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Journal by itellya

In a history of Essendon's historic houses, or historical origins of street names in the Essendon area,probably written by Lenore Frost,it was stated that James Hearn was the son-in -law of William John Turner Clarke (often referred to as "Big" Clarke.) At the time of Big Clarke's death,he was practically paralysed and was being cared for at "Roseneath",the residence of James Hearn.

Roseneath was just east of the water reserve at the south corner of Mt Alexander Rd and Woodland St and was later the residence of William Salmon who donated part of his estate (Salmon Reserve) to the Essendon Council. The part of the Township of Essendon north of Glass St, named "Hawstead" contained larger "suburban" blocks and the one on which Roseneath was built seems to have been granted to a member of Big Clarke's family. GET ALLOTMENT DETAILS. SEE POSTSCRIPT 10-8-2017 BELOW.

Despite claims that William Pomeroy Greene of Woodlands was responsible for the name of Woodland St,the above author (if my memory is correct)stated that the street name came from a huge estate/run in the west of Victoria held by Big Clarke. Greene may have been responsible for the naming of Essendon, being associated with a village of that name in England whose Anglican Church still has a font donated by the Greene family. This latter article (font etc)was in the Essendon Historical Society newsletter. The Water Reserve,fed by Five Mile Creek,is now Woodlands Park.

Since I started researching my SAFETY BEACH journal,I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to prove that either James Hearn or John Vans Agnew Bruce (a big contractor from Essendon who owned, by 1863,the 1000 acres of Safety Beach etc north of the line of Martha Cove Waterway or Tassells Creek leased by Edwin Louis Tassell)was a son-in-law of Big Clarke.

"THORNGROVE" in the parish of Yuroke was granted to Big Clarke and later owned by James Hearn, as was a grant a bit further south in the parish of Will Will Rook that Hay Lonie had been leasing as a dairy farm. Big Clarke was said to have bought all of Jamieson's Special Survey in stages and (a) sold the northern 1000 acres to Bruce at a big profit (LIME LAND LEISURE) OR (b)given it to his son-in-law,Bruce, as a wedding present (A DREAMTIME OF DROMANA.) The Survey was the northern part of the parish of Kangerong and immediately north of the Sea Lane (Ellerina/Bruce Rd)in the parish of Moorooduc, was the Mount Martha Run,last held by James Hearn who received the grants for most of it, along the coast from Balcombe Creek's mouth to Hearn's Rd,the Dalkeith pre-emptive Right (north to White's Lane, now Range Rd)and other land east to the Tubbarubba diggings.

The passing of ownership from Big Clarke to James Hearn of two large tracts north /west of Melbourne and ownership of adjoining property near Mt Martha and even Clarke's death at Roseneath could just indicate a very close friendship,akin to that between Edward Williams and Sidney Smith Crispo,the former managing Manners-Sutton (west of Canterbury Jetty Rd)in early days and buying the latter's Eastbourne estate at Rosebud West,even caring for the great Crispo there during his last days. However it seems more likely that the association between Clarke and Hearn was more than just a friendship,probably a relationship.

While asking that great detailer of history,Isaac Batey, about John Rankin with the aid of trove,the truth may have finally emerged.
During my stay in the Riverina, falling in with Mr. James Hearne, a first cousin of the late Sir William Clarke,I learnt that (etc.) (P.4, Sunbury News, 4-7-1903.)

Sir William was Big Clarke's son and built Rupertwood (named after his own son) where the tradition of "The Ashes" started. I'm hoping that a F.T.C. member has a copy of the Clarke family history and can provide the exact details of the Clarke-Hearn relationship.My guess is that Big Clarke's wife was a Hearn. Help!

POSTSCRIPT 10-8-2017.
Thank you to Rod210205 for your comment.

Paste DOUTTA GALLA, COUNTY OF BOURKE into your search bar and click on the first result, then click sheet 2.
The suburban allotments north of Essendon were described as Hawstead. Crown allotment 12A at the top left corner of sheet 2 was a water reserve with overflow being carried by Five Mile Creek to the Moonee Ponds Creek at Melway 28J2, just south of Government Rd.(on which stood the forerunner of Essendon Primary School.)

I believe that Roseneath comprised crown allotments 12 and 11, granted to M.Skehan and possibly c/a 10 granted to David Duncan who is said to have built Roseneath. Other lots to the east may have been added to the property. As I have not researched Essendon rates or sale notices, the acreage of the property at various times is yet to be determined but the Salmon Rseserve might indicate its eventual eastern extent.

Rod210205 and other Hearn researchers may already be aware of the following article whose digitisation was corrected three years ago by Keith Morris but there are several facts, such as James Hearn Snr's trade, his other son, John, whom I've never seen mentioned before, and James Jnr. being unmarried, of which I was unaware.

JAMES HEARN-or Hearne as was the
popular spelling in the '40's-married
he third daughter of William Clarke, a
former Devonshire man and an authority
on cattle breeding. Hearn came from
Somerset. His wife was a sister of
W. J. T. Clarke-better known in the early
colonial days as Big or Money Clarke.
W. J. T. Clarke came to Van Dieman's
Land in 1829; he became a leading pas-
toralist there, and in 1837 he extended to
Port Phillip.
It was on Clarke's advice that Hearn
came out to Port Phillip with, his wife and
four children, two boys and two girls, aged
seven years and downwards. In Bourke
street, Melbourne, Hearn set up as a
wheelwright, and stayed for some years in
that business. His first venture into a
grazing speculation was in 1855, when he
purchased Dallimore's run on Mt. Martha
from John Aitken, and soon after be
bought the Thorngrove Estate at Somerton.
James Hearn, sen., died in 1857.
The sons, James and John, then formed
a partnership with the Wragge brothers,
Thomas and William, and the firm pur-
chased Uardry from Ray and Angel. That
was the beginning of the famous Uardry
merino stud flocks. But they sold out of
Uardry and purchased the Lachlan run
Tom's Lake. Later they added Restdown,
Cultowa. Warparilla, and Marathon to
their holdings, and were among the lead-
ing pastoralists. Thomas Wragge was the
first to retire from the partnership, and
it was not till the first year of the present
century that John Hearn sold his share
to his brother. Then the firm was dis-
solved. William Wragge took over the New
South Wales properties, and James Hearn
retained Restdown until his death at
Essendon in 1904.
James Hearn was a familiar figure in
sporting circles. He was a leading mem-
ber of the Royal Agricultural Society, and
of the Old Colonists' Association. He mar-
ried twice, and had four sons and a daugh-
ter, all of whom have been associated with
the pastoral industry. John Hearn, jun.,
died unmarried. (P.43, The Australasian, 20-11-1937.)

James Hearn Snr's death record is absent from Victorian BDM.

EventDeath Event registration number8576 Registration year1904
Personal information
Family nameHEARN Given namesJas SexUnknown Father's nameHearn Jas Mother's nameLouise (Clarke) Place of birth Place of deathEsdon Age62

Isaac Batey's yarn about David Duncan building Roseneath etc. Paste link in search bar.

Messrs. Campbell and Sons, Kirk's Bazaar, report having sold, on account of Messrs. W. C. Hearn* and Thomas Wragge, trustees in the estate of the late James Hearn, their farm, situate at Somerton, and known as the Thorngrove Farm, and containing 338 acres. Mr. John Hearn was the purchaser, at a satisfactory price.
(P.4, Argus, 18-2-1892.)
(*William Clarke Hearn, second son of James Hearn Snr.)

Thorngrove of 338 acres, being crown allotment 4J of the parish of Yuroke, was granted to William John Turner (Big) Clarke. It was bounded on the east by the final 4100 links (820 metres) of the north end of Pascoe Vale Rd and on the north by Somerton Rd with a frontage 8100 links (1620 metres) to the west. Today this is Meadow Heights with the bend in Tarcoola Avenue indicating its south east corner.
Paste digital.slv.vic.gov.au/dtl_publish/simpleimages/22/2588594.htmlinto your search bar to get the parish map.

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on 2014-01-01 09:25:29

Itellya is researching local history on the Mornington Peninsula and is willing to help family historians with information about the area between Somerville and Blairgowrie. He has extensive information about Henry Gomm of Somerville, Joseph Porta (Victoria's first bellows manufacturer) and Captain Adams of Rosebud.

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by Rod210205 on 2017-08-09 07:28:18

Hi, Not sure if you have answered you own questions but I believe that James Hearn married Louisa Clarke, sister to Big Clarke therefore James was brother in law to Lewis and Uncle to William (not cousin).
I also dont think James ever owned Roseneath, seems that Lewis bought that property???
James certainly owned large tracts of land near Dromana and would have known AB Balcombe (as a neighbour). Both Balcombe and Big Clarke are on my extended family tree so I have just added James Hearn too.

user JackKrista deactivated
by itellya on 2017-08-09 15:31:46

Thanks Rod210205. Just after I had posted the journal, there was a long period when I had internet problems. James Hearn Snr. would have been Big Clarke's brother in law and that would make James Hearn Jnr. his cousin. Later on, after the internet problems, I wrote another journal based on a sale advertisement for James Hearn Snr.'s estate, and if I remember correctly, an article about David Duncan building Roseneath.

I'm going to add some information about the Hearns and Roseneath to the journal.

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