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JUSTICE marriages 1856-1942 Victoria Australia

Journal by tonkin

JUSTICE marriages 1856-1942 Victoria Australia.

JUSTICE (males)

Henry Vicars
Married: Margaret LEQUIER 1856.
Eight Issues located.
1. Mary Ann Elizabeth Lequier, born 1856, Elphinston, Victoria.
2. Margaret Ethel, born 1859, Elphinston, Victoria.
3. Jane Eliza, born 1860, Elphinston, Victoria.
4. Walter Staples, born 1864, Elphinston, Victoria.
5. Emily, born 1866, Elphinston, Victoria.
6. Catherine Amelia, born 1868, Taradale, Victoria.
7. Ellen Amelia Hannah, born 1870, Taradale, Victoria.
8. Grave Eveline, born 1872, Taradale, Victoria.

Married: Margaret STEWART 1857.
Seven Issues located.
1. Elizabeth, born 1858, Cambells Creek, Victoria.
2. John, born 1860, Muckleford, Victoria.
3. George, born 1862, Castlemaine, Victoria.
4. David Charles, born 1865, Castlemaine, Victoria.
5. Robert, born 1868, The Loddon, Victoria.
6. William Stewart, born 1870, Castlemaine, Victoria.
7. Alfred, born 1874, The Loddon, Victoria.

Married: Mary MCGRATH 1861.
One Issue located.
1. John, born 1864, Melbourne, Victoria.

Robert George
Married: Margaret CUNNINGHAM 1862.
Four Issues located.
1. Elizabeth, born 1863, Jamieson, Victoria.
2. John Bolton, born 1864, Jamieson, Victoria.
3. Thomas Holmes, born 1866, Jamieson, Victoria.
4. Robert George, born 1867, Jamieson, Victoria.

Thomas Holmes
Married: Delia Agnes MORONEY 1871.
Two Issues located.
1. Elizabeth, born 1872, St Kilda, Victoria.
2. John Bolton, born 1874, Brighton, Victoria.

Married: Mary HOGAN 1884.
Four Issues located.
1. William Joseph, born 1884, Melbourne, Victoria.
2. Joseph, born 1886, Melbourne, Victoria.
3. John Joseph, born 1889, West Melbourne, Victoria.
4. Marguerite Mary, born 1891, West Melbourne, Victoria.

Married: Ellen LEONARD 1886.
Six Issues located.
1. David Court, born 1887, Benalla, Victoria.
2. Elizabeth, born 1890, Thoona, Victoria.
3. Lucy, born 1893, Benalla, Victoria.
4. John, born 1896, Benalla, Victoria.
5. William Stanley, born 1898, Thoona, Victoria.
6. Amy Clarice Linda, born 1903, Benalla, Victoria.

David Charles
Married: Isabella MILLER 1888.
Six Issues located.
1. Margaret Lizabell, born 1889, Thoona, Victoria.
2. Flora, born 1891, St James, Victoria.
3. Reginald, born 1892, Glenrowan, Victoria.
4. David Roy, born 1895 Thoona, Victoria.
5. Harry, born 1897, Thoona, Victoria.
6. Victor Harold, born 1899, Thoona, Victoria.

Married: Mary Ann ELLINGWORTH 1891.
Three Issues located.
1. Louisa, born 1891, Thoona, Victoria.
2. Alice Wilhelmina, born 1892, Benalla, Victoria.
3. Isabella Agnes, born 1895, Benalla, Victoria.

married: Mary Ann PLANT 1892.
Ten Issues located.
1. Arthur, born 1891, Trentham, Victoria.
2. Mary Maria, born 1893, Blue Mountain, Victoria.
3. Grace Evelina, born 1895, Blue Mountain, Victoria.
4. Olive May, born 1898, Blue Mountain, Victoria.
5. Walter William Richard, born 1901, Blue Mountain, Victoria.
6. Oliver Leslie, born 1904, Blue Mountain, Victoria.
7. Arnold Victor, born 1908, Blue Mountain, Victoria.
8. Hazel Pearl, born 1910, Blue Mountain, Victoria.
9. Ronald Albert Percy, born 1912, Blue Mountain, Victoria.
10. Phyllis, born 1914, Blue Mountain, Victoria.

married: Julia CARROLL 1893.
No Issues located.

married: Sarah JONES 1893.
Three Issues located.
1. Ruby May, born 1894, Thoona, Victoria.
2. Elsie Sarah, born 1896, Thoona, Victoria.
3. Lottie Roberta, born 1898, Thoona, Victoria.

married: Maria KENNEDY 1896.
No Issues located.

married: Ellen FOGARTY 1911.
Three Issues located.
1. Margaret Mary, born 1915, Heyfield, Victoria.
2. Thomas Gerald, born 1917, Heyfield, Victoria.
3. John Bolton, born 1919, Heyfield, Victoria.

David Court
married: Ann Frances BAIN 1912.
Two Issues located.
1. Edward John, born 1914, South Yarra, Victoria.
2. Annie Elizabeth, born 1915, Flemington, Victoria.

married: Jessie Eliza ROSE 1915.
No Issues located.

married: Olive Louisa GRAYDEN 1916.
One Issue located.
1. Roy David, born 1919, Hastings, Victoria.

Victor Harold
married: Liln Myrtle WHEELET 1920.

William George
married: Rebecca Marguerite MONTGOMERY 1920.
One Issue located.
1. Dorothy, born 1920, Bendigo, Victoria.

Married: Sybil Annie MCCOLL 1923.

Married: Gladys Muriel Louisa HENDERSON 1925.

Arnold Victoria
Married: Gladys Rita ILLINGWORTH 1929.

Robert George
Married: Mary Catherine SINNOTT 1929.

William Joseph
Married: Grace COUCH 1933.

Married: Elsie May JOLLEY 1933.

Walter William Richard
Married: Daisy POPE 1936.

Thomas Gerald
Married: Monica CONBOY 1937.

Ronald Albert Percy
Married: Jeannie HOWARD 1938.

Oliver Leslie
Married: Margaret Mary NORMOYLE 1939.

Raphael Moroney
Married: May MATHIESON 1939.

William Charles
Married: Lorna Jean HEASELTON 1940.

JUSTICE (females)

Mary Ann
Married: Thomas KILLEEN 1874.
Three Issues located.
1. Robert Henry, born 1875, Taradale, Victoria.
2. Mary Ann, born 1877, Taradale, Victoria.
3. Margaret, born 1879, Coliban River, Victoria.

... See comment below from winsomegirlie.

Jane Elizabeth
Married: Thomas PEARCE 1880.
No Issues located.

Margaret Ethel
Married: Richard Henry URAND 1880.
Two Issues located.
1. Richard Henry, born 1881, Sandhurst, Victoria.
2. Margaret Ethel, born 1884, Sandhurst, Victoria.

Married: Edwin Walter MARCHANT 1892.
One Issue located.
1. Nellie Amanda, born 1893, Bendigo, Victoria.

Delia Elizabeth
Married: Percy George GARDINER 1893.
Three Issues located.
1. Percy Justice, born 1894, Brighton, Victoria.
2. Grace Margaret Agnes, born 1896, Armadale, Victoria.
3. Thomas Norman William, born 1899, Armadale, Victoria.

Emily Maud
Married: 1899 Isaac Ernest WRIGHT 1899.
No Issues located.

Married: Roady MACEY 1899.
Seven Issues located.
1. John Robert, born 1899, Ballarat, Victoria.
2. Margaret May, born 1901, Gaffneys Creek, Victoria.
3. Gina Agnes, born 1903, Gaffneys Creek, Victoria.
4. Julia Cecelia, born 1905, Gaffneys Creek, Victoria.
5. Henry Justice, born 1909, Gaffneys Creek, Victoria.
6. John Robert, born 1912, Gaffneys Creek, Victoria.
7. Francis Bernard, born 1918, South Melbourne, Victoria.

Grace Eveline
Married: Thomas Alexander BARNETT 1902.
No Issues located.

Mary Cecilia
Married: Wilfred Justice NATHAN 1906.
No Issues located.

Letitia Mary
Married: William Cornelius MOLONEY 1909.
No Issues located.

Margaret Lizabell
Married: Edward CHAPMAN 1909.
Four Issues located.
1. Islay Mary, born 1909, Cowes, Victoria.
2. Edward Justice, born 1911, Cowes, Victoria.
3. Isabella, born 1912, Hawthorn, Victoria.
4. Betty, born 1914, Brunswick North, Victoria.

Married: Patrick OCONNOR 1911.
No Issues located.

Married: William HAMMOND 1912.
One Issue located.
1. Raymond William, born 1913, Benalla, Victoria.

Margaret Mary
Married: David John MCBRIEN 1914.
Two Issues located.
1. David John Josh, born 1917, Melbourne West, Victoria.
2. George Johnson, born 1918, South Melbourne, Victoria.

Mary Maria
Married: Claude Garner MCALPINE 1915.
Three Issues located.
1. Percy Russell, born 1917, Trentham, Victoria.
2. Edna Mary, born 1919, Trentham, Victoria.
3. Arnold Vincent, born 1920, Trentham, Victoria.

Ruby May
Married: George Henry ALLOTT 1917.
No Issues located.

Olive May
Married: Vincent Reginald FLENLEY 1918.
One Issue located.
1. Dory May, born 1918, Trentham, Victoria.

Married: Thomas Frederick Charles SMITH 1921.

Married: Thomas Gerald FOGARTY 1922.

Ellen Mary Teresa
Married: Thomas Edward SCANLAN 1926.

Violet Mabel
Married: Hector George WEBB 1928.

Elsie Sarah
Married: Cyril Pawsey WESTACOTT 1928.

Hazel Pearl Victoria
Married: Charles Osborne HILL 1937.

Amy Clarice Linda
Married: Leonard John Hosking CLEMENS 1938.

Joyce Zenda Isobel
Married: William DILLON 1938.

Margaret Mary Elizabeth
Married: Les Malcolm ROBINS 1940.

Margaret Mary
Married: John Joseph MAHONY 1940.

Grace Evelina
Married: Francis John Burton TELFER 1941.

Irene Lillian
Married: Laurie Ballantyne WOOD 1942.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth and Marriage Indexes
to assist others researching the JUSTICE lines.

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by winsomegirlie on 2016-10-01 00:01:45

Hi, I am new to this site and a "babe in he woods" so to speak and not very IT literate. I am a descendant of Mary Ann Elizabeth Leguir Justice who married Thomas Michael Killeen and, if this is permitted, I would like to say that they had more issue than those listed above and one of them was my grandmother May Maria Killeen. This may be useful to some users of this site. Thank you, Angela King

by tonkin on 2016-10-01 01:24:19

Thank you for your comment winsomegirlie.
This journal only includes births located in Victoria as mentioned in my sources.

To complete their children Thomas and Mary had another four children in New South Wales and I have included them here should anyone be interested.

1. Barbara, born 1882.
2. Isabella, born 1883.
3. May born, 1887.
4. Thomas, born 1889.

Members are always welcome to make corrections and include further details to assist others with their research. This is what familytreecircles is all about.


by winsomegirlie on 2016-10-17 23:32:13

Thank you for this information tonkin. I did not realise you only wrote about births in Victoria. I went on here because I have been trying to locate descendants of my Nana's brother, Thomas Michael Killeen, but have been unable to do this. I think I am too old now for this type of site! Thanks again!

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