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in the DIVORCE Court - Wellington, July 1924

Journal by ngairedith

those that appeared in the Wellington Divorce Court in July 1924
... listed here alphabetically in male's surname ...

before a Judge and a Jury of Twelve

Arthur John BEVAN v Jessie Lillian (nee HAROLDSEN)
- desertion
- they had 3 children, then separated in 1920. Jessie put the childen in a home in Island Bay, Wellington and she disappeared in Jan 1921
Arthur & Jessie married in 1916
- Arthur remarried in 1926 to Edith Florence CADD

Arthur Charles Rose BLATCHER (1896-1976) v Mabel Agnes (nee SHERWOOD)
v Haydn ALGAR - alleged adultery
Arthur & Mabel married in 1922
- Arthur next married Ethel Francis ROUGH in 1929
Haydn ALGAR was married to Annie Nelsina OLSEN in 1912

David Ruthven GRANT (1882-1950) v Annie Gipsie (nee ALLEN)
- alleged desertion
David & Annie married in 1901

Doris Maud (nee WHISKER) v William John LAURENCE (may be LAWRENCE)
- alleged adultery
Doris & William married 22 Aug 1919 an lived in Carterton for 5 months
- her petition for divorce was dismissed: A TANGLED WEB
- Doris petitioned again in July 1927, this time for desertion

William Charles NORMAN v Eileen Margaret (nee CURTIN)
- restitution
William & Eileen married in 1919

John Tylston WICKSTEED (1904-) v Annie Eireen (nee NIELSEN)
- great grandson of John Tylston Wicksteed (1802-1860)
- grandson of John Tylston Wicksteed (1835-1877)
- son of Stewart Tylston Wickteed (1867-1951, born in Wanganui) & Lillie Rose Strachan (1876-1917, whose father was Commissioner of Crown Lands in Wellington)
- alleged adultery
John & Annie married in 1922
John remarried in 1925 to Doris SMITH
- in Feb 1934 Doris was granted a divorce from John (desertion & adultery)

Before a Judge alone

Emily Lizzie Maud (nee WOOD) v Phillip Oswald ANDREW M.R.C.S., E., L.R.C.P.,
- restitution
Emily & Phillip married 22 april 1899 in Nelson
- Phillip was the youngest son of Reverend John C. Andrew who married them in the Nelson Cathedral
- In 1898 he advertised that he was a member of the Royal College of Surgeons, England and licentiate of the Royal College of Physicians, London, living in Nelson, and was placing his name of the Medical Register for the Colony of NZ
- in 1913 they were living near Castlepoint, Wairarapa on his property Waiteko, Lea road, which adjoined his late father's property. In 1914 they were living on 12 acres at Nelson (owned by William & George Rout)
- in 1919 (as Lieutenal-Colonel, N.Z.M.C.) he received the Fourth Class, or Officer of the Order (O.B.E.) for services rendered during the war

William ATKINS v Francis (nee ?)
- mutual separation
- William & Francis married in ?

Jessie (nee DRAPER) v Arthur BACKHOUSE
- alleged desertion
Jessie & Arthur married in 1896
- they had 3 children
- in 1915 Arthur was sentenced to 14 days gaol for disobeying maintenance terms

Walter Scott BLACKIE v Millicent (nee ?)
- alleged desertion
Walter & Millicent married in ?
Walter remarried in 1925 to Eva WEBB
- Walter was sentenced to 1 months gaol for arrears in respect of his 2 children

Frederick Charles EDWARDS v Elizabeth (nee THATCHER)
- alleged desertion
- Frederick & Elizabeth married in 1906
- they had 2 daughters

Charlotte Amelia (nee ?) v George Leo FAIRCHILD (1881-1928)
- mutual separation
- (George served a months imprisonment in 1922 for maintenance arrears)
- (Charlotte applied for a divorce in 1923 but it was adjourned)
Charlotte & George married in Sydney in 1907. Separated in NZ in 1920.
- Charlotte ran a boarding house which supported her and her 2 children
- Charlotte remarried in 1926 to John HASLETT
- George remarried to Ada McMULLEN (1893-1964) on 2 Nov 1927. He died 5 months later aged 47, on 3 April 1928 & buried at Karori, Wellington

Clara Edith (nee BACKHOUSE) v John Samuel FEARN
- separation
Clara & John married in 1901
- they separated in Sep 1911

William Henry MARSH v Agnes (nee FOREMAN)
- mutual separation
William & Agnes married in 1914
- In Nov 1915 Agnes sued William for assault
- In Feb 1928 William petitioned for divorce again, (from Agnes) for separation

Florence Nightingale (nee TURNER) v Julian GROVE
- restituton not complied with
Florence & Julian married 30 July 1902
- they lived Wellington, Palmerston North & Napier. Had 1 daughter

Alice Wilhelmina (nee ?) v Frank HAMER (1889-1962)
- alleged adultery
Alice & Frank married in England
- after living together in NZ for 10 days Alice heard him tell someone he was living with another with whom he had 2 children
- Frank remarried in 1928 to Mary MOYNIHAN

Laurestina (nee ROBERTSON) v Ernest Gibert Kimberley HARE (1888-1951)
- alleged adultery
Laurestina & Ernest married in June 1915
- he had previously been married to Jane EARLE in 1909. They had 1 son
- Laurestina & Ernest had 3 living children in 1924
- he left Laurestina to live with another
- he next married Doreen Monica FAHEY (1900-1988) in 1925

Margery Ada (nee HERD) v Edward Ernest HARPER (1898-1951)
- alleged adultery
Margery & Edward married in 1919

Clara (nee BOWEN) v Charles HENDERSON
- alleged desertion
Clara & Charles married in Sep 1917
- Charles left 6 weeks later. He was arrested & convicted several times and decared a habitual criminal. Was in custody at time of Court hearing

Annie (nee ?) v Duncan KLEEBER
- Duncan was a NZer shearing in Brisbane where he met Annie
- (Annie had 2 children from a previous marriage)
- alleged habitual drunkenness
Annie & Duncan married in Brisbane 12 Oct 1914
- in 1917 he was charged with disobeying the orders of the chief engineer of a vessel
- in Feb 1922 he committed breaches of his prohibition order

Florence Emma (nee SMITH) v John Sergeant LOUSICH ()1885-1965
- cruelty
Florence & John married in Greymouth in 1912
- John was a Butcher
- separated for 3 years before divorced
- John remarried in 1936 to Isabell Henderson WALKER

Samuel Stanley PAGET v Winifred May (nee WHALE)
- mutual separation in 1920 when Winifred returned to her home in England
Samuel & Winifred married 23 Dec 1918
- there were no chilren

Doris Emily Gough (nee LEADBEATER) v Edward William PETHERICK
- adultery
Doris & Edward married in 1915 & had 1 chid
Edward left and lived as man & wife with another

Isabella Aitken (nee ?) v Henry Ralph PICKFORD (1888-1968)
- of Ashburton
- mutual separation
- Isabella & Henry married in Timaru Feb 1912
- they had 1 adopted child

Elizabeth (nee BOTTOM) v William John RAMSAY
- alleged desertion
Elizabeth & William married in April 1905
- their house was destroyed by fire in May 1916. William preferred to live in a hotel rather than move in with relatives. They had 3 living children

Mary (nee CAMPBELL) v Andrew Sloan SIMPSON
- alleged desertion & adultery
Mary & Andrew married in 1882
- they had 5 children

George William SMITH-HUBERT v Evelyn Ethelywn Verna (nee HATCH)
- separation
George & Evelyn married in March 1919
- they had 1 child & separated in 1920
- George remarried in 1925 to Doris Evelyn BROWN

Victoria Alice Marjorie Clara (nee CHORLEY) v Arthur Francis SPILLANE
- alleged desertion
Victoria & Arthur married in 1915
- they lived together until 1919 when he moved to Sydney. She followed for a time but returned to NZ in 1920 alone

Arthur Stanley STEVENS v Ethel Maud (nee ?)
- restitution
Arthur & Ethel married in Torquay when Arthur was a member of the British Army

Isabella Chrystall (nee DONALDSON) v William VICKERS
- separation
Isabella & William married in 1906
- they lived for a time in Lower Hutt
Isabella remarried in 1927 to Rupert Frank CARVOSSO (1881-1963)
- she died in 1956 aged 80

Jean/Jeanne (nee MASON) v Alfred Joseph WALKER
- habitual gambling
Jean & Alfred married in July 1913
- they had 2 children. Alfred left but objected to maintenance

Emily Ellen (nee HILL) v Frank WATTEMBURG (possibly Samuel Franklin)
- alleged desertion
Emily & Frank married in 1909
- Emily remarried in 1928 to Robert FITTON (1880-1950)

Alfred John WILLIAMSON v Eleanor Norden (nee NORRIS)
- desertion
Alfred & Eleanor married in Wellington in 1909
- in 1909, after several previous departures, Eleanor left for good
- she remarried in 1925 to Henry HARVEY

Esther Mildred (nee STEWART) v Robert YARROW (1861-1937)
- alleged desertion
Esther & Robert married in 1909 in Wellington & had 3 chilren
- Robert was previously married to Alice STACE in Wanganui & had 12 children
- Robert & Alice divorced in 1908
- Robert & Esther divorced in 1924 (see his link)

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