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Alexander Winks AMON + Lottie Edith WINKS - Bulls

Journal by ngairedith

BULLS, Rangitikei
is an "Unforget-a-Bull" town, situated near Palmerston North
All through the town there?s signage that capitalises on Bulls? unique name:
* Consta-bull (Police Station)
* Forgive-a-bull (Anglican Church)
* Cure-a-bull (Medical Centre)

This journal was started to try to establish a link between Alexander Winks AMON who married Lottie Edith WINKS (just HAD to be a link I thought). Hours of research later I have come close but the actual link eludes me ... hope you can help

Alexander Parnell WINKS (1815-1891)
was born 22 Aug 1815 in Mortlach, Morayshire, Scotland
a son of Alexander WINKS and Isabel MILNE
Alexander married Jane MCALISTER (1823-1876) 22 Dec 1846 in Glasgow, Scotland (Alexander and Jane died in Wanganui)
NOTE Thought because of his middle name, Alexander was an early settler of Parnell, Auckland. That link reveals that Parnell was named after Samuel Duncan Parnell (1810-1890), who established the 8 hour working day.
There are definitely links to Parnell though as Alexander's grandson, Alexander Winks Amon (subject og this journal), married Lottie Edith Winks, a daughter of Jonathan Winks, who was for a time the Mayor of Parnell ...

ALEXANDER & JANE's known children:
... 1
1848 - 1904 John Alexander WINKS
John married Mary Jane AMON (1849-1901) 18 Sep 1871 in Parewanui
MARY's brother, Alfred Arthur Amon married John's sister Elizabeth Davidson Winks
MARY & ALFRED were children of Thomas AMON & Priscilla Wheeler BASSETT who emigrated from England and settled in Bulls, New Zealand
the children of JOHN & MARY:
* 1873 - 1956 James Winks
* 1876 - 1947 Thomas Alexander Winks
* 1878 - Alice Winks
* 1879 - Jane Elizabeth Winks
* 1881 - John Arthur Winks

... 2
1849 - 1902 Elizabeth Davidson Winks
Elizabeth married Alfred Arthur Amon (1847-1896) 19 March 1872 in Bulls
ELIZABETH's brother, John Alexander Winks married Alfred's sister Mary Jane Amon
the children of ELIZABETH & ALFRED:
* 1974 - 1923 Jane Florence Amon + Charles John George SHORT in 1900
* 1876 - 1899 Arthur Alfred Amon + Daisy Elizabeth WILSON in Parewanui 1898
Arthur died in Rangitikei of Typhoid Fever aged 23 (journal is progress)
* 1879 - 1955 Alexander Winks Amon
* 1884 - 1969 Herbert Thomas Amon
* 1889 - 1976 Ernest James Amon

... 3
1851 - 1939 Alexander Winks
Alexander possibly married Amelia KELLS in 1874 ?
if he did - their children were:
* 1876 - 1970 Alexander Winks
* 1877 - Rose Hannah Winks
* 1879 - 1959 John Foster Kells Winks
* 1886 - Eileen Amelia Winks
* 1887 - Nora Winks
* 1890 - Margaret Doris Winks
* 1894 - Florence Jane Winks

... 4
1856 - 1930 Isabella Winks
nothing known about Isabella

... 5
1859 - 1908 Anne Porter 'Annie' Winks
Annie married William Copland Alexander (1855-1907) in 1881
the children of ANNIE & WILLIAM:
* 1881 - 1936 William Copland Alexander
* 1883 - Jane Violet Alexander
* 1885 - 1918 James Frederick Alexander
* 1886 - 1973 Dora Madge Alexander
* 1889 - 1904 Eliza Hotchkiss Alexander
* 1901 - Annie Viginiti (?) Alexander

... 6
1864 - Ellen Winks
Ellen possibly married Harold Willey HUDSON in 1887
if she did, their children were:
* 1888 - 1963 William Edward Hudson
* 1896 - Edwin Hudson

Lottie Edith WINKS (1881-1960)
was a daughter of Jonathan WINKS (1825-1915), (son of James WINKS (1801-) & Mary WELLS) & of his 2nd wife, Ellen Scott ROBERTSON (1837-1926)
Jonathan was first married to Charlotte ?. They arrived into Auckland 27 April 1863 on the Nimroud, (no children listed with them). Charlotte died 2 months later, on 24 June 1863 aged 40 & is buried Symonds St, Auckland
JONATHAN & ELLEN married in New Zealand in 1876
their known children:
1866 - 1944 James Walter Winks
1868 - Elizabeth Winks
1870 - 1950 Alexander Winks
1871 - 1957 Jonathan Winks + Evelyn JOHNSTON
1873 - 1886 Mary Wells Winks
1875 - Ellen Winks + Henry MAGILL (1884-1926)
1877 - 1966 David Winks + Isabella May ALEXANDER (1887-1939)
1881 - Lottie Edith Winks

......................the WEDDING of:
Alexander Winks AMON & Lottie Edith WINKS
Observer, 15 January 1910
...A stylish wedding was celebrated at St Andrew's Church, Symonds-street, on Tuesday afternoon, when Miss Lottie Winks, youngest daughter of Mr Jonathan Winks, Selwyn Terrace, Parnell, was united to Mr Alex. Amon, of Rangitikei.
...Mr Winks, senior, being somewhat of an invalid, Mr Jack Winks gave his sister away. Mr Bert Amon supported his brother as best man.
...The bride, who had been for many years a member of the choir, was accorded a choral service, and previously had been presented by her fellow choristers with a pair of silver candlesticks as a loving token of esteem. She entered the church on the arm of her brother, and looked very elegant in a handsome robe of cr?me Pailette, with yoke and sleeves of tucked net, and having a folded corslet skirt. Over a coronet of orange blossoms flowed a handsome veil of white tulle. In her hand she carried a white Testament, with streamers of ribbon.
...Three sweet little maids - Mavis Magill, Nancy Alexander, and Iris Short, all nieces, attended the bride. They were dressed in dainty white muslins, with white crinoline hats, having lace crowns and tied under the chin with white ribbon, and carried white wands garlanded with flowers tied with ribbons.
The Rev Mr Murray impressively read the marriage service. The wedding breakfast was served at the residence of Mr and Mrs Winks, and the newly-married couple left for Rotorua on a honeymoon tour, the travelling dress of Mrs Amon being a stylish brown costume cloth, with hat en suite.
...At the church:
* Mrs Winks, mother of the bride, wore a handsome black suit, and black bonnet with pink roses
* Mrs Magill (sister) looked very stylish in a blue tussore silk gown, handsomely trimmed with lace, a white crinoline hat with band of pink velvet and white feather
* Miss Winks, rich blue silk costume, handsomely braided. With this was worn a black picture hat with pink roses
* Miss Scott looked well in brown chiffon taffeta, hat of the new shade of pink, with velvet and floral trimmings
* Mrs Scott, black cloth tailor made, stylish white hat trimmed with velvet and plumes
* Mrs McLean, brown and cr?me spotted silk, brown feather boa and very becoming hat of white chip, with lovely plumes
* Mrs Davy, black silk, pretty toques with heliotrope flowers and ribbon
* Mrs MacKenzie, striped blue and white coat and skirt, brown hat with velvet and tulle

ALEXANDER WINKS AMON died 14 September 1955 aged 75
- he is buried Plot 616, Lawn Section, Block C, Row A at Clifton Cemetery, Bulls
LOTTIE AMON died 28 April 1960 aged 69
- she is buried with Alexander (Plot 616A)

HEADSTONE of Alexander Winks AMON

(Lottie has a headstone beside his)

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by ngairedith on 2013-11-01 11:01:07

can you help with the 'link that joins' please

Alexander Winks AMON & Lottie Edith WINKS married in 1910
I thought that with those names it would make for interesting research ...
An Amon married a Winks in 1910

* Lottie's father, Jonathan Winks, was born in 1825
* Alexander's father, Alfred Arthur Amon, was born in 1847 (a generation away from Lottie's father) and he married Elizabeth Davidson Winks
An Amon married a Winks in 1872

* His mother's brother, John Alexander Winks, married his father's sister, Mary Jane Amon in 1871!!

It's probably staring me in the face but I've spent too many hours on it.
Your turn :)

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