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John HEDGLAND died Ica Station, Whareama 1883

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John Hedgeland
Sadly he died, drowning in a river near Ica Station. Wairarapa. am searching for anything on him, especially how he came to be one armed. He died 1883. Have located the site he is buried at, next to get up there to see it. John was a shepherd. about 49 years old. Names of Hedgeland comes from Devon.
Any one recognise the name please, or is related, please get in touch, am helping a friend in OZ also a Gt. Grandson.. more hands make light work! Thank you.


JOHN HEDGLAND (1826-1883) (sometimes spelt Hedgeland)
was born 20 August 1826 in Butterleigh, Mid Devon, Tiverton, England
- His parents were William HEDGELAND (1792-1867), born Morchard Bishop-died Tiverton & Mary SYMES (1796-1885), born Halberton-died Exeter. His parents were married in Bradninch, Devon on 9 April 1817
John's known siblings:
1818 - Mary Hedgeland
1821 - 1853 William Hedgeland
1824 - Elizabeth Hedgeland
1826 - 1883 John Hedgeland
1828 - 1834 Richard Hedgeland
1830 - 1918 Robert Hedgeland (died Australia)
1833 - Ann Hedgeland
1835 - James Hedgeland
1837 - 1875 Charlotte Hedgeland (m John Ward Cork 1859 & died Gympie, Queensland)

John Hedgland (1826-1883)
* John arrived into Picton on the brig 'Spray' 14 May 1855 from Australia, which sailed mostly with live stock, cargo & the occasional passenger. He also arrived into Wairau on the steamer 'Lyttelton' in 1864 which was an 'internal travel'
He married in Wairau, Blenheim on 14 April 1866 to:
Janet McNaught (1844-1924)
* Janet was born in Larnach, Scotland to John & Isabella McNAUGHT. Still researching when & where she arrived in New Zealand. Her obit in 1924 says she was a 'colonist of 60 years' (this was usually very approx)
NOTE John Hedgland drowned 14 Sep 1883 aged 57. Janet remarried 16 Sep 1884 to Ward Parker (1829-1893). She was a Nurse at his Hydropathy Practice & also his Housekeeper, (whilst still married, per Court Case of 1882). Some of her children took the name Parker
* Ward arrived first in Adelaide, SA from London on the 'Poictiers' 13 Nov 1848 then to Otago, NZ on the barque 'Mary E. Ray' in 1862 which left from Melbourne

the known children of JOHN & JANET:
... 1
1867 - 1875? William Hedgland
- nothing known about William
- a W. Hedgland arrived from Tonga & Tahiti on the ss Richmond in Nov 1888 or did he take the name Parker?

... 2
1869 - 1943 Elizabeth Hedgland
- Elizabeth married Robert Nevel DALTON (1869-1949) in 1891
- their known children:
1891 - 1891 Janet Betsy Dalton (aged 6 weeks)
1894 - 1968 Hellen Elizabeth Dalton (m Arthur Parsons Kellaway in 1920)
1897 - 1944 Robert John Ward Dalton (m Eva Thelma Fryer in 1932)
1900 - 1978 Arthur Samuel Dalton (m Winifred Elizabeth de Silva in 1925)
1902 - 1969 Janet Edith Dalton (m Alfred Lambert Mills in 1927)
NOTE a Robert Nevel Dalton was born (probably to one of these sons) on 25 Jan 1933 - he died 19 Sep 2013 Wellington region, aged 80 (3 weeks ago from this writing!)

... 3
1870 - 1952 Mary Hedgland
- Mary married James McDONALD in 1892

... 4
1872 - 1934 Eunice Hedgland
- Eunice married John Blondell WOODMORE (1866-1954) in 1894
- their known children:
1895 - 1991 Elsie Mona Woodmore (m Harry Nelson Alexander in 1914)

... 5
1875 - 1960 Sarah Ellen 'Nellie' Hedgland
- Sarah married Andrew BOWDEN (1871-1953) 22 Dec 1897 (see timeline)
- (see marriage of Andrew's sister Timeline, April 1897)
- their known children:
1900 - Thelma Isabel Bowden (m Robert Ronald Watson in 1927)
1903 - 1960 Eunice Loeta Bowden (m Kenneth Scott Glendinning in 1924)
1904 - Andrew Ward Bowden (appointed Public Actuary of South Australia in 1934)
1907 - 1990 Gordon Richard Bowden
1909 - Marjory Jane Bowden
1911 - Mavis Nell Bowden

... 6
1877 - 1944 Bertie Hedgland
- Bertie (as Parker) married Mary Jane Logan 'Jean' STEWART in 1906
- their known children:
1907 - 1988 Dorothy Jean Parker (m James Richard Grimshaw in 1935)
1908 - 1970 Phyllis Sadie Parker (m ? Rogerson)
1910 - 1986 Bertrand Stewart Parker
1913 - 1986 Betty Frances Parker (m Woollett)
- Postmaster in Owaka in 1923 (he received 18 months 'reformative treatment'?)
Auckland Star, 11 September 1944 PARKER - On September 10, 1944, at Auckland Hospital, Bertie Hedgland Parker, loved father of Signalman Stewart Parker, 2nd N.Z.E.F. (overseas), Dorothy Grimshaw (Auckland), Phyllis Rogerson (Tauranga) and Betty Woollett (Rotorua), aged 66 years. A service will be held at Watney Sibun and Sons' Chapel, Khyber Pass, Newmarket, at 2 pm to-morrow (Tuesday). Interment at Eltham Wednesday

... 7
1880 - 1950 Richard Smedley Hedgland
- Richard married Priscilla Jane McNamara (1881-1979) in 1904
- their known children:
1905 - 1998 Jean Hedgland (m Edward Jack Tunley in 1932)
1907 - 1980 Ian Smedley Hedgland (enthusiastic athlete/sportsman lived 67 Miro St, Miramar when called up in 1942)
1909 - 1985 Brian William Hedgland (also 1933 in Otaki) - (in 1940 he passed his medical (lived 19 Roseneath Crescent, Wellington) to serve with the 2nd N.Z.E.F.)
1912 - 1994 George 'Kenneth' Hedgland (attended Johnsonville School, road racing cyclist, married Phyllis Irene Chatfield (1916-2004) in 1939)
1916 - 1994 Philip McNamara Hedgland (living at home, Miramar, when wounded WWII 1943)

... 8
1881 - 1966 Samuel John Hedgland
- Samuel died in 1966 as Samuel John Parker

... 9
1883 - 1947 Reuben Bramwell Hedgland
- born 14 December 1883, 2 months after the death of John Hedgland (father?)
- Reuben married Edith ROSS in 1905 (as Hedgland)
- their known children:
1905 - 1992 Hector Leslie Hedgland
- Reuben in Wellington Court 19 Feb 1916
REUBEN died 22 February 1947 (as Parker) aged 63

(not including the various trips around NZ (especially by Janet) or from Australia) -
Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 20 December 1862
... NOTICE is hereby given, that a RATE of THREE FARTHINGS in the POUND upon the assessed value of the property included within the Town of Nelson, has been made by the Board of Works, and the said Rate is required to be PAID to the Secretary, at the Board of Works Office, Market-place, Nelson, on MONDAY, the 12th day of January, 1863. In accordance with the "Nelson Improvement Amendment Act" the names of the person liable for the payment of such Rate, and the amount payable by each of such person, are published for general information:- Hedgeland, John ... 7s 6d

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 6 March 1866
... NOTICE is hereby given, that a RATE of ONE PENNY in the POUND upon the assessed value of the property included within the Town of Nelson, has been made by the Board of Works, and the said Rate is required to be PAID to the Secretary, at the Board of Works Office, Market-place, Nelson, on WEDNESDAY, the 28th day of March, 1866. In accordance with the "Nelson Improvement Amendment Act" the names of the person liable for the payment of such Rate, and the amount payable by each of such person, are published for general information:- Hedgeland, John ... 12s 6d

Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 28 August 1866
... NOTICE is hereby given, that the undermentioned PERSON stand CHARGABLE with the SUMS opposite their respective names, being the amounts due for Seventh and Eight years' ARREARS (1858-1859); and that all paries holding Receipts are required to produce their Receipts or pay their arrears within one month from this date, will be proceeded against according to law:-
HEDGELAND, J. ... 16s 10d

Marlborough Express, 1 February 1868
John was on the Jury at Big Bush
... On Monday afternoon last, an inquest was held at Shepherd's Grove Hotel, Big Bush, upon the body of Mr Joseph Blaymires, by H. Williams, Esq., M.D., coroner, and the following jury:- Mr J. Dumbell (foreman), Messrs G. Perry, J. Carstairs, J. Bisland, Chas. Olsen, H. Humphreys, F. Rush, T. Harris, E. Smith, J. Hedgeland, A. Herd and O. Gallagher

Marlborough Express, 1 March 1873
... JOHN HEDGLAND will be round Blenheim on March 3rd, to SWEEP CHIMNEYS. Orders left at Timsnith's, Wynen-street, will be attended to. JOHN HEDGLAND, Big Bush, Feb. 26th, 1873

Marlborough Express, 23 July 1873
... Big Bush ... Mr John Hedgland

Marlborough Express, 30 May 1874
... We are requested to say that among the passengers by the Wennington arrived at Wellington on Monday last, were Mr William Parker and two daughters, brother and nieces of Mr Ward Parker, of Blenheim. Mr Parker is a solicitor, and we presume intends to fix his residence in the Province.
* (William Parker was listed as aged 58 (b.1815), from Surrey, a Solicitor/Schoolmaster. His 2 daughters were Emily E(lizabeth) Parker aged 35 & Jessie M(aria) Parker aged 22. See Timeline 8 Aug 1900)

Marlborough Express, 5 September 1874
AUCTION, Thursday next, September 10th
... P. LAWRENCE (Auctioneer, Land and Commission Agent, Blenheim) has received instruction from Mr John Hedgeland, to sell by Auction at his Residence, Big Bush, on Thursday the 10th day of September, at 2 o'clock, The whole of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and EFFECTS. Also, 1 Cow in full milk, 1 Horse. The whole to be sold without reserve. Terms - Cash. The House and land to Let

Marlborough Express, 6 January 1875
... Mr J. Smith, of Wynen-street (Blenheim), has introduced a new chimney-sweeping machine for the use of the public on payment of a small fee. Since our old friend Hedgland set off to Wellington and left us in the lurch, there has been a great need for something or somebody to fill his place, which the enterprise of Mr Smith will well supply

Marlborough Express, 16 March 1878
... The ordinary meeting of the Board was held on Wednesday, the 6th March. The Inspector was instructed to get the following works done:- Fill in the hollow near Mr Hedgland's house

Evening Post, 20 December 1879
MOUNT COOK GIRLS' SCHOOL (Wellington), School Distributions
... The annual distribution of prizes at this school took place yesterday in the presence of a large number of the parents and friends of the pupils. The prizes fir the younger children were presented as follows:
Class 2-Division 2 - F. Connor 1st; M. Hedgland 2nd (Mary aged 9); E. Higgins 3rd

Evening Post, 4 April 1882
HYDROPATHY - Health For All Without Physic
... All Diseases treated by these Entirely Original Methods of External Application without medicine of any kind, or cold water, or any shocks to the system; there is Certain Cure or Relief for every Ailment, Disease, or Injury the human frame is liable to. Local Testimonials as to Cures abundant. Ladies & Children treated by Mrs Hedgland, at W. PARKER'S HYDROPATHIC ESTABLISHMENT, Sussex Square, South Adelaide Road, Wellington (Mount Cook area now Basin Reserve)

Evening Post, 20 July 1882
... Mrs Hedgland, housekeeper to Mr Parker, hydropathist, of Sussex-square (Mount Cook), prayed that Mrs Monghan might be required to have sufficient sureties to keep the peace towards her little daughter, Elizabeth Hedgland, whom Mrs Monaghan was alleged to have struck and threatened. Mr Fitzgerald appeared in support of the application and Mr E. Shaw for the defence. From the evidence, it appeared that Jane's (?) little sister had thrown some water on to baby Monaghan, whereupon Mrs Monaghan came out, called Jane a "blowing trumpet" two or three times, and pulled her ear. Jane admitted that her ear didn't hurt much, and although she didn't know what a "blowing trumpet" was, she thought it must be something bad. No other evidence being forthcoming, Mr Shaw asked his Worship to dismiss the case, which was done, Mr Wardell remarking that the information should never have been laid. Mr Fitzgerald explained that he had only been retained this morning after the information had been taken out. Cross-summonses were then heard between Ward Parker and James Monaghan, the husband of Mrs Monaghan, Mr Parker stating that on Sunday, the 10th instant, he met Monaghan, and remonstrated with him with tolerance to the nuisance caused by his children, whereupon Monaghan assaulted him. Parker took out a summons on the day following and Monaghan took out one on the day following that, charging him (Parker) with having abused and assaulted him. parker denied either having used had language to Monaghan or with having returned the assault. The case was ultimately adjourned

Wairarapa Daily Times, 20 September 1883
... We learn from Messrs Elder & Co, of Langdale station, their old one-armed shepherd, John Hedgland, has been missing since Saturday morning last. He went to bed on Friday night, but must have gone out before daylight, for as far as can be ascertained he has not ben seen since, and the worst is feared for him. He took nothing with him and has not gone to his home, which is in Wellington. He has always been a very sober old man (57), and he is well-known in the district

Wairarapa Daily Times, 22 September 1883
... The police have made enquiries re Hedgeland, this missing shepherd from Langdal Station, but as yet there is no tidings of his whereabouts. prior to his disappearance he was apparently under the influence of some religious melancholy, and there is very little hope of his being still alive

Wairarapa Daily Times, 25 September 1883
(To the Editor)
... Sir, Allow me to contradict a report which appeared in your last Thursday's issue re John Hedgland suffering under "religious monomania." There could not be a more unlikely subject, and I had a letter from him two days before, when he expressed himself to be in good health and spirits. I am, &c., JANET HEDGLAND. Wellington, September 24, 1883

Wairarapa Daily Times, 1 October 1883
... Shearing commences at Langdale station on the 16th inst. A reward of ?5 (2013 equivalent of $845) is offered by the proprietors of this station for such information as may lead to the recovery of John Hedgeland the missing shepherd

Evening Post, 8 October 1883
... Superintendent Shearman received a telegram this morning from Constable Collarton, in charge of the Tenui police station, stating that the dead body of John Hedgland, who mysteriously disappeared from Elder's Longdale Station on the 15th of last month, was discovered in the Whareama River yesterday. The deceased, who only possessed one arm, left the homestead about 4 a.m. on the 15th, without communicating with any of his fellow employees, and was never afterwards seen alive. He was 58 years of age, and a shepherd by occupation. He leaves a wife in Sussex Square to mourn her loss

Manawatu Times, 8 October 1883
... The body of Hedgeland, the one-armed shepherd, who was missed from Langdale station, was found in the Whareama river, near Ica Station, Masterton, yesterday, lying on the back and caught on a snag

Wairarapa Daily Times, 9 October 1883
... An inquest on the body of John Hedgeland, held at Ica yesterday before Mr R. Maunsell J.P., the following verdict was returned:- That John Hedgeland came by his death by drowning in the Whareama river on or after the night of the 14th September

Wairarapa Daily Times, 11 October 1883
... On Sunday an employee on Ica Station while strolling along the banks of the Whaream River, discovered the body of the missing shepherd, John Hedgeland, caught by a snag in the river. The remains, though much decomposed were easily identified. Prompt steps were taken to inform Mr R. Maunsell J.P., and Constable Collerton of the finding of the body. An inquest was held at Ica on the following morning, and a verdict returned to the effect that the deceased came by his death through drowning in the Whareama river on or after the night of the 14th of September. Upon the body being removed from the water it was seen that the boots which the deceased wore were not laced up, and that he was without his serge jumper. The evidence wnet to show that for some little time previous to being missed, he was in a despondent state of mind. Mr Walker, the manager of Langdale Station stated that he never knew Hedgeland to go out to his work without lacing up his boots, and putting on leggings, and also that he generally took his horse and dogs. Upon being missed it was noticed that he had not taken his horse and dogs, and from this it was inferred that he had not gone away in an ordinary manner as if going to work. The remains were interred near the homestead at Ica

Evening Post, 28 February 1885
The Sunday Scholars' Industrial Exhibition and Flower Show
... The following concludes the list of prizes awarded by the judges:-
COOKERY - Apple Jelly, Elizabeth Hedgland 2nd

Evening Post, 8 November 1886
... The Primitive Methodist Bazaar, opened in the Arcade on Friday, is to be continued until 11 o'clock this evening in order to afford a further opportunity of disposing of the large and valuable collection of useful and ornamental goods which remain unsold. We are requested to state that in the list of stall-holders supplied to us on Friday, the name of Mrs Ward Parker was inadvertently omitted

Evening Post, 16 December 1886
... The following is the prize list:- Hon Mention - B. Hedgland (Bertie)

Evening Post, 26 March 1887
Nr McGlashan's Orchestral Concert
... An enjoyable orchestral concert was given at the Theatre Royal last evening by an amateur orchestra, under the leadership of Mr John McGlashan, and chiefly composed of that gentleman's pupils. The performers were 30 in number (24 stringed and six wind instruments), including about half-a-dozen lady violinists ... Miss Nellie Hedgeland, a little mite of 10 summers, played a violin solo from 'Masaniello' with such success as to receive the encore which it merited

Evening Post, 23 September 1887
... A letter from Mr Ward parker was read at last night's meeting of the City Council in opposition to a petition which is said to be in course of circulation in favour of the opening of Belfast-street, at the southern side of Sussex-square. The writer's ground of objection was that the opening of the street was supposed to be designed for the benefit of Messrs Stewart & Co., and as Corporation men were formerly employed in metalling and draining the street, it could not be considered a private street. The buildings were, he said, already too much crowded together for the health of the residents, and the locality had always been regarded as a fever bed. He protested against any monopoly being given to a few people to the detriment of the public interest. As the petition has not yet been received by the Council, no action was taken in the matter

Evening Post, 15 December 1887
... The annual distribution of prizes were presented by the Mayor as follows:
STANDARD VI - Eunice Hedgeland 1st, Ada Hill 2nd

Evening Post, 27 July 1888
... The following candidates passed in first grades freehand at the School of Design:
Mount Cook Girls - E. Hedgland

Evening Post, 20 December 1888
... The children attending Mount Cook Infant School were dismissed for the holidays yesterday afternoon. Boys - First Class: S. Hedland (Samuel aged 7)

Evening Post, 23 January 1890
... Sixth carriage - Mr Ward Parker, came to Adelaide by the Poictiers in 1848 and came on to New Zealand in the Mary Ray in 1862

Marlborough Express, 7 September 1891
... A correspondent writes:- As that old Lodge known as the Aggressive Lodge, No 13, Independent Order of Good Templars, Blenheim, has broken up it might be as well to place on record the first officers installed for the working of the said Lodge
They were:
Richard Widdowson MORLEY, W.C.T. (School Master)
George Lawden HARPER, W.C.
Robert BUSH, W.S.
Jane CRAIG, W.A.S.
Charles COLLIER, W.F.S.
Rev William SHERRIFFS, W.T. (hanged himself 23 Nov 1883)
Kenneth McDONALD, W.M.
Samuel Thomas COX, W.D.M.
Alexander PEDDIE, W.I.G.
James FULTON, W.O.G.
Henrietta Matilda CHUCK, W.R.H.S. (skilled singer & organist)
The Lodge opened according to the Charter on the 5th day of July 1873
NOTE In 1871 a Tent was opened at Blenheim and named the Bon Accord Tent. Amongst the officers were the Rev. W. Sherriffs, Messrs. H. Jellyman, S. Carvell, W. B. Earl & A. McKenzie

Evening Post, 18 August 1892
... A meeting of prominent temperance workers from the various temperance societies and churches of the City was held in the Wesleyan Schoolroom last night, when the details of Mr Tennyson Smith's 13 days Mission were arranged. Mr F. H. Fraser has accepted the Presidency of the Mission, Mr J. W. Copithorne the post of Financial Secretary and Mr Ward Parker was appointed Secretary

Evening Post, 30 June 1893
... PARKER - On the 29th, at Dock-street, after a most sudden illness, Ward parker, aged 64 years; deeply regretted. The Friends of the late Ward parker are respectfully invited to attend his Funeral, which will leave his late residence, Dock-street, Sussex Square, on Sunday, 2nd July, 1893, at 1 p.m., sharp, for Karori Cemetery. The members of the Hope of Wellington Tent, are requested to Meet at late Bro. Ward Parker's residence, Sussex-square to follow his remains

Evening Post,11 October 1893
... The annual soiree in commemoration of the 52nd anniversary of the Wesley Church Sunday School, Taranaki-street, was held last evening in the schoolroom, and was largely attended. The number of scholars on the roll was 830, the number of teachers was 43 ... The report referred in feeling terms to the death of Mr Ward Parker, one of the teachers ...

Evening Post, 22 April 1897
... At Kent-terrace Presbyterian Church yesterday afternoon Miss I. Bowden (Isabella) and Mr James Galland were wedded, the Rev J. Kennedy Elliott, B.A., officiating at the ceremony. The bride wore a silver-grey silk, trimmed prettily with chiffon and sequin, and wore a veil fastened on with brilliants; while the bridesmaid, Miss Nellie Hedgland, was dressed in heliotrope trimmed silk and passementrie, with hat to match. Mr A. Bowden (Andrew) acted as best man, the bride being given away by her brother, Mr C. Bowden. Mr and Mrs Galland left by the 5.20 train to spend their honeymoon in the Manawatu district. The bride's travelling dress was a fawn tweed, with old gold vest. The presents were both handsome and numerous

Evening Post, 30 December 1897
... BOWDEN-HEDGELAND - On 22nd December, at Wesley Church, Taranaki-street, by the Rev W. Baymber, Andrew, third son of the late John Bowden, of Dunedin, to Nellie, fourth daughter of Mrs Ward parker, Sussex-square, Wellington

Wairarapa Daily Times, 8 August 1900
... Mr William Parker (brother of Ward Parker), aged 85 years, living with his daughter in Kuratawhiti street, was found dead in bed yesterday morning. Deceased, who was a retired solicitor, had lived here for some years and previously in Carterton. He was a very amiable old gentleman. He had a paralytic stroke some twelve months ago and it is thought he had another in his sleep on Monday night. Deceased was an old age pensioner

Evening Post, 24 March 1906
... PARKER-STEWARD - On the 1st March, 1906, at the residence of the bride's parents, "Appin," Vermont-street, Ponsonby, by Rev A. Macauley Caldwell, Bertie Hedgland of Hutt, Wellington, to Jean, second daughter of Samuel Stewart, Auckland

Evening Post, 20 May 1924
... PARKER - On the 17th May, 1924, at the residence of her daughter (Mrs Dalton), 46, Todman street, Brooklyn, Janet, relict of the late Ward Parker; aged 80 years
... Mrs Janet Parker, a well-known colonist of 60 years standing, passed away on Saturday last at the residence of her daughter, Mrs R. Dalton, Todman street, Brooklyn, at the age of 80 years. Her husband, Mr Ward Parker, predeceased her by 32 years. The late Mrs Parker was, until recently, emgaged in the nursing profession. She had a bright personality, and was held in great esteem. She was very active, notwithstanding her ripe age, until this last year or so, when she underwent several serious operations

The Advertiser, Adelaide, 4 May 1934
30 YEAR OLD PUBLIC ACTUARY - New Zealander For S.A. Post
... After having spent four months, during which it advertised throughout the British Empire, in a search for a qualified successor to Mr. O. H. Gawler (former Public Actuary, the Government yesterday appointed Mr. Andrew Ward Bowden, of Wellington New Zealand, to the position, at a salary of ?720 a year. Mr. Bowden, who is only 30 years of age, will leave New Zealand almost immediately to take up his new duties. The appointment of Mr. Bowden, who, despite his youth, has had considerable experience in actuarial and statistical work for the New Zealand Government, is fraught with special significance in view of the strong possibility of the actuarial and statistical departments in this State being merged. This system obtains in Victoria, and it was to fill the dual position in that State that Mr. Gawler resigned his position in South Australia. The post of Public Actuary in Adelaide has been vacant since the beginning of this year, and the Government Statist (Mr. Johnston) will reach the retiring age of 65 in September. Mr. Bowden may not by then have acquainted himself sufficiently with local matters to be able to take over the dual position, and it is possible that Mr. Johnston's services may be extended, but it is known that the Government desires to merge the departments, if possible, in the interests of economy. The Chief Secretary (Mr. Ritchie) said yesterday that the Government would consider the position when the time came. "The policy of the Government," he said, "is to economise wherever possible without reducing efficiency. The new Public Actuary is qualified in statistical work, and is capable of taking charge of that department. Such a move would result in a substantial overhead saving, and would enable the work to be carried on with no loss of effectiveness.' Backed by the strong recommendation of Mr. Gawler, and of administrative heads of New Zealand Government actuarial departments, Mr. Bowden's application for the South Australian position was successful among several which the Government received, including one from England. Prom 1923 to 1927 Mr. Bowden served on the actuarial staff of the New Zealand Government life insurance department, where he gained much experience of the routine work of valuation and general actuarial work. Since 1927 be has been employed in the Government Actuary's Department at Wellington, being junior only to the Government Actuary, under whom he gained wide knowledge of financial and statistical work. All Friendly Societies registered in New Zealand are valued and advised by the Government Actuary, whose duties cover also examination of pension and superannuation funds. Mr. Bowden is an associate of the Institute of Actuaries (London), and has passed Part IV, Section B of the Fellowship Degree, which relates to pension funds social insurance and general statistics. He is at present taking Section A, the passing of which will complete the examination

Evening Post, 24 August 1938
... A very cheery celebration party was held in the Grand Hotel lounge in honour of Miss Phyllis Chatfield (Te Puke) and Mr Ken Hedgland (Wellington). Miss Peggy Carter, the hostess, wore a frock of pink cloque. Miss Chatfield's frock was made on Grecian lines in white georgette, studded with red sequins and pearls, having a coatee to match with a wide Medici collar of silver lace. Among those present were Mr and Mrs Hitchin, Mr and Mrs Hodge, Mrs Winstanley, Misses N. Stitt, B. Carbon, and Messrs M. Lawrence, R. Lawrence, B. Hedgland, M. Hedgland, J. Tunley, W. Wilkinson and I. Jackson

Evening Post, 21 May 1940
... HEDGLAND - At Bethany Hospital, on May 21, 1940, to Mr and Mrs G. K. Hedgland (nee Phyllis Chatfield), 3 Bouverie Street, Petone - a bonny son; both well

JOHN HEDGLAND died 14 September 1883 aged 57
- he was buried at Ica Station, Castlepoint ('near a water tank')
WARD PARKER died 30 June 1893 aged 64
- he is buried Plot 258, Public Section at Karori
JANET McNAUGHT/Hedgland/Parker died 17 May 1924 aged 80
- she is buried Plot 258, Public Section at Karori with 2nd husband Ward Parker

* A Family Tree for this branch of the Hedgeland Family
* Although their name was sometimes written as Hedgeland in the papers, it was ALWAYS spelled Hedgland when they inserted their own news, family articles and advertisements
* It is believed John lost his arm sometime around 1866-1878 whilst living at Big Bush (research continues)

Wagon in 'ICA' ford in WHAREAMA RIVER
. A wagon loaded with wool bales in the 'Ica' ford through the Whareama River. John M. Andrew follows on horse-back
- From reverse of photo: The ford was used for all traffic servicing those properties on the east bank of the Whareama from Ica Station south. It was discontinued and its approaches fell into disrepair when the concrete 'Waiteko Bridge' was completed and opened in 1929. Ica wool was stored in the 'Brown House' on the western bank then taken by lorry to Masterton and railed to Wellington.
ICA Station is a well known Wairarapa property 32km east of Masterton. It was established in 1865 by Rev J C Andrew's purchase of 18,000 acres of the southern portion of neighbouring Castlepoint Station
* see also: SHEARING the LAST SHEEP at ICA
* see also: MOTU-NUI ROMNEYS

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