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Looking for Griggs/ Pollard and Hocking families connected to the Appleton family

Query by Janet10

My 3x great grandfather is David Appleton, born in Devonport 1794
He married Mary Ann Munyard in Deptford, Kent, UK and appears to have been a mariner with the Royal Navy.
When he retired he worked for Somerset House as a clerk for the Navy at Devonport.
He and Mary had at least 5 children - one has Hockin as a middle name.
George became a doctor in London and worked in Cornwall in Helston and then Landewednack on the Lizard, Cornwall.
He first married Emma Tredwin, she died 2 years after their marriage (cause unknown)
He then married Martha Maria Ellis from Helston, where her parents ran (I believe the name was The Dukes Head Inn) an inn in Meneague Street (now owned by Betfred!!) and all I have gleaned is that there was a fire.
George is my 2 x grandfather and whist I can trace most of my family from David and Mary Ann, I simply can't trace the names of David's parents and where he originated from, even though he was apparently born in Devonport.
It was a time of battles at sea and I almost assumed that maybe he lost his father at sea but I don't know his name for sure.
I think I found a record of a John Grigg Appleton (?) staying at Penmennor Hotel at Lizard Point, next door to the home George and his family lived. I think a relative? Big coincidence...
If anyone can help in any way I would be most grateful.
Janet (nee Appleton)

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by Janet10 Profile | Research | Contact | Subscribe | Block this user
on 2012-07-09 18:25:07

Researching Appleton, Griggs, Ferris, Tippett and Ellis families.
I live in Cornwall UK, and can be of assistance should you want info that I can find.
My families in Cornwall were doctors, farmers, sea men and tin miners, and that is just scratching the surface....

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by ALV on 2012-07-09 18:43:19

I believe this may be your David.Stoke Damerel (now just Stoke, Plymouth) was part of the parish of Devonport.

name: David Appleton
gender: Male
baptism/christening date: 20 Apr 1796
baptism/christening place: STOKE DAMEREL,DEVON,ENGLAND
birth date: 14 Dec 1793
father's name: David Appleton
mother's name: Mary

by ALV on 2012-07-09 18:45:33

And here's your Griggs connection. His mother's maiden name.

groom's name: David Appleton
bride's name: Mary Grigg
marriage date: 03 Dec 1792
marriage place: Stoke Damerel,Devon,England

by Janet10 on 2012-07-09 18:47:29

Thank you Alv

I have that record but it is the evidence I do have other than census and marriage records. I believe Stoke Damerel was also the Gretna Green of it's day with Napoleonic wars etc and many marriages also at Stoke D.

Thanks again - same wavelength :-)

by Janet10 on 2012-07-09 18:48:48

wow - where did you get that Mary Grigg from?? I have hunted and hunted.....

by ALV on 2012-07-09 18:56:54

Via FamilySearch https://familysearch.org/search/records/index#count=20&query=%2Bgivenname%3ADavid%20%2Bsurname%3AAppleton~%20%2Bmarriage_place%3ADevon~%20%2Bmarriage_year%3A1780-1794~%20%2Bspouse_givenname%3AMary~

by Janet10 on 2012-07-16 21:00:20

Thank you for your responses.
I can now say that I am beginning to understand the Grigg family.
I have still to find the link with Pollard and Hocking but I'm sure it won't be long.

I am still researching Ferris (boat builders at Feock, Cornwall, Ellis - brewers from Hayle and the Tippett family, who were miners and had to up sticks regularly to chase tine - many emigrated to USA and Australia for mining opportunities.
I would be grateful for any help with any of these families.
I have now discovered umpteen doctors and surgeons, farmers and miners, and even a vicar - all of whom lived to close to where I now live.

Just up the road there is a tiny village called Gwithian and I have traced some family that I knew nothing of, and I shall be taing some photos of 400 yr old grave stones for anyone who is interested.

One wee snag and that is the origin of the Appleton family. The original had a father called David also - I think maybe Otterbourne in Hampshire but won't take a chance just yet,

Good luck everyone...

by lynpuff on 2013-01-20 22:33:15

Just found this site and your query was very exciting as I just today finally found that Eliz H Pollard was Elizabeth Hocking (Appleton)Pollard of Deptford, Kent, Eng! The link is as follows: John G Pollard (bapt John Grigg Pollard) was b St Ive/Menheniot, Liskeard, Cornwall 1858 to Thomas and Elizabeth W Pollard. Elizabeth was Eliz Wilcocks Grigg, b abt 1827; Thomas was b abt 1818 St Ive/Woolston. They are in the 1841-1901 Census records with 3 dtrs and 7 sons completing the family. Sons Frederick, Harold, John and Edward as well as Father Thomas, came to Canada 1888 to homestead. The families are in the Canadian Censuses 1891-1916 with Harold and Edward making their way to Idaho and Washington, USA abt 1898 (see US Census 1910-1940). Fred stayed in Alberta and he would be my husband's GreatGrandfather. John G went back and forth between Eng and Canada, eventually passing in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 1932.If you use Ancestry.com and search for UK Civil Divorce Records 1858-1911, you will find the petition served by Eliz to John G in 1886 (marriage was 20 May 1879 at Ellecombe Church Torquay, Devon). The marriage was of an abusive nature as you will see in the text. There is also a copy of the marriage record and an affidavit 1881 naming Geo Appleton vs John and Eliz Grigg Pollard attached. Names and places are described that are probably meaningful to you; unfortunately I am not familiar with the locales at all. I can provide much more detail re: Pollards if you so wish - I am just thrilled that I was able to identify the elusive Eliz H Pollard today!!!

by Janet10 on 2013-01-20 23:00:08

Hi Lyn
I am so glad to help someone else for once!! :-)
I have discovered most of that part of mt tree but there are some that I have missed. Do you use Ancestry? My user name in there is JanetHammond10 (or something close) It's Janet's global tree anyway. A lot of the Griggs, Appletons were doctors and it certainly shows up in each generation at least once.
I don't like to think of there being an abusive marriage but I guess it must have happened far more often than we would care to know.
Thank you for the additional things to look for as well. I haven't yet read all those details.
Good luck with your search - you are more than welcome to use my tree in Ancestry. We have to be related too so I'll close for now CUZ and hope to hear from you again.

by lynpuff on 2013-01-24 00:58:44

Tx Janet,
I have been fortunate to be at my son's helping with childcare as the latest arrival (little girl, Kiera Pollard, now 15 days old)settles in. During the quiet hours I have been logging onto Ancestry.ca and progressing my research. I intend to finally get electronic and download the info I have amassed over the years!I live near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - are you in England? (thank heavens for Googlemaps!) I wasn't able to determine if John G and Eliz H were in neighbouring districts at all ie: how would they even have met?? Would you be able to help me understand the geography at all? BTW, I still need to confirm the reference for John G having dc in Vancouver - it will require a letter to get a copy of the details since the reference from the index did not specify John Grigg Pollard in full (but I couldn't find him in Eng or USA either). A pleasure to have spoken with you! Lyn

by Janet10 on 2013-01-24 14:13:14

Hi Lynn
Do you have an email address I can write to? I think the advice you were given by your other source had the wrong family, naming Cramlington as a place of residence. That is the wrong Thomas Pollard if the Griggs are related to you.
Menheniot/Liskeard/Saltash/St Ive are all places that Thomas Pollard who married Elizabeth Wilcocks Grigg. I'm not sure where he was born - it says St Ive in the census records (which would make sense of the places they met. (By the way, in Cornwall there is a St Ive near Looe and Liskeardand a St Ives down in West Cornwall, near where I live in Hayle (you can google that:-) so yes, I live in Cornwall, UK.
I really want to be able to send youprintouts that I have done for you. Can I send them by post?
Last, but not least, CONGRATULATIONS on becoming a grandmother to Kiera and WELCOME to the world little baby.
Best wishes
Janet (you can send stuff to me on my email address in complete privacy) xx

by lynpuff on 2013-01-28 02:37:01

Yes please - use lynpuff@shaw.ca. I was aware of the St Ive and St Ives placenames similarity b/c many years ago I was contacted by a lady who was quite insistent that we had common relations however I had been careful in my research and as I 'connected the dots', I realized that her Pollards were from the St Ives area while mine herald from St Ive/Liskeard with a farm at Woolston and Trethwale and the children's births were at Menheniot. I also watch out for occupation - my Pollard families are typically farmer folk and there are also a bunch, non-related as far as I know, that are miners. (with the exception of John Grigg Pollard who was in Wales 1901 census Newport Monmouthshire doing some mining work. He also applied for a homestead here in Western Canada 1888 and also was a member of the NorthWest Mounted Police for a year or so, following which he was destitute and tried to make his way back to England. Unfortunately I have not got solid data as to where he went after 1901 as yet b/c he had a brother in Alberta, another one in Idaho, another one in Washington and another one in Massachusetts). I do not recognize your 'Cramlington' reference- did someone offer info in that regard? In which case,I haven't seen it. The info that you have available - is it something that can be scanned and emailed or is it preferable to post? I would be very grateful to receive it either way! Home address is Lyn Pollard 9204-97 St Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada T8L 1S7. I hear that Cornish pasties are the best treat in the world - would you say that is true?? All for now; many tx!! lyn

by Janet10 on 2013-01-28 17:27:58

Cornish Pasties??? Proper job!! :-) You can order them from Cornwall I expect, and you surely have a recipe? Recently been a bone of contention in Cornwall when to Govn slapped tax on hot foods being sold - Pasties were hit, staple diet of a lot of town folk and visitors seem to love them. You the history of the pasty?
Good evening Lyn - I have been trawling through the Griggs family to reassure myself that it is all correct. It is so confusing - there is a line of Johns having Johns for 6 generations... I wonder if you have more info than me actually.
The John Griggs Pollard proved to be quite interesting since I had read a lot of the forms - I think he was a good bit younger than her, and it's plausible to believe he could have married her for her money. She wouldn't have been short of a bob or two. I believe the Grigg family fell on hard times when a father died leaving a farm to be run by four brothers - this worked for a while but it soon became too much and poverty struck. I will look into that a little more - I haven't really searched for him after the divorce (it was a bit of a shock to read all those petitions to a court, rather sad .....) I will keep up the work and when I am a little more certain I will send it to your email address.
btw - I think a Grigg who might be cousins to ours (making them ours too I guess) ended up in Yorkshire and Cramlington - I think the other contact you had might have mentioned them. I seem to have lost the Welsh bit - I've been deleting all the family bits over and over and creating too many trees in my name....tut
I'll get back to you soon Lyn. Hope all is well with you. Janet x

by lynpuff on 2013-02-02 03:17:35

Hi Janet, It took me forever to discover Eliz W Pollard was "Wilcocks" - that gave me both Grigg and Wilcocks to connect up. I didn't delve into that further as it was back in the days of reading microfiche at the LDS (todays searches are a breeze by comparison!!)I began a little history of the Pollard Cornwall-Canada connection for you but am delayed by confirming the research for complete accuracy (such as converting the homestead land descriptions to the modern locations so that you can peek at them on a map - to make sure the info was correct I needed to visit the National LAC site; the Saskatchewan Provincial site; the Alberta Provincial Archive site; plus the Glenbow Museum in Calgary. Nothing that wasn't req'd prior to my intention to post to an Official Family Tree but I was surprised at how one thing kept leading to another. I spent the last 2 days unravelling the 'Where did Jane Pollard (b1865)' mystery - made a huge stride fwd when I discovered the 1901 census transcript was erroneous - Jane Pollard had morphed into Paul Pooland!!But I was thrilled to have at last found her!! Do you think your Jenny Pollard in Liskeard would know if Woolston and Trethawle are still operational? I sure w/b curious to know. BTW, the Bisley was a big item for Fred Grigg Pollard (GGrandfather) and Fred Gillies Pollard (Grandfather)and they won the Dominion Championship in Manitoba 1910. I found a site online abt Bisley but no Pollards were mentioned in what database there was. Do you know if there is a better way to search those records?? Found Hayle on Google - looks to be quite a lovely part of the world! Cheers, lyn

by mikegunnill on 2016-01-19 13:32:58

I wonder if you could assist. I am searching for a Thomas Pollard of Menheniot. I have seen his Will, dated June 9th 1809. I think he was married to Elizabeth W Pollard of Liskeard, Cornwall. Thomas was a master shipwright and I am trying to get a birth and death date without success. Grateful for extra assistance please. My research has come to a complete stop.



by lynpuff on 2020-01-09 05:31:11

Hi Mike,
Just getting Family Tree Circles again and noticed your query. The Thomas Pollard who married Elizabeth Wilcox (Grigg) Pollard was born 1817 St Ive/Trethwale. Elizabeth was born 1827 and she was of the Grigg family. See janet and my email info above. Thomas had a brother Robert and sister plus an uncle William per the census. I have not searched those rellies further but these folks were farmers. Good luck with your searching, Lyn Pollard

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