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James ROBIESON & Eliza Percy RENALL, Masterton NZ

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James ROBIESON (1839-1927) was born in London, a son of George & Elizabeth Robieson. He married Eliza Percy RENALL (1845-1887) in Masterton, NZ in 1863
Wellington Independent, 16 April 1863 - MARRIAGE
ROBIESON-RENALL - April 11, at Masterton, Wairarapa by the Rev W. Ronaldson, Mr J. Robieson, of Carterton, only son of the late Mr George Robieson, builder, Denmark-street, Soho, London, to Eliza Percy, eldest daughter of Alfred William Renall, Esq., J.P. M.G.A.

* Eliza was 1 of 13 children of Alfred William Renall (1813-1902) from Maldon Essex (M.P. of the Hutt Valley, built Wellington's biggest flour mill at Taita and twice Mayor of Masterton) and of his second wife, Eliza Percy (1825-1878) from Sherborne, Dorset, both are buried in Masterton
* James came to NZ as a 12 year old on the barque Eden, arriving in Wellington 28 Nov 1850, with his sister Jean (aka Jane) and her husband Charles Rooking Carter
NOTE Adele Pentony-Graham, well known Carterton Taphophile, was kind enough to message me the info that the name Robieson was originally Robertson - that when Jean Robieson married Charles Rooking Carter at St James Church Piccadilly on 6 March 1850, her name was written on the Certificate as Jane Robertson

the 13 children of James & Eliza
... 1 1864 - 1959 George 'Alfred' Charles Robieson
born 30 Jan at Mount View, Carterton
married Ida Emily Mabel Hawk (1872-1960) in 1895
* Ida was a daughter of Henry Joseph McLeod Hawk & Mary Smith
Wairarapa Daily Times, 21 Nov 1895 - MARRIAGE
A wedding of some interest to you in the Wairarapa, took place at St Paul's pro-Cathedral, Thorndon, on Monday last, when Mr George A. C. Robieson, the popular Relieving Officer of the Wellington District Railways, was married to Miss Ida E. M. Hawk, of Wellington. The bride was attended by Miss Edith Hawk, her sister, and by Miss Ethel Pauling, a cousin; and the ceremony at the Church, where at only the more intimate relatives and friends of the young couple had assembled, was conducted by the Rev. Mr Sprott. Subsequently the wedding party adjourned to a light dejeuner at the residence of the bride's mother in Tinakori Road, from whence the newly-united pair, with many good wishes, set out by the afternoon Manawatu train en route for Auckland and the Hot Lakes, where the honeymoon will be spent midst the delightful surroundings of that charming tourists' paradise. Mr Robieson, the bridegroom, it should be mentioned, is the eldest son of an esteemed pastoralist up your way - Mr James Robieson, of "Cavelands" He is also the senior grandson of the respected and genial old identity, Mr A. W. Renall, of Masterton
On 21 Oct 1892 George was gazetted a Registrar of Birth, Death & Marriages for Featherston district
In Jan 1894 he was the relieving station-master on the Wellington-Eketahuna line when, running late to catch a train, he was riding his bicycle at top speed when he came into a collision with a plough that some 'stupid bucolic' had left in the middle of the road. The result was that he performed a double somersault and was much injured. He picked himself up and found his bike a miniature heap of ruins
On 22 Nov 1895 George was living in Mauriceville when he was appointed a Registrar of Marriages
In 1896 he was relieving station-master in Featherston while Mr Smith took a holiday. He was also gazetted in Featherston to be Deputy Registrar of Marriages, Births & Deaths
* By 1919 they were living at Telford Terrace, Oriental Bay
the 3 known children of George & Ida
* 1896 - 1980 Guy Hamilton Robieson (In 1919 he became engaged to Philippa Margaret Brind 'Peggy' Kendall, daughter of Dr Henry William Martindale Kendall of Wellington, the same time that sister Doris became engaged to Lawrence Foster. Peggy married William Beaumont Fisher in 1921. Guy married Linda Catherine Amon in 1926). Guy was Bombardier 50522, 29th Reinforcements, NZ Field Artillery, NZEF
* 1898 - Doris Edith Robieson (Dux of St Catherine's, Kilbirnie in 1912. Married Lawrence Dallington Foster. In 1930 they were living in Sydney when sister-in-law Linda (wife of Guy) went over for a visit)
* 1910 - 1993 Phyllis Maude Robieson (became engaged to Wilfred Fortune of Hawker St, Wellington in 1931. He married Emily Edith Zoe La Trobe in 1933)
George died 2 Jan 1959 aged 95. Ida died 25 June 1960 aged 88. They were cremated at Karori

... 2 1865 - 1936 Maude Elizabeth Lane Robieson
born Mount View, Carterton
Maude was a member, and on the committee of, the District Nursing Guild of St John. She spent her time nursing the sick and the poor. In 1904 she received a First Aid Certificate from the St John Ambulance Association. In 1916 she was the First Nursing Officer of the Wellington Nursing Division. In 1921 she was the superintendent
married Albert Stace (1858-1934) of Porirua, in 1924
* Albert was a son of Thomas Hollis Stace & Amelia Sophia Lucas.
Evening Post, 28 June 1924 - MARRIAGE
STACE-ROBIESON - On the 4th June, 1924, at St Paul's Pro-Cathedral, Wellington, by the Ven. Archdeacon, A. M. Johnson, M.A., Albert Stace to Maude Elizabeth Lane, eldest daughter of Mr James Robieson, Masterton; both of Wellington
* Albert had first married Lucy Cornford (1862-1896) in 1887 and had 3 children
Evening Post, 13 June 1887 - MARRIAGE
STACE-CORNFORD - On 4th June, 1887, at St Mark's Church, Wellington, by the Rev R. Coffey, Albert, fourth son of Thomas H. Stace, Pahautanui, to Lucy, youngest daughter of William Cornford, Makara
Evening Post, 11 May 1936 - MAUDE's OBITUARY
The news of the death of Mrs Albert Stace, of Pitt Street, Wadestown, will be received with sincere regret by a large circle of friends, specially those of the District Nursing Guild and St John Ambulance Association. Mrs Stace had not been in good health for a brief while and went into hospital recently, passing away on Saturday morning. Mrs Stace was the daughter of the late Mr James Robieson, of Masterton and the widow of the late Mr Albert Stace, and has been resident in Wellington for a considerable number of years ... (more at above link)
buried Karori, Wellington

... 3 1866 - 1952 Alice Jane Eliza Robieson
born 27 July at Mount View, Carterton
married Pierce Charles Freeth (1869-1931) of Silverstream (previously editor of the Nepean Times, N.S.W.), in Masterton 2 March 1892
* Pierce was a son of Joseph John Freeth & Mary Ellen Cotter & brother of Frances Louisa Freeth who married Alice's brother Frederick
Wairarapa Daily Times, 4 March 1892 - A HAPPY EVENT
An event in which a great deal of interest was centred, notwithstanding that its celebration was carried out in a somewhat unostentatious manner, took place at Masterton on Wednesday morning. We refer to the marriage of Miss Robieson, daughter of Mr James Robieson, of Cavelands, Masterton, to Mr P. C. Freeth, editor of the Nepean Times, N.S.W., and son of Mr J. J. Freeth, Clerk of the R.M. Court, Wairarapa ... she was attended by six bridesmaids: the Misses May, Eunice, Jane and Eliza Robieson (sisters of the bride) and Misses Renall and M. Freeth ... (more at link)
the known children of Alice & Pierce
* 1892 - 1974 Alice Kathleen Jessie 'Katie' Freeth (+ Frederick Leslie Bowron)
* 1895 - 1957 Pierce Hugo Napier Freeth (+ Margaret Brown)
* 1896 - 1990 Vincent Hubert Freeth (+ Henrietta Mary Patricia Caesar)
* 1900 - 1988 Una Miro Aotea Freeth (+ Moss)
* 1903 - 1903 Norman Freeth (new born)
* living in Opawa, Christchurch in at least 1914, see sister may Esther above

... 4 1868 - 1952 Willie Hewlett Percy Robieson
born 13 May at Motuhaku, near Masterton
Dominion, 30 April 1908 - BEST MAN
This has been a busy week for weddings in Masterton. On Tuesday at Knox Church, Miss Jessie Agnes Hood, eldest daughter of Mr D. Hood, of the Railway Department, was married to Mr C. O. Sander, of Cross Creek railway staff. In the same church on the following day Mr Thomas Carlyle Irving, fourth son of Mr Irving, of Invercargill, was married to Miss Blanche Angela Dorset, fourth daughter of the late Mr John Dorset, of Wellington. The bride was attended by three bridesmaids, Miss F. Dorset, Miss Iris Dorset and Miss Mary Athya. Mr W. H. Robieson was best man. The Rev A. T. Thompson performed the ceremony and after the wedding a reception was held at Mrs Dorset's residence in Renall Street
married Florence Esther Kay (1889-1981) in 1912
* Florence was a daughter of John Kay & Elizabeth Lochead Ross
New Zealand Times, 11 March 1912 - A NAPIER WEDDING
A quiet but very pretty wedding took place at the Cathedral, Napier, on Thursday last, when Miss F. Kay, of Ormond, Poverty Bay, was married to Mr W. H. Robieson, of Clevelands(sic, Cavelands), Wairarapa. The bride, who was given away by her brother, wore a charming gown of ivory crepe de chine over satin duchesse. Her veil was of embroidered tulle caught with a spray of orange blossom and she carried a sheaf of white asters and bouvardias, and an ivory prayer book. Miss Winnie Kay, as bridesmaid, wore a frock of pale rose voile over charmeuse of the same shade and carried a bouquet of pink bouvardias and Michaelmas daisies. Her hat was a large picture shape trimmed with shaded roses of pink and heliotrope. Mr Norman Robieson was the groomsman, and the guests were limited to the immediate relatives of the bride and bridegroom. Mrs Kay, the bride's mother, wore a tailored costume of dark royal blue cloth with a stylish toque of the same shade, finished with an aigrette of small heliotrope roses. Mrs P. C. Freeth (nee Robieson) wore a smart cloth costume of reseda green cloth, finely braided and finished with Oriental embroideries, a tagel straw hat with reseda green plumes. Miss Robieson's gown was of black and white voile with very effective trimming of insertion threaded with black satin and wide black satin revers. Her toque was of heliotrope bordered with pink and heliotrope bebe roses and a heliotrope scarf completed her costume
buried Archer Street, Masterton

... 5 1869 - 1955 May Esther Jessie Robieson
born 25 May at Motuhaku Farm, Masterton
May never married
Star 14, April 1914 - FOR WOMEN FOLK
Miss May Robieson, of Otaki, is visiting Christchurch as the guest of her sister, Mrs P. C. Freeth (Alice Jane), "The Grange" Opawa
buried Archer Street, Masterton

... 6 1871 - 1952 Ernest James Frederick Robieson
born near Masterton
school attended Te Whiti. He excelled at free-hand drawing
Wairarapa Daily Times, 22 Feb 1893 - PAINFUL ACCIDENT
A painful accident happened to Mr Ernest Robieson at Cavelands, Te Whiti, last Sunday, says the Observer. He was in the act of mounting a young horse, when the animal jumped away and his foot slipped from the stirrup. Mr Robieson came down with violence on his knee, which was severely cut and the cap injured
first married Frances Louisa Freeth (1871-1928) in 1898
New Zealand Times, 7 July 1898 - MARRIAGE
ROBIESON-FREETH - At St Mary's Church, New Plymouth, on Tuesday, June 28, Ernest James Frederick Robieson, son of James Robieson, Esq., Cavelands, Masterton, to Frances Louisa, eldest daughter of Joseph J. Freeth, Esq., New Plymouth
* Frances was a daughter of of Joseph John Freeth & Mary Ellen Cotter & sister of Pierce Charles Freeth who married Frederick's sister Alice
the known children of Ernest & Frances
* 1899 - 1967 Earl Cashmore Robieson (reporter on The Sun, Melbourne)
* 1901 - 1954 Keith Noel Robieson
* 1903 - 1964 Dudley Richmond Robieson (+ Marie Brenda Gardener)
* 1906 - 1989 Nora Jeanette Robieson (+ Kelvin Rowland Shepherd)
* 1909 - 1961 Kitty Marion Robieson (+ John Barton Elliott)
* 1911 - 1977 James Frederick Robieson (+ Ruby May Bowler)
Ernest next married Ivy Maria McDonald (1882-1976) in 1930

... 7 1873 - 1943 Charles Rooking Carter Robieson
born 13 Jan at Motuhaku, near Masterton
school attended Te Whiti
Charles first married Maud Elizabeth Repton Skelley (1872-1923) in Carterton 22 March 1900
* Maud was born in Tasmania, a daughter of John Reuben Malachi Skelley & Elizabeth Repton Mills who are both buried in NZ. Her uncle (father's brother), Stephen Culmer Skelley (1855-1939) also lived in Carterton. Her brother Captain Percy William Skelly (1877-1918), based in Wellington, died in France, from wounds received on active service, in June 1918
the known children of Charles & Maud, born Wellington
* 1906 - Charles Vernon Robieson (+ Valda Renouf)
* 1908 - Howard Neville Robieson (+ Rowena Bethwaite)
- Lieutenant 40868 WWII 29th & 30th Battalions. Lawyer with Herd, Joseph, Robinson & Olphert, Wellington
* 1911 - 1995 Cara Lisbeth Robieson (+ Winston Leybourne Bertie-Willoughby)
Charles next married Fanny Elizabeth Kirk (1873-1925) of Tauranga, in Auckland, 15 July 1925. Daughter of Henry Kirk & Annie Colebrook
Evening Post, 28 Sep 1925 - MARRIAGE
ROBIESON-KIRK - On the 15th July 1925, at 50 Epsom avenue, Auckland, by the Rev L. H. Hunt, Charles Rooking Carter, of The Terrace, Wellington, fourth son of Mr James Robieson, of Masterton, to Fannie Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Henry Kirk of Epsom, Auckland
Charles next married Dorothy Florence Willoughby (1899-1980, nee Robertson) at St Andrew's, The Terrace, Wellington, 3 Sep 1930
* Dorothy was a daughter of William Eyre Robertson & Annie Stella Chapman who married in Dunedin 1892
Charles died in Martinborough, 5 Jan 1943 aged 69 and cremated at Karori, as were his first two wives
Evening Post, 8 Jan 1943 - Charles' OBITUARY
The death occurred this week at Martinborough of Mr C. R. C. Robieson, in his seventieth year. Mr Robieson was a well-known figure in the Public Service and the commercial life of New Zealand. The son of Mr James Robieson, a pioneer sheep farmer of the Wairarapa, Mr Robieson had the usual schooling of the pioneering days and in 1889 joined the Railway Department as a cadet ... he is also survived by two sons of his first marriage, Mr Vernon Robieson, of Melbourne and Lieutenant Neville Robieson, of the Second N.Z.E.F., and a daughter, Mrs Willoughby, of Martinborough. Two children of the second marriage also survive him ... (more at link)
* Dorothy next married Maurice James Burdan (1884-1961) in 1956

... 8 1874 - Jessie Eunice Robieson
born 9 Nov at Motuhaku, near Masterton
married Jabez Gooder (1867-1942) in 1924
* 7th of 11 children of Northend Gooder & Harriet France
they lived Auckland, Palmerston North, Blenheim

... 9 1876 - 1919 Jane Emily Robieson
born 7 July at Motuhaku, near Masterton
Wairarapa Age, 16 March 1914 - WOMAN'S REALM
Miss Jenny and Eunice Robieson are going to Wellington to-day for a short holiday
died 22 Nov 1919 aged 43
Wairarapa Daily Times, 22 Nov 1919 - Jane's OBITUARY
It is with deep regret that we chronicle the death of Miss Jane (Jennie/Jenny) Robieson, fifth daughter of Mr James Robieson, of Pownall street, Masterton, which took place at the Cole street private hospital this morning. Deceased had been seriously ill for several months past, though hopes of her recovery were entertained till a few days ago. Miss Robieson, through her enthusiastic support of all projects having for their object the social and general welfare of the community, earned for herself widespread affection and respect. She was a most indefatigable worker in all patriotic matters, and all through the influenza epidemic this time last year, Miss Robieson worked day and night to relieve the suffering of many victims, and gallantly stayed at her post until the epidemic ceased. The death of Miss Robieson also removes one of Masterton's most popular lady athletes. She has been "runner-up" in the golf championship of New Zealand, and was always an energetic member of the local club. Miss Robieson was also a member of the Tennis Club, and on all occasions did her best to further the interests of the local club. Very general sympathy will be felt for the relatives in the sad bereavement. The funeral will leave the residence of Mr James Robieson, Pownall street, to-morrow afternoon, at 1.30 o'clock
burried Row 6, Plan II Archer Street, cemetery

... 10 1878 - 1968 Eunice Amy Robieson
born Wairarapa
possibly never married
Wairarapa Age, 10 Sep 1913 - SOCIAL NEWS
Mrs Henry of Landsowne, Miss Robieson and Miss Eunice Robieson, of Pownall-street, have gone to Napier for the golf championship
Wairarapa Age, 10 Sep 1913 - SOCIAL NEWS
Mrs Henry of Landsowne, Miss Robieson and Miss Eunice Robieson, of Pownall-street, have gone to Napier for the golf championship
Wairarapa Age, 16 March 1914 - WOMAN'S REALM
Miss Jenny and Eunice Robieson are going to Wellington to-day for a short holiday
Evening Post, 7 Nov 1921 - MASTERTON GOLF
The final for the Masterton Golf Club's challenge rose bowl was won by Miss Eunice Robieson, who was so successful at Heretaunga recently. Miss Payton's trophy for a twelve-hole bogey competition was won by Miss Diddams, of Greytown. On behalf of members, Miss Robieson made a presentation to Mrs Emery for her services to the club during the season
buried Archer Street, Masterton

... 11 1879 - 1966 James Frank Robieson
born Wairarapa
married Emily Turner (1877-1967) in Rotorua, 1908
Evening Post, 2 March 1908 - MARRIAGE
Mr J. F. Robieson of the Tourist Department, was last week married to Miss E. Turner, of Whakarewarewa, at St Luke's Church, Rororua
Evening Post, 28 Sep 1908 - NEWS
Captain Anderson has taken a house in Kelburne, close to the kiosk and Mr Robieson, of the Tourist Department, is moving into the house in Hobson-crescent, lately occupied by Captain Anderson. Mrs James Hislop and her son and daughter left for Sydney last week. Her house in Hobson crescent has been bought by Mr Robieson's brother-in-law, Mr Freeth and is nearby Mr Robieson
the known children of James & Emily
* 1911 - 1918 Norman Leslie Robieson (aged 7)
* 1912 - 1992 Cecil James Robieson
- Private 44156 WWII, 8th Infantry & Headquarters 3rd, of Grey Lynn, Auckland
buried Archer Street, Masterton

... 12 1882 - 1978 Eliza Percy Renall 'Lizzie' Robieson
born 'Cavelands' Te Whiti
married Bede Wallace Maxey Clarry (1895-1971) in Masterton in 1920
* Bede was born in Melbourne, a son of Henry Maxey Clarry & Kathleen Gertrude McDonald (her 1st husband was William Quirk). Bede had siblings & half siblings born in Australia and a sister, Winifrede Mary Philomena Clarry, born in NZ in 1900
Free Lance, 13 Oct 1920 - MARRIAGE
Miss Lizzie Robieson, youngest daughter of Mr James Robieson, of Masterton, and sister of the manager of the State Fire Insurance, was married yesterday (Tuesday) at Masterton to Mr Bede Clarry, of Nelson. Mr James Robieson, who sold out of the Cavelands Estate a few months ago, was for 54 years prior to that the next-door neighbour to Sir Walter Buchanan, and they are both 83 years of age within three months of each other
Free Lance, 20 Oct 1920 - SOCIAL GOSSIP
The marriage of Miss E. P. Robieson, the youngest daughter of Mr James Robieson, one of Masterton's oldest settlers, to Mr Bede Clarry, son of Mr Clarry, formerly a Nelson solicitor, at Masterton the other day, was a very pretty affair. The bride was attired in a very dainty gown of pale heliotrope georgette over palest blue, with a pale heliotrope silk net veil, fastened with anemones of the same shade, and carried a sheaf of anemones and other flowers to match her gown, the latter having been beautifully embroidered by one of her sisters with pearl and crystal beads toning with the shades of the material. The only bridesmaid was a niece of the bride, Miss Kathleen Freeth, in cream net, inset with insertion and medallions of filet lace and a swathed belt of turquoise blue velvet, her hat being of fine lace straw, trimmed with turquoise blue velvet and fruit of tangerine shades. Among those present were, Mrs Hugh Williams, Miss Vallance, Miss M. Cameron, Mrs Cummins, Mr and Mrs C. Bennett, Mr and Mrs Robieson, Mrs V. Donald, Mr and Mrs D. Buchanan, Mr and Mrs P. C. Freeth of Palmerston, Mr C. R. C. Robieson, Miss Robieson, Mrs George Robieson and Miss Doris Robieson, all of Wellington

... 13 1884 - 1915 Norman Athelstan Robieson
born 'Cavelands', Te Whiti
Wairarapa Daily Times, 12 June 1905 - Norman's coming of age
The coming of age of Mr Norman Robieson, youngest son of Mr James Robieson, of Caveland, Te Whiti, was celebrated on Saturday with a dinner and fancy dress ball at the homestead. The health of the guest was proposed in felicitous terms by the eldest son, Mr George Robieson, of Wellington, and toasted with honors, and that of "the father of the family" by Mr Pierce Freeth, of Palmerston. The family, which is one of the oldest and most respected in the Wairarapa, consists of seven daughters and six sons.
Norman was wounded by shrapnel. He died on the hospital ship HMS Asturias, bound for England where his wounds could be better treated, but died 21 Aug in the Mediterranean between Malta and Gibraltar and buried at sea
Free Lance, 3 Sep 1915 - DEATH
Lance-Corporal N. A. Robieson, reported to have died at sea on the hospital ship, was well known in the Wairarapa and Wellington. He was the son of Mr James Robieson, of Masterton, and a younger brother of Mr C. R. C. Robieson, manager of the State Fire Insurance. He enlisted with the First Reinforcements, and such was his ill-luck that he was severely wounded by a shrapnel shot soon after reaching the firing-line
[ROBIESON, Lance Corporal, NORMAN ATHOLSTON, 11/817. Wellington Mounted Rifles, N.Z.E.F. Died of wounds, on H.M.H.S. "Asturias," 21st August 1915. Age 31. Son of James Robieson, of Pownall St., Masterton, Wellington, and the late Eliza Robieson (died 1887, see next). Native of Wairarapa, Wellington. Also served in Egypt. 75.

Eliza Percy Robieson died 19 Nov 1887 aged 42
James Robieson died 2 Feb 1927 aged 88. He is buried Row 11, Plan II at Archer Street cemetery, Masterton with wife Eliza, son Willie and Willie's wife Florence
NOTE Masterton cemetery database has her death date as 11 Feb 1921 aged 42. This, of course is terribly wrong, a birth year of 1879 - making her younger than half her children. ALSO SEE the death of her son. ALSO READ son Norman's death note from Cenotaph ... ROBIESON, Lance Corporal, Norman Atholston, 11/817. Wellington Mounted Rifles, N.Z.E.F. Died of wounds, on H.M.H.S. "Asturias," 21st August 1915. Age 31. Son of James Robieson, of Pownall St., Masterton, Wellington, and the late Eliza Robieson. Native of Wairarapa, Wellington. Also served in Egypt. 75.

* In 1861 James had a house on section 28 Taratahi Plain
* In 1873 James was on the Electoral Roll as having 547 freehold acres at Taueru, Motuhaku
* In 1874 James's brother-in-law, Charles Rooking Carter sent him (at Taratahi), 2 rams & 2 ewes pure Spanish-French merino sheep which he purchased at Rambouillet, the most famous sheep breeding district in France. The arrived on the 'Wemyss Castle'
* In 1878 James Robieson, the proprietor of "Cave Lands" whereon that curiosity known as "The Caves" is situate, has found it necessary to give notice that the caves can only be inspected by permission from himself. We understand that Mr Robieson has been obliged to adopt this course in consequence of persons visiting the caves lately having removed portions of the interior, which form the chief beauty of the caves and which Mr Robieson naturally wishes to protect and preserve

* Robieson Road in Te Whiti is named after James

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