter, has this day filed a statement that he is unable to meet his engagements with his creditors. The First Meeting of Creditors to be held at the Court-house, New Plymouth, on Thursday, the 24th day of March, 1881.
Dated at New Plymouth this eighth day of March, 1881
C. E. RAWSON, Registrar
Oliver SAMUEL, Solicitor for Debtor

Hawera & Normanby Star, 17 July 1882 - ADVERTISEMENT
Orders promptly attended to. Oils, Paints, Colors, &c., on sale.

Hawera & Normanby Star, 18 September 1882 - INSTITUTE BUILDING
The Institute Committee met on Saturday evening and accepted Mr H. Way's tender for painting the Institute Building and sanding the front.

Hawera & Normanby Star, 20 January 1883 - In BANKRUPTCY
In the District Court of Taranaki, Holden at PATEA. In the matter of 'The Debtors and Creditor's Act' 1876, and the Acts amending the same, and in the matter of the bankruptcy of HENRY WAY, a Debtor. This is to notify that Henry Way, of Hawera, Painter, has this day filed a statement that he is unable to meet his engagements with his creditors. The first meeting of creditors to be held at the Courthouse, Hawera, on Friday, the 26th day of January, 1883, at 11 a.m.
Dated this 20th day of January, 1883
ALFRED TRIMBLE, Clerk of the Court

Hawera & Normanby Star, 8 November 1883 - HAWERA COURT
H. Way v Andrew Scott. This was an inter-pleader case. The bailiff had made a seizure to satisfy a judgement in favour of Way, but Mrs Scott claimed the property under a deed. The magistrate regarded the deed as an attempt to defraud Way of his money and ordered the money to be paid to plaintiff.

Hawera & Normanby Star, 10 April 1884 - In BANKRUPTCY
In the matter of HENRY WAY, of Hawera, a debtor
At the request of the debtor, I hereby convene a meeting of the creditors of the above-named debtor for Thursday, the 17th day of April, 1884, at 11 o'clock a.m., at the Courthouse, Hawera, to consider the debtors' application for a certificate recommending his discharge
Dated this 9th day of April 1884
ALFRED TRIMBLE, Official Trustee

Hawera & Normanby Star, 26 August 1884 - NOTICE OF REMOVAL
H. WAY - Painter and Paperhanger begs to thank his patrons for past favors and inform them that he has removed to Princes-street, next to Mr Coffey, Bootmaker. All orders entrusted to him will be executed with the same promptitude as heretofore.

Hawera & Normanby Star, 3 January 1885 - HAWERA SPORTS
One of the children of Mr H. Way, Hawera, tumbled off a hurdle at the sports ground on Thursday, and suffered fracture of the arm. The bone was set by Dr Alexander and the sufferer is now progressing satisfactorily

Hawera & Normanby Star, 23 February 1885 - TOWN HALL
Mr H. Way has obtained the tender for repainting and decorating the Town Hall. The hall will be very much improved when this contract is finished.

Hawera & Normanby Star, 1 May 1888 - ALSO A SHOE MAKER
Some of the friends of Mr Henry Way, well known in Hawera, have decided to set him up in the shoemaking line, he being a tradesman of that kind. About twelve months ago, while engaged in performing some excavating work at New Plymouth, he unfortunately had his leg broken by falling earth. The limb has ever since proved to be a very obstinate one and debars him from following his usual vocation of painter. Mr Way has a hard push just now, for, besides being a martyr to the accident referred to, he has a family of little ones to provide for; and, to crown all, his eldest daughter has just died (Frances Helena). We are glad to hear, however, that he is a member of the Oddfellows order, and has therefore received medical attendance gratuitously, besides a weekly allowance in cash, but of course the latter item could not be of much benefit to a large family

Hawera & Normanby Star, 29 February 1892 - ODDFELLOWS
Independent Order of Oddfellow, M.U.
The Annual district meeting of the above lodge was held in the Foresters' Hall, New Plymouth, on Tuesday. P.G.M. (Past Grand Master) Brooks occupied the chair. The others present were:
& P.G. (Past Grand - has presided over an Odd Fellow Lodge)) H. Way, Hawera

Hawera & Normanby Star, 13 April 1899 - OPENING OF NEW HALL
Wednesday may be looked upon as an epoch in the history of the local Oddfellows Society. From a very humble beginning the society has grown with the progress of the town until today it is considerably over 100 strong. As N.G. Bro. Whittington related at the luncheon, the lodge was started 17 years ago in a little back room of Mr Max D. King's premises, where Mr Carpenter's fruit shop now stands. Mr King was the first N.G. whilst the only 'old originals' now belonging to the lodge are Bros. Whittington, Ekdahl, J. Duffil and H. Way.

Taranaki Herald, 19 June 1902 - FUNERAL NOTICE
The Funeral of the late HENRY WAY will leave his late residence, Molesworth-street, for the Te Henui Cemetery to-morrow (Friday), 20th inst., at 2 p.m. Friends will kindly accept this intimation.
W. F. BROOKING, Undertaker
The Members of the New Plymouth District, I.O.O.F., M.U., will meet at the Foresters' Hall to-morrow (Friday), 20th inst., at 1.45 p.m., to attend the Funeral of late Bro. Henry Way, of the Loyal Excelsior Lodge, at 2 p.m.
By Order
WM. HOOKER, District Warden

Taranaki Herald, 4 September 1903 - WANTED KNOWN
Mrs HENRY WAY is open for engagements as Ladies' Nurse - Apply Mrs McKOY, Dressmaker, Currie-street.

Taranaki Herald, 1 October 1903 - WANTED KNOWN
Ladies' Nurse - Apply Mrs HENRY WAY, c/o Mrs G. HARTNELL, Molesworth-street

Helena died in Auckland 2 May 1925 aged 77/78
she is buried Plot 68-70, Row 4, Anglican Division A at Waikumete cemetery

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by ngairedith on 2014-07-26 03:48:06

by mbs42 on 2014-07-28 14:20:33

In response to the postings by ngairedith and wizard28 on 26 July 2014:

The note posted by wizard28 states that both Selina H Way (nee Webster) and Henry Way died in Oxfordshire.
Obviously then, ngairedith is correct to hypothesise that the Henry Way and Helena Way who emigrated to NZ on the Wennington, and apparently died in NZ, are a different couple.

I wish I had something more definite to say on this, but the following vague recollection of mine may be of partial interest:

Some years ago, it would have been in the 1960's or 70's I think, a person in the North Island, whose name, alas, I cannot recall, did an extensive family tree of her ancestry. While most of it did not relate to my ancestry, there was a page that mentioned Henry and Helena Way and their voyage on the Wennington (I think she had it as the WANNINGTON in her documentation ? but I may be wrong about that). I have searched the house high and low for the document but just cannot find it. So all I have is a vague recollection of it, which goes like this:

The Helena and Henry Way on the Wennington were married in London ? if I recall correctly it was ?Westminster Church? (NOT Westminster Abbey of course!). I have tried several searches to see if I can turn up anything in the British/London records, but so far, no luck.

Anyway, that is all I have on this topic so far, I'm afraid - but I'll keep working on it. Meantime I have to figure out how to delete a relationship in my own tree on familysearch.com ? clearly the couple married in Golcar, Yorkshire, in 1864 were not the couple on the Wennington.

And to ngairedith ? I found your account of the history of the Way family extremely interesting ? especially the newspaper reports on Frank Way's bankruptcy and other misadventures! Thank you again for submitting this wealth of information.
You have correctly listed four of the children of Emily Stella Way and Frank Leach (my grandparents). However there was a fifth child ? we knew her as ?Aunty Nellie.? For some mysterious reason I can't find her in the NZ BDM records, though I found the other four children. I have tried searching under ?Nellie Leach? and ?Ellen Leach?. Possibly ?Nellie? was a nickname ? or perhaps her middle name.

Nellie married Albert Simmonds, who was the brother of George Simmonds (who married Sibylla Betty Leach). Albert died in Wellington around the time of birth of his youngest daughter. There are four other children.) Nellie died in Christchurch, somewhere around 1980, or perhaps the late '70's if I recall correctly.

by mbs42 on 2014-08-03 20:17:07

The England and Wales Census of 1871 lists Henry Way as householder, age 28, Born Lambeth, giving a dob for him of 1871-28=1843.
It lists his wife as Eleanor Way, age 21, born Somers Town, Middlesex; dob is therefore 1871-21=1850.
Also listed is their child Francis E Way age 1, born Westminster, Middlesex; dob is therefore 1870.
The registration district for the Census is given as Shoreditch, the sub-district listed is Hoxton Old Town.

There is no mention of the child Mary Louisa Way, supposedly born 1867.

The England and Wales Census of 1861 lists Henry Way age 15, born St Marylebone Middlesex in 1861-15=1846.
It also lists a Henry Way age 18 born Twickenham, Middlesex, Brentford registration index, dob is therefore 1861-18=1843.

The England and Wales Census of 1881 lists Henry Way age 36, born 1845, Middlesex, London, living 12 Boston Terrace, Hammersmith, Middlesex, a tailor, married to Elizabeth Way, age 33. There are 5 children plus a lodger listed. This family may be the ancestors of the Henry Way on the Wennington.
Another 'Henery' Way in the 1881 census is listed as a carpenter, age 35, therefore dob = 1881-35=1846. He is listed as a widower, lodging at 26 Woodfield Place (owned by 'Carloine' Finch born Dorset). There are four Way children: Beatrice (15), Albert (11), Mary (9) and Walter (6). This cannot be the Mary on the Wennington, which sailed in 1874.

England Births and Christenings 1538-1975 lists Louisa Way, Christened 20 Sept 1878, Hammersmith, Middlesex, father Henry Way, mother Elizabeth. This too is after the sailing of the Wennington in 1874.

The NZ Births Deaths Marriages Register has an entry for Eleanor Way, died 1935, Age 91. Therefore her dob was 1935-91=1844 according to this record. This is six years from the birthdate of the Eleanor Way (b 1850 if she was 21 in 1871) given in the England and Wales Census of 1871.

I cannot find an entry on the NZ BDM Register for the death of anyone called Helena Way in NZ over the relevant period.
Similarly, I cannot find an entry for the death of Eleanor Way in England over the relevant period.

My guess is that the married couple on the Wennington were Henry Way, born Lambeth, South London around 1843-1846, died NZ 1902 (age 56 years on the NZ BDM Register), and married to Eleanor Way born Somers Town, Middlesex 1850, died in NZ in 1935 (age 91 on the NZ BDM Register).

Unresolved is the question of the first-born daughter of the couple, Mary Louisa Way b 1867 and also on the Wennington passenger list.

Also unresolved is the question of the name 'Helena'. Could it possibly be a mis-spelling of 'Eleanor'? (If, for example the name 'Eleanor' was pronounced with the stress or emphasis on the middle syllable, 'Eleanor', then it doesn't sound a lot different from 'Helena').

by ngairedith on 2014-08-04 07:58:37

hello mbs,
re: My guess is that the married couple on the Wennington were Henry Way, born Lambeth, South London around 1843-1846, died NZ 1902 (age 56 years on the NZ BDM Register), and married to Eleanor Way born Somers Town, Middlesex 1850, died in NZ in 1935 (age 91 on the NZ BDM Register)

* this is your Eleanor ...

JAMES WAY (1841-1915) Bootmaker
* married 1st, Elizabeth HEDLING (1850-1890) in New Zealand in 1869
the known children of JAMES & ELIZABETH:
* 1870 - 1945 Alfred James Way (+ Elizabeth Ann Butter 1895)
* 1871 - 1959 Henry Ambrose Way (+ Florence Theresa O'Hanlon 1898)
* 1873 - 1947 Arthur Way (+ Martha Henrichs 1897)
* 1875 - 1937 Ernest Clinton Way (+ Sarah Emily Harris 1900)
* 1877 - 1897 Annie Gertrude Way (aged 20)
* 1878 - 1941 William Frederick Way (+ Millicen Kate Higgs 1906)
* 1879 - 1880 Edith Elizabeth Way (aged 5 months)
* 1880 - 1882 Edward Charles Way (aged 17 months)
* 1882 - 1882 Lewis Francis Way (aged 3 months)
* 1883 - 1965 Florence May Evelina Way (+ John Phelps in 1904)
* 1886 - 1886 Mary Ann Way (aged 6 weeks)
ELIZABETH Way died 2 June 1890 aged 40
Taranaki Herald, 2 June 1890
WAY - At New Plymouth, on 2nd June, Elizabeth, the beloved wife of James Way, aged 40 years
- she is buried at Te Henui cemetery

JAMES WAY married 2nd
* Eleanor formerly KIRBY, formerly JORDAN (nee LISTER 1844-1935) in 1890
born in Liverpool to Thomas LISTER & Elizabeth POTTER

* Eleanor married 1st, Thomas JORDAN in Liverpool
the known children of THOMAS & ELEANOR:
* William Jordan (1863-)
* Mary Elizabeth Jordan (1867-1920)
* Thomas Jordan (1870-1945)
* Clara Eleanor Jordan (1872-1901) (+ Robert Gillon in 1892)

* Eleanor married 2nd, James KIRBY in New Zealand in 1875
the known children of JAMES & ELEANOR:
* 1884 - 1968 Ella Sarah 'Fanny' Kirby (+ Robert Evans in 1911)

* Eleanor married 3rd, James WAY in New Zealand in 1890
James was 49 & Eleanor was 46

Marlborough Express, 15 February 1897
NEW PLYMOUTH - The body of a young woman named Annie Way, aged about 20, a domestic servant, the daughter of James Way, bootmaker, was found in the lake in the Recreation grounds this morning, She had been missing two days
Annie's Inquest
* this was Annie Gertrude Way (1877-1897)

Feilding Star, 30 August 1897
WAY - HENRICHS - On Thursday, the 26th August, at the Presbyterian Church, New Plymouth, by the Rev S. S. Osborne, Arthur, third son of Mr James Way, New Plymouth, to Martha, youngest daughter of Mr Charles Henrichs, of Marton
* this was Arthur Way (1873-1947)

Taranaki Herald, 12 June 1901
GILLON - At Blenheim, on June 6th, 1901, Clara, the dearly beloved wife of Robert Gillon, and second daughter of Mrs James Way, of New Plymouth. At rest.
* this was Clara Eleanor Gillon, nee Jordan (1872-1901), James Way's stepdaughter who married Robert Gillon in 1892.

Taranaki Daily News, 21 June 1915
WAY - On June 19, 1915, at his late residence, Devon Street, James Way; in his 75th year; beloved husband of Eleanor Way.
Hawera & Normanby 21 June 1915
The death of James Way on Saturday evening, in his 74th year, severs the last link of the 70th Regiment with the Taranaki veterans. The deceased veteran had been in indifferent health for the last twelve months, but it was only on Wednesday last that he took to his bed, and he passed away peacefully in his sleep in the presence of all his family. As a private in the 70th he was engaged in the East India trouble, and afterwards landed in Auckland in 1863, taking part in the Maori War in the Waikato and Taranaki districts. When the 70th was ordered Home he obtained his discharge and settled in New Plymouth, where he has resided ever since. He was predeceased by his first wife 20 years ago, and married again later. Deceased was one of the oldest Foresters in Taranaki, being a member of Court Taranaki, and also a member of the Veterans' Association. He leaves a widow and married sons and daughters to mourn their loss - Alfred, Henry, & William (New Plymouth), Arthur (Marton), Ernest (Feilding), Mrs J. Phelps (Ashburton) and Mrs R. Evans (New Plymouth)
* Robert Evans (1862-1935) died in Newmarket, Auckland, 2 months after his mother-in-law, Eleanor Way and is buried at Te Henui
Taranaki Daily News, 22 June 1915
The mortal remains of the late James Way were laid to rest at Te Henui Cemetery yesterday afternoon, and were accorded a military funeral by the Veterans' Association, members of which acted as pall bearers. An impressive service was conducted at the chapel by the Rev S. S. Osborne, and at the graveside Brother C. Tunbridge, district secretary of A.O.F., read the Foresters' burial service. Veteran Bugler Walker sounded "The Last Post" as the coffin was lowered in the grave. Included in the floral tributes was a beautiful glass bowl of artificial flowers from the New Plymouth Volunteer Fire Brigade, of which the deceased was a member in the earlier days.

Auckland Star, 13 September 1930
LISTER - On September 5, at Christchurch Hospital, John Edgar, beloved brother of Mrs James Way and uncle of Mrs R. Evans; aged 83
* John Edgar Lister (1847-1930)

Auckland Star, 3 August 1935
WAY - On August 2, 1935, at her daughter's residence, Mrs R. Evans, 24A Seccombes Road, Newmarket, Eleanor, beloved wife of the late James Way, in her ninety-second year. Interment at New Plymouth

New Zealand Herald, 26 October 1935
EVANS - On October 25, 1935, at his residence, 24A Seccombe's Road, Newmarket, Robert, beloved husband of Ella Evans. Interment at New Plymouth

by wayin on 2015-01-08 03:49:24

Hello ngairedith and mbs42, thanks for all the anecdotes on my husbands family history. My late mother in law ,and with my help did extensive research on the descendants of Henry and Helena WAY, before.the days of computers, we spent hours in courts
looking thru registers of births , deaths, and marriages in New Plymouth and Hawera and sent for copies of certificates in other areas.
Your Eleanor was the second wife of James Way, the bootmaker, in NP James we believe is the bother of Henry, born to James and Emma Eliza Way, formerly Digby. I have A copy of the original birth certificate of Henry, also original of his wedding to Helena, formerly Moore on16 June 1867, and birth cert ofFrances Helena. James the bootmaker has many descendants in NP who say Henry and James were brothers, but I don't have documented proof.
The child Mary Louise does not appear to be theirs as they sailed on the Wennington in Jan the year she was born, also they had a child later named Louisa Mary ,not May as you mention. The second child of Henry and Helena,James Edwin was my husbands grandfather and his youngest, Richard Vernon was my husbands father. You have James children all listed.
Number 10 on your list Blanche her second name was Roseclur on her birth cert but many versions have appeared.
There is no doubt that Henry's wife was HELENA, I have her signature on the wedding cert and it appears on internal affairs dept on all their childrens births. It appears to get changed at times, ? Typos , I have found many mistakes in certificate I have, anyway she was listed as Ellen. She died of bronchitis and heart failure in Porirua Hospital on 8th August 1926 aged 76. Usual residence Wanganui, buried at Aramaho.
I have info on all the descendants of Henry and Helena up to the 80s and am ashamed to say I haven't kept it up to date since.
One otther

by wayin on 2015-01-08 03:57:24

Didn't quite finish and my info posted when I went to go back and correct mistake. Anyway I was wondering mbs42 if your aunt Nellie was born to Frank Leach,s first wife as he was a widower when he married Emily Stella Way. Your early contact was probably my MIL
Hope this has been helpful, get in touch if you wan't more info

by pikelets on 2016-07-11 23:41:46

George Thomas Way and Louisa Mary Way were my great-uncle and -aunt. Louisa and my grandmother Marion Agnes Pike were both daughters of Sidney Jacob Cole and Catherine Livingstone. Uncle George and Auntie Lou, as they were to me, did live in Port Chalmers, as did I, but you are incorrect about them living in Pine Hill Road, Dunedin. That was actually their daughter Eileen and her husband William Duncan. I used to visit 61 George Street Port Chalmers frequently having been brought up by my grandmother Marion. The house was set back from the street with a very big lawn in front, and the main Dunedin-Port Chalmers railway line at the back.

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