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HOOPER at Hamilton, Waikato

Journal by ngairedith

the HOOPER cremated or buried at Hamilton, Waikato (to Nov 2013)
some birth dates may be approximate, based on recorded age at death

Alice HOOPER (nee HAWKINS, formerly JAMIESON) aged 79
born: 1853 in Melbourne
parents: John HAWKINS & Alice MONAGHAN (married Dublin, died New Zealand)
married: William Jamieson in 1872
known children:
* 1873 - William Charles Jamieson
* 1874 - Agnes Alice Jamieson
* 1876 - Mary Ann Lavinia Jamieson
* 1879 - William Richard Charles Jamieson
married: Henry Lewis Hooper in 1881
known children:
* 1885 - Henry Claygate Hooper
* 1888 - Flossie Helen Essen Hooper
* 1890 - Douglas Bambridge Hooper
* 1897 - Ruby Alice Woodward Hooper
died: 13 July 1932
last address: Otorohanga
buried: AA1-G-191 at Hamilton East Cemetery

Anita Evelyn HOOPER aged 57
born: 1947
died: 3 June 2004
last address: 12 Willow Grove, Morrinsville
cremated: at Hamilton Park

Annie Susan HOOPER aged 75
born: 5 June 1901
parents: Richard HOOPER & Louisa Emma Maria HAWKINS
died: 29 January 1977
Last Address: unspecified
buried: BEECH-16-04 at Hamilton Park cemetery

Bernard Norman Frances HOOPER aged 26
born: 1959
died: 22 November 1985
last address: unspecified
buried: MAPLE-15-70 at Hamilton Park Cemetery

Bryan George HOOPER aged 68
born: 18 June 1921
died: 29 August 1989
last address: 17 Hillcrest St., Tirau
cremated: at Hamilton Park cemetery

Chandos Harold HOOPER aged 48
born: 23 November 1962
died: 25 October 2012
last address: Challinor Street, Pukete, Hamilton
buried: GOM-MEM3-17 at Hamilton Park cemetery

Charles Caldwell HOOPER aged 26
born: 1908
parents: Harry Prince HOOPER & Christina/Cecilia SINCLAIR
died: 4 April 1935
last address: unspecified
buried: BB-Q-017 at Hamilton East cemetery

Charles James Maxwell HOOPER aged 87
born: 29 June 1900
parents: Thomas William HOOPER & Florence MAXWELL
died: 28 April 1988
last address: R D 1 Main Rd Tokoroa
cremated: Hamilton Park cemetery

Clara Eveline HOOPER (nee ODGERS) aged 56
born: 1865
married: James Hooper in 1884
known children:
* 1884 - Clara Ethel Hooper
* 1885 - Hilda Maud Hooper
* 1887 - Mary Jane Beatrice Hooper
* 1890 - James Leonard Hooper
* 1892 - Sidney Hooper
* 1899 - John Whitford Hooper
* 1901 - Robert William Hooper
* 1906 - Reginald Leslie Hooper
* 1909 - Violet Ruth Hooper
died: 13 September 1921
last address: unspecified
buried: FRONT-G-09 at Hamilton East Cemetery

Colin Robert HOOPER aged 74
born: 1939
died: 10 September 2013
last address: Graham St, Hamilton East, Hamilton
cremated: Hamilton Park Cemetery

Daisy Sarah HOOPER (nee HOLLOWAY) aged 89
born: 1 October 1899
parents: 7th of at least 9 children of Henry John & Fanny HOLLOWAY
married: Victor Candy Hooper in 1924
died: 29 March 1989
last address: 346 Maungatapu Rd Tauranga
buried: CHRRY-23-47 at Hamilton Park cemetery

Dorothy HOOPER aged 43
born: 1915
died: 10 November 1958
last address: unspecified
buried: AA1-G-185 at Hamilton East cemetery

Dorothy Myrtle HOOPER aged 91
born: 23 July 1922
died: 1 November 2013
last address: Betley Crescent Hamilton
buried: TOTAR-03-37 at Hamilton Park cemetery

Douglas HOOPER aged 59
born: 1954
died: 11 August 2013
last address: Brookview Court Hamilton
cremated: Hamilton Park cemetery

Edward Lyall HOOPER aged 61
born: 25 February 1912
parents: Joseph William HOOPER & Beatrice HALL
died: 2 January 1974
last address: 152 Duke St, Dinsdale, Hamilton
buried: GOM-A07-51 at Hamilton Park cemetery

Edwin Esson HOOPER aged 74
born: 1867
parents: Henry & Ellen HOOPER
married Mary Louisa WYLIE in 1892
died: 9 June 1942
last address: unspecified
buried: AA2-BA-13A at Hamilton Park cemetery

Eliza Ellen HOOPER aged 94
born: 2 December 1888
died: 9 January 1983
last address: Eventide Home Te Awamutu
cremated: Hamilton Park cemetery

Flora Jane HOOPER (nee SHEDDON) aged 75
born: 1861
married Joseph Hayward Hooper in 1892
known children:
* 1893 - Howard Henry Hooper
* 1895 - Victor Candy Hooper
* 1896 - Ruth Charlotte Hooper
* 1898 - Flora McKenzie Hooper
* 1900 - William Rowlands Hooper
died: 25 February 1937
last address: unspecified
buried: BB-Q-078 at Hamilton Park cemetery

Flora May HOOPER aged 8
born: 1925
died: 5 July 1935
last address: unspecified
buried: BBZA-G-11 at Hamilton Park cemetery

Frank Robert HOOPER aged 94
born: 10 May 1902
parents: Harry Prince HOOPER & Cecilia SINCLAIR
married: Gladys Frances Minnie WATKINS in 1929
died: 11 June 1996
last address: Armourdene Rest Home Von Tempsky St, Hamilton
buried: GOM-K-069 at Hamilton Park cemetery

Gladys Frances Minnie HOOPER (nee WATKINS) aged 80
born: 15 April 1904
parents: Frederick William WATKINS & Minnie Alice TIMMO
married: Frank Robert Hooper in 1929
died: 13 November 1984
last address: 110 Wellington St, Hamilton East, Hamilton
buried: GOM-K-069 at Hamilton Park cemetery

Graham Thomas HOOPER aged 65
born: 19 October 1927
died: 10 January 1994
last address: 67 Normandy Ave, Melville, Hamilton
buried: MAPLE-42-22 at Hamilton Park cemetery

Harry Arthur HOOPER aged 31
born: 1899
parents: Harry Prince HOOPER & Cecilia SINCLAIR
died: 19 December 1930
last address: unspecified
buried: BB-Q-017 at Hamilton East cemetery
Auckland Star, 19 December 1930 A motor fatality occurred on the Hamilton-Cambridge road late last night when a news agent named Harry Arthur Hooper, aged 30, single, residing with his parents in Mill street, Frankton, was killed, while Thomas Kelly, aged 26, a bootmaker, single, of Brookfield, Hamilton East, has a fractured skull and lies in a serious condition in the Waikato Hospital.
It seems that Messrs Hooper, Kelly and Miss Horne had been attending a dance at Cambridge and were returning some time after midnight, Hooper riding a motor cycle, and Kelly and Miss Horne occupying the side car. Just before reaching banks Corner, about three miles from Cambridge, they passed a van. Instead of rounding the bend however, Mr Hooper's cycle continued along the side road for about 30 years and careered into the long grass on the margin, where apparently it struck an obstacle and turned a somersault. People in the van heard the crash and hurried to the scene, where they found Mr Hooper dead, apparently having being killed instantaneously. Dr J. Ritchie of Cambridge, had Mr Kelly conveyed to the Waikato Hospital. Miss Horne fortunately escaped injury

Henry Lewis HOOPER aged 39
born: 1859
married: Alice Jamieson in 1881
died: 4 June 1898
last address: unspecified
buried: AA1-G-192 at Hamilton East cemetery
Thames Advertiser, 7 June 1898 HOOPER - On June 4th, 1898, at Kirikiriria, Hamilton, Waikato, Henry Lewis, the beloved husband of Alice Hooper, and eldest son of Edwin Hooper, formerly of Timaru, in his 40th year
... Mr Henry L. Hooper, foreman of the Waikato Argus, and formerly on the staff of the Thames Advertiser and New Zealand Herald, died at Hamilton on Saturday from congestion of the lungs, following an attack of influenza, which he only contracted a week ago
... Mr Henry L. Hooper, foreman of the Waikato Argus, passed away this afternoon. He contracted influenza about a week ago and a relapse brought on congestion of the lungs. Deceased, who had formerly belonged to Timaru, served his time in the Timaru Herald Office, and joined the New Zealand Herald a short time afterwards. Coming to the Waikato he accepted a position on the Waikato Argus staff, which he has occupied for 18 years. The late Mr Hooper, who was greatly respected, was about 40 years of age. He leaves a wife and a large family.

Hilda Gertrude Annie HOOPER (nee HARLIN) aged 86
born: 11 August 1889
parents: Henry Thomas HARLIN & Alice Ada SAMPSON
married: James Samuel Hooper in 1908
known children:
* 1909 - Margaret Emily Ada Hooper
* 1910 - Eva Elsie Allison Hooper
* 1913 - Vera Lola Doris Hooper
died: 11 March 1976
last address: 415 Peachgrove Rd, Fairfield, Hamilton
buried: GOM-A09-066 at Hamilton Park cemetery

Horace Henry HOOPER aged 74
born: 16 October 1900
parents: Henry Alfred HOOPER & Margaret Fisher GARDNER
died: 18 April 1975
last address: c/o 141 Beerescourt Rd, Beerescourt, Hamilton
cremated: Hamilton Park cemetery

Ivy Myrtle HOOPER aged 68
born: 1899
parents: Edward Stanley HOOPER & Margaret HEPBURN
died: 26 January 1968
last address: c/o Tokanui Hospital, Te Awamutu
buried: GOM-SUNKN-0000 at Hamilton Park cemetery

James HOOPER aged 75
born: 1863
died: 8 June 1938
last address: unspecified
buried: FRONT-G-10 at Hamilton East cemetery

James Edward HOOPER aged 82
born: 9 April 1895
died: 4 February 1978
last address: 94 Bank St., Te Awamutu
cremated: Hamilton Park cemetery

James Wesley Newman 'Wes' HOOPER aged 62
born: 10 July 1910
parents: John Reuben HOOPER & Jane 'Janey' Whitford HOOPER
died: 28 May 1973
last address: unspecified
buried: MAGN-33-06 at Hamilton Park cemetery

Jane Whitford 'Janey' HOOPER (nee HOOPER) aged 56
born: 28 June 1874 in Thames, Coromandel
parents: John Whitford HOOPER & Jane CRABB(E)
married: John Reuben Hooper 11 Nov 1902
known children:
* 1904 - Ruby Constance Hooper
* 1906 - John George Wadman Whitford Hooper
* 1908 - Minnie Eileen Janey Hooper
* 1910 - James Wesley Newman 'Wes' Hooper
died: 30 July 1930
last address: Eureka, Waikato
buried: AA1-G-184 at Hamilton East cemetery

Joan Dorothy HOOPER aged 76
born: 19 January 1923
died: 27 July 1999
last address: Norholm Rest Home Ohaupo
buried: GOM-A07-28 at Hamilton Park cemetery

John George Whitford Wadman HOOPER aged 93
born: 28 January 1906
parents: John Reuben HOOPER & Jane Whitford 'Janey' HOOPER
died: 16 July 1999
last address: Dinsdale Rd Hamilton
buried: BEECH-07-01 at Hamilton Park cemetery

John Reuben HOOPER aged 87
born: 19 December 1877 in Taita, Lower Hutt
parents: George HOOPER & Eliza Jane KING
married: Jane Whitford 'Janey' Hooper 11 Nov 1902
died: 18 September 1965
last address: Eureka (between Hamilton & Morrinsville)
buried: AA1-G-184 at Hamilton East cemetery

John Whitford HOOPER aged 90
born: 25 September 1898
parents: James HOOPER & Clara Evelyn ODGERS
married: Melba Violet FLYNN in 1929
died: 5 March 1989
last address: 7 Tisdale St., Hamilton City
buried: MAPLE-11-19 at Hamilton Park cemetery

Joseph Ball HOOPER aged 48
born: 30 July 1867
parents: 7th son of Thomas HOOPER & Mary CROOKE of Nelson
married: Mrs Margaret McKENZIE in 1901
their known children:
* 1904 - Joseph Fitzgerald Hooper
* 1906 - Margaret Mary Hooper
* Empire Hotel Petone, Junction Hotel Thames. President of the Petone Football and Bowling Clubs. Steward of the Hamilton Racing Club. Chairman of the Waikato Licensed Victuallers Association
died: 8 January 1916
last address: Epsom, Auckland
buried: RC-A-828 at Hamilton East cemetery
Wairarapa Daily Times, 8 January 1916 The many friends of Mr Joseph Hooper, brother of Mr L. J. Hooper, of Masterton will regret to learn that he passed away in Petone at an early hour this morning. The late Mr Hooper was for many years in business with his brother in Masterton, and later on took a hotel at Petone. After leaving there he was lessee of a hotel at Thames, and about ten years ago he took over a hotel at Hamilton. Failing health compelled him to relinquish business about three years ago, and since then the deveased gentleman has been living quietly at Epsom, Auckland. About a week ago he came down to Wellington to meet his nephew, Mr Len Hooper, who was returning from America. While in Wellington he was taken ill, the cause of the final illness being congestion of the kidneys. Mr Hooper was very popular in the Wairarapa in his younger days, when he took an active part in sporting and volunteer matters, and a large circle of friends will regret his demise at the comparatively early age of 52 years (sic). A widow and two children are left to mourn their loss (sic, 3 children, on being his stepson J. McKenzie)

Joseph Fitzgerald HOOPER aged 55
born: 1904
parents: Joseph Ball HOOPER & Margaret McKENZIE
died: 28 February 1960
last address: Hamilton
buried: RC-A-830 at Hamilton East cemetery

Joseph Hayward HOOPER aged 57
born: 1864
married Flora Jane SHEDDON in 1892
died: 14 April 1921
last address: unspecified
buried: A3A-H-20 at Hamilton West cemetery

Kathleen Mary HOOPER aged 81
born: 21 May 1932
died: 1 July 2013
last address: Selwyn Wilson Carlile House, Hamilton
cremated: Hamilton Park cemetery

Katrina Lee HOOPER aged 17
born: 9 October 1990
died: 29 February 2008
last address: Grove Rd, Te Pahu, R.D. 5, Hamilton
buried: OAK-10-57 at Hamilton Park cemetery

Kevin Alfred Hector HOOPER aged 73
born: 1935
died: 30 April 2008
last address: Palmer St, Te Awamutu
cremated: Hamilton Park cemetery

Leonard James HOOPER aged 82
born: 1857
married: Emily Florence McFARLANE (1862-1946) in 1882
known children:
* 1884 - Eva Florence Hooper
* 1886 - Charles Leonard Hooper
* 1887 - 1969 Richmond Vernon Hooper
* 1889 - Rita Clarice Hooper
* 1895 - Ormond Randolph Hooper
* 1904 - Bernard Trevor Hooper
died: 13 May 1939
last address: unspecified
buried: MASON-P-247 at Hamilton East cemetery

Lewis Douglas Bambridge HOOPER aged 81
born: 17 September 1921
died: 27 August 2003
last address: Beaumont Place, Hamilton East, Hamilton
cremated: Hamilton Park cemetery

Lily May HOOPER aged 63
born: 1900
died: 24 November 1963
last address: unspecified
buried: B-E-07 at Hamilton East cemetery

Lionel Charles HOOPER aged 57
born: 1905
died: 10 February 1963
last address: 7 Clare St., Cambridge
buried: GOM-SUNKN-0000 at Hamilton Park cemetery

Marcia Jocelyn HOOPER aged 54
born: 1952
died: 12 March 2007
last address: Pauls Dr, Ngatea
cremated: Hamilton Park cemetery

Margaret Clare HOOPER aged 69
born: 1869
died: 6 September 1938
last address: unspecified
buried: RC-A-830 at Hamilton East cemetery
- buried with Joseph Fitzgerald Hooper

Margaret Joyce HOOPER aged 14
born: 1911
died: 11 August 1925
last address: unspecified
buried: AA2-CHAC-75 at Hamilton East cemetery

Mary Louisa HOOPER (nee WYLIE) aged 90
born: 1869
parents: William & Elizabeth WYLIE
married: Edwin Esson Hooper in 1892
died: 17 June 1959
last address: unspecified
buried: AA2-BA-13A at Hamilton East cemetery

Maud Reta HOOPER aged 63
born: 1942
died: 22 March 2005
last address: Hauraki Terrace, Thames
cremated: Hamilton Park cemetery

Melba Violet HOOPER (nee FLYNN) aged 98
born: 15 January 1903
parents: William Arthur FLYNN & Emma Margaret PRIMMER
married: John Whitford Hooper in 1929
died: 19 June 2001
last address: Reidmoor Rest Home, Hamilton
buried: MAPLE-11-20 at Hamilton Park cemetery

Neil Raymond HOOPER aged 38
born: 1965
died: 29 April 2003
last address: Whites Rd, Putaruru
cremated: Hamilton Park cemetery

Ngaio Lamia HOOPER aged 58
born: 1942
died: 16 July 2000
last address: Templeview, Hamilton
buried: BEECH-07-02 at Hamilton Park cemetery

Olive Georgina HOOPER (nee HAZLETT) aged 99
born: 20 February 1902
married: Vivian Alfred Hooper (1906-) in 1933
...(son of Alfred HOOPER & Florence Ruth TOMLINS)
died: 7 October 2001
last address: Tennyson St., Cambridge
cremated: Hamilton Park cemetery

Ruby Adela Catherine HOOPER aged 94
born: 24 August 1915
died: 23 May 2010
last address: Firth Street, Hamilton East, Hamilton
buried: BEECH-07-01 at Hamilton Park cemetery)

Thora Ruth HOOPER aged 58
born: 26 March 1921
died: 9 March 1980
last address: unspecified
buried: MAGN-33-05 at Hamilton Park cemetery

Victor Candy HOOPER aged 68
born: 1895
parents: Joseph Hayward HOOPER & Flora Jane SHEDDON
married: Daisy Sarah HOLLOWAY in 1924
died: 20 March 1963
last address: unspecified
buried: CHRRY-23-46 at Hamilton Park cemetery

William Alfred HOOPER aged 70
born: 1942
died: 13 October 2012
last address: Woodcock Road, Tamahere, Hamilton
cremated: Hamilton Park cemetery

William Gerald HOOPER aged 91
born: 2 September 1921
died: 1 July 2013
last address: Betley Crescent Hamilton
buried: TOTAR-03-37 at Hamilton Park cemetery

William John HOOPER aged 59
born: 1910
died: 9 May 1969
last address: 714 Grey St Hamilton East, Hamilton
cremated: Hamilton Park cemetery

Winston John HOOPER aged 72
born: 1941
died: 14 June 2013
last address: Forest Lake Road Hamilton
cremated: Hamilton Park cemetery

Victoria Bridge, Hamilton in 1910

(9km west of Hamilton Park cemetery)

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