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LEMON marriages NZ .. Grooms

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LEMON GROOMS 1855-1938
Lemon Brides 1856-1939

Albert John Lemon
married Cornelia Angelina Lo Schiavo (1911-1979) in 1938

Albert Tauranga Lemon
born in Tauranga 23 March 1864, a month after his mother Catherine joined her husband George in NZ (see miscellaneous below)
married Johanna Mary Cook in 1902
Bay of Plenty Times, 25 June 1902
This morning a very pretty wedding was solemnised at St Mary’s Roman Catholic Church by the Rev Father Bloomfield between Mr Albert Lemon of Te Puke, youngest son of the late Mr George Lemon of this town and Miss Josephine Mary Cook, second daughter of Mr John Cook of Grey St., Tauranga. The church was prettily decorated for the occasion and was crowded with friends of both parties. The bride was attended by Miss Washer, of Te Puke, in a pale blue dress with hat to match, and by Miss Katie Cook, who wore a pretty cream silk costume, trimmed with lace, and hat to match. The bridegroom was supported by his brother, Mr John F. Lemon, of this town. The bride wore a handsome costume of cream lustre, trimmed with cream satin, with veil, and wreath of orange blossoms, the whole effect being most recherche and artistic and reflecting great credit on the taste and skill of her sister, Miss Margaret Cook, whose creation it was. After the ceremony the happy pair, amid an extra heavy shower of rice and similar tokens of good will, embarked on a coach drawn by four spanking greys with wedding favours in their headstalls, from Mr M. P. Stewart's stables, the ribbons being held by Mr G. Leggett, who drove them to the residence of the bride's father, where a large gathering of relatives and friends took place to partake of the wedding breakfast. Later in the day the bride and bridegroom took their departure for their new home at Te Puke, amid many expressions of good wishes for their future happiness and prosperity
known children
* 1903 - 1991 Catherine Margaret Lemon
* 1905 - 1990 Albert John Lemon
* Johanna died in 1919 aged 37
Albert remarried to Elizabeth Cross in 1927

Andrew Lemon
married Ellen Parr in 1855
note Possible? that the following article was this Andrew Lemon .. On the 22nd January 1866, as Mr Hebberly and Mr Beauchamp, surveyor, were surveying the coast in the Straits, on the north shore of the Middle Island, between George's Rocks and Lucky Point, they found the wreck of the missing schooner 'Sarah'. The whole of the vessel was there, but smashed to pieces. The clothes of the two unfortunate men, Andrew Lemon and Curly George, were strewed about the rocks, but all torn to pieces. A necktie was sent to Mrs Lemon, to be identified; but it was known by Mr Hebberly to be the one he usually wore. Mr Hebberly picked up a leaden pump and some bits, made of blue gum, and conveyed them to his place in Queen Charlotte's Sound, where they can be seen. Nothing was seen of the remains of the poor fellows, who had met with a watery grave.
* An Ellen Lemon married in 1869 to William Henry Byers

Arthur Frederick Lemon
married Edith Rose Lalor in 1937

Charles Henry Lemon
married Ivy Gwendoline Williams in 1923

Charles John Lemon
married Henrietta Marguerite Lines in 1923

Edward Stanley Lemon (1900-1991)
* born in Chatham, Kent
married Mercy Evelyn Vowles (1904-1994) in 1925

Edwin Lemon
married Emily Robina Hornby in 1935

Edwin John Lemon
married Evelyn Esther Frances Provis in 1937

Eric Joseph Knudson/Lemon (1907-1987)
* Born in Te Puke, a son of Adolph Gunnerius Knudson (1862-) from Norway & Mary Elizabeth Donghi (1879-1910). Eric later changed his name to Lemon after his foster parents, Thomas Lemon & Jane Elizabeth McGhie (see below)
married Rona Ruth Emmett (1912-1977) in 1931
* daughter of Clement John Emmett (1884-1968) & Daisy Appleton
Tauranga, 20 Oct 1966
Daisy Emmett died aged 78. Wife of Clement John Emmett. Mother of Phenie (Mrs Hastings, Titirangi), Rona (Mrs Eric Lemon, Te Puke), Haydon (Mrs Noel Tonkin), Russell (Scone, Australia), Sister of Ruth, Phenie & Frank
Tauranga, 15 June 1968
Clement John died aged 84. Husband of the late Daisy. Father of Phenie (Mrs Hastings, Titirangi), Rona (Mrs Lemon, Te Puke), Haydon (Mrs Tonkin, Rotorua), Russell (Sydney, Australia).

Frederick John Lemon
married Emily Dines Waterhouse in 1937

Fredrick John Lemon
married Maud Magdaline McClure in 1909
known children
* 1910 - Leslie Lemon
* 1912 - Edna May Lemon
* 1914 - Lynda Lemon

George Lemon
married Sarah Sheppard in 1859

George Lemon
married Mary Hardwick in 1880

George Henry Lemon
* son of Captain George Lemon & Catherine Meagher/Maher
married Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Mannix in 1899
Bay of Plenty Times, 20 Nov 1899
- On Nov 7th, at the residence of the bride's parents, Cameron Road, by the Rev Father Broomfield, George Henry Lemon, of Papanui, Te Puke, eldest son of the late George Lemon, of Tauranga, to Elizabeth (Lizzie), youngest daughter of John Mannix, sent., of Tauranga
known children
* 1900 - Susan Mary Lemon
* 1901 - Catherine Elizabeth Lemon
* 1902 - Veronica Emma Lemon

Harry Manuel Lemon
married Nita Helena Bowyer in 1918

Henry Lemon
married Maria Jane McPherson in 1874

Henry James Lemon
married Evelyn Mary Colbert in 1928

James Lemon
married Harriet Maria Bright (1857-1919) in 1871
known children
* 1872 - Flora Mary Eliza Lemon
* 1875 - James Lemon
* 1877 - James Lemon
* 1879 - Martha Jane Lemon
* 1881 - Samuel George Lemon
* 1886 - Walter David Lemon
* 1889 - Harriet Maria Lemon

John Lemon
married Mary Emma Sumpster in 1855
known children
* 1856 - Mary Constance Lemon
* 1858 - John Lemon
* 1958 - Herbert Lemon
* 1861 - Edith Lemon
* 1863 - Grace Lemon
* 1866 - Mabel Lemon
* 1869 - Gertrude Lemon
* 1871 - Mildred Hermione Lemon
* 1874 - Charles Lemon
* 1875 - Amy Louise Lemon

John Lemon
married Annie Josephine Hood in 1920

John Hardwick Leslie Lemon
married Myrtle Doreen Helm in 1937

John Richard Martin Lemon
married Violet Isobel Cramond in 1917
known children
* 1917 - John Norman Lemon

Leonard Camac Lemon
married Agnes Tod in 1909
known children
* 1910 - Leonard Gordon Lemon
* 1911 - Winifred Agnes Lemon
* 1917 - Rita Camac Lemon
* 1917 - Jean Tod Lemon

Leonard Gordon Lemon
married Mona Frances Cooke in 1935

Leslie Lemon
married Marata Tiffen in 1935

Mack Lemon
married Lena Hunter in 1928

Major Alfred Lemon
married Jessie Tait Stewart in 1929

Morgan Lemon
married Emmeline Best in 1916

Paul Lemon
married Rosina Margaret Jewett in 1885
known children
* 1886 - Paul William Lemon
* 1887 - Anthony Joseph Lemon
* 1888 - John Richard Martin Lemon
* 1890 - Margaret Louisa Ann Lemon

Paul Bishop Lemon
married Amy Louisa Henry in 1905
known children
* 1906 - Ruby May Smith Lemon

Peter Lemon
married Annie Leonard in 1905
known children
* 1905 - Peter Lemon
* 1906 - Eileen Elizabeth Lemon
* 1908 - Bowman Thomas Lemon
* 1911 - Leslie Allan Lemon

Peter Lemon
married Rona Mary Brenda Neave in 1928

Samuel Lemon
married Martha Camac in 1872
known children
* 1876 - Matilda Maria Lemon
* 1884 - Lilian May Lemon

Samuel George Lemon
married Jessie Smith in 1910
known children
* 1912 - Edna Florence Lemon
* 1914 - Vera Graham Lemon
* 1915 - Allan Samuel Lemon
* 1917 - Walter James Lemon
* 1918 - Douglas William Lemon

Thomas James Lemon
married Jessie Margaret Copland in 1908
known children
* 1909 - Harriett Annie Lemon
* 1910 - Doreen Lemon
* 1912 - Jean Satchell Lemon
* 1913 - Jessie Margaret Lemon
* 1917 - Walter Robert Lemon

Thomas Joseph Lemon
married Flora Elizabeth Rushby in 1878
known children
* 1878 - Flora May Lemon

Thomas Patrick Lemon
* son of Captain George Lemon & Catherine Meagher/Maher
married Jane Elizabeth McGhie (1868-1907) in 1893
Bay of Plenty, 8 Jan 1894LEMON-McGHIE - On December 30th, at Te Puke, by the Rev Charles Jordan, B.A., T.C.D., Thomas Patrick Lemon, fourth son of George Lemon of Tauranga, to Jane Elizabeth McGhie, eldest daughter of William McGhie of The Puke, formerly of Ballyalton, Downpatrick
known children
* 1901 - 1952 Jane Emma Lemon
* They also fostered Eric Joseph Knudson (1907-1987) who changed his name to Lemon (see above)
Thomas Patrick Lemon
re married to Jeannie Elizabeth Snodgrass in 1910
Thomas Patrick Lemon
re married to Maud Burkitt in 1927
Auckland Star, 28 July 1933 Mr T. P. LEMON Te Puke, Thursday. The death occurred yesterday of Mr Thomas Patrick Lemon, aged 70 years, who was born at Sandridge, Victoria, and was a son of the late Mr George Lemon, a retired sea captain, who settled in Tauranga 68 years ago. In his boyhood days Mr Thomas Lemon resided in Tauranga and as a youth went to Hawke's Bay farming and returned to settle in Te Puke about 40 years ago. He was the owner of much valuable property in the district. For many years he was Government valuer at Te Puke and was also a Justice of the Peace. He represented Te Puke Riding on the Tauranga County Council and was actively associated with the establishment of the Te Puke town district. He was a successful farmer and owned a number of properties in both the Maketu and Te Puke Ridings.
He is survived by Mrs Lemon and by a daughter, Mrs Gaskell, of Ramarama, and two grandchildren; also 3 step children - Mrs J. E. Bennett of Te Puke, Mrs J. E. Anderson of Stratford and Mr A. H. Snodgrass of Te Puke. One brother, Mr George Lemon, resides at Paengaroa and another, Mr Albert Lemon, lives in Auckland.

Thomas Sydney Alfred Lemon
married Mabel Sawyer in 1910
known children
* 1911 - Olive Lemon
* 1913 - Elizabeth May Lemon
* 1916 - Dorothy Nita Lemon
* 1918 - Leonard Clarence Lemon

William Lemon
married Gladys May Mary Andrews in 1915
known children
* 1915 - Ngaere Gladys Lemon
* 1918 - Stephen jack Lemon

William George Lemon
married Una Eleanor Agnes Jackson in 1937
NZ Herald, 25 June 1937 ENGAGEMENT The engagement is announced of Una Elinor Agnes Jackson, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs E. S. Jackson, Paengaroa, to William George Lemon, eldest son of Mr and Mrs W. Lemon, Tautapere, Southland, South Island

William George Thomas Lemon
married Florence May Crow in 1908
known children
* 1909 - Mary Ellen Lemon
* 1910 - William George Lemon
* 1913 - Annie Lemon
* 1913 - Edwin Lemon
* 1916 - Eunice Elizabeth Lemon
* 1917 - Frederick Joseph Lemon

William Henry Lemon
married Eleanor Ainsworth in 1913
known children
* 1915 - Ida Lemon
* 1918 - Vera Lemon

William James Lemon
married Ann Bishop in 1918

William John Lemon
married Eliza Camac in 1876
known children
* 1877 - Eliza Lemon
* 1879 - William John Lemon

William Newell Lemon
married Jessie Andrews in 1924

* Captain George Lemon (1825-1899), from Devon & his wife Catherine nee Meagher/Maher (1824-1918), from Dublin, married on a ship in New York in 1850 and moved to Australia. George was in NZ by 1863 when he served with the 1st Waikato Regiment, No 3 Company. Catherine and their children followed on the 'Swiftsure' in Feb 1864 and another 2 children were born here (see above)

* LEMON - On 20 July 1899, a very old settler, Mr George Lemon, died today, He had been a resident of Tauranga for 35 years and leaves a grown-up family of five sons and two daughters.

* LEMON - On January 23 1918, at her residence, Hamilton Street, Tauranga, Catherine Margaret, relict of the late George Lemon, aged 94. The friends of the late Mrs Lemon are invited to attend her funeral, which will leave the Catholic Church, to-morrow - Thursday - at 2.30p.m. for the New Cemetery

Lemon Grooms 1855-1938
LEMON BRIDES 1856-1939

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