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Extract from Dromana,Rosebud and Miles Around on Trove.
THE AULTS AND THE METHODIST CHURCH. Henry William Ault seems to have been a lay preacher in the Methodist Church. He was listed in Wise?s Dromana trades directory of 1895 as a carpenter. He had lived for many years in Lakes Entrance when he died on 14-11-1934, having remained a stalwart of the church. (Gippsland Times 19-11-1934 page 1.) Harry Ault of Sale had an important task as an engineer in W.W.2. H.J. Ault moved to Mile End in South Australia and named his house ?Dromana?.
Henry William Ault was, by 1875, leasing Joseph Pitcher's grant, 72B, Balnarring, of 140 acres 1 rood and 37 perches, at Red Hill. By 1887 he appears to have purchased the block, fronting the east side of Mornington-Flinders Rd (Melway 190 E-F5) and now occupied by Mock Orchards. The end of Pardalote Rise indicates its south east corner. (Balnarring parish map, Flinders and Kangerong Shire rates.)
The Dromana Methodist church was built by Brother Ault in May and June 1878 and Henry was an original trustee, along with Rev. Lindsay, John Coles, Edward Barker, Alexander Shand, C.D.Gunson and William McIlroy. (A Dreamtime of Dromana page 124.) Shands, McIlroy and Barkers Rds indicate where three of these trustees lived, and Coles was probably from Minto near Westernport. Brother Crichton had been on the building committee; he probably lived at Glen Lee (Melway 252 K1) but also had bush paddocks nearer to Main Ridge. Nelson Rudduck of Dromana, who was soon to become a stalwart of the church, and J.S.Rudduck (his wife) received a grant of 100 acres (170 J9-10)between Kinwendy Rd and Duells Rd in 1888.
The Rev. Watford pointed out that many of the people in the mountains earned a living by splitting timber but could not get their produce to Dromana because of impassable roads. In view of the Shands, Barkers, McIlroys, Crichtons, Rudducks and Aults living south of this impassable barrier,and other families such as the Hopcrafts (Melway 190 D7 and F9) so opposed to drink that they must have been Methodists*, a church was probably also built at Main Ridge. The Flinders Heritage Study discusses a former Methodist manse being built in Palmerston Ave by Nelson Rudduck for the Main Ridge minister, it is likely that its occupant conducted services at Dromana too.
*Robert Adams' wife, a Hopcraft, refused to live at Hopetoun House at Adams Corner (Wattle Place) because of Captain Adams' drinking.

POSTSCRIPT, 4-3-2019.
held by Mr. F. M. Laidman, district coroner,
on Wednesday, at Chinaman's Flat, on the body
of a child named Frederick William Ault, seven-
teen months old, who died from the effects of
scalds by hot water. Henry William Ault gave
testimony that on Monday last he was in his
father's residence, and the deceased child, his
brother, was crawling on the floor of a room
where there was a fire, on which was a kettle of
hot water. In his movements the little boy upset
the kettle, by which he sustained the injuries of
which he died, as was proved by the evidence of
Mr. Beasley, surgeon, of Coxtown, who was sent
for, and who spoke to severe scalds on the abdo-
men and legs. The child lived* eight-and-twenty
hours only. The jury returned a verdict in
accordance with the evidence.-Maryborough
Advertiser, Sept. 5. (P.7, Argus, 8-9-1862.)
* Obviously this means "survived" as he was 17 months old.

Little Fred's death record. The new format of Victorian BDM is scandalous with place of birth/death,age at death and the mother's full maiden name being omitted. However, it is likely that the William Henry Ault*, who appointed Henry as his executor, was his father.
Event: deaths
Registration number 6921 / 1862
Family name: AULT
Given name(s) Frederick William
Personal detail

Parent 1's family name at birth
Parent 2's given name: William Henry

* NOTICE is hereby given, that after the expiration
of fourteen days from the publication hereof
application will be made to the Supreme Court of the
Colony of Victoria, in its Probate jurisdiction, that
late of Goldsborough, near Dunolly, in the colony of
Victoria, engineer, deceased, may be granted to
William Henry Ault, of Dromana, in the said colony,
carpenter and farmer, and Joseph Albert Ault, of
Durham Ox, in the said colony, farmer and black
smith, the executors named in and appointed by the
said will.
Dated this 23rd day of August, 1889.
FRANK GREY SMITH, of No. 285 Collins-street,
Melbourne, proctor for the applicants. (P.8, Argus, 23-8-1889.)

This would be the birth record of Annie Ault(1858-1924)who married William Hillis in 1878, as detailed in comment 1. At this stage it is unclear whether she was Henry's daughter or younger sister because Henry's birth name may have been the same as his father's as used in the legal notice above and his obituary which follows (rather than Henry William.)

Event: births
Registration number 14427 / 1858
Family name: AULT
Given name(s) Annie
Place of event: CHINAMAN F, Australia
Personal detail

Parent 1's family name at birth WEBB
Parent 2's given name: William Henry

The friends of Mr. William Henry
Ault, senior, will regret to hear that
he passed away at his home, Lakes
Entrance, on Wednesday last. Mr.
Ault, who had been a resident of
Lakes Entrance for very many years,
was noted for his intense interest in
nature study. He was quite an
authority on the flora and fauna of
the district. He maintained his in-
terest up to the time he was forced
to take to his bed some months ago.
The Methodist Church also claimed
much of his attention. He was a
most conscientious worker in this
cause, and for long his figure was a
familiar object to residents of Lakes
Entrance, as he made his way to the
church Sunday after Sunday. (P.1, Gippland Times, 19-11-1934.)

However these would appear to be the death record and notice of Henry's mother, Sarah, nee MAUSON.

Registration number 1288 / 1897
Family name: AULT
Given name(s) Sarah
Place of event: Dunolly, Australia
Personal detail

Parent 1's family name at birth BRYHAM
Parent 2's given name: Mauson Jos

AULT.— At her residence. Old Dunolly, Sarah, widow of the late William Ault, aged 70 years.
(P.18, Weekly Times, 23-1-1897.)

THEREFORE, despite the given name of her daughter being given as her maiden surname in the death record of Annie Hillis at Trafalgar, it SEEMED that I could assume from her birth record that Henry Ault had married a Miss Webb and that this information can assist in finding any other of Henry's children.

That was until I saw this birth record!
Event: births
Registration number 9323 / 1862
Family name: AULT
Given name(s) Frederick William
Place of event: MARY*, Australia
Personal detail

Parent 1's family name at birth WEBB
Parent 2's given name: William Henry

Didn't the Maryborough Advertiser state that Little Fred was Henry's brother?

The mother's maiden surname was given as Webb in this birth record as well as Annie's in 1858.
Event: births
Registration number 9284 / 1867
Family name: AULT
Given name(s) Herbert
Place of event: M'BORO*, Australia
Personal detail

Parent 1's family name at birth WEBB
Parent 2's given name: Wm Hy
* Maryborough

I thought Henry had married a Hopcraft girl but had been looking in the wrong era because the article about little Fred's death in 1862 gave me the impression that Henry was living independently and only visiting his father's house at the time. Now we're cooking with gas!

Event: marriages
Registration number 4238 / 1877
Family name: AULT
Given name(s) Henry William
Personal detail

Spouse's family name: HOPCRAFT
Spouse's given name(s) Helen Elizabeth

Given that the pioneers in the bush almost always married neighbours, Henry was probably leasing or had bought crown allotment 72B, Parish of Balnarring by 1877. The proximity of this block to Hopcraft grants can be seen on
The link did not work when I tested it, so type BALNARRING, COUNTY OF MORNINGTON in your search bar and click on the first result.

To be continued.

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Itellya is researching local history on the Mornington Peninsula and is willing to help family historians with information about the area between Somerville and Blairgowrie. He has extensive information about Henry Gomm of Somerville, Joseph Porta (Victoria's first bellows manufacturer) and Captain Adams of Rosebud.

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by itellya on 2019-03-03 16:26:10

William Hillis (1854-1924, son of Hill Hillis and Sarah, nee McKeown) married Annie Ault (1858-1919) in 1878.(Stephen Lynch's PIONEERS OF THE PENINSULA.)

What a mess has been made of Annie's death record by Victorian BDM in its new format. Hephzibah was the GIVEN name of their DAUGHTER born in 1881.
HILLIS.—On the 16th April, at Trafalgar, Annie,beloved wife of William Hillis, and loving mother of William, Hephzibah, Evelyn, the late Joseph, George, Harry (on active service), the late Stanley, and Annie.(P.1, Argus, 17-4-1919.)

Registration number9751 / 1919
Family name:HILLIS
Given name(s)Annie
Place of event:Trgar, Australia
Personal detail

Parent 1's family name at birth HEPHZIBAB
Parent 2's given name: Hillis Wm

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