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Jerry Ainsworth or Aynsworth of Alabama

Hi Researchers. I am having a problem with the search of who I think is my mother's fathers line of the family. I have been able to trace my grandfather, Earnest Ainsworth to a Jerry Ainsworth/Aynsworth, born either in 1820 or 1832 in Alabama. On the 1870 census he is listed as being 38 years old at the time and having been born in 1832. However, on the 1880 census, he is listed as being 60 years old and being born in 1820. So, he supposedly jumped 22 years in age in the course of 10 years on the census. I would normally think it is a different person, but the location, children, ethnicity are all correct on each one. I am hoping some Ainsworth researchers or the genealogical community might have some info on him or being able to find some. Thanks

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on 2015-02-10 21:56:32

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by wizard28 on 2015-02-11 08:47:08

Jerry Ainsworth Self M 60 Alabama, United States
Jeremiah Ainsworth M 9 Texas, United States
Johnson Stepdaughter F 11 Texas, United States
Dolly Ainsworth Wife F 35 ---
Ernest Ainsworth M 6 Texas, United States
Johnny Ainsworth M 16 Texas, United States
Laura Ainsworth F 12 Texas, United States
District: 107 , Sheet Number and Letter: 325B , GS Film Number: 1255328 , Digital Folder Number: 004244800 , Image Number: 00659

Jerry Aynsworth M 38 Alabama
Sarah Aynsworth F 14 Texas
Lennie Aynsworth F 12 Texas
John Aynsworth M 7 Texas
Laura Aynsworth F 3 Texas
Leonard Aynsworth M 17 Texas
Zack Aynsworth M 15 Texas
Household ID: 801 , Line Number: 2 , Affiliate Name: The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) , Affiliate Publication Number: M593 , GS Film number: 000553105 , Digital Folder Number: 004267897

There are two main differences between these census.

In 1870 there is no wife shown which could mean Jerry is a widower and as you say he is 38 yrs. Sarah 1856, Lennie 1858, Zach 1855 and Leonard 1853 should appear on a 1860 census which might decide Jerry's birth year.
It might also show the mothers name.

In 1880 it looks like Jerry as remarried there is a step daughter ???? Johnson b1869. His wife is Dolly (Johnson ?? ) Ainsworth b1845. Is Johnson her Previous married name or Maiden name?

You need the 1860 Census to see what Jerry's age/ dob is there. It might help if you can find his marriage (s). or the Birth /baptisms of the children born prior to 1860.

by wizard28 on 2015-02-11 08:56:24

This looks like the Lennie above. Father: Jerry Ainsworth - Mother:Jane Janes. Looks like Jones on the Cert.

Name: Len Ainsworth
Birth Date: abt 1855
Birth Place: Texas
Gender: Male
Race: Negro (Black)
Father: Jerry Ainsworth
Mother: Jane Janes
Age at Death: 65
Death Date: 30 Aug 1920
Death Place: Mount Pleasant, Titus, Texas, USA

by BenjaminRayAinsworth on 2015-02-11 14:38:55

Hi Wizard28. Thank you so much for your response and help. Yes, those are the same census records I found. I was a little confused about the age difference between the two censuses. I did notice that the 1870 census did not have a wife and the 1880 did. I just assumed he remarried or the previous wife passed away as you did. I do have both women listed in my family tree. Adding to the confusion though, there is another person on the 1810 census with the same name of Jerry Ainsworth in the same area. It could be this Jerry's father, but it is harder to find something to connect the two like the children between the two censuses. The first wife I have found is Jane Jones. I DNA match with two people on Ancestry who both trace their genealogy back to the same Jerry Ainsworth, so I am pretty sure it is the right person. As far as the 1860 census is concerned, even though he is listed as Mulatto, meaning black and white mixed, that still would not be enough for him to be listed on the census when even a mixed black person would not have been considered human. Before the 1860 census he would more likely be listed on a slave census or not at all if he were not a slave. Yes, trying to find out his mother's or father's name is my goal. Thanks again for your help.

by BenjaminRayAinsworth on 2015-02-11 14:47:02

Hi again Wizard28. Thanks again for your sleuthing in helping me with my genealogical trail. I think that is the record I found and discovered his mother's name. I do not trace my line through that son, but it is a tremendous help in finding other clues about my ancestors. Some of the difficulty in my research is that I DNA match with Ainsworth's who are Caucasian. That complicates who I should be searching for. Then records where people are listed as Mulatto makes me think that I should be looking for a white father with a black female slave most of the time. Those kinds of relationships are not listed most of the time through conventional records. I myself am 25% European according to the ethnicity estimates. I appreciate your help!

by mgnance15 on 2016-08-22 10:54:38


Jerry Ainsworth was my Great Great Grandfather
Leonard Ainsworth was my Great Grandfather
Carrie Ainsworth Carr was my Grandmother

They all resided in Mount Pleasant Titus County, Texas USA
I am Martha Nance and living in Mount Pleasant. I was born here , graduated school and attended college and lived elsewhere for about five years. I was told a lot about the Ainsworth family.
Jerry came to Texas from Butler County Alabama. I was told to me that Dolly was his oldest daughter and helped rear the other children. Census takers put her down as his wife.
I would like to know who your great grand father was as one son moved to or near Lufkin, Texas and the family lost track of him.
Please get back to me with the information you have and maybe we can solve the family mystery. Oh yes Jerry was not black/white he was black/Choctaw Indian.

by BenjaminRayAinsworth on 2016-08-22 11:31:28

Hello Martha,

Thank you so much for your response and the information you provided!! I have seen your username before somewhere. I thought it was a DNA match on Ancestry, but I did not see you among my matches. For the record, I am on Ancestry, Family Tree DNA, and Gedmatch.

I don't know much about him. My grandfather was very secretive about his family. I didn't know he had a sister until high school. All the information I have about my grandfather, Earnest Ainsworth, is what I have found out through research and DNA testing. I am pretty sure John Ainsworth is his father, which would make John my great grandfather. I say this because I DNA match two African American people on Ancestry who have the same information in their family trees. Her name is Clara Bell and his name is Walter Ainsworth. The Jerry Ainsworth is what I have found on census records. It is a best guess cases scenario with him. But the two Ainsworths I mentioned list him as their most distant relative as well. So we are all coming to the same conclusions.
The information about his ethnicity is interesting as well. He is listed as Mulatto on some records, but it doesn't list what that mixture is. I have a very small percentage of Native American DNA according to Ancestry. Around 1-2%. Doesn't mean it is not there, just maybe I did not receive that part of the DNA. My sister has the same results. We DNA match with about 20 people who have Ainsworth in their family trees. The majority tracing their ancestry back to the same Caucasian people. Now, I know we could be related on another line, but I am wondering how could I be related to all those people if the Ainsworth in their line was not mixed with white? I don't see any African American in their ethnicity results. Not disputing what you have said, just trying to find answers. Have you DNA tested?

by mgnance15 on 2016-08-22 14:35:23

According to the US Census. The mulatto played out in 1900. Then they were called Negro.
Was your mother/grandfather from around Lufkin, TX? My grandmother often spoke of Uncle Johnny but could not locate him.
?? Johnson, stepdaughter in our day was Edna Johnson Peel. On the Census she was Epsy? Johnson. There was also a son Cudie Jones. I think Dolly(ie) was the daughter of the first wife. According to my grandmother she died. They called her Susie. Dolly married Jim Hines and had a house full of children and lived in Talco, Texas about 18 miles north of Mt. Pleasant. There are a lot of Ainsworth off springs in Houston.
I will try to send you all the records that I have collected over the years. My grandmother had a notarized statement from whites in town that new Jerry and stated that he was half Choctaw. I receive the Biskink (Choctaw Newspaper) monthly and also get a calendar and invitations to whatever entertainment they have throughout the year and a Christmas Ornament each year. However, I have yet to receive a CDIB card. Back in the 20's-30's they were to receive money from the tribe but they swore it came to the post office here but Aunt Dolly never got it.
Walter Ainsworth in a cousin of mine in Dallas/Ft.Worth area. His great grandfather was Zack Ainsworth and his Grandfather was James Ainsworth.
Andy Ainsworth never married and had no children.
Are you located in Texas? Please excuse my writing but when I think of something I write it. In my late seventies but proud of it.
Oh I have not had DNA yet but thinking about it. What DNA company did you use? I'm thinking about 23andMe.

by BenjaminRayAinsworth on 2016-08-22 15:21:11

Hi again Martha,

My mother was born in Paris, Texas as was all her brothers and sisters. My grandfather as well from what we have discovered.

Yes, that is the information I have for Walter Ainsworth, or that he has in his family tree on Ancestry. He is listed as a 5th cousin to me while Clara Bell is listed as a 4th.

I live in Los Angeles Califonia. My grandparents migrated her back in the 60's. Only three out of twelve of my aunts and uncles are alive. One lives in Paducah, Texas. The other aunt and uncle are here in California.

I am very proud and happy you made it to your late seventies as well. It is a blessing for sure.

I DNA tested with and then transferred my DNA results for $39 to Family Tree DNA. I then transferred my DNA results from Ancestry to the free site

My email is if you want to send documents or anything.

Do you know if Jerry Ainsworth had any brothers or sisters or who his parents were? I can't find anything more about him other than he was born in Alabama.

23AndMe is the most expensive DNA testing company at $199.00. Ancestry and Family Tree DNA are both $99. Family Tree DNA is having a sale right now for $69 which is a very good deal.

Thanks again for all the information.

Benjamin Ainsworth

by mgnance15 on 2016-08-22 19:03:14

Thanks I'll get some info gathered up and e-mail it to you. No doubt we are the same Ainsworth family because some were over in Oklahoma, around Hugo in the early years.
Thomas Ainsworth that had the Black Indians to sign up to be a part of freedman was suppose to be an uncle.
All I have is he came with the Indians from Butler County, Alabama. Think I will try Ancestry DNA, I thought 23andMe was a little high.

by BenjaminRayAinsworth on 2016-08-23 02:23:20

Thank you. My maternal grandmother, Beatrice Clement, was born in Rockton, Texas and her family is rumored to be from Oklahoma. I have not found evidence of that yet.

Thomas Ainsworth is who pretty much all of the matches with Aimsworth in their trees trace their ancestry.

I think I did read something about him being on the Dawse Rolls.


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