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LAWRENCE buried Palmerston North

Journal by ngairedith

LAWRENCE Kelvin Grove & Terrace End
... as at Sep 2009
* birth dates may be approx, based on age at death

born: 19 Jan 1908
parents: Allen Lawrence & Maren Elizabeth THOMASEN
occupation: Farmer
lived at: Burns Ave, Levin
died: 20 Sep 1975 aged 67 in Palmerston North Hospital
Allen was cremated

ANNIE 'Nanny' Lawrence
born: 1867
occupation: widow
lived at: Savage Cres., Palmerston North
died: 5 Oct 1960 aged 93
buried: Plot 83, Block 7, Area J at Kelvin Grove

born: 9 Aug 1879
parents: James Lawrence & Katherine
occupation: Roadman
marriedt: Jessie HARVEY in 1911
lived at: Aokautere
died: 12 Aug 1939 aged 60
buried: Plot 75, Block 4, Area C at Kelvin Grove

born: 1948
occupation: housewife
lived at: Main Highway North Foxton
died: 30 April 1995 aged 46
buried: Plot 51, Block 16, Area S at Kelvin Grove

born: 1 July 1927
occupation: Accountant
lived at: Church St, Palmerston North
died: 4 August 2000 aged 73
buried: Plot 12, Block 17, Area S at Kelvin Grove
Loving husband of Tangi. Loving father of Helen and Katrina. Treasured grandfather of Nathaniel, Gabriel and Beau. Precious memories held so dear. Your pride and dignity you can't compare. A character with laughter. A true spirit of lie. Love is only footsteps away.

BERNARD Lawrence
born: 29 July 1960
lived at: Manukau, Auckland (or Manakau, Levin)
died: 29 July 1960 aged 12 hours
buried: Plot 15, Block 960, Area PR at Kelvin Grove

born: 22 Oct 1893
parents: William Lawrence & Lucy Ann CARMAN
occupation: Farmer
married: Vera Joyce Frecklington in 1920
lived at: Pioneer Highway
died: 30 May 1986 aged 92
buried: Plot 33, Block 2, Area P Kelvin Grove with Vera

born: 1950
occupation: Accountant
lived at: Jason Ave, Barrack Heights, Wollongong, Australia
died: 15 March 2003 aged 52
buried: ashes at Plot 409, Block 3, Area GK at Kelvin Grove

born: 19 April 1901
parents: Charles Frank Lawrence & Jane SOMERVILLE
occupation: Monumental Mason
married: Muriel 'Grace' Hall (1910-) in 1936
lived at: Vogel St
died: 27 March 1969 aged 67
buried: ashes, Plot 100, Block 16, Area M at Kelvin Grove

born: 1880
occupation: unknown
served: South African War
married: Clara Lucas McDonald in 1937
lived at: Arcadia House
died: 2 July 1960 aged 80
buried: Plot 19, Block 21, Area D at Kelvin Grove

CLARA LUCAS Lawrence (nee McDonald)
born: 1884
married: Charles Henry Lawrence 1937
lived at: Snelson Street
died: 25 Sep 1957 in Palmerston North Hospital aged 73
Clara was cremated:

born: 1892
parents: William Lawrence & Lucy Ann CARMAN
occupation: Farmer
married: Margaret Agnes Bracken in 1924
lived at: 43 Birmingham Street
died: 19 Dec 1963 aged 71
buried: Plot 12, Block 26, Area D at Kelvin Grove

born: 29 August 1926
occupation: Railway Employee
lived at: Birmingham Street
died: 30 Aug 1979 aged 1 day after his 53rd
buried: Plot 31, Block 9, Area R at Kelvin Grove

CHRIS EDWARD Lawrence (database has unknown Lawrence)
born: 13 Feb 1962
died: 13 Feb 1962 aged 5 hours
buried: Plot 18, Block 962, Area PR at Kelvin Grove

EDITH FLORA 'Edie' Lawrence (nee McMILLAN)
born: 1 June 1906
parents: John Harrison McMillan & Lydia MARSHALL
married: Herbert Charles 'Herb' Lawrence
occupation: tailoress
lived at: Hillcrest Manor Rest Home
died: 12 Feb 1998 aged 91 at Hillcrest Manor aged 91
buried: Plot 85, Block 2A, Area M at Kelvin Grove with Herbert

EDITH MARY Lawrence (nee BUSH)
born: 4 Oct 1883
parents: John Bush & Ellen McNALLY
married: Gilbert Samson Lorigan Lawrence in 1905 (born Gilbert Lewis Lorigan)
occupation: widow (of 1 month)
lived at: 800 Boundary Rd
died: 16 June 1936 aged 52
buried: Plot 64, Block 5, Area C at Kelvin Grove with Gilbert

EDWARD JAMES 'Ted' Lawrence
born: 26 April 1912
parents: Arthur Edwin Lawrence & Jessie HARVEY
occupation: upholsterer
lived at: Rangiora Ave
died: 20 Dec 1992 aged 80
buried: Plot 102, Block 13, Area S at Kelvin Grove with Thelma
headstone: Cherished mother and father of Valerie, Joy and Barbara. So Dearly Loved

born: 1910
occupation: married
lived at: Puri Puri Street, Taihape
died: 11 March 1986 at Palmerston North Hospital aged 75
Elizabeth was cremated

EMMA FRENCH Lawrence (database has no info)
born: Emma French McILVRIDE in Islington c1860
parents possibly: William McIlvride & Emma French from Middlesex
married: Richard Charles Lawrence in NZ in 1904
died: 4 April 1916 aged 55
burid: Plot 26, Block 6, at Terrace End with Richard

AKA: Gilbert Samson Lorigan Lawrence
born: 12 Feb 1884
parents: James Montague LORIGAN & Amy LEWIS
occupation: Farmer
married: Edith Mary Bush in 1905
lived at: 300 Boundary Rd
died: 5 May 1936 aged 53 (the month before Mary)
buried: Plot 64, Block 5, Area C at Kelvin Grove with Edith Mary

born: in Wellington 1906
parents: Richard Matthew Lawrence (1859-1947) & Bridget 'Bessie' Dillon (1868-1914)
occupation: Schoolteacher
lived at: Cloverlea, Palmerston North
died: 24 Dec 1930 (Xmas Eve) aged 24
buried: Plot 49, Block 82 at Terrace End with her father Richard Matthew Lawrence

born: 22 November 1918
occupation: widow
lived at: South Street
died: 23 Nov 1990 aged 1 day after her 72nd birthday
buried: Plot 1, Block 7, Area J at Kelvin Grove

HAZEL Lawrence
born: 10 Sep 1902
occupation: widow
lived at: Lonsdale Hospital, Foxton
died: 25 Jan 1982 aged 79
Hazel was cremated:

born: 9 February 1904
parents: Charles Lawrence & Harriet Alice SAUNDERS
occupation: Milk Bar Proprietor
married: Edith Flora McMillan
lived at: 12 Salisbury Ave
died: 18 Aug 1969 aged 65
Herbert was cremated

born: 13 May 1925
occupation: Farmer
served as: Sergeant 816804
lived at: Milson Line RD5 Feilding
died: 12 Aug 1988 aged 63
buried: ashes at Plot 44, Block 2A, Area D at Kelvin Grove

JAMES Lawrence
born: 1843
occupation: Contractor
lived at: Ashhurst
died: 26 Feb 1927 aged 83
buried: Plot 27, Block 38 at Terrace End

born: 24 Sep 1918
occupation: widow
lived at: Burn Street, Levin
died: 14 March 1987 at Palmerston North Hospital aged 69
Jeanette was cremated

JESSIE Lawrence (nee HARVEY)
born: 10 Sep 1883
married: Arthur Edwin Lawrence in 1911
occupation: widow
lived at: 127A Heretaunga Street
died: 18 Oct 1971 aged 88
buried: Plot 75, Block 4, Area C at Kelvin Grove

JESSIE Lawrence (nee GOULD)
born: 11 February 1902
married: John George Lawrence (1901-1984) in 1924
occupation: married
lived at: Opaki, Masterton
died: 19 Aug 1972 at Masterton aged 70
Jessie was cremated

born: 1882
parents: James & Elizabeth LAWRENCE
occupation: NZ Railways Employee
married: Lilian Mary TYER (1880-1934) in 1910
lived at: 481 Ruahine Street
died: 27 July 1966 at Palmerston North Hospital aged 84
John was cremated

born: 29 August 1930
occupation: Plumbing Clerk
lived at: 7A Wigan Place
died: 22 Feb 1975 aged 44
buried: Plot 207, Block 16, Area Q at Kelvin Grove
In Loving Memory of Kenneth Gordon Lawrence. Beloved Husband of Audrey. Died Suddenly 22nd Feb 1975. Aged 44 Years

LEAH EMMA Lawrence (nee AVISON)
born: 1899
parents: Thomas Avison & Lucy MARTIN
married: Victor Richmond Lawrence in 1924
occupation: widow
lived at: masonic Court
died: 12 Jan 1980 aged 80
Leah was cremated

born: 12 Feb 1904
parents: Christian Ludwig Muller & Miriam Agnes Rose BRENNAN (later Smaillie)
married: Raymond Morton Lawrence in 1926
occupation: widow
lived at: 12 Ross Street, Woodville
died: 2 March 1988 aged 83
buried: Plot 31, Block 13, Area Q at Kelvin Grove with Raymond

born: 1960
occupation: Farmer
lived at: Karariki Rd, RD6, Pahiatua
died: 20 Nov 1997 aged 37
Lyndall was cremated

born: 1897
married: Colin Carman Lawrence in 1924
occupation: widow
lived at: 43 Birmingham St
died: 22 June 1973 aged 76 (10 years after Colin)
buried: Plot 44, Block 1, Area R at Kelvin Grove

born: 1935
occupation: housewife
lived at: Wellington Road, Marton
died: 2 Oct 1999 aged 64
Marion was cremated:

MARY AUGUSTUS Lawrence (database has no info)
born: 13 Dec 1895
occupation: unknown
lived at: unknown
died: 13 June 1979 aged 83
Mary was cremated

born: 1900
occupation: Farmer
lived at: 206 Featherston Street
died: 16 Dec 1974 aged 74 at the 'Cossie' Club
Norman was cremated:

born: 1958
occupation: student
lived at: RD6 Eketahuna
died: 1 May 1973 aged 15
Peter was cremated:

RAYMOND Lawrence
born: 1911
parents: Allen Lawrence & Maren Elizabeth THOMASEN
occupation: Farmer
lived at: Hukanui RD6 Eketahuna
died: 14 Oct 1982 aged 71
Raymond was cremated:

born: 27 Sep 1900
parents: James Victor Lawrence & Margaret Charlotte LLOYD
occupation: Labourer
married: Louisa Minnie MULLER in 1926
lived at: 12 Ross St, Woodville
died: 3 Aug 1970 aged 69
buried: Plot 29, Block 13, Area Q at Kelvin Grove with Louisa

born: 1849
occupation: Painter
married: Emma French McIlvride in 1904
lived at: Palmerston North
died: 1 Sep 1920 aged 71
buried: Plot 26, Block 6 at Terrace End with Emma

born: 23 Feb 1859 at sea on the 'Mystery', a month out from Lyttelton
parents: Thomas Lawrence (1826-1909) & Sophia Jane Barnes (1837-1867) HOWEVER, her name on the ship list is Catherine and her age as 32 (should be 22) so needs more research. Richard was registered on land on 7 March 1859, 18 days after arriving into Lyttelton. Smallpox & Scarlet Fever had broken out on board, 15 people had died and the ship was quarantined on arrival
occupation: Labourer
lived at: 96 Savage Crescent
died: 30 May 1947 aged 88
buried: Plot 49, Block 82 at Terrace End with Gladys Ivy (1906-1930)
NOTE Richard married Bridget 'Bessie' DILLON, daughter of James DILLON & Elizabeth KINIRONS, 26 Dec 1891 in Wellington. Bridget was born 1 Aug 1868 in Roscrea, Tipperary, Ireland and died 4 Sep 1914 in Ashhurst

born: 1925
occupation: Market Gardener
lived at: Taikorea Rd, R.D.3
died: 3 June 1994 at Arohanui Hospice aged 68
Robert was cremated:

TANGIANAU 'Tangi' Lawrence
born: 2 Nov 1935
married: Barry Martin Lawrence
occupation: housewife
lived at: Church St., Palmerston North
died: 3 Sep 1996 aged 60
buried: Plot 7, Block 17, Area S at Kelvin Grove
In loving memory of Tangianau (Tangi) Lawrence. Loving wife of Barry. Treasured mother of Helen and Katrina. Special grandmother of Lionel and all her grandchildren and great grandchildren. Sadly missed by all her families. A truly special lady gone from our lives, but still forever remain in our hearts.

THELMA Lawrence
born: 1 Feb 1909
occupation: Cook
lived at: Rangiora Ave
died: 18 March 2009 aged 100
buried: Plot 104, Block 13, Area S at Kelvin Grove with Edward James 'Ted' Lawrence
headstone: Cherished mother and father of Valerie, Joy and Barbara. So Dearly Loved

born: 28 Jan 1896
parents: John Frecklington & Edith Fanny Simpson
married: Boyne Stanley Lawrence in 1920
occupation: married
lived at: 33 Hardie Street
died: 3 Oct 1961 aged 65
buried: Plot 35, Block 2, Area P at Kelvin Grove with Boyne Stanley

born: 1897
parents: Edward Ernest & Amy Lawrence
occupation: Company Manager
married: Leah Emma Avison in 1924
lived at: 13 Wellington St., Feilding
died: 9 August 1963 aged 65
Victor was cremated

WARREN RAYMOND Lawrence (aka Trembath)
born: 1960
occupation: Factory Employee
lived at: Apollo Parade
died: 7 Sep 1978 aged 18
buried: Plot 106, Block 4, Area R at Kelvin Grove
headstone Cherished Memories. Warren Raymond Lawrence. 7 Sep 1978 aged 18 years. Dearly Loved Son of Ron and Angela and brother of Philip, Brendon & Ariki. Until We Meet Again

Richard Matthew Lawrence
(1857-1947) & his daughter
Gladys Ivy Lawrence (1906-1930) at Terrace End

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