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LAMMAS George married Margaret BARRATT 1877

Journal by tonkin

Information Journal.

Groom: George William Leonard LAMMAS.
Age: 21 years.
Birth place: Suffolk, England.
Status: Bachelor.
Residence: Sandhurst, Victoria.
Occupation: Draper.
Father: Leonard LAMMAS. (Occupation Carpenter)
Mother: Phoebe PUNCHARD.
Leonard LAMMAS also went by the name of Leonard BROCK.

Bride: Margaret Ann BARRATT.
Age: 18 years.
Birth place: Daylesford, Victoria.
Status: Spinster.
Residence: Sandhurst, (Bendigo) Victoria.
Father: William BARRATT. (Occupation Carpenter)
Mother: Ann BARRATT.

Date married: 28 May 1877.
Place: St Andrews Presbyterian Church, Sandhurst, Victoria, Australia.
Married: With consent of William BARRATT, father of the bride.

George's death not located at time of posting.
George may have changed his name to BROCK like his father.
Death and Burial details for George's parents Leonard and Phoebe recorded below.

George's sister, Julia LAMMAS, married John TINSLEY in 1873.
See Post:
TINSLEY John married Julia LAMMAS 1873

Margaret was born 1859 in Ballarat, Victoria.
Parents named as William BARRATT and Julia LEARY.

Margaret died 1882 in Sandhurst, Victoria.
Age: 23 years.
Parents named as William Henry BARRATT and Julia OLEARY.

Buried: Bendigo Cemetery, Victoria.
Section: Mon H5.
Grave number: 8395.
Service date: 08 May 1882.

Three children located Victoria For George and Margaret.


Margaret LAMMAS
Born: 1877 Sandhurst, Victoria.
Died: 1877 Sandhurst, Victoria.
Age: 18 days.


Julia Ann LAMMAS
Born: 1879 Sandhurst, Victoria.
Died: 1916 Eaglehawk, Victoria.
Age: 36 years.
Death: Recorded under FRANCELLA.

Buried: Eaglehawk Cemetery, Victoria.
Section: Mon C2.
Grave number: 13.
Service date: 15 June 1916.

Married: Louis Philip Edward FRANSCELLA.
Year: 1899.
Place: Victoria.
Julia recorded as Julia Teresa marriage records.
Louis's birth place given as Eaglehawk.

Louis was born 1876 in Nerring, Victoria.
Parents named as Paul FRANSCELLA and Mary Anne MEWILLIAN.

Louis died 1970 in Prahran, Victoria.
Age: 94 years.
Parents named as Paul Liberal FRANSCELLA and Mary Ann MEURILLION.

Buried: Preston Cemetery, Victoria.
Section: E.
Grave number: 3969.
Service date: 14 December 1970.

Louis is buried with second wife Kate MUNRO 1878-1965.
Louis married Kate HOOPER nee MUNRO in 1928.
Kate died 1965 in Camberwell, Victoria.
Age: 86 years.
Parents named as Alexander MUNRO and Elizabeth GODIER.

Six children located for Louis and Julia.

Margarita Julia FRANSCELLA.

Born: 1900 Eaglehawk, Victoria.
Died: 1903 Bendigo, Victoria.
Age: 03 years.
Death: Recorded as Madge FRANCELLA.

Buried: Eaglehawk Cemetery, Victoria.
Area: Mon C2.
Grave number: 13.
Service date: 07 August 1903.

Irene Mary Ann FRANSCELLA.

Born: 1901 Eaglehawk, Victoria.
Died: 1902 Eaglehawk, Victoria.
Age: 01 year.

Buried: Eaglehawk Cemetery, Victoria.
Area: Mon C2.
Grave number: 13.
Service date: 30 April 1902.

Dorothy Aileen FRANSCELLA.

Born: 1905 Eaglehawk, Victoria.
Died: 29 November 1981, Camberwell, Victoria.
Age: 76 years.

Buried: St Kilda Cemetery, Victoria.
Area: Independent.
Section: Compartment A.
Grave number: 158A.
Service date: 02 December 1981.

Married 1: Walter Roland HOLLINGS.
Year: 1927.
Place: Victoria.

Married 2: William Henry KENDALL.
Year: 1954.
Place: Victoria.
Dorothy remarried under her maiden name of FRANSCELLA.

William was born 1900 in Carlton, Victoria.
Parents named as Edward James KENDALL and Mary Ann BIRMINGHAM.

William died 27 July 1968, Eastern View, Victoria.
Age: 67 years.
Parents named as Edward KENDALL and Mary A BIRMINGHAM.

Buried: St Kilda Cemetery, Victoria.
Area: Independent.
Section: Compartment A.
Grave number: 158A.
Service date: 31 July 1968.

Marjorie Sylvia FRANSCELLA.

Born: 1906 Eaglehawk, Victoria.
Died: 15 October 1988 Ascot Vale, Victoria.
Age: 82 years.

Cremated: Fawkner Memorial Park Cemetery, Victoria.
Service date: 19 October 1988.
Cremated remains: Scattered Fawkner Memorial Park Cemetery.

Married: Thomas Maher COLLIER.
Year: 1930.
Place: Victoria.

Thomas was born 1907 in Hotham West, Victoria.
Parents named as George Thomas COLLIER and Sarah Mary MAHER.

Thomas died 04 October 1986 in Essendon, Victoria.
Age: 79 years.
Parents named as George Thomas COLLIER and Sarah Mary MAHER.

Cremated: Fawkner Memorial Park Cemetery, Victoria.
Service date: 07 October 1986.
Cremated remains: Scattered Fawkner Memorial Park Cemetery.

Elizabeth Jean FRANSCELLA.

Born: 1909 Eaglehawk, Victoria.
Died: -

Louis Philip Edward FRANSCELLA.

Born: 1910 Eaglehawk, Victoira.
Died: 1911 Eaglehawk, Victoria.
Age: Months.
Death: Recorded under FRANCELLA.

Buried: Eaglehawk Cemetery, Victoria.
Area: Mon C2.
Grave number: 13.
Service date: 20 March 1911.


Emma Elizabeth LAMMAS
Born: 1880 Sandhurst, Victoria.
Died: -

Death and Burial details for George's parents Leonard and Phoebe.

Leonard LAMMAS died 1898 in Bendigo, Victoria.
Age: 86 years.
Father unknown. Mother named as Harriet LAMMAS.

Buried: White Hills Cemetery, Victoria.
Section: Mon 11.
Grave number: 9430.
Service date: 01 January 1898.

Recorded as Leonard L BROCK cemetery records.

Phoebe Lamas BROCK.
Died: 1904 Bendigo, Victoria.
Age: 82 years.
Father: unknown PUNCHARD. Mother: Mary unknown.

Buried: White Hills Cemetery, Victoria.
Section: Mon 11.
Grave number: 8206.
Service date: 20 September 1904.

Recorded as Phoebe L Brock cemetery records.

Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, Victoria.
Bendigo Cemetery Records, Victoria.
Eaglehawk Cemetery Records, Victoria.
Fawkner Memorial Park Cemetery Records, Victoria.
Preston Cemetery Records, Victoria.
St Kilda Cemetery Records, Victoria.
White Hills Cemetery Records, Victoria.

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on 2017-06-28 23:27:48

tonkin lives in Victoria, Australia.
Please note:
Journals are intended to assist new members locate family lines in Australia and should only be used as a guide for follow up research and record searches as intended. Due to spelling and informant errors appearing in the records, typo errors and my misreading of the records mistakes must be expected. Errors will be corrected when detected or advised.

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by janilye on 2021-08-12 12:39:09

Bendigo Advertiser (Vic) Sat 18 December 1880

Margaret Lammas sought to have her husband
George Lammas bound over to keep the peace.
Mr. Brown appeared for the complainant, and
Mr. Rymer for the defendant. The evidence of
the complainant was to the effect that she had
been married to the defendant for four years.
He assaulted her on the 7th inst, and threatened
to take her life, and she felt in danger of her life.
The bench bound the defendant over in two
sureties of £10 each, and himself in £10, to keep
the peace for three months.

by tonkin on 2021-08-13 09:01:11

Hi janilye and thank you.
After all these years you never cease to amaze me with what you dig up from old newspaper reports. What happened after this alleged assault is any ones guess. We know George and Margaret had a daughter in 1880 named Emma Elizabeth, and Margaret died in 1882 at the young age of 23 years.

This journal was updated today with a few more details.
Further record searches on the LAMMAS and BARRATT lines really surprised me and will include more updates when I get things sorted out.

by tonkin on 2021-08-13 09:07:13

And what caused Margaret's death at such a young age?

by janilye on 2021-08-14 02:01:07

Hiya Tonkin, Indeed! What happened to Margaret?. I couldn't find any report on it.
I did find a report of a George Lammas sailing back to mother England.

by timoteo1957 on 2021-08-19 11:46:01

Hi, Leonard and Phoebe Lammas Brock are my great x 3 grandparents as their eldest daughter Julia Ann [JAL] partnered John Henry Tinsley [JHT] around 1860 as they had 5 children between 1862 and 1869, one dying as an infant. JAL and JHT met in Sandhurst as JAL's father Leonard leased a greengrocery and house in Bridge st Sandhurst between 1860s and 1890s while JHT had a freehold ' electric galvaniser' business also in Bridge st diagonally opposite Leonard's. I'm well curious about George William Leonard and his court appearance: domestic violence early in their marriage. Yes, George & Elizabeth had 3 daughters, only 1 surviving into adulthood but I don't yet know if she lived all her life in Sandhurst or moved away. I've yet to have it confirmed but I'm looking into a possibility that George moved to Warragul in Gippsland and died there in 1934 - I'm currently going through Gippsland cemeteries to verify this. Please share information about how long Leonard and Phoebe lived in Sandhurst as the the whole family bar Emma who was born in 1859 in Sandhurst migrated in 1857 to Melbourne. I know they lived in Canvas Town in Emerald Hill for some time before making their way to Sandhurst. Any info you have on the family and also on Martha's three husband/partners and life as a businesswoman/ singer throughout the south island in New Zealand. BTW, how are both of you related to Leonard and PhoebeLammas Brock?? Cheers, Tim Murphy, Melbourne

by janilye on 2021-08-19 21:15:38

Hello Tim, I'm not related at all, nor is Tonkin. I commented on the above with a newspaper article I found.
Hopefully the information Tonkin, myself and other researchers find and post in this forum, is beneficial to people like yourself, looking for answers to their family history question.
The advantage of Family Tree Circles is that when you ask a question, it is posted for the whole world to see.
My advice to you is- you should make your own page put all the information you have on it, including what you have written above and post it. That way anybody who knows anything with write on your page.
'BTW there are no Lammas deaths registered in Victoria since 1898 when Leonard Lammas died age 86, searching the years 1885 -1940.

by janilye on 2021-08-19 22:29:49

From Public Records Office:-
Grand Trianon ship arrived June 1857. Master Alfred Hayes. Left Southampton on the 6 February
Leonard Lammas age 42 wife Phoebe Lammas age 33
Children:- Julia Lammas age 15; Martha Lammas age 13; Caroline Lammas age 10;
and George William age 1;

by tonkin on 2021-08-22 23:56:21


George William Leonard LAMMER.
Died: 1934 Warragul, Gippsland, Victoria.
Age: 78 years.
Parents: Unknown by informant.

This George would have been the same age as George William Leonard LAMMAS
born circa 1856.

by tonkin on 2021-08-23 04:16:18

Further details located for George.

George William Leonard LAMMER
Died: 05 June 1934, West Gippsland Hospital, Warragul.
Age: 78 years.
Cause of Death: Cardiac failure.
Buried: Warragul Cemetery.
Service date: 07 June 1934.

Nothing appears on George's death certificate to indicate if this George LAMMER and George LAMMAS are the same person.

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