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UPOKONGARO birth, death, marriages

Journal by ngairedith

* the Upokongaro Hotel
* the Upokongaro School
* the Upokongaro Ferry
* the UPOKONGARO Birth, Death, Marriages

this is just a few of the birth, death & marriages in Upokongaro ~ space has dictated the length of the journal ~ more pages may be added at a later date

TIMELINE for UPOKONGARO birth, death, marriages
Wanganui Herald, 11 April 1872
ROWLAND - On the 10th inst., at the residence of his father, Victoria Avenue, Percy William, youngest son of Mr Philip Rowland, aged 10 months. The funeral of the above will leave Mr Rowland's house, on Saturday, at 3p.m. W. AIKEN, Undertaker
parents: Philip Rowland & Emma Beaumont
also see his father's death July 1878

Wanganui Herald, 5 May 1874
CAINES - On the 5th instant, at his late residence, Upokongaro, Wanganui, Mr Alfred Caines, aged 39 years. Eldest son of Mr William Caines, of Pikopiko, Wanganui and formerly of Yeovil, Somersetshire. Home papers please copy. Lyttelton papers please copy.
Friends are informed that the Funeral of the late Mr Alfred Caines will leave the Masonic Hotel, River Bank, on Thursday, the 7th instant, at 3 o'clock o.m. JOHN ANDERSON, Undertaker, Victoria Avenue
born: 14 March 1845 in Yeovile, Somerset, England
parents: William Caines (1815-1894) & his 2nd wife, Mary Blake (1815-1882). William had 1st married Poite Te Ngarue
also see father at Dec 1894 & son at Sep 1888

Wanganui Herald, 3 Aug 1874
BROWN - On the 1st August, by drowning at the Ferry, Upokongaro, John Brown, native of Pittenweem, Fifeshire, Scotland, aged 43 years. The funeral will leave Mr Kennedy's Upokongaro Hotel, to-morrow (Tuesday), at 12 o'clock and the Steam Packet Hotel, Taupo Quay, at 2.30 p.m. JOHN ANDERSON, Undertaker, Victoria Avenue

Wanganui Chronicle, 16 April 1878
FILMER - On April 8, at Upokongaro, the wife of Mr Arthur Filmer, of a son
this was: 1878-1931 Thomas Hunter Filmer
parents: Arthur Filmer & Henrietta Green
Thomas died: in California, USA (as did the rest of the family)

Wanganui Chronicle, 4 June 1878
DUCKWORTH - On the 3rd June (killed by a fall of earth at Upokongaro), William Duckworth, aged 21 years
this was: William Henry Duckworth
parents: William Henry 'Long Bill' Duckworth (1828-1871, died Nelson) & Sarah Matilda Barrett (1831-1907 from NSW)
Administration Bond - filed 24 March 1879
IN THE MATTER OF William Henry DUCKWORTH - late of Upokongaro, near Wanganui, Provinical District of Wellington, labourer - deceased: Frederick DUCKWORTH of Urenui, near New Plymouth, Provincial District of Taranaki and John NORTHCOTT, of Hurangi(sic), Taranaki, seeking grant of Letters of Administration in the estate of William Henry Duckworth.
Statement of Frederick Duckworth, farmer, of Urenui, near New Plymouth:- That I am the only brother of the said William Henry Duckworth. That said deceased died on the 3rd day of June 1878 at Upokongaro, near Wanganui, intestate and unmarried. The father and mother of the said deceased did marry years ago. That I am the next-of-kin of William Henry Duckworth and to the best of my knowledge, the estate effects and credits are under the value of L100-0-0 (One hundred pounds).
of note William's brother, Frederick Duckworth (1852-1936) married Zenobia Northcott (1861-1945) in 1877. His sister Caroline Duckworth (1856-1877) married George Swann in 1876. George next married Christina Tisch (1860-1881) in 1879 & he next married her twin sister Elizabeth Tisch (1860-1946) in 1884

Wanganui Chronicle, 4 July 1878
ROWLAND - A sad and fatal accident occurred at Upokongaro near Wanganui on Monday last. A shoemaker named Philip Rowland, while crossing the yard at the back of Kennedy's Hotel, passed a horse, left standing and tied to the fence; and in passing, patted the horse's flank. The animal in kicking out struck him in the lower abdomen, inflicting terrible injuries and such suffering as could only have been relieved by instant death, The agonised groans of the unfortunate man brought assistance and the poor fellow was placed upon a couch. A messenger dispatched with all speed to town soon returned with Dr Earle, who strove ineffectually to afford even a temporary relief. Nothing could be done to save the injured man, who, in the most terrible pain, lingered for some hours and expired in paroxysms of agony.
The funeral of Philip Rowland will leave his late residence, Upokongaro, THIS DAY at 12 o'clock; and will leave the Market Square at 2 o'clock. Friends will please accept this invitation. THOS. BUSH, Undertaker, Maria Place
this was: Philip Rowland the Boot & Shoe Maker
born: 7 May 1824, St Mary's, Marylebone, London
married: Emma Beaumont (1829-1917 from Essex) in 1857 at St Leonards, Shoreditch, London and they arrived into Wellington on the Berar from London 10 May 1865

Wanganui Herald, 17 March 1879
BROOKS-THORBURN - On the 10th instant, at Christ Church, Wanganui, by the Rev T. L. Tudor, William Brooks of Upokongaro, to Frances, eldest daughter of G. Thorburn, Esqr., of Waimea Hope, Nelson (Nelson papers please copy)
this was
* William Wiremu Pere Brooks (1856-1914), son of William Brooks (1818-1865) & Ruhi Ngatara (1835-1867)
* Frances Burns Thorburn (1851-1926), daughter of George Morley Thorburn & Catherine Ann Price
also see Thorburn, 24 Dec 1896

Wanganui Herald, 31 Aug 1880
PELLEW - On the 30th August, at Upokongaro, Arthur John, infant son of John Henry and Bella Pellew, aged 13 months
this was: Arthur John Pellew, the 2nd child of 10 (8 sons)
parents: John Henry Pellew (1848-1926) & Isabella 'Bella' Brooke (1859-1946) both died New Plymouth

Evening Post, 2 Nov 1880

A little girl, nine years of age, daughter of Mr G. S. Robertson, was drowned at Wanganui, by falling from a punt, on Sunday afternoon. The family were crossing the river on their return from church at the time. Mr Smith jumped from the bank and pluckily swam to the rescue, but his efforts were unavailing and when the body was recovered life was extinct
this was Jane Campbell 'Jenny' Robertson aged 9
parents were George Sinclair Robertson (1841-1914), died Aramoho & Frances Matilda Twiname (1846-1922), died Papaiti. George was a Councillor for Brunswick, a JP and for 20 years a member of the Waitotara County Council. He was Director of the Wanganui Meat Freezing Company and the first associated with the frozen meat industry in the district. In 1904 he was Captain Robertson of Castlecliffe when sitting his exam of Military Instruction. His brother, Douglas H. Robertson was a leading merchant in Calcutta and later at the BNZ in Adelaide. George died in Oct 1914 from a long illness and his estate was valued at £14,628 (equivalent in Oct 2015 of $2,155,515)
George & Frances married in Wales 1868 & had 7 children, the last 2 in Wanganui
* 1870 - 1870 Ducan McGregor Robertson, Liscard England
* 1870 - 1958 Gilbert McDonald Robertson
* 1871 - 1880 Jane Campbell 'Jeannie' Robertson
* 1873 - 1959 Patrick Hamilton Sinclair Robertson
* 1875 - 1928 Eleanor Grieson Robertson
* 1876 - they arrived in NZ and bought the Waireke farm property on the Wanganui river, opposite Upokongaro
* 1878 - 1963 Noel Douglas Robertson, born Wanganui
* 1881 - 1970 Archibald Campbell Robertson
see the THE INQUEST for the story

Wanganui Herald, 26 Aug 1881
GREENWAY - On the 25th inst., at Upokongaro, George Thomas, only son of Robert and Elizabeth Greenway, aged 13 years. Friends are informed that the funeral will leave Upokongaro to-morrow (Saturday) at 1.30p.m., crossing the Avenue at 3p.m. - JAS. T. ANDERSON, Undertaker, Taupo Quay
parents: Robert Greenway (1840-1918) & Elizabeth Pellew (1846-1921). There were 2 more siblings born after George's death

Wanganui Herald, 30 March 1886
KENNEDY-EWING - We have to congratulate one of our oldest and most respected settlers on the auspicious occasion of his marriage. We allude to Mr John Kennedy, the kindly and genial proprietor of the Upokongaro Hotel and store, who was married this morning to Miss Ewing. The happy couple left by this afternoon's train for Palmerston North on their honeymoon trip. We wish them every happiness and a long life of connubial felicity.
John married Evie Ewing (1862-1943) who, with her mother, formerly kept the Criterion and City Hotels in Wanganui
also see his death July 1898

Wanganui Herald, 2 Feb 1888
BROOKS - On February 1st at Upokongaro, Harold Leslie Brooks, eldest and beloved son of William and Frances Brooks; aged 7 years and 6 months
this was: Harold Thorburn Leslie Brooks
parents: son of William Wiremu Pere Brooks (1856-1914) & Frances Burns Thorburn (1851-1926)
also see his parents marriage March 1879

Star, 7 March 1888
COLLINS A young woman named Julia Collins employed at the Upokongaro Hotel, was drowned this afternoon while bathing in the river
Taranaki Herald, 8 March 1888
Between 3 and 4 o'clock on Tuesday afternoon a young woman named Julia Collins, aged 19 from Turakina, cook at Rowe's Hotel, in company with her sister (Mrs Middlemas (sic, Middlemiss)) and Miss Nettie Rowlands, went to bathe in the Upokongaro creek, near the mouth of the Mangawhere Stream. It is only lately that she learnt to swim, but evidently feeling confidence in her own powers, Miss Collins swam into the Wanganui River. The current is pretty strong about there and appearing to find herself out of her depth, when a short distance out, she suddenly threw up her arms and sank. Henry McKay, barman of the hotel, who was at the time at the back, heard a woman's cry and went out, but then could see nothing. By Mr Rowe's direction, be at once rode off and gave information to the police. When he left, a number of men were doing all they could by diving to recover the body and it was eventually found about an hour and a half afterwards. Miss Collins had bathed in the same place several times before. The deceased acted as cook at Kennedy's Hotel, where her sister, Mrs Middlemas, was also housekeeper. An inquest is to be held at Upokongaro this afternoon.
* At the inquest a witness testified that the depth of the water was nearly 26 feet and he state that he dived with the intention of recovering the body but found that the water was so disturbed and discoloured that he had to desist. The verdict was accidental drowning
* BDM has her as 21
Julia's sister was Catherine Collins who married John Middlemiss in 1878. John (1855-) was born in Victoria, Australia, the 3rd of 10 children, the rest born in Nelson. He was a Chemist. They had a daughter in Turakina (1880-1965) Sister Liguori Lily Middlemiss

Hawera & Normanby Star, 17 March 1888
BOTLON - The body of a man named Bolton was found near Upokongaro Hotel this morning. He had been about the hotel yesterday but left about tea time to get his clothes from the washerwoman. It is supposed that in returning he was struck by lightning
this was: Albert Richard Bolton aged 42
of note: an Albert Bolton was up in front of a Judge in Wanganui courts on a regular basis for drunkenness & inebriation

Wanganui Chronicle, 29 Sep 1888
CAINES - At Upokongaro, on Friday, 28th September, George Albert Caines, eldest son of Mrs D. Allcott. Friends are informed that the Funeral will pass over the Wanganui Bridge on Sunday, at 2.30p.m. - J. TOWNSEND, Undertaker
FATAL ACCIDENT AT UPOKONGARO A young man named George Albert Caines met with an accident at Upokongaro last night, from the effects of which he died to-day after lingering some eleven hours. It appears that the unfortunate man was going home with a companion named Reid, with whose father he was employed, from a lime light exhibition, which was given at Kennedy's last night, when he met with the accident. Proceeding to strike a match to light his pipe, the flare, or the noise caused by igniting the the match, caused the animal he was riding to bolt. Reid followed him as quickly as possible and after going about 300 yards found Caines lying on the road in an unconscious condition. All efforts towards bringing him round proved of no avail, the unfortunate man dying this morning from concussion of the brain
George was 21
parents: Albert Caines (1839-1874) & Alice Atkinson (1849-). His mother remarried in Wanganui on 24 Feb 1877 to David Allcott

Wanganui Herald, 3 Dec 1890
FITZMAURICE - On December 2nd, at "The Poplars" Upokongaro, the wife of Llewellyn Fitzmaurice, of a son
this was: Frederick Maurice Fitzmaurice (1890-1902)
* his father was Llewellyn Abraham Fitzmaurice (1867-1953 an officer of the Australian Imperial Forces, the son of Commander Hon. Frederick O'Bryen FitzMaurice & grandson of Thomas John Hamilton FitzMaurice, 5th Earl of Orkney & Hon. Charlotte Isabella Irby, daughter of George Irby, 3rd Baron Boston & Rachel Ives Drake & back to Sir Francis Drake)
* his mother was Alice Ada Gay (-1947) from Northumberland
Frederick died: aged 11
Hawke's Bay Herald, 7 Feb 1902 A drowning accident occurred this afternoon, a lad named Maurcie Fitzmaurice, aged 11, being the victim. He went for a bathe with some other lads and got out of depth. The body was recovered. His father is in England and the deceased, with his mother and brother, were to have left in a few days to join him. At the inquest a rider was added, commending a lad named Herbert Purnell for his endeavours to rescue the deceased.
Frederick's brother: Llewellyn O'Bryen Fitzmaurice (1892-1972) served in WWI as Lance Corporal 11/586 (gained the rank of Captain) with the Wellington Mounted Rifles, later with the 43rd Reinforcements, Specialist Company, NZEF. At that time he was a shepherd for Robert Earle of Aramoho and his father's address was then c/o Lordlands, Newton Abbott, Devon, England

Wanganui Herald, 21 Feb 1891
ROWE - At Upokongaro, Feb 14th, the wife of Mr Thomas Rowe, of a son
this was: Thomas Northcott Rowe (1891-1957)
parents: Thomas Rowe & Celia Barr
Thomas married: Winifred Ellen Cunningham Wilson in 1936

Wanganui Herald, 29 June 1892
ROWE - Upokongaro, on June the 23rd, the wife of Thomas Rowe, of a daughter
this was: 1892-1957 Mary Somerville Rowe
parents: Thomas Rowe & Celia Barr
Mary married: William Charles Curtis 1921

Wanganui Chronicle, 23 July 1892
COWIE-COWPER - On the 21st instant, at St Mary's, Upokongaro, by the Rev T. L. Tudor, Talbot Henry Cowie, of Huikumu, Pipiriki, to Annie, Eldest daughter of Charles William Cowper, of Kukuta, Upokongaro
From NZETC 1897 ~ Cowie, Henry Talbot, Farmer, “Huikunui,” Pipiriki. Of Mr Cowie's estate of 1200 acres, situated fifty-six miles from Wanganui, about 900 are cleared; 1600 sheep, 140 head of cattle, and twenty horses, amongst them some good hacks, are supported on the property. A two-storied, seven-roomed house, with all necessary out-buildings, has been erected on the farm. Mr. Cowie was born in 1856 at Highgate, London and was educated at Chomley College, Highgate and the College, Torquay. After some experience with Messrs. Stewart and McDonald, of Glasgow, he came to New Zealand in 1880 by the ship “Bibbington,” landing at Wellington. Locating in Wanganui, he was employed by Messrs. Peel and Yates for twelve mouths, afterwards engaging in droving and cattle-dealing. Subequently he became manager of a station near Mt. Tongariro. He takes an interest in sporting and is a steward of the Karioi Racing Club. In 1891 Mr. Cowie was married to a daughter of Mr. Charles William Cowper, of Wanganui and has a son and a daughter.
this was:
* Annie Cowper (1859-1920), born Adelaide, SA to Charles William Cowper & Annie Eliza Kelly, died in Nelson
* Talbot Henry 'Harry' Cowie (1855-1923)

Wanganui Chronicle, 17 April 1893
GEORGETTI-SMITH - On the 13th instant, at St Mary's Upokongaro, by the Rev. R. Hermon, Antonio Marco, eldest son of Augustine Georgetti, of Papaiti, Upokongaro, to Elizabeth Ann, daughter of Joseph Smith, of Opiu, Upokongaro
From NZETC 1897 ~ Councillor Antoni Marco Georgetti, who is a member of the Wanganui County Council to which position he was elected in 1896, has been a member of the Mangawhero Road Board for about seven years, for two of which he was chairman. He was born in 1866 near Wanganui and learned sheepfarming in the district. The station at Upokongaro, known as “Whataroa,” contains 2000 acres of improved land and carries 3000 sheep. Besides this Mr. Georgetti leases 2358 acres at Waipakura, where he has 2000 sheep. He is interested generally in the recreations of the people and is a member of the local polo club. In 1893 he married a daughter of Mr. Joseph Smith, of Waitotara, who was for several years chairman of the Wanganui County Council and has one son

Wanganui Chronicle, 9 May 1893
MONTGOMERIE-MASON - On April 27th, at Clifton, Upokongaro, the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev H. Hermon, Roger Arnulph, second son of the late Captain A. Montgomerie, of Eaglesham, Makirikiri, to Annie, second daughter of A. Mason, Esq.
this was
* Roger Arnulph Montgomerie (1866-1936), son of Captain Alexander Montgomerie (1824-1890, from Ayreshire, Scotland, 10th Regiment of Foot) & Elizabeth Wright (1837-1921). Some of Alexander & Elizabeth Montgomerie's children married into the Anderson & Pellew families
* Annie/Ann Mason (1867-1958), daughter of Archilbald Mason & Anne Burnside

Wanganui Chronicle, 10 Aug 1893
SMITH - On the 8th inst., at "Te Korito" Upokongaro, Wanganui, Ada, the beloved wife of William Edgar Smith, aged 30 years
this was: Ada nee Churton
parents: Edward Churton & Emily Ealton Cochrane
Ada married William Edgar Smith in 1885 & had 2 sons

Wanganui Herald, 6 Nov 1893
ROWE - At Upokongaro, on the 27th October, Mrs Thomas Rowe, of a son
this was: John Blair Rowe
parents: Thomas Rowe & Celia Barr

Wanganui Chronicle, 30 July 1894
DICKSON - On the 27th instant, at Upokongaro, Peter Hannay Dickson, aged 33 years, late of Saughton Mains Corstorphine, Edinburgh. Friends are informed that the funeral will leave his late residence, Upokongaro, to-day (Monday), 30th instant, at 11.30a.m., and arrive at the Bridge, Wanganui, at 2.30p.m. - S. GARNER, Victoria Avenue
born 28 September 1861 at Corstorphine
his parents were John Dickson (1809-1872, Esquire of Corstorphine, died Torquay) & his 2nd wife, Mary Hannay (1819-1913). John & Mary married at Twynham 15 March 1859. This Dickson family were the last owners of Corstorphine Estate. They are buried at Corstorphine Old Parish Church. Their headstone is against the church wall
Peter married Jane 'Jeanie' Campbell (1860-), born in Wellington, 1st of 12 children of Capt James Campbell (1825-1903), Master Mariner & Margaret MacDonnell (1836-1899), on 11 June 1884 at her father's home in Wellington. The Administratrix of Peter's Estate was his widow Jane Dickson of Upokongaro. On the motion of Mr Fitzherbert at the Supreme court in Wanganui, 13 Aug 1894, re Peter Hannay Dickson, deceased, the letters of administration were granted to her

Wanganui Herald, 5 Dec 1894
CAINES - On the 4th December, at his residence, Upokongaro, William Caines, aged 80 years. The funeral of the above will leave his late residence for interment in the family's private cemetery, Upokongaro, at 2.30p.m. on Thursday, the 6th December - JOHN JAMES, Undertaker
born: 1815 in Yeovil, Somerset, England to Samuel Caines & Sarah Ann Dixon
William married: Poite Te Ngarue of Wanganui
also see son at May 1874 & grandson at Sep 1888

Wanganui Herald, 15 May 1895
ROWE - At Upokongaro, on May 6th, 1895, the wife of T. Rowe, of a daughter
this was: Elizabeth Grace Rowe
parents: Thomas Rowe & Celia Barr

Wanganui Chronicle, 19 Sep 1895
WALLACE - On the 19th instant, at Wanganui, Edith, beloved wife of John Wallace, of Upokongaro, aged 23 years
this was: Edith Ida Burns
parents: John Burns of Durham, England & Mary Ann Spry from South Australia
Edith married: William 'John' Wallace 27 Jan 1892
OBIT of husband, William 'John' Wallace ~ born 28 Sep 1858, third son of John Wallace & Esther Maise. He lived at Firgrove and went to Matarawa School. He went farming at Upokongaro where he met (and in 1892 married) Edith Ida Burns. Edith and John had 2 daughters. Emily Evelyn Wallace (1892-) and Ethel Wallace (1894-1897) but Edith died in 1895 aged 23 and the daughter died in 1897. Edith and her daughter are buried in Wanganui.
William was recorded in the Electoral Rolls as a Station Manager at Turakina from 1896-1914. In December 1898 John married again, to Rosina Martha Peachey aged 17. They had 10 children, their last son was born in Wanganui in 1920. John died in 1930 and Rosina in 1945.

Wanganui Chronicle, 24 Dec 1896
THORBURN - At Upokongaro, on the 23rd instant, George Thorburn, late of Nelson, aged 65 years. Friends are informed that the funeral will leave the residence of his son-in-law at 11a.m. to-day (Thursday), arriving at the Bridge at 1p.m. - JOHN JAMES, Undertaker
this was: George Morley Thorburn
parents: Jeffrey John Thorburn (1795-) & Frances Morley (1800-) of Dumfries, Scotland
George married: Catherine Ann Price (1834-1879 from Isle of Wight. Catherine died after a long and painful illness at Waimea Hope, Nelson on 5 June 1879 aged 45

Wanganui Chronicle, 9 April 1897
OWEN-McKELVIE - On March 31st, at St Mary's Church, Upokongaro, by Rev. H. Hermon, Charles Owen, only son of Hayward Arthur Owen of Upokongaro, to Caroline Mabel McKelvie, fifth daughter of the late John McKelvie, of Rangitikei
ORANGE BLOSSOMS An interesting and pretty wedding was celebrated at the Upokongaro Church yesterday, when Miss Mabel McKelvie, fifth daughter of the late Mr John McKelvie, of Parawanui, was married by the Rev Mr Herman to Mr Charles Owen, of Upokongaro. Long before the time appointed for the ceremony the building was crowded with interested spectators and friends of the bridegroom. The church had been tastefully decorated,and a pretty floral arch had been erected over the church gates by the residents as a gift to the bride. The bride was conducted to the altar by her brother, Mr Lynn McKelvie, and was attended by her sister Miss M. McKelvie as bridesmaid. The bride, who was given away by her mother, Mrs D'Anvers, was handsomely dressed in a charming costume of white lustre, trimmed with lace with the orthodox veil and orange blossoms. She carried a lovely shower bouquet, and wore a diamond pin, gifts of the bridegroom, who also presented an amethyst brooch to the bridesmaid. The latter was attired in a becoming costume of white serge, trimmed with white ribbons and white straw hat to match. The bride's mother was stylishly dressed in grey Irish poplin, with jet trimmings and jet bonnet to match. Mr Gilbert Robertson acted as best man, and was the recipient of a silver matchbox from the bride.
As the newly-wedded pair walked down the aisle, the air was thick with fragrant rose leaves and the joyful strains of Mendelssohn's Wedding March pealed from the organ, which was presided over by Miss Gribben. At the conclusion of the ceremony the wedding party and guests were entertained at Calworth and en route were greeted with three hearty cheers from the workmen assembled on top of Mr Owen's new residence. The usual toast of the health and future happiness of the bride and bridegroom was proposed by the clergyman who officiated at the marriage ceremony. Mr and Mrs Owen left by the mail train after receiving the best wishes of the guests assembled. The numerous and costly presents received by the bride attracted generally admiration.
* Caroline 'Mabel' McKenlvie (1876-1949) was the 6th of 9 children of John McKelvie (1813-1892) & Selina Elizabeth Amon (1845-1905). Selina remarried in 1893 to Roland D'Anvers (1844-1928)
* adding Caroline's siblings here:
(because many names they married into were also in Upokongaro)
* 1863-1919 Edith McKelvie + John Hammond (1857-1886)
- children married Stevens (2) & Calman
* 1866-1943 Esther McKelvie + James Bull (1866-1946)
- children married Kellick, Green & *Elizabeth Grace Rowe
* 1869-1896 Grace Elizabeth McKelvie + Harry Arthur Ewen
* 1871-1935 James Flockhart McKelvie + Jessie Florence Scott
- children married Russell, Gibbons, Cameron & *Donald Rowe (son of Thomas Rowe & Celia Barr)
* 1873-1964 Jeannie Priscilla McKelvie + Thomas Andrew Duncan (1874-1960)
- their children married Hatrick, Amon, Ramson, Leuch
* 1876-1949 Caroline 'Mabel McKelvie + Charles Owen (1868-1933)
- children married Kirrage, Rann

* 1880-1945 Lynn Rutherford McKelvie + Olive Rebecca Burns (1882-1937)
* 1882-1882 Harold McKelvie
* 1884-1960 Margarite May 'Rita' McKelvie + Dudley Innes (1873-1969)
- children married Coyle, Crombie, Hammond, Brown

Wanganui Chronicle, 8 March 1898
OWEN - At Ruapatikeu, Upokongaro, on March 6th, the wife of Charles Owen of a son
this was: 1898 - 1979 William Thomas Owen
parents: Charles Owen & Caroline Mabel McKelvie, also read April 1897
William married: Edith Catherine Kirrage 5 Nov 1932 in St Peter's Church of England, Eastern Hill, Melbourne & had 1 child. Charles & Caroline Owen were then living in Normanby Rd., Kew, Melbourne

Wanganui Herald, 7 May 1898
CALDWELL - On the 6th instant, at the Wanganui Hospital, James Caldwell, of Lanaroa, Upokongaro, aged 43 years. A settler names James Caldwell, of Makirikiri, near Wanganui, was run over by a dray yesterday. He was taken to the Hospital and died last night. He was 43 years old and leaves a wife and family
born: Glasgow, Renfrewshire, Scotland
married: Janet Clement Gemmell (1860-1927) in 1880 & had 8 children (5 sons)

Wanganui Chronicle, 11 June 1898
ANDERSON-HURSTHOUSE A wedding which created much interest in social circles in New Plymouth was solemnised at St. Mary's Church on Wednesday afternoon last, the contracting parties being Mr Anderson, of Wanganui, and Miss Helen Hursthouse, of New Plymouth. The Rev. F. G. Evans performed the ceremony. The bride, who was handsomely attired in a pretty cream brocaded mervelcuse dress, and white felt hat trimmed with ostrich feathers, was given away by her mother, who was dressed in black bengaline. The Misses Hursthouse (2), sisters of the bride, acted as bridesmaids. They were dressed in white crepe trimmed with white satin, and black hats with variegated roses. Each carried a pretty bouquet of yellow flowers, and wore a handsome sapphire brooch, the gifts of the bridegroom. Mr W. Gordon Glassford acted as best man. At the conclusion of the ceremony the party proceeded to the residence of Mrs Hursthouse, where a number of friends sat down to breakfast, and the health and happiness of the happy couple were warmly toasted. Included in the large number of costly presents was a pretty cut glass and silver butter dish, presented to Miss Hursthouse by the boys of St. Mary's choir.
this was:
* Alexander Geekie Anderson (1867-1927) from Blairgowrie, Perth, Scotland
* Helen Maria Hursthouse (1872-1932) a daughter of Charles Wilson Hursthouse & Ellen Humphries.
* Alexander & Helen had 5 children around Upokongaro

Wanganui Chronicle, 21 July 1898
KENNEDY - On 18th July, at Picton, Marlborough, John Kennedy, late of Wanganui, beloved husband of Evie Kennedy; aged 73 years. Interment private
FUNERAL: THE LATE Mr J. KENNEDY, formerly of Upokongaro, was buried in the Karori Cemetery this afternoon. Several old Wanganui residents followed in the funeral procession
OBITUARY: John Kennedy took over the Upokongaro Hotel from William Caines in 1866. It was known as Kennedy's Hotel or Kennedy's Upokongaro Hotel. The town of Upokongaro was originally known as Kennedy
also see his marriage March 1886

Wanganui Chronicle, 4 March 1899
OWEN - On March 2nd at Ruahatekai, Upokongaro, the wife of Charles Owen of a daughter
this was: 1899-1983 Kate 'Elizabeth' Owen
parents: Charles Owen (born 1868 NZ, died 1933 Melbourne) & Caroline Mabel McKelvie (1876-1949). The Owen family left NZ for England in 1907 then emigrated to Australia in 1927, obviously some returned. Kate's parents married in the Upokongaro Church 1897. Roland was the 5th son of Frederick Samuel D'Anvers, who was connected with the East India company. Roland was born in 1844 in Middlesex, England and was educated at Canterbury before coming to NZ in 1864. Initially he farmed in the Hawkes Bay area before settling in Rangitikei, where he met Selina. She died in "Culworth" Makirikiri

Wanganui Chronicle, 12 April 1899
ANDERSON - At Knollmere, Upokongaro, on Monday 10th, the wife of A. G. Anderson of a son
this was: 1899-1986 Laurence Chapman Anderson
parents: Alexander Geekie Anderson (born 1867 Blairgowrie, Perth, Scotland - died 1927 Wanganui) & Helen Maria Hursthouse (born 1872 New Plymouth - died 1932 Wanganui)
Laurence married: Ella Campbell Hughes in 1929, farmed at Parihauhau

Wanganui Herald, 28 March 1900
ROWE - On March 26th, at Upokongaro, the wife of Mr Thomas Rowe, of a son
this was: Donald Rowe (1900-1982)
parents: Thomas Rowe & Celia Barr

Wanganui Herald, 23 May 1901
: The many friends of Mr Thomas Rowe, of Upokongaro, will learn with regret of his rather sudden demise at an early hour this morning from hear disease. The deceased, who had not been in good health for some time past, was taken suddenly ill at 11 o'clock last night and never rallied, passing away at 1 o'clock this morning. For many years the late Mr Rowe represented Sargood and Co. on this coast and was widely known and respected by a large circle of friends. On retiring from the road he purchased the Upokongaro Hotel and store from the late Mr John Kennedy and has resided there ever since, making many friends by his sterling qualities and genial dispositions. Some years since Mr Rowe married a daughter of the late Mr john Barr, one of Wanganui's oldest and most respected residents, who is left with her young family to mourn the loss of her husband. In business Mr Rowe was a man of probity and energy and greatly respected by everyone having business transactions with him. He will be much missed at Upokongaro and by his many friends in Wanganui. To his mourning widow and relatives the deepest sympathy will be felt in their sad bereavement, in which we sincerely join. Friends are informed that the funeral will leave St Mary's, Upokongaro, on Saturday, at 11.30a.m., for the Wanganui Cemetery, to reach the Bridge at 2.00 o'clock - William Calman, Undertaker
Thomas married: Celia Barr (1856-1936) 10 Sep 1889 & had 7 children (4 sons)

Wanganui Chronicle, 15 July 1904
WATTS - On the 14th inst., at her sister's residence, Ingestre Street, Frances (Fannie) Henrietta Watts, fourth daughter of the late Francis Henry Watts, of Upokongaro
this was: Frances Henrietta Watts aged 38
parents: Jessie Reid Small (1834-1891) & Francis Henry Watts (1830-1867). Francis arrived into New Plymouth on the `William Hyde' in March 1852 as a 22 year old Cabin & Paying Steerage passenger. He kept a diary of the passage which is held by the National Library of NZ.

Star, 2 May 1905
IZARD-MONTGOMERIE - April 25, at Upokongaro, near Wanganui, William Arthur Izard, eldest son of William Izard, of Christchurch, Barrister at law, to Sybil Susannah Montgomerie, youngest daughter of the late Captain Montgomerie, of Eaglesham, near Wanganui.

Wanganui Herald, 16 Oct 1905
ANDERSON - At Knollmere, Upokongaro, on 13th inst., the wife of A. G. Anderson of a son
this was: Wilson Hursthouse Anderson (1905-1940)
parents: Alexander Geekie Anderson & Helen Maria Hursthouse (more info on them elsewhere in this journal)

Waihi Daily Telegraph, 16 Dec 1908
FORD - While patrolling the Upokongaro side of the Wanganui river, on the occasion of the sculling race on Tuesday, Constable Fitzpatrick was informed that a man had been found lying on the side of the road about one mile above the Upokongaro Hotel. On making investigation the Constable found that the man was dead and as the result of inquiry, ascertained that deceased, whose name was James Ford, had been employed as a labourer by Mr H. M. Speed, farmer, of Makirikiri. It appears that deceased went up the river to view the boat race from the starting point on horseback, accompanied by Mr Thomas Kennedy, farmer of Waverley. After the start of the race, Mr Kennedy missed him and at the conclusion of the race deceased was found on the side of the road near the winning post by Messrs G. Shepherd and E. Ferry. He was still living and the riderless horse was found further down the road. The ground where deceased was found is very rough, large lumps of rushes growing there and apparently the horse stumbled and deceased was thrown. Mr Kennedy state that Ford was perfectly sober at the time of his death and his employer, Mr Speed, state that deceased was a total abstainer. Deceased is said to have a brother residing in Auckland and another up the Main Trunk line, but their addresses are not known
this was: Thomas Ford aged 40
parents: possibly John Ford & Eliza Dowen

Hawera & Normanby Star, 4 March 1910
LAURENT - The body of George Laurent, a Mexican half-caste, who is alleged to have attempted to blow up the Upokongaro Hotel with dynamite, was found in the river on Saturday
read March 1910 on Upokongaro Hotel

Wanganui Chronicle, 13 Aug 1910
FARLEY - At Upokongaro, on 7th inst., to Mr and Mrs James Farley, a son. Both doing well
this was: 1910-1979 James Edmund Farley
parents: James Francis Farley (1875-1945 from Australia?) & Kathleen Gertrude Morgan (1886-1962 of New Plymouth)
James married: Myrtle Good & had 7 children

Hawera & Normanby Star, 16 Feb 1914
The body of a man named BERT JONES, drowned in the river at Kaiwhaike on Tuesday, was found at Upokongaro this morning
this was: Bert Jones aged 27
Wanganui Chronicle, 17 Feb 1914
An inquest touching the circumstances surrounding the death of a roadman named Bert Jones, who was drowned in the river at Kaiwaiki Pah on Tuesday, Feb 10th, was held before the District Coroner, Mr W. Kerr, yesterday afternoon.
Evidence was tendered by Timothy Hogan to the effect that deceased was employed by Mr McCullam, road contractor. At 9 a.m. of the 10th inst., witness and the deceased walked to the Upokongaro Hotel. There they stayed till noon and had four or five long beers. When they left they took three bottles of beer and a bottle of whisky. They had some of this on the way to their camp. They reached a point opposite to their camp at about 4.45 p.m. and deceased called across the river to a boy named Stanley McCullam and asked him to bring a canoe to convey witness and deceased across. When the boy and the canoe arrived, witness said he would not fo across in it for he thought it was unsafe. When deceased got in he commenced rocking the canoe and the boy told him to stop. Witness then went away to get some Maori to pull him across.
The boy referred to, Stanley McCullum, gave evidence corroborating that of the previous witness up to the point when Hogan said he went away. Then, the boy said, Jones commenced to rock the canoe and it sank. The canoe came up upside down and Jones held on to it. Witness swam ashore and ran for help. When he came back in a Maori canoe with some natives, the deceased had sunk.
The camp cook, Joseph Smith, said he was standing on the camp side of the river and witnessed the whole incident. In addition to the previous given, he said that deceased hung on to the canoe till it had floated for two chains down the river.
Constable Barry gave evidence as to finding the body about a mile above the Aramoho bridge on Sunday. He said he had made inquiries at the Upokongaro Hotel and he was quite satisfied that the men left there sober. A half-filled bottle of whisky was found on the body when it was picked up. The Coroner returned the following verdict "Accidentally drowned, through his own recklessness while under the influence of drink"

St Mary's Anglican Church, Upokongaro
Looking over the Wanganui River towards the settlement

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