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John BARKER (1859-1898) was (thanks to Selah's comment below) a son of William BARKER & Rebecca BROWN (possibly from North Clifton, Nottinghamshire, England. Still researching). He married Emily Ann BINGHAM (1861-1918). Emily was born in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England.
They lived in Kingsland, Mt Eden & Helensville, Auckland
After the death of her husband John, Emily moved to Taupiri, Waikato and there became the Postmistress

see Selah's comments below that John Barker may have been John Corser Barker
BUT, IF John Corser Barker (born Bridgnorth, Shropshire, England, a son of John BARKER & Frances LOWE) had died in 1898 he would have been 50
*BDM, Accident Witnesses & newspapers of the day say that John Barker was about 38. The 1851 census for John Corser Barker has:
Frances Corser Barker aged 9 born Shifnal
Sarah Barker aged 5 born Bridgnorth
John Corser Barker aged 3 born Bridgnorth
plus a governess and a cook

THEREFORE I am going to follow my original line and presume that it was John Barker and not John Corser Barker but any and all, help appreciated

JOHN & EMILY had 8 children:
... 1

1881 - 1979 Lillian Emily Bingham Barker
- Lillian was born 23 August 1881 in Onehunga, Auckland
(Lillian needs more research. She was possibly the daughter of Emily Ann Bingham prior to her marriage. Conceived late 1880, John arriving in NZ 1881/2)
- Emily married Peter HALL on 4 April 1904 in Taupiri
- Peter was born 2 September 1876 in Taupiri, the 3rd of 12 children of Jeffrey HALL & Katrina Marie THOMPSON
- the known children of LILLIAN & PETER:
1905 - 1966 John Jeffrey Hall
1908 - 1978 Clarence Bingham Hall
PETER died 7 Sep 1936 in Whangaripo, Mahurangi aged 60 (& 5 days). He is buried Area 4 Block P Lot No 247 at Hillsborough
- his inscription reads "In loving memory of Peta beloved husband of Lillian E. Hall died 7 Sept 1936 aged 59 yrs"
LILLIAN died 30 September 1979 aged 98

John & Emily married 20 July 1887

... 2
1888 - 1971 Amy Sarah Barker
- Amy was born 8 May 1888
- she married Richard McINTOSH (1887-1949) in 1931
JOHN died 3 July 1949 aged 62
- he is buried WESLEY DIVISION F Row 3, Plot 44 Waikumete
AMY died 18 March 1871 in Auckland & was cremated at Waikumete

... 3
1889 - 1972 George William Barker
- George was born 9 April 1889 aged 82
- he was a Grocer & Commercial Traveller
- spouse unknown
- he served in WWI as Private 48430 with the NZEF, 26th Reinforcements E Company. He embarked from Wellington 12 June 1917, his next of kin was his mother Emily Ann at 47 Walters Road, Kingsland, Auckland
GEORGE died 19 December 1972 aged 83
- he is buried SOLDIERS BURIAL M Row 11, Plot 133 at Waikumete

... 4
1891 - Winnifred May Barker
- Winnifred was born 22 September 1891
- spouse not found

... 5
1894 - 1953 Lucy Flora Barker
- Lucy was born 10 January 1894
- Lucy married Frank JESSOP (1878-1957) 6 December 1922 in Auckland
New Zealand Herald, 23 December 1922 JESSOP-BARKER - On December 6, at Trinity Methodist Church, Kingsland (Mt Eden, Auckland), by the Rev H. Ranston, M.A., Frank, third son of the late Robert Jessop (Wes. Meth. missionary, Manchester), to Lucy Flora, fourth daughter of the late Mr and Mrs J. Barker, Walters Road, Kingsland
- Flora & Frank were divorced in Auckland 17 Nov 1927
- Lucy next married Percy Daniel MULLINS (1895-1972) on 20 Aug 1928
- they lived in Miramar, Wellington for a time. Percy was cremated at Karori

... 6
1895 - 1974 John Mervyn Clifton Barker
- John was born 25 March 1895 in Helensville, Auckland
- he served in WWI as Sapper 26373 with the NZEF, 14th Reinforcements New Zealand Engineers. He embarked from Wellington 26 June 1916, his next of kin was his mother Emily Ann Barker of 47 Walters Road, Kingsland, Auckland
- John married Christina Sarah ARMSTRONG (1894-1983) in 1920
- daughter of Leonard John ARMSTRONG & Eliza Jane BISHOP & sister of Sydney who married John's sister Vera
- they had 4? children
JOHN died 1974 in Auckland
CHRISTINA died 1983 in New Lynn, Auckland

... 7
1896 - 1981 Vera Lois Barker
- Vera was born 4 July 1896 in Helensville
- Vera married Sydney Albert ARMSTRONG (1897-1969) 7 Feb 1922 in Kingsland
- son of Leonard John ARMSTRONG & Eliza Jane BISHOP & brother of Christina who married Vera's brother John
- Leonard & Eliza also had a son, Percy Thomas Armstrong who was KILLED IN ACTION in Havrincourt, France 9 Sept 1918)
- Vera & Sydney had 6 children
SYDNEY was a Carpenter, he died 9 May 1969 in Auckland aged 72
- he was cremated at Waikumete
VERA died 2 Nov 1981 in Auckland aged 85 as Ms Armstrong, a Pensioner
- she was cremated at Waikumete

... 8
1898 - 1930 Arthur Alfred Bernard Barker
- Arthur was born 11 September 1898 in Taupiri, 9 months after his father's death
New Zealand Herald, 17 September 1898 BARKER - On September 11, at Taupiri, Waikato, wife of the late John Barker, late of Helensville, of a son
- he died in Auckland 14 April 1930 aged 31
Auckland Star, 15 April 1930 BARKER - On April 14, at Auckland Hospital, suddenly, Arthur Alfred Bernard, youngest son of the late Mr and Mrs J. Barker, aged 31 years. Funeral leaves 33 Mount Albert Road, at 2 p.m., Wednesday, for Waikumete
- he is buried NONCONFORMIST DIVISION C Row 5, Plot 32 at Waikumete with his mother

In January 1875 John found the skeleton of Bridget Sullivan, an 11 year old girl who had gone missing in the bush 2 years previously. He found her in the bush whilst looking from his bullocks in the bush near Mahurangi Heads, North Auckland

Star, 3 January 1898 - A TRAIN DERAILED
... The train which left Auckland at 9.30 this morning on its way to Kaukapakapa was derailed between Rangiriri and Mercer (sic, later reports clarify the position of the derailment). The engine got off the rails, tumbled over a bank and rolled over and over. Three carriages wre derailed, and Barker, the Fireman, was reported to have got under the engine and was killed. The driver, P. Neville, jumped off the engine, escaping with a severe shaking. The guard, Manning, was not seriously hurt. None of the passengers were injured.
The theory of the accident is that heat caused expansion of the rails, which resulted in them buckling, as happened in the Woodville accident.
The Hon. Mitchelson was not a passenger on the train that met with the mishap, but by the up train to Helensville. Mr and Mrs Martin, of Kaukapakapa, who were passengers by the derailed train, had a miraculous escape

Otago Daily Times, 18 January 1898 An accident with fatal results occurred to-day to a train comprising six carriages which left Kanohi at 10.35a.m. for Helensville. On approaching Goodwin's bridge, 2? miles south of Kaukapakapa, the engine left the rails, turned completely over and rolled down the embankment into a ditch. The body of Barker was taken to Helensville. He leaves a widow and six children, who were waiting at the station when the trolly arrived with the body

Auckland Star, 4 January 1898 - THE INQUEST
... The inquest commenced at 10 o'clock this morning in the Terminus Hotel, the Coroner being Mr Robert Sinclair, J.P., and the jury as follows:- C. Newman (Foreman), Daniel Metge, James Mills, James Hughes, W. Ryall Fasbroke and John Hutchinson. Constable William Kelly represented the police. The Coronoer suggested that the jury should view the scene of the accident. Mr Biss said a special train was waiting to take the jury at once to the scene. The Foreman asked was it necessary. The coroner said he thought it advisable, as there was a good deal of outside talk. The jury left for the scene by special train at 10.50 o'clock and returned from the scene of the accident at 11.45.
The train, as seen by them, presents a most wrecked appearance. The engine is at present lying on one side, with a gang of men employed unshipping all removable parts, in order to lighten it as much as possible prioir to raising it on the truck. The cab of the engine was crumpled up by the force of the fall, and underneath it is a hole that was fug in order to release barker's leg. Behind the engine is the first carriage, practically reduced to matchwood, completely smashed up and lying on one side. The next carriage is also wrecked, and is lying on the same side of the line. The third carriage, being a bogey car, was canted the reverse way to the engine, and sustained practically very little damage;. The remaining cars and van were uninjured
Upon the jury resuming, the first witness called was Patrick Neville, driver of the engine, who deposed that he resided in Helensville and ran a train from Kanohi to Waikomiti. The deceased (John Barker) was his mate and fireman on the train on which the accident occurred. He thought deceased was about 36 years of age. He was married and had a family of seven children ... more

Thames Star, 5 January 1898 - THE VERDICT
... The inquest on Fireman Barker, who met his death in the railway accident on the Kaukapakapa line, was concluded last night. The jury retired at Twenty minutes past six, returning with the following verdict at twenty-five minutes to nine:- "That deceased, John Barker, met his death accidentally by the overturning of an engine on January 3rd near Kaukapakapa. The jury are of opinion the line where the accident occurred is insufficiently ballasted, and recommend a most searching enquiry to be made into the cause of the accident"

The case of Mrs Barker is a very hard one, as she is left with a large family. Her husband was not insured, having been refused when he applied.
His widow, however, benefits to the extent of about ?70 from the railway employees' fund (equivalent in Jan 2013 to $12,450), which is raised amongst the workmen throughout the colony by a voluntary subscription of 1s per head. The residents of Helensville showed their practical sympathy with the widow in her trouble by starting a subscription, which was generously responded to

Thames Star, 5 January 1898 - DETAILS OF THE OCCURRENCE
... Fuller details with regard to the railway fatality yesterday between Helensville and Kaukapakapa disclose the fact that, bad as it was, the real wonder is that more lives were not sacrificed. The engine now lies turned almost upside down in a gully, and two carriages are literally smashed to pieces, one on each side of the line. Strange to say, although there were about twenty passengers on the train, only one of them was in the second carriage, and he was not injured. Both the carriages are derailed and smashed. The remaining passengers were in the third carriage that remained on the line owing to the shock of the buffers breaking the couplings. One of the passengers states that beyond feeling the sudden bump, none in his carriage knew what had happened until they got out of the carriage, and as a matter of fact none of the passengers appear able to give any evidence as to how the accident happened.
The engine-driver, Patrick Neville, appears to be the only one who really saw the cause of the accident. When on the level track about a mile this side of Kaukapakapa, he noticed the lines buckling about 40 yards in front of the train. He endeavoured to stop the train and reverse the engines, but it was too late, and almost immediately afterward the engine was thrown off the line near Goodwin's bridge.
Barker scalded to death (may be graphic to some) ... deceased was a married man, but unfortunately the widow is left with seven small children
NOTE only 7 children are frequently mentioned as the 8th child, Arthur Alfred Bernard, was born 9 months after his father's death.
The other children were then aged:
Lillian Emily Bingham aged 16.4
Amy Sarah was aged 9.8
George William was 8.9
Winnifred May was 6.7
Lucy Flora was 4 years & 1 week
John Mervyn Clifton was 3.9
Vera Lois was 18 months

THE FUNERAL at Helensville
... Fully two hundred people attended the funeral of the deceased. A service was first held in the Wesleyan Church, the deceased being a teacher in the Sunday School. As Mr Barker was a Forester, the funeral was conducted by the brethren of that order, who marched in front of the coffin. The service at the grave was conducted by the Rev Mr Stephenson. The widow and her eldest daughter were the chief mourners.

New Zealand Herald, 8 January 1898 There is a strong feeling in Helensville that Mrs Barker, widow of the fireman John Barker, who met his death through the derailing of the through train from Kaukapakapa on Monday last, should take some action for the recovery of compensation, several of the residents of the district having expressed themselves as prepared to raise the funds necessary to the adoption of such a course. The case of the widow is certainly a very sad one, and, even should it be decided not to take action as suggested, is certainly deserving of the earnest consideration of the Government

Auckland Star, 15 January 1898 The Hon. A. J. Cadman, Minister for Railways, arrived yesterday from the Bay of Islands, On Monday Mr Cadman goes to Helensville to visit the scene of the recent accident on the railway. While at Helensville Mr Cadman proposes visiting the widow of the fireman, John Barker.

Auckland Star, 20 January 1898 CONTINUATION OF EVIDENCE
... The jury empanelled to inquire into the cause of the death of John Barker, the victim of the recent accident on the Kaipara railway line, sat until 8.35 o'clock at the Terminus Hotel, Helensville, last evening, before arriving at a decision. In addition to the evidence published in our last issue the following witnesses were examined ... (more at link)

New Zealand Herald, 17 September 1898 BARKER - On September 11, at Taupiri, Waikato, wife of the late John Barker, late of Helensville, of a son

New Zealand Herald, 4 October 1898 The trustees, Messrs T. Manning, D. Stewart, and A. Becroft, appointed to deal with the funds collected in aid of Mrs Barker, widow of the late John Barker, fireman in the employ of the Auckland Railway Department, who met his death some months since through the derailing of a train at Kaukapakapa, have handed over the moneys collected to the Public Trustee. The amount realised by public subscription was ?189 3s, which, with accrued interest, come to ?191 6s 5d, from which the sum of ?44, advanced by the trustees to the widow to tide herself and family over the dearly difficulties, has to be deducted, leaving a balance at the present time of ?147 6s 5d. In addition to this, the widow receives a grant of ?500 from the Government, which, with her appointment to the position of postmistress at Taupiri, should prove sufficient to place herself and family beyond want, until such time as the children, yet young, are able to come to their widowed mother's assistance (total equivalent today of $130,300)

JOHN BARKER died 3 January 1898 aged 38
- he is buried Block 1 Row B24 Plot 7 Seq 1 at Helensville Cemetery
EMILY ANN Barker died 24 April 1918 aged 57
- she is buried Nonconformist Division C Row 5, Plot 32 at Waikumete

HEADSTONE of Emily Ann Barker
Waikumete Cemetery
from the site Gravestone Photographic Resource

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by Selah on 2013-05-11 05:20:21

John Barker was my Great Grandfather. I'd like to find out more about John Barker who I think had the middle name of "Corser" from maybe Shropshire in England.

by ngairedith on 2013-05-11 06:01:48

thank you to Selah for the message:
Subject: John Barker & Emily Bingham
To: ngairedith
From: Selah
Date: 2013-05-11 05:47:36
Hi, I am able to fill in more details of the families of this couple as he was my Greatgrandfather .
My contact name is Selah.

thank you, we look forward to anything you would like to add

by Selah on 2013-05-12 05:28:53


We have a couple of challenges with this John (Corser) Barker. The first is that the birth date we have is the 19th Sept. 1859 (from the family bible & his death certificate. Further research has
John Barkers parents as William Barker & Rebecca Brown (Johns death cert).. There is no middle name shown on the death cert. We also have found that he arrived abt 1881 or 2.
The information on the train crash is very interesting but one of the articles mentions Mercer and Rangiriri. These towns are South of Auckland but Kaukapakapa is north of Auckland. The train was travelling north so it would not have gone to those towns.

We feel the John Corser Barker must not be the same person as our Great grandfather unfortunately.
There were other children of John and Emily. Lilian Emily 1881 - 1980?, Amy Sarah 1888- 1971, George William (married Grace Way) 1889- 1972, John Mervyn Clifton 1895-1974, Lucy Flora 1894-1953, Vera Lois 1896-1981, Arthur Alfred Bernard 1898-1930

I am not sure if your are tracing the John Corser or the John so I have added in some of the detail on the John as that is what we know about. We of course have later data for our family if that' s needed.
This has been very interesting and there might yet be more to learn.

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