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Joseph SOWRY & Marthe MORTENSEN - Woodville New Zealand

Journal by ngairedith

Joseph Sowry was a son of John SOWRY and Hannah HOWGATE

He was born in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England and emigrated on the ZEALANDIA which left London on the 3rd February 1862, arriving in Lyttelton, Christchurch on the 24th May 1862

Joseph Sowry (1838-1904) was married to:
Hannah STROTHER (1837-1879) in Leeds in 1858, they had 12 children

Children of Joseph Sowry & Hannah Strother were:
- (known so far, not all confirmed)

1859-before 1862 Annie Sowry
- died before they emigrated

1861-1934 Arthur Sowry
- married Sarah Ann WILLS (1858-1909) in 1886
their known children were:
1888-1966 Cyril Howgate Sowry
- married ?
1890-1953 Garnet Strother Sowry
- married Ada Marie CHRISTIANSEN in 1919
- Garnet & Ada are buried in Mangatainoka
1892-1943 Vera Inez May Rosalyn Sowry
- married Bertram James ANDREWS (1887-1960) in 1911
1894-1974 Eric Arthur Clarence Sowry
- married Ruby Myra MORTENSEN (1893-1962) in 1918
- she was one of 11 children of Karl Frithjof Mortensen & Julia ADRIAN. Her father had another 6 children to Catherine GAVAN
- Garnet's & Ruby's parents were siblings
1896-1975 Melva Emily Sowry
- married Alfred Ernest AUCKRAN (1881-1958) in 1919
1900-1960 Ivan Vincent Sowry

- Sarah Ann died in 1909
- Arthur married Marion WILLS in 1910
- Arthur & Marion are buried at Mangatainoka

1863-1932 William Sowry
- married Elizabeth Jane THOMAS in 1893
their (known) children were:
1895-1984 Hector Lyle Sowry
- married Mary Ethel RULE in 1925
1896-? Olive Annie Sowry
- nothing known
1898-1977 Amy Isabell/Isobel Sowry
- married Frederick William ANSIN (1894-1974) in 1922
1900-? Veda May Sowry
1900-1954 Vivian William Sowry
- married Cora Louisa ??
- buried Mangahao-Ballance Pahiatua
1903-? Mavis Myrtle Sowry
- married Stanley Arden WILLIS in 1924
1904-1976 Rupert Clarence Sowry
- nothing known
1905-1969 Walter Claude Sowry
- nothing known
1908-1974 Malcolm Sowry
- nothing known

1866-1917 Albert Sowry
- married Laura Isabella Wills in 1898
their known children were:
1899-1967 Beryl Lavinia Hannah Sowry
- married Rupert William Larsen in 1922
1901-1954 Alvin Verde Sowry
1902-1968 Zaidee Aileen Sowry
- Old Testament name, (wife of the patriarch Abraham)
- didn't marry
1904-1959 Lorris Egbert Sowry
1907-1943 Zelma Melba Sowry
- didn't marry

1867-1931 Herbert Sowry
- married Eliza THOMAS in 1892
their known children were:
1893-1932 Alfred George Sowry
- served as Lance Corporal, Serial Number 65511, NZEF, 33rd Reinforcements Canterbury Infantry Regiment, C Company in 1917
- married Marjorie McLEAVEY in 1928
- Alfred is buried Mangahao-Ballance, Pahiatua
1895-1918 Leonard Herbert Sowry
- killed in action, Ypres, Belgium
- his parents headstone at Mangahao-Ballance Pahiatua reads:
* - "In loving memory of Eliza Sowry died 22nd June 1949 aged 76 years. Herbert beloved husband of Eliza Sowry died 11th March 1931 aged 64 years also Leonard Herbert Sowry son of above killed in action in france 11th August 1917 aged 22 years"
1898-1967 Horace Joseph Sowry
- buried Mangahao-Ballance Pahiatua
1903-? Hannah Doris Sowry
1907-1967 Leo Arthur Sowry
- Herbert & Eliza are buried at Mangahao-Ballance Pahiatua

1868-1868 Mary Sowry
- died an infant

1869-1885 Hannah Howgate Sowry
- died aged 16, buried Old Gorge Cemetery Woodville

1871-1938 Ernest Sowry
- married Kate Julia CARTER (1870-1939) in 1891
their known children were:
1892-1981 Constance Myrtle Sowry
- married James Charles PHILLIPS in 1915
1893-? Ivy Rose Sowry
- married James Waterson LAWSON in 1911
1896-1949 Wilfred Isitt Sowry
- married Isabella Louisa BILKE in 1927
1897-1900 Alva Walter Sowry
- died agd 2
- buried plot 57, Block D in Settlers Cemetery Dannevirke
1900-1965 Albert William Sowry
- married Elva Elizabeth JOLLEY in 1928
1902-1949 Laurie Joseph Sowry
1904-1970 Vernon Ernest Sowry
1907-1976 Mervyn Strother Sowry
1909-1974 Francis Hiram Sowry

1873-1941 Marmaduke Sowry
- married Sarah Annie Jane NOEDL in 1897
- (see notes below)
they had: (possibly others)
1900-1980 Leonie
- married Philip Edward FLOOD in 1919
1902-1967 Joseph Winton
- married Kitty GARDNER in 1923
1904-1988 Verna May
- married Ernest George DOWRICK in 1922

1874-1932 Alfred George
- nothing known

1876-1897 Walter Joseph Sowry
- died aged 21
- buried Old Gorge Woodville

1878-1879 Wilfred Leonard Sowry
- died aged 14 months
- his ashes were removed from Mangatera Dannevirke and interred at Old Gorge Woodville on 3rd June 1892, the same day as his mother Hannah was moved to Old Gorge

... Hannah died about 16th April 1879 and was 'removed to Old Gorge Cemetery on 3rd June 1892' (do not know where she was buried prior to that, possibly Managatera)

... Joseph next married his housekeeper, Marthe Mathilde WILLING (nee Mortensen 1852-1890) on the 21st November 1879 at Rose Farm in Woodville

... Marthe was born in Aker, Kristiania (now Oslo) Norway
- she had been married to George Fredrick Maximillian Wolfgang WILLING in 1874 in Mackay, Queensland, Australia.
- They had Emma Elise Mathilde Willing in Mackay
- George died in Mackay in 1875 by drowning in the Pioneer River
- daughter Emma married John Thomas SMITH (changed his name to SEABRIGHT), son of Crawley SMITH & Mary GOODES on 14 Nov 1891 in the home of Mrs MOORE, Ross Street, Woodville. He died in Napier 1898. Emma next married James Edward DOBBS in Waipawa, Hawkes Bay in 1902 as his 2nd wife
- Emma is buried beside him and his son in Hautapu Cemetery Cambridge, Waikato

- Marthe was not married to Robert Owen HENTY
- they had Robert Owen WILLING (1878-1951) in Norsewood. He was fostered by Tora & Hans GUNDERSEN of Norsewood. He was a policeman in Auckland, Ongarue (between Te Kuiti and Taumaranui), Ongaonga (Hawkes Bay) & Foxton. He changed his name to Robert OWEN. He served in the Anglo-Boer War in the 9th Contingent, H Squadron. He married Eleanor May COLLINGS in Auckland 1906

Children of Joseph Sowry & Mathilde Willing were:

1880-1954 Evangeline Anna Marie Sowry
- born in Norsewood
- married Robert Anthony NOEDL (1881-1972) in 1901 in Woodville
- Robert was an optician. He was born in Wanganui to Robert Charles Noedl & Catherine Annie COOPER (see notes below)
their known children were:
1901-1990 Ivy Sylvia Noedl
- married Frank Charles THOMAS in 1929
1903-1929 Nita Mabel Noedl
- married William Henry BROWN in 1925
1906-? Walter Lawrence Noedl

1882-1961 Lavina Fredrika Sowry
- born in Woodville
- married John McCORMICK (1883-1963) in 1905
- she ran a tea rooms in Woodville
- Lavina died in Dannevirke
- she is buried Old Gorge Cemetery Woodville

1887-1912 Mabel Beatrice Sowry
- born in Woodville
- married Francis Joseph MALCON (1882-1974) in 1907 in Woodville
- Francis had 2 brothers Henry Edward & George
- he died in Hamilton, Waikato
- Mabel died from shock of induced labour
- she is buried at Old Gorge Cemetery Woodville
- her daughter Margaret Malcon was brought up by her sister Lavina
* Francis next married Ella Ballinger in Morecombe, England on 20 Oct 1918. They had a son & a daughter in Auckland. Francis died in Hamilton and is buried with 2nd wife Ella (1896-1977)

1889-1889 Ivy Woodvine Sowry
- born in Woodville
- died aged 7 days at Rose Farm Woodville
- the informant was her step sister Emma Willing Sowry
- she is buried at Old Gorge Cemetery Woodville

Marthe died in 1890 Palmerston North of pneumonia and is buried at the Old Gorge Cemetery Woodville

In 1891 Joseph next married Rhoda MITCHELL
- they did not have any children

Joseph was an architect and a builder, a pioneer/settler of Woodville, Inspector of Works for the Borough Council, he also represented the Woodville riding of the Waipawa county
He died at home in Grey St., Woodville at the age of 66
He is buried in Old Gorge Cemetery Woodville

From the HAWKES BAY HERALD - 15th March 1904
Late last evening one of Woodville's pioneer settlers peacefully passed away, Mr Joseph Sowry.
Some twenty-six or twenty-seven years ago he applied to the superintendant, the Hon J. D. Ormond, (John Davies Ormond 1832?1917) on behalf of some 33 would-be settlers for a piece of unsold bush-land of 2500 acres on the north side of the township, which was granted to what was known as the Woodville Small Farms Association in lots of from 50 to 150 acres and with only two or three exceptions these settlers and their families are with us still and are doing well, the credit of whoe selection is greatly due to the late Mr Sowry.
He took a lively interest in all that concerned the progress of the settlement, in its material, educational and oral advancement. He took an active part in forming a road board and as the township grew it was formed into a town board and ultimately into a borough and in each successive stage he has acted as chairman and mayor for a number of years.
In the eary days he also represented the Woodville riding of the Waipawa county. Latterly he was Inspector of Works for the Borough Council and it is to his foresight that many of the improvements in the town are due.
Through failing health his resignation was received a few weeks ago. He was also chairman of the Woodville School Commitee for many years evincig great regard for the welfare of the children of the district.
The cause of temperance found in him a staunch friend and advocate and through him the Rechabite Tent was established in Woodville. His religious zeal was also conspicuus. In the brave days of old when the roads were unformed and in some places were nigh impassable (McLean street North to wit) even on horseback, he opened his house on the Sunday afternoons to the occasional visits of Methodist ministers to hold services and this was continued until the school was built and the roads made passable. Thus were laid the foundations of a settlement which, although small, is a credit to the colony and in all this he had a part.
The deceased was 66 years of age and leaves a widow and several sons, daughters and grandchildren.
Others too will mourn that he is gone

A family tree for Joseph is here:

Children of Robert Charles Noedl & Catherine Annie Cooper:
Jun 1877-1956 Sarah Annie Jane Noedl
- married Marmaduke Sowry (1873-1941) in 1897 (as above)
Dec 1879-1932 Henry Charles Noedl
- married Elizabeth Arathusa HUTCHINS in 1905
- they had Lawrie Noedl in 1906. He married Stella BRINKLEY in 1927
Sep 1881-1972 Robert Anthony Noedl
- married Eva SOWRY in 1902 (as above)
Dec 1883-1927 Ernest Grant Noedl
- served in the Anglo-Boer War, Serial Number 8995
- married Louise CANTELL in 1905
- married Jean RADFORD in 1920
Oct 1885-1913 Catherine Minnie Noedl
- married Walter CHEESEMAN (1878-1961) in 1909
Aug 1887-? Louis Noedl
- born in Woodville
- married Ada BANKS in 1910
- married Gladys THOMPON in 1921
Aug 1889-1974 Lilian May Noedl
- married Bernard Edward DEW in 1911
Dec 1891-1963 Eva Noedl
- born in Woodville
- married Percy Edward FORD in 1915
Apr 1894-Mar 1982 Marion Lottie Noedl
- born in Woodville
- married Cyril NETTLEFOLD (1891-1970) in 1914
Oct 1897-? Jessie Noedl
- married John William Frederick HARRISON in 1926
Oct 1897-Mar 1898 Rupert William Noedl
- died aged 5 months

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by cbmilne33 on 2010-03-26 06:42:00

This is basically correct as my mother is Jean Rose Milne(nee Sowry).Cousin Athol Sowry etc have produced a "Leeds to Woodville:The Family of Joseph Sowry in New Zealand 1862-2005"book.

by Ngaio on 2010-11-25 13:17:09

Sarah Annie Jane Sowry, nee Noedl was my great aunt. Her sister was my grandmother, Lilian May Dew, nee Noedl. I remember staying with Aunt Annie in Wellington when I was about 7. She was very stern but very kind. Once she promised me a chocolate frog but I made the serious mistake of asking her how old she was. Apparently this was something little girls must never ask ladies and the frog was forfeited. But a while later when I was playing with some paper dress-up dolls propped against tins, I lifted up a tin and there underneath was my chocolate frog. She also told a slightly risque story to some visitors and assured them that I was too young to get the point. Actually, I did but I never told her so! I also remember Winton and Kitty who stayed with us on occasion in Waitara. I thought Kitty unbelievably glamorous. They told us about their South African safari and I remember their beautiful house in Wellington with cream carpet on the bathroom floor. Also Winton's jaguar car.Kitty was very kind. She set up a lady in a cake shop in Wellington and sometimes helped her out in the shop. I still have her recipe for bran loaf which she gave my mother, Freda Smith, nee Dew.
(I married an Englishman, George Malcolm, in India, in 1970 and have lived in the UK since 1975. Our son, Christopher and his wife and family, live in Auckland.)

by gyps61 on 2012-07-13 20:42:53

My husband is related to the Sowry family and was wondering how to get the book that Athol Sowry produced called "Leeds to Woodville" The family of Joseph sowry in New Zealand 1862-2005".

by ngairedith on 2012-07-14 02:21:00

hi gyps,

it is actually what they call a 'textbook' and is on [url=]Google Books[//url]:

Title Leeds to Woodville: The Family of Joseph Sowry in New Zealand 1862-2005
Editor Clive Sowry
Compiled by Betty Sowry, Clive Sowry, Athol Sowry
Edition illustrated
Publisher A. & B. Sowry, 2006
ISBN 047311030X, 9780473110307
Length 320 pages
Subjects New Zealand

and there may be something on that site that shows you where to obtain a copy

I would definately write to the Woodville Districts Vision Inc because they are sure to know where to get a copy. I know it is out of print BUT someone will have one they are willing to lend or copy perhaps

good luck with it

by ngairedith on 2012-07-14 02:27:50

it is actually what they call a 'textbook' and is on Google Books even :)

by gyps61 on 2012-07-14 03:55:33

Thanks ngairedith

I will follow this up.

thank you again

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