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APOLOGIES. To save a few hours, my corrections of trove text has been done without referring to the original articles.

It's not very often that I use trove just for fun. I did a search for Yuroke, a parish north of Swain St near Gellibrand Hill. Found a few families such as Saunders that I can't remember George Lloyd mentioning in MICKLEHAM ROAD 1920-1953. Moving on to Harpsdale, was reminded that Jack Simmie had told me that its western portion had become "Troodos*"; saw the birth notices for David Brodie's children, that his widow moved to Royal Park and that his son married Angus Grant's daughter.

*The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957) Friday 22 August 1952 p 8 Family Notices
... ENGAGEMENTS DYSON - HOLLAND - HAMILTON.-Barbara Mary, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs A K Dyson Dyson- Holland, of Troodos, Yuroke, to Edward Talbot, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. C. Talbot Hamilton, 31 Leslie road, Essendon.
As DYSON-HOLLAND came out as two separate surnames in the surname list,I rewrote it as DYSONHOLLAND. To test whether this would be effective, I did a google search for "dysonholland, yuroke" and found:

20 Sep 1954 - Killed by octopus - Trove‎
He was Able Seaman Kirk Dyson-Holland, of Yuroke (Vic), who caught an octopus about eight inches in diameter while he was wading three miles from Darwin.

The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957) Saturday 1 June 1901 p 9 Family Notices
... BRODIE-GRANT.-On the 1st May, at Bulla Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. L. M. Weir, William McKenzie, second son of David Brodie, "Harpsdale," Mickleham, to Mary Elizabeth (Cissie), second daughter of Angus Grant, "Springbank," Greenvale.
(Angus Grant was possibly related to William Grant of Craigllachie, but was not his son.)
William Fraser Grant,of Craigllachie on Tullamarine Island, was the father of Elsie May who married Percy Papworth on 25-10 1907 at Williamstown. (My PAPWORTH ETC.journal.)

Remembering that John Kerr had land in Yuroke,I gave him a run next.
Then I found notices such as these. Poor Lillian Kerr (nee Aird) had a pretty rotten 1906. Hang on,I thought, Andrew Lemon wrote in BROADMEADOWS: A FORGOTTEN HISTORY that John Kerr Jnr established "Glenallan" between Broadmeadows Township (Westmeadows)and Pacoe Vale Rd. Did he get the name of the farm wrong? No, as you will see below.

Family Notices
The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957) Saturday 9 June 1906 p 11 Family Notices
KERR - On the 8th June, John Kerr, late of "Glen Lyn", Glenroy, the beloved husband of Lillian Kerr, aged 56 years.

The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957) Monday 17 September 1906 p 1 Family Notices
DEATHS. AIRD. -On the 16th September, at his residence, "Glen Lyn," Glenroy, Robert, the dearly beloved husband of Elizabeth Aird, and loving father of Lillian Kerr,

Lillian was the wife of John Kerr Jnr.

TUESDAY, MARCH 10. At Twelve O'clock.
WILLIAM ADAMSON and Co. have received instructions from the trustee In the estate of Mr. John Kerr to SELL, as above, by PUBLIC AUCTION, through their auctioneer,
The whole of his complete working plant, Consisting of Drays, mllk waggons, waggonette, dray and other harness, ploughs, harrows, rollers, mowing machines, Held, stack and truss elevators, also barrows, milk cans, and sundries too numerous to particularise. For further details sec posters.
Win. Adamson and Co., 403 Bourke street._
(The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957) Saturday 12 March 1892 p 2 Advertising)

Like his father, John Kerr Jnr was heavily into dairying, although his operation was not as big as that of Thomas Baker of Somerton. The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957) Monday 18 February 1907 p 8 Article
... DEPLORABLE TRAGEDY. -THOUGHTLESS RIFLE PRACTICE. YOUTH CHARGED WITH MURDER. Mr. Thomas Baker's dairy farm at Somerton was the scene of a tragedy on Saturday afternoon

John Twomey owned Glenallan at the time the new shire hall was built in 1928. In 1944, R.Parkinson established the Glenallan Stud there.

Suddenly I had a feeling that I'd written about Glen Lyn previously. I had,in the journal about the Oaklands Hunt riding through Glenroy etc.and it was then occupied by the McLeans. I had wondered if the homestead was still standing. It seems as if it is.

Heritage Listed Location
34 Finchley Avenue,Glenroy, Moreland City
(Glenroy, VIC 3046 - Historic Activity Locations : On My Doorstep‎
0.5kms - Heritage Listed Location Glenlyn 34 Finchley Avenue,Glenroy, Moreland City. 0.5kms - Heritage Listed Location Greystanes 58 Belair Avenue,Glenroy, ...)

Glenlyn is of local historical significance. The house dates from the first period of suburban subdivision of Glenroy, which occurred in the 1880s, probably as part of James Chapman's Forest Hills Estate.

N.B. The Glenroy West/Jacana area, over 1500 acres, was sold by Duncan Kennedy (Donald's brother) to James Chapman in July 1887 for 76 000 pounds.

Andrew Lemon devoted many pages of BROADMEADOWS: A FORGOTTEN HISTORY to the Kerr family. A plan on page 78 shows how Donald Kennedy's "Glenroy" consisted of three farms when his widow sold it in 1886, Pasture Hill of 383 acres (occupied by John Kerr), Bayview Farm of nearly 345 acres (occupied by Thomas Stranks) and Glenroy Farm of nearly 389 acres (occupied by M.J.C. Cochrane*.) John Kerr who had been leasing in the district since about 1860 bought Pasture Hill and Bayview Farm. Judging by the Glenallan sale notice, John Snr also bought that property and John Jnr had been leasing it from him.

(In two of those amusing errors common to historians who lack decades of background knowledge of an area, both Glenroy Farm and most of today's Gladstone Park were described as being in MOONEE PONDS. In THE STOPOVER THAT STAYED, the history of the City of Essendon, Grant Aldous devoted much attention to John Cochrane, whose farm was in the shire of Broadmeadows. In A.D.Pyke's THE GOLD THE BLUE, a history of Lowther Hall, the author wrote of Peter McCracken's time (1846-1855) at Stewarton in MOONEE PONDS before moving to Kensington and establishing a dairy farm on the eastern two thirds of J.R.Murphy's "Kensington Park" (between Kensington Rd and thesouth end of Bellair St. Both confused Moonee Ponds, meaning near the Moonee Ponds Creek, with the suburb.)
N.B.The name of Stewarton was changed to Gladstone shortly after John Cock took over the lease from the Kerrs in 1892.

Place: Pasture Hill Farm / Kerrsland / St Joseph's Foundling Home ...‎
Kerrsland that was for many years the home of pioneer Broadmeadows district farmer John Kerr, a Scotsman who .... Geoghegan) College at Broadmeadows.

John Kerr built a magnificent house which still stands as part of Penola College (the renamed Geohegan College.) In its early days it was called Glenroy House, but later,probably from 1888 when the Wiseman brothers and partners were selling Glenroy Farm as the TOORAK OF THE NORTH, the name was changed to "Kerrsland".

The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957) Monday 23 August 1880 p 3 Article
... MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS. BROADMEADOWS (Shire). -Mr. George Edols, of Dunhelen, the retiring president, was again proposed, but on his declining, Mr Kerr of Glenroy was unanimously elected and briefly acknowledged the compliment after which a unanimous vote of thanks ... 116 words

North Melbourne Advertiser (Vic. : 1873 - 1894) Saturday 5 January 1889 p 3 Article
... BROADMEADOWS COUNCIL This council held their monthly meeting on Friday the 28th ulto. CORRESPONDENCE. Letter from Councillor Kerr, of Kerrsland, resigning his seat as councillor on account of ill health. The resignation was accepted and the secretary directed to convey to Mr. Kerr...

Family Notices
The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957) Thursday 13 March 1890 p 1 Family Notices
KERR.-On the 12th inst., at his residence, Kerrsland, Broadmeadows, John Kerr, beloved husband of M.G.Kerr, aged 66 years. A colonist of 37 years. ?

TROTMAN?KERR. ? On the 25th October, at the Parsonage, Lonsdale street, by the Rev. A. R.Edgar, Joseph Trotman J.P., of Waldara, Wangaratta to Margaret Grace, widow of the late John Kerr, J.P., of Kerrsland, Broadmeadows,
and only daughter of the late Rev. John Currie.
(The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957) Saturday 6 November 1897 p 1 Family Notices)

How would John Kerr's widow have known a bloke who lived at Wangaratta? Where did I start? Why,Yuroke of course.

Family Notices
Illustrated Australian News for Home Readers (Melbourne, Vic. : 1867 - 1875) Saturday 5 September 1868 p 14 Family Notices
TROTMAN.- On the 14th ult., at Glen Arthur*, Yuroke, the wife of Mr J.Trotman, farmer, of twin sons. All ... 1047 words
(*Glen Arthur is now the western half of Greenvale reservoir.)

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