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Journal by itellya

The following streets are in the parish of Frankston. A new journal will be required for the part of Mt Eliza in the parish of Moorooduc.

The northern boundary of the shire is Kackeraboite Creek to where Old Mornington Rd crosses it, Humphries Rd, Moorooduc Rd north east for 33 chains (660 metres) to Sages Rd, Baxter-Tooradin Road, the Peninsula Link (north north east), Golf Links Road (south east), Baxter-Tooradin Road, Dandenong-Hastings Road (Westernport Highway) and South Boundary Road East to Melway 141 B12..
YAMALA DRIVE is just north of the creek which forms the coastal section of the above boundary and thus is within the City of Frankston but Mt Eliza residents will be interested in the origin of its name anyway. Sir John Madden was the son-in-law of Frank Stephen as mentioned below and no doubt there was a well-worn track across the creek between their houses.


This was the access track to what became Mount Eliza and was probably blazed by James Davey Senior in the 1840's. The Frankston parish map ( that the highway (three chain road) to the heads started as Frankston-Flinders Rd and continued as Moorooduc Rd. Despite its name, Old Mornington Rd went only to Boundary (Canadian Bay) Road, the southern boundary of the parish and the Davey pre-emptive right.

There is unfortunately no Bruce Rd in Mt Eliza to discuss because Stanley Melbourne Bruce of "Ormiston", near Stephens Rd was probably one of the road's most prominent residents.
Frankston and Somerville Standard (Vic. : 1921 - 1939) Friday 8 April 1927 p 7 Article
The outbreak was not far from Mr Bruce's present residence on Mornington road. The Prime Minister (Mr.Bruce) was present during the outbreak.

Olivers Hill was originally known as Old Man Davey's Hill, because James Davey senior's father, William used to climb the hill to spot the location of shoals of fish in the bay and was renamed because a later fisherman did the same thing.
James Davey had two runs in the area, but the one near Mt Eliza was the "Kannanuke" run which was probably between the mouth of the Kananook Creek and Canadian Bay Rd.
The obituary of James Davey Jnr gives a brief history of the Davey family. His mother's name was MARY which explains the name of the Davey homestead. See also DENISTOUN AVENUE re the location of Marysville.

It is with regret we have to
chronicle the death, at the age of 56,
of Mr James Davey, a respected resi-
dent of long standing at Frankston,
which occurred at Melbourne on Fri-
day last, Mr Davey, though years
ago a sufferer on account of ill-health,
had recently been exceptionally well,
but an attack of cerebral hemorrhage
about a fortnight ago necessitated him
entering a hospital, and though he
railed somewhat, the attack proved
fatal, as stated above.
The deceased gentleman, who had
been living in St. Kilda for the past
couple of years, was born at Gardiner's
Creek, Victoria, but lived the greater
part of his life at Davey's Bay, Frank-
ston. He was the second eldest son
of Mr Jas. Davey, one of the pioneers
of this district, and after whom
Davey's Bay was called. For some
time the deceased gentleman lived at
Red Hill, but the greater part of his
life was passed at "Marysville,"
Davey's Bay, Frankston, erected by
his father, Mr Jas. Davey, in 1851.
Some interesting facts surround
"Marysville," which was built at a
cost of £2000, on elaborate lines, the
slates and timber being brought over
from Tasmania. In the early days
"Marysville" was the mansion if the
district. The old homestead was dis-
mantled a few years ago by Mr A. H.
Sargood, who purchased the land and
erected a magnificent residence thereon,
shortly after which Mr Davey moved
to St. Kilda,after having spent about
40 years in the district. The deceased
leaves a widow and family of six boys
and four girls to mourn their loss. One
of the sons, Mr Len Davey, is a resi-
dent of Mount Eliza, the others, as
they have grown up, having removed
to various parts.
The funeral took place on Monday
at the Kew Cemetery, the burial
service being read by the Rev. Mr
Rowells, of East Melbourne.
(P.3, Mornington Standard, 4-11-1911.)

Marathon Estate for Auction
The 34-acre Marathon Estate, former home of the late
Major-General H. W. Grimwade, at Davey's Bay, Oliver's
Hill. Frankston. Is to come.under the auctioneer's hammer
on Saturday.
The property, except for approximately five acres, has been subdivided into 21 allotments. The smallest covers half to three-quarters of an acre; the largest is nearly three acres.
Auctioneer for. the sale will be Geo. G. Austin*, of Frankston. ;(P.6, The Age, 11-4-1951.)
*See Austin Rd, Somerville.

This street indicates the location of James Davey's "Marysville".
In the year 1838, Mr. William Da-
vey arrived in South Australia on
the ship "Argyle,". with his son,
James, then aged 21 years. He stayed
in South Australia for a short period
and then settled at Mt. Eliza. The
New South Wales Government then
had a scheme of granting early set-
tlers what was called a pre-emptive
right to a square mile of land any
where they wished. For a small fee
they had right to occupy such land
for a number of years and then to
buy it at 12/6 an acre, which was
later raised to £1. By this system
Mr. Davey obtained a pre-emptive
right to the land previously mentioned.
In 1851, Mr. Davey erected a
small residence on this piece of land
at the spot where, later, the "Mara-
thon" homestead used to be. This
was Frankston's first house and he
resided there while building another
larger residence overlooking the bay,
which bears his name. This place
was situated bn the present site of
"Deniston," Mr. Sargood's house, and
trees which Mr. Davey planted in his
garden, including a couple of large
mulberry trees, still thrive there. Mr
Davey moved into his new house in
1851 and named it " Marysville." He
then built a jetty for the convenience
of craft bringing provisions from
Melbourne. This jetty was for his
own use and the provisions brought
were for himself only. These he
hauled up the cliffs from the jetty
with a wire rope. All signs of the
jetty were destroyed by the sea about
five years ago. Mr Davey planted a
purple-flowering African plant, cal-
led the Polygala, which is now wide-
spread in that district. It is interest-
Ing to know that these plants have
come from the six planted by Mr Davey
78 years ago, and which he
bought for 2/6 each. He also bred
horses for India.

This road's name is first mentioned on trove in 1910. It was almost certainly named after William Humphries, a Frankston farmer in 1879. Ann Woolley, for whom he acted as executor, may have been a Hastings pioneer.

NOTICE is hereby given, that after the expiration
of fourteen days from the publication hereof ap-
plication will be made to the Supreme Court of the
colony of Victoria, In its Probate Jurisdiction that
and two Codicils thereto of ANN WOOLLEY, late of
number 40 Lonsdale street west, Melbourne, in the
colony of Victoria, widow, deceased, may be granted
to William Humphries of Frankston, in the said
colony, farmer, and William Croft, of 80 Madeline
street, Carlton, in the said colony, telegraph clerk*
the executors named in and appointed by the said will.
(P.8, Argus, 24-3-1879.)

An inspection of the Frankston Parish map, (…/simpleimages/…/1123904.html) reveals that William Woolley received many grants near the north west end of Humphries Rd, some with James Davey.

(*William Croft, joint executor with William Humphries, rose to the top of his profession and bought William Hoffman's Butzbach homestead at North Essendon, which he renamed Buckley Park. A house at Buckley Park College is named after him. He was possibly related to Fred Croft who bought the store at Martin's Corner, Somerville in 1910.
CROFT—On the 13th December (suddenly), at ??? William Croft, late of Buckley Park, Essendon, formerly manager of Telegraph department of Victoria, aged 74 years. (P.1, The Age, 14-12-1914.)

A wine.and spirit licence was granted to Fredk.W. Croft, of Somerville, who has purchased the business of A. E. and E. A.Martin. (P. 2, Mornington and Dromana Standard, 7-5-1910.)

THE Friends of the late Mrs ANN WOOLLEY
(relict of the late Mr Woolley*, formerly of Frank-
ston) are invited to follow her remains to the place of
interment in the Melbourne General Cemetery.
The funeral is appointed to move from No 46
Lonsdale street west THIS DAY (Saturday), at half
past 4 o clock.(P.12, Argus,22-3-1879.)
(* William Woolley, according to the funeral notice in The Age on the same day. William had died at the same address in 1877.)
WOOLLEY -On the 11th inst at his residence, Lonsdale
Street William Woolley, late of Frankston, aged 65 years (P.1, Argus, 12-6-1877.)

The Woolleys had a long association with Crib Point.
william (bill) woolley's homestead, crib point - Victorian Heritage ...

I believe that George Woolley was a son of William and Ann Woolley, Palmer being a major grantee near Westernport. If so, the Humphries and Woolley .families may have been associated in the Ovens and Murray area too.
Woolley — Gordon. — At St. John's,Eurobin, on the 29th December, 1896, Alice Esther Ann Gordon,youngest daughter of George Augustus Gordon, late 93rd Highlanders, to George Outrim Woolley, eldest son of the late William Woolley, of Palmer's Creek.(P.2, Ovens and Murray Advertiser, 23-1-1897.)
William Odium, 40a, forfeited by H. Pearce. Postponed.
William Humphries, 49a 3r 30p, between Short's and Ellis' selections. Postponed.
(P.1, Ovens and Murray Advertiser, 24-4-1875.)

Clift and Walker were contractors, of Frankston, in 1889.
Mornington Standard (Vic. : 1889 - 1908) Saturday 28 December 1889 p 3)

Hookey Walker may not have been that contractor, as he seemed to be working for a baker when he wrote his letter in 1890. (Mornington Standard (Vic. : 1889 - 1908) Saturday 16 August 1890 p 2 Article
... TO THE EDITOR HOOKEY WALKER. Frankston August 13th 1890.)

Frankston police have received a letter from Edmund C. Caton, of Barrow-in-Furness, Lancashire, England,
requesting information of the whereabouts of his cousin, Miss Anne Holmes Walker. Mr.Caton received a letter from his cousin in 1903, but has not heard from her since that year. She was then living with her mother in Frankston. Her father's name was Bryan Holmes Walker. It is quite possible that some of our readers may be able to supply some information of the present address of Miss Walker, and such information, if forwarded to the Frankston police or to this office, will be forwarded to her cousin in England.
(P.4, Frankston and Somerville Standard, 2-5-1931.)

Henry Walker Snr seems to have been an early resident of Mount Eliza.
BLACK-During the third week in August, at her home, Agnes Andrew, widow of John Black Waitahuna Gully, New Zealand, second daughter of the late Henry Walker of Mount Eliza, loving sister of Robert Walker, Frankston. Aged 82 years.(P.4, Frankston and Somerville Standard, 10-9-1937.)

WALKER-On the 24th October at Rochester,. Henry, second son of the late Henry Walker - of Mount Eliza, loved father of Maisie O'Neill* and Leslie Gordon (Mac), and beloved brother of Agnes Black, Waitahuna Gully, N.Z., and. Robert Walker,. Frankston. Late of D; and W. Murrray Ltd. and. Tyabb.-Interred at Kew on Thursday.
(P.4, Frankston and Somerville Standard, 28-10-1933.)

*The O'Neills were early pioneers at Tyabb, J.O'Neill being the grantee of c/a 40A, parish of Tyabb at Melway 148 J7, now occupied by the Somerville Christmas Tree Farm-hence the name of O'Neills Rd.)

Perhaps the Standard should have asked the prolific writer of letters to the editor, J.R.M.Walker, about Miss Annie Holmes Walker. He not only had knowledge of the area's history but was a bright bunny, suggesting the making of what is now Pt Nepean Rd south of Boundary (Canadian Bay) Rd (to Sunnyside Rd.)

Early travellers from Frankston to Mt Eliza could climb Olivers Hill and then turn right to cross Davey's Gully on Old Mornington Rd, continuing through the Davey pre-emptive right) but if wishing to go to Mornington , they then had to travel along today's Mount Eliza Way and Wooralla Drive to Three Chain (Moorooduc) Rd. On the Moorooduc parish map (Moorooduc, County of Mornington [cartographic material] / drawn and ...…/simpleimages/…/1076739.html) the present Pt Nepean Rd is shown 1 chain wide (WITH A PROBLEM CROSSING GUNYONG CREEK NEAR THE TOWER RD. CORNER), the Mt Eliza Way/ Wooralla Drive deviation 2 chains wide and Moorooduc Rd 3 chains wide.

To the Editor
Sir, In your issue of 18th inst. it is reported under the above heading that a letter from Mornington Peninsula Development League which came before the Shire Council at its last meeting contained a request that the shire engineer prepare a report on the proposed extension of the marine drive to Frankston from Mornington, and on the motion of Crs. Montague and Keast it was resolved to take no action.
Instead of the proposed drive along the foreshore I would suggest a road from the Mt. Eliza post office passing on the eastern side of the "Moondah" and "Manyung" mansions, and on the western side of "Sunnyside" to the "Beleura Hill" in Mornington.
If the Mornington Peninsula Development League considers this route practicable I think it should be supported by the Frankston Publicity Committee, Traders' Association, Tax-
payers' League, High School Council and others interested in the progress of Frankston and district. The foregoing suggested route is entirely in the Mornington Shire, whose duty it would be to find the money.
The Frankston and Hastings Shire have already done their share in the construction of the road at Oliver's Hill and the Pt. Nepean road deviation*.
Yours, etc. J. R. M. WALKER. Frankston, February 22, 1932.
(P.5, Frankston and Somerville Standard, 27-2-1932.)

J.R.M.Walker's knowledge of Mt Eliza went back to at least 1886!
(To the Editor).
Sir. -To my knowledge, extending over sixty years, some land-owners between Oliver's Hill and the shire boundary have discouraged the use of the several public and private roads leading from the Pt. Nepean road to the beach, by the people of the hinterland.
In the Nineties the late Mr. William Lawrey successfully opposed the fencing In of the reserve at the corner of Pt. Nepean road and Humphries road, by an adjoining landowner. If the people of Frankston really want their beaches. they should do as Mr. Lawrey did-"go to the State Government about the matter."-Yours, etc.,
J. R. M. WALKER. Frankston.(P. 5, Standard, 23-5-1946.)

An inspection of the Frankston Parish map, (…/simpleimages/…/1123904.html) reveals that William Woolley received many grants near the north west end of Humphries Rd, some with James Davey, but neither J.M.R.Walker nor Henry Walker senior seem to have been grantees. However I believe that Walkers Rd was most likely named after one of them. It was named after Henry Walker Senior!

POSTSCRIPT. (From John Gilbert Mann's MOUNT ELIZA, MOU 994.5)
P. 23. Henry Walker's wife was the sister of George Milne who was also an early settler.

MANN RD. (101 J9,10.)
Mr Mann wrote a history of the early days of Mt Eliza for the Mt Eliza Progress Association in 1926. He must have lived there for some years to know details such as the names of the three Canadians who gave Canadian Bay its name and that their timber was loaded onto the Liverpool anchored half a mile offshore. Heritage consultants have referred to his history but obviously didn't feel one bit silly quoting "Mr Mann". I did. I found out that the Mann family was heavily involved in the Field Naturalists Club and valued the beauty of Mt Eliza. Whether Mann Rd was named after the historian, John G. Mann, or another member of his family, Mann Rd was certainly named after a Mount Eliza resident.…

As there is not a street named after John G.Mann's residence, "Harbury", and the report of the fire only vaguely
describes its location, I was searching for an advertisement which might provide a more specific location. This advertisement did not do so but shows that John's second given name was not George as I had assumed but GILBERT. It also seems to indicate that the Sir Frederick Wollaston mentioned in relation to the location of another old residence was actually Sir Frederick Wallaston MANN.

JOHN GILBERT MANN late of "Harbury" Frankston In the State of Victoria, Gentleman, deceased. AFTER fourteen clear days SIR FREDERICK WOLLASTON MANN of "Motstone" Walsh Street, South Yarra, in the said State,Knight, the Executor appointed by deceased's Will dated the Twenty-first day of November, One thousand nine hundred and fifty-one will APPLY to the Supreme Court for a GRANT of PROBATE of the said Will. (P.8, The Age, 4-12-1952.)

MANN. — On November 27. In hospital, John Gilbert Mann, of Harbury. Frankston, beloved brother of Frederick Wollaston Mann, of Melbourne, and Charles Russell Mann, of West Australia - Privately cremated.
(P.17, The Age, 29-11-1952.)

Pages 11-14 to be included in the next journal about the origins of street names in Mt Eliza within the parish of Moorooduc.
Page 17. This is a copy of the cornerstone of St James the Less, which, if it is correct, is remarkable because of a stonemason's error. The N in SAINT is wrong with the diagonal stroke rendered as /. If the cornerstone is still visible, somebody living locally might like to check if this has been remedied.

P.20. James Davey Snr. married Miss Williamson (Mary!)in Scots' Church, Collins St in 1848.
P.21 James Davey's first cottage and 40 acres were transferred to Frank Stephen (P.28 to settle a legal bill of 40 pounds.) That valuable frontage named BEACHLEIGH he gave at a nominal price to Mr THOMAS WATTS, a well known Melbourne architect, who in 1878 built the homestead. Mt Watts' daughter is now Mrs McFarlane, wife of the esteemed vicar of Frankston*. The contractor who built Watts' house in 1878 was FREEMAN who liked the location so much that he bought 13 acres nearby and built the house "STUDLEY" now owned by Mrs Wrede. A little earlier, Davey sold about 15 acres adjoining his homestead to a friend, B.C.HARRIMAN, of the Crown Law Department, who built CLIFF HOUSE and occupied it for years. On the other side of Watts land, Dr. George Teague bought the land as far as Canadian Bay but resold it in about 1890 to JAMES PATERSON. It is now HENRY MASTERTON'S "RUBRA".

* The marriage of the Rev. A. P. McFarlane, St. Paul's, Frankston, and Miss Mabel Watts, youngest daughter of Mr. Thomas Watts, Beachleigh, Frankston, takes place on Wednesday, August 10, in the village church, very quietly, only relatives being present, owing to the ill health of the bride's mother.
(P.45, The Australasian, 16-7-1898.)

P.22.In 1857, a letter from a cousin in Melrose, Scotland who had visited Marysville, informed that REV. CAMPBELL had left for Victoria to become the incumbent of the church in Brighton. Rev. Campbell whose son became a partner in the legal firm of Davies and Campbell in Melbourne, bought about 80 acres on CANADIAN BAY and built GLEN SHIAN. Mrs Wooley's (sic)brother was Mr Humphreys (sic) who bought 200 acres of Davey and Woolley's 393 acre grant.
P.23.HENRY WALKER'S wife was the sister of GEORGE MILNE, another of the early settlers.
P.25. WOOLLEY had the 162 acre YAMALA and built the homestead which he sold to Dr. (later SIR JOHN) MADDEN.Lord Brassey, (the Governor in the 1890's who made an equally unrewarding, but much more humourous, attempt to visit Sidney Smith Crispo at Rye*), ran his "Sunbeam" aground on Woolley's Reef, a mud flat about a mile offshore from YAMALA in the bay, when visiting Sir John.
*A Vice-Regal Story.
Portland Guardian (Vic. : 1876 - 1953) Friday 17 September 1897 p 3 Article

P.27. Oliver's Hill was originally called Old Man (William) Davey's Hill and it was later renamed after James Oliver who with his son James used to anchor their fishing boat in Sweetwater Creek.
P.28. FRANK STEPHEN'S 40 acres later became MARATHON.
P.29. When JOHN MADDEN married FRANK STEVEN'S daughter, he bought WILLIAM WOOLLEY'S place, YAMALA.
ANDREW ROWAN also married a daughter of Frank and when they took over Marathon, FRANK STEPHEN moved to CASSIOBURY and built the house now more and less in ruins. After ROWAN'S death, MARATHON was bought by General H.W.GRIMWADE in 1912.

This was originally known as Boundary Rd, being (with Eramosa Rd) the boundary between the parishes of Frankston to the north and Moorooduc to the south. It was renamed because of three Canadians who supplied timber to the "Liverpool" which anchored half a mile offshore from its beach end. One of these was Alf Jones of Almond Bush Stud. Another was the ancestor of Lance Hodgins of the Hastings Historical Society whose story about the three Canadian families follows.

In response to your email concerning James Hodgins:
The James you refer to is my great grandfather, who came out to Australia with a cousin William. After a quick and fairly nonproductive visit to the goldfields, they teamed up with two sets of brothers - the Jones and McKerlie boys - to cut she-oak at Mt Eliza for shipment to Melbourne. Jones had been cutting on Davey's land, and by the time they joined forces they were cutting on JT Smith's property further around the coast - which subsequently was called "Canadian Bay".

The two Jones boys were British-born but had migrated to (Upper) Canada, from whence they came to Australia on the Scargo in 1853, along with the McKerlies. Also on the Scargo were the Dobsons, who became significant pioneer settlers (and timber-men) of the Fern Tree Gully district. Amongst other things, they supplied timber for the first Mornington pier - thus re-establishing contact with their former fellow passengers.

One of the Dobson daughters married James Hodgins in 1860 and they lived at Schnapper Point (Mornington)/ Moorooduc on the north-west corner of Telegraph (Bungower) Road and Three Chain Road (Moorooduc Highway) before selecting land and moving to Hastings.

James' cousin William returned to Canada and settled down to family life on a farm near London, Ontario.
The Jones boys stayed on in the Mornington/Somerville area - Alfred for much longer than his brother Walter (another story). From his property Alfred became a butcher and led a significant public life - witness Jones Road in Somerville. Walter became a grazier in the Dargo area.

After Canadian Bay, William McKerlie went to the Mooraboool diggings and was also married in 1860, but died leaving 7 young children. His brother Miles was closer to my great grandfather James, with whom he shared some local road contracts for the Mt Eliza Roads Board, the first local council. Miles eventually moved to the Crossover diggings north of Warragul, and is buried there.

GILLARDS RD (101 G-H 12, 105 H 1).
We regret to record the demise of Mrs. Gillard, of Frankston, which sad event occurred on Friday last, at her late residence, Mornington road. The deceased lady,who was over 70 years of age, had resided in the district for
upwards of 40 years. To her bereaved relatives we join in extending our sincere sympathy.
(P.2, Frankston and Somerville Standard, 4-3-1925.)

FRANKSTON, Mt. Eliza,— Superior Accommodation, few minute beach, good shooting, fern gullies. Mrs. Gillard, Frankston.(P.15, The Age, 25-2-1905.)

Mrs Gillard may have been the wife of James Gillard.(She was.*)
From Jas. Gillard, requesting permission to erect a bathing box on the beach,off the Esplanade, at the Marysville Estate.
(South Bourke and Mornington Journal (Richmond, Vic. : 1872 - 1920) Wednesday 10 September 1890 p 3 Article)

* GILLARD.—On the 28th February, at Myrina, Point Nepean road, Mount Eliza, Louisa, the beloved wife of James Gillard, and loved mother of Mrs. Nellie Crowther, aged 73 years. (P.1, Argus, 2-3-1925.)
It appears that James and Louisa only had one surviving child, who died at Coburg.

EventDeath Event registration number1569 Registration year1925
Personal information
Family nameGILLARD Given namesLouisa SexFemale Father's nameCOOK Joseph Mother's nameAnn (Duckham) Place of birth Place of deathFRANKSTON Age73

EventDeath Event registration number1798 Registration year1933
Personal information
Family nameCROWTHER Given namesEllen SexFemale Father's nameGILLARD James Mother's nameLouisa (Cook) Place of birth Place of deathCOBURG Age63

BADEN POWELL DRIVE (102 B 7 TO 101 H 12.)
The world's chief scout, Lord Baden Powell, was idolised by the ten thousand or more Scouts and their leaders who congregated at Frankston for the biggest Scout Jambouree in the Southern Hemisphere from Christmas Eve 1934 to mid January 1935. He obviously had the same impact on the locals too because in just over six months a new road had been named after him.

Tenders are invited until 3 p.m. on Friday, 2nd August, 1935, for 2881 lineal feet of clearing, forming and gravelling Baden Powell Drive, Frankston. Plans and specifications may be inspected and full information obtained at Shire Engineer's Office,Shire Offices, Davey Street, Frankston. Lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. By Order, J. A. P. HAM, Shire Secretary.(P.5, Frankston and Somerville Standard, 26-7-1935.)

Research into estates near Frankston in 1934 and 1935 reveal that Baden Powell Drive may have been the major subdivisional road in the T.M.Bourke Estate..
THE V.S.C.C. will hold a hill climb on T.M.Burke estate, Frankston, on December 7.
(P. 12, Sporting Club, 13-11-1935.)

AMESBURY RD (101 J 11.)
There was an Amesbury family living at Frankston in 1912 but maybe to the north of the township rather than south.
There are still more names to be added,to the list of those reported as being injured. The list, now numbers 342. The following additional names having been given in yesterday:-
Mr.H. AMESBURY, Frankston.*
Mrs B.N. AMESBURY,-,:Frankston.
Master K. AMESBURY, Frankston.
Miss E. AMESBURY, Frankston.(etc.)
(P.7, The Age, 13-9-1912.)
*Henry was living in Surrey Hills when he died in 1950.
(P.2, The Age, 11-9-1950.)

There is no proof that these two properties were sold for the same vendor or that the house was owned by the Amesbury family. The bridge was probably at Carrum Creek (today's Patterson River.)

At 3 O'Clock. On the Premises, "Amesbury," Frankston road, near Bridge. CARRUM.
Comfortable W.B. VILLA. 4 Rooms, Verandah, Passage, etc. Good Order, with ALL FURNITURE; land 75 x 300 ft. . Keys care Mr Woodward, Butcher.
Immediately After the Sale of the Above, SPLENDID ALLOTMENT at DROMANA, 100 x 214, fronting Dromana Esplanade,
Overlooking Sea, Being Lot 78B, Dromana Estate.
For Positive Sale,(P.14, The Herald, 22-11-1917.)

Wondering if the Amesburys might have been related to a known Mt Eliza family, I tried family notices and struck gold, first finding the death of Henry Amesbury, head of the family injured in the rail disaster, and then a Grimwade connection.

Amesbury Rd was more likely named after the Grimwade residence in Melbourne, in view of the probable origin of the name of THORNTON RD. Thornton Rd and Amesbury Rd almost meet at Baden Powell Drive!

The engagement is announced of Gwenda, only daughter of Brigadier-General and Mrs. H. W. Grimwade, of Marathon, Frankston, and Amesbury House, South Yarra, and Chester, only son of the late Mr. Chester Manifold and Mrs. Manifold, of Talendert, Camperdown.
(P. 48, The Australasian, 14-10-1922.)

THORNTON RD (101 J 9.)
I hadn't found any association of the surname with Mt Eliza or Frankston and decided to put my money on another Grimwade connection.
The marriage of Mr. Harold William Grimwade, second son of Mr. F. S. Grimwade,M.L.C., Harleston, Caulfield, and Miss Winifred Thornton, eldest surviving daughter of Mr. John Thornton, Mount Myrtoon, was solemnised at St. Paul's Church, Camperdown, Wednesday, August 19, in the presence of a large number of spectators.(etc.)
(P.40, The Australasian, 22-8-1896.)

WAVERNEY RD (101 H 8.)
I hadn't found any association of the surname with Mt Eliza or Frankston and decided to put my money on a Grimwade connection AGAIN.
.Mrs. Harold Grimwade gave an " at home at "Waverney" on 24th October. Miss Thornton (sister of Mrs. Grimwade), assisted her to receive in the morning-room, from whence the guests passed to the large hall, where a musical programme was rendered under the direction of Mr. Charles Rose by Miss Edith Moroney (pupil of Mr. Rose), Miss Olive Kingston, Herr Louis Hettenbach and Mr. Charles Rose. (etc.)(P.27, Punch, 30-10-1902.)

It would have been handy if the Society name-dropper had said whether Waverney was at Armadale, Brighton, Moonee Ponds- or Coopers Creek! Given that Marathon was not built until 1914, it might have been near Waverney Rd, not far from Marathon (at 12 Marathon Drive.)
Marathon House & Garden
Marathon, the residence erected in 1914 and extended in 1924, the garden presumed to date from c.1914-24, is of National significance;

If I'd jumped off my winning horse I'd have had a grim wade through murky seas solving this one!
This was the Caulfield residence of Fred, father of Harry (Grimwade of course!) I wouldn't have needed to research this one if I'd looked at the detail in Harry's marriage report under Thornton Rd. Fred is best known in the shire's history in connection with Coolart.

JACKSONS RD (101 F-G 9.) WILLIAMS RD.(101 E 9 , G 10)
I suspected that these names were connected in some way to the Davey family* so I searched for Marysville Estate. Both of these roads were so named when the pre-emptive right was subdivided. James Davey's wife, Mary had died in 1893 and her son James Jnr, whose obituary is above under the Denistoun Avenue entry had recently died.

Crown allotment 58 Wannaeue at Melway 190 B 5,6 and fronting Main Creek Rd, was bought by Bullocky Bob White (grantee of c/a 27A to the south under the name of Robert James.) James Davey Jnr was related to the Whites as both Blooming Bob White (Bullocky's uncle) and he married daughters of Hill Hillis and Sarah, nee McKeown, (as did two McIlroy lads.) [PIONEERS OF THE PENINSULA, Stephen Lynch.]

Thursday, 18th February.
At ROOMS. At 12 O'Clock.
In Estate of late James Davey.
C J. and T. HAM are instructed to
sell by public auction, as above
FRANKSTON, Main-road,
Adjoining Colonial Bank and opposite
Young's Hotel,
Four 2.story brick shops, and shop
and five rooms each. A well posi
tioned and well built property.
Land 48ft 9in z 396ft, with W.B.
cottage, containing six rooms, kit
chen and wash house thereon.
Ten Grand Allotments, Nos 18 and 19 and Nos 22, 23, 24 and 25, fronting Point Nepean. Jackson and Williams roads, and containing in all 35a. 0 r. 31 p.; also lot 28.Williams.road, containing 5 a. 0 r. 25 p.; also lots 14 and 65. containing 14 a. 3 r.17 p.; and lots 69 and 70,19 a. I r. 22 p.. fronting Point Nepean road, with depth through to Kackeraboite Creek.
Land, 158 acres, Crown allot 58, Wanneue (Wannaeue), with cottage thereon, well situated on the Red Hill and formerly in the occupation of Mr Jas Davey.(P.2, Mornington Standard, 8-2-1902.)

*Forest Lodge and Seven Oaks near the east end of McIlroys Rd had already been sold.

.PUTZ. — On the 9th March, at tho Alfred Hospital,
Amy Mary, of Frankston, relict of the late Simon
Putz, Peak Hill, Western Australia, and eldest
daughter of William Davey, of Frankston, sister of
Mrs. E. Walker, Mrs. Williams, Winnie, Wilfred,
Harold, Horace and Walter, beloved mother of
Doreen, Simon, Louie and Harold.(P.54, Leader, 18-3-1911.)

A possible connection to the name of Jacksons Rd.
Mrs. Gillett, Sunnyside, Mornington, and Mrs. Lyster D. Jackson, Glen Shian, Frankston, will be at home at Sorrett, Sorrett-avenue, Malvern, every third and fourth Tuesday.
(P.42, The Australasian, 18-5-1907.)

LOT 5.-Land, allotment 31 of the famous Marysville Estate, and contains 9a 2r 39p, being the Corner of William's Road and the Nepean Road.
LOT 6.-Land allot 31, adjoining lot 5, containing 6a Or 20p. Lots 5 and 6 are opposite "Ormiston" and near
the residences of His Honor Sir John Madden. Messrs J. L. Purves, Teague and Watts, and part beyond Watt's Creek.(P.2, Mornington Standard, 15-6-1899.)

FREEMANS RD. (101 F8.)
From P.185-6 of the Shire's Area 1 Heritage Study.
(presented to the council meeting on 13 August 2012.)
In May 1881, James Davey (1811-1892) sold 13 acres to George Wood Taylor Freeman. The land fronted the Esplanade, Freeman St and Watts Pde in section A , (parish of) Frankston, in other words, the Davey pre-emptive right.

In 1889, George disappeared but his body was found.(Argus, 12-8-1889.)

The advertisement of the auction of George's property "in Frankston" in the Mornington Standard of 15-10-1891 referred to it fronting the Esplanade with a depth of 1591 feet along Fremantle (sic) St back to Watts Parade.

Mrs (Marcia?) Synnott (with Mrs F.Stephen*), another Society lady, wrote The Sport of Destiny, (whose publication was the event of the festive season), while residing at "Glen Shian", Frankston. (P.16, Table Talk, 28-10-1898.)
* Mr James Davey's first cottage, previously mentioned, he sold to Mr Frank Stevens,a well-known Melbourne solicitor,(P.6, Frankston and Somerville Standard, 8-2-1930.Young Donald Charlswood's history of Frankston.)

Mrs Campbell and family, who have been staying for some time at their summer residence "Glen Shian," Frankston, returned to Kew yesterday. (P.2, Mornington Standard, 8-2-1902.)

The Rev, J. Barnaby and family,from Kew, are for the present in occupation of Mr Campbell's house, "Glen Shian," at Frankston. (P.2, Mornington Standard, 15-2-1902.)

A possible connection to the name of Jacksons Rd.
Mrs. Gillett, Sunnyside, Mornington, and Mrs. Lyster D. Jackson, Glen Shian, Frankston, will be at home at Sorrett, Sorrett-avenue, Malvern, every third and fourth Tuesday.(P.42, The Australasian, 18-5-1907.)

James Liddle Purves was often a guest at Nyora (on today's Ranelagh Estate) and I presume J .G.Purves* was his son. (Victorian BDM is not currently available to check.)
Mr and Mrs J. G. Purves, of "Elowera,' Toorak, have taken 'Glen Shian, ' Frankston, for the summer months.
(P.7, The Prahran Telegraph, 14-1-1911.)
* Jim Purves (P.8, Table Talk, 19-1-1911.)

British Lads for Australia.
It would appear that Glen Shian was owned or occupied by Sir H. Wollaston K.C.M.G. in 1913 and that Baden Powell's association with the Frankston area might have started over two decades before the Jamboree.
EXTRACT. Sir H. Wollaston, K.C.M.G., whose address is 'Glen Shian,' Frankston', would be glad to be furnished with the names of any persons who are desirous of engaging one of these lads.

When the Empire Calls.
Patriotic song, written by the late H. P McDonald, M. L. A. nephew of Mr Chrisp, of 'Glen Shian', Frankston, dedicated to the Colonial contingents in South Africa.(P.3, Mornington Standard, 19-12-1914.)

WANTED—A Housemaid—Apply Miss CHRISP, Glen Shian, Frankston. (P.2, Mornington Standard, 1-9-1917.)
With Beach Frontage,
"Glen Shian," Frankston.
28 Miles from Melbourne.
are instructed by Miss E. H. C. Chrisp to
SELL, as above,
That well-known property, "Glen Shian," with
a frontage of 8257ft. 9in*. to Canadian road
by a depth of 1007ft. 6in. through to a
Government road, and a frontage of 1002ft.
l0in. to the beach and cliffs.
As a' country home, "Glen Shian" is quite
unique. The land is undulating, and beautifully
wooded.. The position is superb. Canadian Bay
has one of the prettiest, beaches on the whole of
Port Phillip, and is safe for bathing, and there is
a natural boat channel suitable' for motor-launches
and rowing-boats.
The buildings were erected, for a private home,
but have of late years been used as a paying
guests' establishment. The buildings comprise
a two-storied brick residence, balcony, and veran-
dah, containing 9 rooms, bathroom, pantries, scul-
lery, cellar, and two W.B. maids' room. At the
main entrance gate is a W.B. lodge, containing
i rooms, and the outbuildings comprise stables,
coachhouse, man's room, feed-room, &c., TENNIS
COURT. A good metalled road leads right into
the property, with a beautiful drive. On the
foreshore there is a W.B. bathingbox, and a paling
and W.B. boathouse. The property is close to
the residence of Henry Masterton, Esq., Dr. Teague,
Dr. McKeddle. General Grimwade, J. Mann, Esq.,
Herbert Sargood; Esq;, Sir Harry Wollaston, and
others.(P.59, The Australasian, 30-8-1919.)

* The frontage to "Canadian Road of 8257 feet* equates to 125 chains ( a bit over one and a half miles) and as each mm on Melway represents a chain, that is the whole length of Canadian Bay Rd from Canadian Bay to Nepean Highway.
The depth/ beach frontage, say 1005 ft ( 15 chains roughly) would extend to 20 metres south of Glen Shian Lane, perhaps to the lane itself. The Canadian Bay Rd frontage seems to be wrong and probably should be the Canadian Bay Rd frontage of the pre-emptive right, 6640 links (66.4 chains, 4382 feet 4.8 inches.) The dimensions given would give an area of 187.5 acres, not 71 acres.

The parish of Frankston map* shows only the original winding Davey's Bay Rd heading west from Old Mornington Rd on the Mt Eliza pre-emptive right, so the Government road mentioned was Old Mornington Rd, not Glen Shian Lane.

To say farewell to the. Rev. and Mrs P. B. Hayman, who will leave at the end of the month for .Essendon where the Rev. Hayman has been appointed vicar of Christ Church, a bright party, arranged by Miss Gertrude Rennie*, was held at Glen Shian last night.(P.3, Frankston and Somerville Standard, 23-4-1937.)

[* Frankston and Somerville Standard Friday 30 November 1934 p 1 Article
... . Miss Helen Rennie has leased Glen Shian, Mount Eliza, and will open it as a guest ;house early in ...]

Most Coveted Position. Close Beach
Uninterrupted Views Over Bay.
The house included a maid's room and had five large bedrooms, a large balcony, internal toilets both upstairs and downstairs and included two large allotments which could be cut off and sold separately.
It is not known whether the present Glen Shian is on the site of the original one, possibly not, because the photo gallery does not show "Uninterrupted Views Over Bay."

While writing this, I am wearing a cap, a souvenir from my daughter, who visited Tintagel Castle in Cornwall recently. No wonder the name rang a bell! The house name was first associated with the Turnbull family. Was the name bestowed by James Davey Snr? There was a Davey presence in Tintagel as far back as 1610.
CRO AP/D/85 Will of William Davy, yeoman, of Trewothal, Tintagel 1610

Miss Jean Turnbull, of "Tintagel," Frankston, will leave for England by the s.s. "Cathay" on March 2.
(P.7, Frankston and Somerville Standard, 19-2-1926.)

The late Professor Henry Laurie's
famous lecture on Robert Browning will
be read by Miss Violet Teague at "Tin-
tagel," Davey's-road, Frankston (by per
mission of Miss Turnbull), on Saturday
next, at 3 p.m. Booking is at the Book
Lovers' Library, Everyman's Library,
Collins-street: the Chaucer Library and
the Austral Library, Howey-court. Pro
ceeds will be in aid of the orthopedic
section of the Children's Hospital.
(P.9, The Age, 18-10-1932.)

HAWKEN OR HAWKER??????????????????????
Professor and Mrs. R. W. H. Hawken,
of Brisbane, will spend the week-end with
Professor Hawken's brother, Mr. H. G.
Hawken, and Mrs. Hawken, at Tintagel,
Mount Eliza.(P.4, Argus, 18-1-1935.)

Mr and Mrs S. Hawken have re-
turned from England and will reside
at their Frankston home, Tintagel,
during the summer months.
(P.3, Frankston and Somerville Standard, 24-12-1936.)

LACHLAN.-On June 22, at Glasgow. Scotland, George (late Royal Engineers), aged 21. Youngest son of Mr and Mrs William Lachlan, of Glasgow, loved brother of Mary (Mrs C. Westaway), of "Tintagel", Mt. Eliza.
(P.4, Standard, 4-8-1939.)

One of the most important auction
sales in recent months is the very
fine property, "Tintagel," owned by
H. G. Hawker, Esq., at Canadian
Bay, Mt. Eliza. This' property is
right on the beach and is set among
glorious flower beds and lawns.
(P.2, Standard, 24-11-1939.)

At 10 o'clock. In Our Rooms,
Walnut and Rosewood,' Rare China, Glass and
Plate, Removed from "TINTAGEL," CANADIAN
BAY, MOUNT ELIZA, Under Instructions from
Mrs. Dora Hawken, Together With Superb
INGS. RADIOS. Canoe, &c.
(P.2, The Age, 26-11-1940.)

STEPHENS RD. (101 G-H 10.)
Stephens Rd was first mentioned in 1926. As "Ormiston" was first mentioned in 1899 (See WATTS), it may have been built by Frank Stephen (who died in 1895)and sold to Melbourne Stanley Bruce by Frank's daughter, Lady Madden, some time after the tenures of A.Buick, poultry farmer, who had had left the property and district in 1912, and W.H.Bowden in 1916. By 1929, Percy Ackman was living at Ormiston, perhaps leasing or a caretaker/ manager.

At- 3 o'clock. At the Rooms
3 Queen-street, MELBOURNE.
Old Mornington or Point Nepean-road,
Corner of Stephens-road,
Almost Adjoining "Ormiston," the Magnificent
Seaside Residence of the Prime Minister, Honor-
able Stanley M. Bruce. . :
. , 5 A. 2 R, 31 P.
Lot 62 on Plan of Subdivision No. 1128, and
Being Parts of Crown Section A, Known as
Davey's Pre-emptive Right.
(P.3, The Age, 21-8-1926.)

It is unlikely that this was named after Stephen Stephens of Mt Eliza whose land was in the parish of Moorooduc, south of Canadian Bay and Eramosa Rds. Even though young Donald Charlesworth mentioned Frank Stephen in relation to buying James Davey senior's first dwelling* on his pre-emptive right, he may have bought land elsewhere on the subdivision too.There are three theories about the naming of Frankston, none of which can be proven.(Frank Liardet of Ballam Park, denied by his descendant; Frank Stephen**; publican Stone's young son Frank.)

*Mr James Davey's first cottage, previously mentioned, he sold to Mr Frank Stevens,a well-known Melbourne solicitor,(P.6, Frankston and Somerville Standard, 8-2-1930.Young Donald Charlswood's history of Frankston.)

** Lady Madden has presented the Frankston Church with a painted window in memory of her father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stephen. Frankston was named after Stephen. He was a great figure in the Melbourne City Court,
with Albert Read as his antagonist.(P.2, Punch, 28-12-1911.)


The following was found with an OLD MORNINGTON ROAD search, the aim being to find a mention of BARTON. Charles Bright may have been a son of Charles Bright and the daughter of Sir John Manners Sutton (Viscount Canterbury) who owned Beleura for some time.

The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957) Friday 19 January 1934 p 10 Article
A sudden change in the direction of the wind in the evening added to the difficulties of the fighters. The fire was driven in toward Humphries road, and the firemen were hurried to the home of Mr. W. F. Langdon, which, was directly in the path of the fire. Water was available, and the tea-tree surrounding the house was soaked with water. Firemen were standing by late at night ready to deal with the fire when it reached a point at which water could be used on it. An outbreak occurred on Mr. Charles Bright's land, but was beaten out before any damage was done.

John Bellin may have been from Cassiobury, Hertfordshire. The 106 acres may have been all the land between old Mornington Rd and Pt Nepean Rd. Was Mr Dimond an acquaintance of his? John had recently sold the Cassiobury estate in Ivanhoe and seemed to be living at Cassiobury at Mt Eliza when he stated "WE desire to direct attention of persons requiring Villa or Business Allotments in Frankston and Mornington district to the following list of properties."For particulars apply to BELLIN, SON, AND DUNCAN, 318 Collins-street, Melbourne. Branches at Armadale and Heidelberg, or to J BELLIN, "Cassiobury," Point Nepean Road, Mornington.
(P.2, Mornington Standard, 26-10-1889.)

Smith—BELLIN - On the 13th March, at tho Collins-street Baptist Chapel, Herbert Jasper Smith to Mary,
eldest daughter of John Bellin, Cassiobury, Jolimont. No cards.
(P.1, Argus, 3-4-1889.)

Another of John's daughters married Alfred Mellor in 1881 and I wonder is he was the famed Fred Mellor.
Mornington Standard (Vic. : 1889 - 1908) Thursday 29 March 1900 p 3 Article

Messrs Bellin, Son and Duncan, will sell by public auction on Tuesday next; 106 acres of land near Frankston, known as "Cassiobury." The sale will take place in their rooms at twelve o'clock.
(P.2, Mornington Standard, 23-8-1890.)

Mr Ben. Goddard, of Kyabram, the founder of the Reform League, is at present spending a holiday with Mr Jas. Down, " Cassiobury," Mornington-road, Frankston. Mr Goddard attended the annual conference in Melbourne on Wednesday, and is well pleased with the results so far achieved by the famous Kyabram reform movement.
(P.2, Mornington Standard, 14-5-1904.)

Mr Dimond, of Richmond, has leased " Cassiobury," Mornington road, Frankston, and entered into possession last week.(P.2, Mornington Standard, 29-10-1904.)

Felix, somewhere in the bush, has committed the newspaperman's worst crime - he has missed a deadline.
I RULE that he pays £1 to R. Fraser, of Cassiobury, Ocean Grove, Mt. Eliza, for failing to name the highest aerodrome in the world.(P.5, Argus, 18-11-1955.)

MOSELEY DRIVE, (105J 2,3.)
A thrilling incident occurred to T.Moseley, son of Mr. J. Moseley, of Mount Eliza, on Wednesday last, which should act as a deterrent to other lads who are apt to do likewise. It appears that he was engaged in robbing a diamond wren's next, and having put his hand in the hollow, felt what he at first took to be the bird; to his horror he discovered a tiger snake about two feet long which wound round his arm. He managed to shake the reptile off before he was bitten, and hastened home to inform his parents of his marvellous escape.
(P.2, Frankston and Somerville Standard, 17-1-1923.)

MOSELEY—HENLEY.—On the 17th December,1907, at Holy Trinity Church, East Melbourne, by the Rev. B. Newport White, John only son of Thomas Moseley, Frankston, to Annie J., second daughter of Frederick Henley, Mornington.
(P.11, Argus, 18-1-1908.)

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Itellya is researching local history on the Mornington Peninsula and is willing to help family historians with information about the area between Somerville and Blairgowrie. He has extensive information about Henry Gomm of Somerville, Joseph Porta (Victoria's first bellows manufacturer) and Captain Adams of Rosebud.

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This would not submit in the journal.
Labor M.P. Named in Libel Writ
MELBOURNE, Tuesday.-A writ for.libel was issued out of the Supreme Court today
against Labor member for Fawkner, William Maskill Bourke of Harcourt Street. Others named in the writ are L. Stewart, of Frederick Street, Windsor, and Industrial Printing and Publicity Company Ltd., of Victoria Street, Carlton.

Plaintiffs are Myttons Ltd., of Queen Street, Melbourne, Reginald Henry Mytton, of St.Kilda Street, Brighton, Eric George Redwood, "of Staubins Avenue, Caulfield, Colin Mackay, of Lascelles Avenue, Toorak, and Edgar Barton Coles, of Mt. Eliza.etc. (P.1, Northern Star, Lismore,18-4-1951.)

SATURDAY, MAY 10. At 2.30 p.m. On the Property,(In a Seated Marquee.)
Under Instructions from E. B.Coles, Esq. Lovely "Coles Estate". OLD MORNINGTON -ROAD MT. ELIZA.
Comprising 38 ALLOTMENTS, 1-3 to 1 acre In Area.
Magnificent Views. Water and Electricity Adjacent. Bus Passes. Adjacent Toorak College.
In the Selected Residential Area on Old Mornington Road at Mt. Eliza, 3 Miles from Frankston.
(P.25, The Age, 9-5-1953.)

It is likely that Edgar Barton Coles's home "Hendra" was on Coles' Estate. The house had been standing for some time and must have been a decent size if there was room for 70 guests to attend a dance at the house.
To Stand this Season at " Hendra," Mornington Road, WELSHMAN, Dark Chestnut Welsh Pony, by WHAT's WANTED. Terms £2 ;Half payable at time of service. For further particulars apply- : W. H. SOWDEN, Frankston.
(P.4, Mornington Standard, 4-10-1913.)

On Tuesday about 130 Girl Guides went into camp at "Hendra," Mornington road, Frankston. The guides come from all parts of Australia and New Zealand. Mrs. M. G. Masterton has generously placed the grounds of
"Hendra" at their disposal. Miss M.E. Bush, who is acting head of training for Victoria, is the camp commandant. The camp will be open to visitors to-morrow (Saturday), Sunday and Monday.
(P.4, Frankston and Somerville Standard, 18-1-1929.)

The Millers occupied Hendra in the early 1940, breeding Irish terriers and assisting Red Cross fund-raising. The Coles had replaced them by November 1943 and no doubt had an equestrian course set up on the property for their daughter Lois to refine her horsepersonship. (How's that for political correctness!) No doubt Lois was well acquainted with Phyllis Jackson, nee Vale, of "Dalkeith"(Melway 151 C8), who did much to improve Australian equestrianism.

Dance: Amongst the many private dances to be given during the Royal visit to Victoria, will be that to which Mr.
and Mrs. E. B. Coles, of Hendra, Mt. Eliza, have issued invitations. Held at their home, the dance will be given for their daughter Lois and son Robert, and will be attended by about 70 of their young friends.
(P.7, The Age, 22-2-1954.)

by itellya on 2018-06-17 02:59:42

FULTON RD. (105 K 1.)
Check J.G.Mann's MOUNT ELIZA for references to Fulton.

FULTON.—The Friends of Mr. James Fulton are respectfully invited to follow the remains of his wife, Elizabeth, to the place of interment, the Frankston Cemetery. The funeral will start from his residence, Mount Eliza, Frankston, THIS DAY (Wednesday, October 25), at half past 2 o'clock.(P.1, Argus, 25-10-1905.)

The city of Melbourne Bank.
Table Talk (Melbourne, Vic. : 1885 - 1939) Friday 23 August 1895 p 9 Detailed Lists, Results, Guides
... ... Fulton, James, Frankston
James had bought 10 shares worth five pounds each.

Mr E. Fulton, owner of the plantation , "Makurapua,, Kokopo, New Guinea, is, with Mrs.Fulton and their children, spending a three weeks' holiday at the Grand Hotel, Frankston. ,Mr. Fulton likes Frankston so much that he has now purchased Mr Norman Wood's home, "Norwood," in Cliff Road, as he has decided to live permanently in Frankston with his family, and to engage a manager to conduct the New Guinea plantation. Mr.Fulton will visit the plantation periodically. (P.4, Frankston Standard, 17-11-1949.)

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