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Looking for other Merrick/ Meyricks from Bodorgan, Anglesey ,Wales, UK

Query by Mari_Merrick

I come from a very broken home where piecing our history together took my Grandmother's lifetime. Now living in a computer age, it's hard to know what is true online sometimes.

I am looking for other people who came from the Welsh bloodline with the Sir. name of Merrick or Meyrick. We hail from North Wales, The Isle of Anglesey. More specific, Bodorgan , Anglesey, Wales, Uk.

We have one Royal blood lineage & one who departed on the Mayflower ship to America.

Surnames: MERRICK
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on 2010-12-30 18:31:10

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by Meurig on 2011-04-13 12:41:57

Hi Mari I see your entry has been viewed 98 times (!) and therefore I would assume that someone has probably pointed out that there is a website devoted to one branch at least of the Merrick and Meyrick family/families - namely my own - which has a considerable amount on the Bodorgan connection. It is viewable via Google (and is part of a site pertaining primarily to the Betjeman(n) family of our former Poet Laureate - Sir John Betjeman).

Cheers - Meurig

by Mari_Merrick on 2011-04-21 18:48:50

Annwyl Meurig ,

I very much appreciate your comment Meurig. Would you be so kind to email me the link directly ? That would be very helpful. I hope that we may keep in touch.


by janilye on 2011-04-21 23:29:52

I've got an Edward Merrick 1763-1839 in my tree, he was sentenced to 7 years transportation on 2 counts of stealing food. He came out to Australia with the 2nd fleet on the 'Surprise' arrived 26 June 1790.
On one of the convict registers his name is spelt MEYRICK. He became the district constable in Richmond NSW and captured the bush ranger John TIERNAN in 1830. He had a 30 acre farm at MUlgrave, nsw. But the family land holdings increased. The Merrick's became a very prominant family and entered my tree through marrying the Cobcrofts, Cooke's and Griffiths all wealthy landowners. I think his father's name was George but that's about all I know about his beginnings. I have a story in here about Lee Macdonald Cooke 1890-1936 he married a Merrick

by ngairedith on 2011-04-22 02:13:52


BODORGAN, is a hamlet and a surrounding community area on the Isle of Anglesey, Wales, United Kingdom

the Merrick on the above site follows the lines:
Heylin of Bodorgan (1475- )
Meyrick Ap Llewlyn (1500- )
John Merrick (1513- )
William Merrich (1546-1596)
John Merrick (1579-1650)
William Merrick (1602-1689)

it start from about 1513 with John MERRICK, son of Llewlyn MERRICK (before 1500-?) & Margaret Verch ROWLAND (1483-?)
- John marries Sage GRIFFITH in about 1845

Helene's Genes Homepage has links to:
* Part One-A: Generations 1-7
* Part One-B: Generations 8-10
* Part Two-A: Generation 11
* Part Two-B: Generation 12
* Part Two-B-2: Generation 13
* Part Two-C: Generation 14
* Part Two-D: Generation 15
* Part Three: Generations 16-17
* Part Three-B: Generations 18-20
* Part Four: Generations 21-22
* Part Four-B: Generations 23-25
* Part Five: Generations 26-27
* Part Five-B: Generations 28-30
* Part Six: Generations 31-35
* Part Seven: Generations 36-46
* Part Eight: Generations 47-70

it also has a list of family searchable surnames ...

Aaron/Wales, Abberbury, Abkhazia, Acton, Acy, Adams, Adrastus of Troy, Adger, Aiguillon, Albon, Alby, Alcott/Allcock/Alcocke, Aldborough, Aldithley, Aldobrandeschi, Aldun, Alencon, Alfarin, Alfonsez, Alfreton, Aldford, Alger/Allgar/Algere, Alifa, Allen, Alsace, Altoft, Alton, Alveston, Ambroise/de Craon/Ha-David, Ames/Eames, Amiens, Amorie, Andechs, Anderson, Andrews/Androwes, Angus, Anjou, Ansaud, Ansurez, Antipator, Antonius/Early Rome, Apuldore, Appleby, Aquina, Aquitane, Aragon, Arbitot,Arcedekne/Archdeacon, Archaic, Archdeacon, Arches, Arden, Ardenne, Arderne, Arimathaea, Armenia, Armenters, Arngrimsson, Arthur, Arundell, Ash, Ashford, Ashton, Aslacton, Assyria, Astley, 'Atheling/Saxon Kings, Atholl, Atius, Atkins, Aton, Atwood, Aubignie/d'Aubigny, Aubnay, Audley/de Audley/Aldithley, Aumale, Austin, Austrasia, Autun, Autunois, Auvergne, Auxerre, Avalgau, Avenal, Avent, Averenges, Avesnes, Avranches, Ayers

Baalun, Babb, Babbidge, Babson, Babylon, Babylonia, Bacon, Badlesmere, Bagratuni, Bailey/Baylie, Bailiffe, Balch, Baldock, Bales, Balliol, Banavent, Bar, Count of, Barbatus, Bardolf, Bardwell, Baret, Barker, Barlow, Barnes, Barnet, Barres, Barrows, Barryford, Barsham, Barstow, Basford/de Besford, Baskerville, Bassett, Basteen, Bastenburg, Batchelder, Bateman, Baudement, Baumville, Baux, Bavaria, Bayeux, Bayeux-Ivry, Baynard, Beamsley, Beauchamp, Beauffou, Beaufort, Beaugency, Beaupel, Beauvais, Beckering, Beckyngham, Beke, Beler, Bella Aqua, Bellame, Bellars, Bellewe, Belnap/Belknap, Belmeis, ben Bethuel, Benauges, Benjamin, Benson, Bere, Berenger, Berkeley, Berkerolles, Bermingham, Bernake, Berners, Berney, Berrey, Bertram, Besford, Bessiles, Best, Beteau, Bethoc, Betteshorne, Beulac, Bezalu, Bezieres, Bidum, Bigod/D'Avranches/le Goz/Rollosson, Bigore, Birmingham, Bisege, Bishop, Bitfield/Bidfield, Bittellesgate, Bivar, Bjornsson, Blackwell/Blacksoll, Blagdon, Blaidd/Ancient Wales, Blake, Bland, Blaney, Blancminster, Bledri/Wales, Bleiddig/Ancient Wales, Blois, Bloomfield, Blore, Blount, Blyant, Bodrugan, Boete, Bohemia, Bohun, Bois l'Eveque/Bois, Boithes, Bokland, Bolebec/de Bolbec, Boleyn, Bolhay, Bon, Bond, Bonham/Bonum, Booke/Pooke, Booker, Boscawen, Bosco, Boso, Bostenburgh, Botaneiates, Botetourt, Bothumsell, Botiler/Botiller, Botreaux, Botterell, Bottisham, Bould, Boulogne, Boulton, Bourchier/de Burser, Bourbon, Bourden, Bourgogne, Bovile, Bowchien/Bowcheiw, Bowering, Bowes, Bown, Boynton, Boyvill, Bracebridge, Braci, Bracton, Bradley, Bragdon, Brampton, Brancestre, Branch, Braose, Brabrooke, Braylsford, Braytoft, Bredbury, Brend, Bretagne, Breteche, Bretton, Brews, Brewster, Brian, Briar, Bridgeman, Brienne, Briggs, Brioude, Briquibec, Brisco, Brit, Britons/Ancient Kings, Brittany, Briwere/Brewer, Brockwell, Bromhall, Brooke, Brooks, Brosse, Browne/Brown, Bruce, Bruley/Burley, Brumpton, Brune, Bruyn, Bryan, Brydges, Buchan, Builly, Buckeley, Buckminster/Buckmaster, Bulmer, Burci, Bures, Burgate, Burgh, Burghersh, Burglion, Burgundy, Burnell, Burnham, Burton, Bushli, Butler/Butter, Butman, Buzancais, Byshoppe, Byzantine

Cadell, Caesar/Ancient Rome, Cailly, Caisneto, Caithness, Calston, Calthorpe, Cambrai, Cambray, Camoys, Camville, Cancefield, Caney, Cantilupe/de Cantalupe, Carey, Carle, Carlet, Carlton, Carminow, Carpenter, Carr/Ker/Kerr, Carcassonne, Carinthie, Cassey/Kassey, Castell, Castile, Castleman, Catchman, Caunton, Cauz, Ceva, Chadwick, Challis, Chalons, Chamond, Champaigne, Champernoun, Chandler, Chapman, Chappes, Clare/FitzGilbert, Charles, Charney, Chartres, Chase, Chateau-du-Lorie, Chateaudun, Chatillon, Chatellerault, Chaucombe, Chaworth, Chedder, Cheney,Cherleton, Chetwode, Chevauchesul, Chevier, Chidioke, Chilton, Chudleigh, Church, Clarell, Clark, Claudius/Early Rome, Clavering, Clements/Clement, Clere/Cleer, Clermont, Chesney, Cleve, Clifford, Clifton, Clinton, Clipsby, Clivedon, Clopton, Cobb, Cobham, Cockerell, Cockfield, Coffin, Cogan, Cogshall, Cogswell, Coignes, Cokayne, Colby, Colchester, Cole, Coleman/Colman, Colepeper, Coles, Coleville, Colles, Cologne, Colt, Columbers, Comminges, Como, Comyn, Conde, Condon, Connant, Constable, Constance, Constantine/Rome, Conteville/William the Conqueror, Conyers, Cooke, Copley, Corbeil, Corbet/de Corbett, Corbicon, Corbuceo, Cornquaille/Domnonee, Cornwall, Councill/Council, Coucy/de Boves, Courcey, Courtenay, Cousins, Cowper, Cox, Crabtree, Cranmer, Cransley, Crecy, Credonia/Crouen, Credy, Crepi, Crepon/Crefon, Cressy, Cricklade, Criol, Crocker, Crofts, Cromwell, Crompton, Crouchman, Croun, Cuff/Cutts, Cumberworth, Cundy, Currier, Cynan/Ancient Wales, Cynon/Wales

Dacre, Dag, Dalliber, Dallison, Dalrymple, Dalyngruge/Dallingridge, Damer, Dampierre, Dampmartin/de Dammartin, Danes/Ancient Troy, Danpsson, Danvers, Danyers, Darcy, Darrell, Daskyleion, Davenport, Davis, Day/Dey, Deards, Dearth, Denne, Delisle/de l'Isle, Dene, Dennis, Denwood, Deverell, Devereux, Dexter, Diamond, Dicer, Dijon, Dinan, Dionis, Dives, Dix, Dixon, Dodge, Dole, Dolffyn/Wales, Donjon, Dorward, Doughty, Dow, Downing, Downs, Drake, Drakelowe, Drayton, Dresser, Drew, Driby, Druids, Drummer, Drury, Dunstanville, Durvassal, Dutch, Dutton, Dyggs

Earlin, Eastman/Estman, Eaton, Ebersberg, Echafour, Echingham, Eddy, Edmond/Edmands, Edwards, Egypt, Eincourt, Einudd, Eiville, Eliakim, Elidir/Wales, Elithorpe, Ella/King in England, Ellall, Ellesworth, Ellis, Ellyott, Eloyn, Elsass, Elsgen, Elwell/Elwill, Emmons, Empson, Engaine, Engayne, Enghien, England, Eppenstein, Equisheim, Erneburgh, Ermentrude, Escuens, Espec, Este, Eu/d'Eu/de Eu, Evarts/Everard, Evere, Everett, Everingham, Evermer, Ewenlode, Ewyas/de Vexin/de Drogo/de Sudeley, Eyncourt

Fabian, Fadburn, Falaise, Fanhope, Fardley/Erdley, Farnham/Varnum, Faucigny, Fazensac, Fellows, Felton, Fenne, Fergan, Fermour, Fernald, Ferrers, Ferris, Fettiplace, Fezensac, Field/Fields, Fiennes, Finch, Fineux, Finnvid/Norway, Fisher, Fitton, Fitts, FitzAlan, FitzAldecinder, FitzAsculf/FitzAsculph, FitzBaldric, FitzBaldwin, FitzBenedict, FitzBernard, FitzEstmond, FitzGeoffrey, FitzGerold, FitzGilbert, FitzHamon, FitzHenry, FitzHerbert/FitzPiers, FitzHervey, FitzHugh, FitzJohn, FitzLewis, FitzNigell, FitzOrm, FitzOsborne, FitzPayn, FitzRalph, FitzRandolph, FitzReinsfred, FitzRoger, FitzRoy, FitzScrob/FitzRichard, FitzSigulf/FitsForne, FitzWaldeve, FitzWalter, FitzWarin/FitzWarine, FitzWilliam, Flaitel, Flambard, Flanders, Fleming, Flete, Fogg/Fogge, Foljambe, Foliott, Fontaine/de la Fontaine, Fonvens, Foresyth, Forez, Forman, Formbach, Fossard, Foster/Fosten, Fougers, France, Francis, Franconia/Holy Roman Empire, Franke, Franklin, Freathy, Fredville, Freeman, Fremingham, French, Friuli, Frodasson, Frondheim, Frosta, Fulford, Furneaux, Furner, Furnival

Gaate, Gaini/Gainai, Galicia, Galindez, Galloway, Gambon, Gamie, Gand/Gant/Gaunt, Garcia, Gardinis, Garlende, Garneis/Garneys, Garnett, Gascoigne, Gatesden, Gator, Gautreksson, Geddinge, Gee, Gencay, Geneve, Geneville/de Joinville, Gent, Gepides, Gerard, Germany Kings/Holy Roman Empire, Gernon, Gerrish, Geslingham/Gestringham, Gewar/Norway, Gifford/Giffard/Gyffarde, Gilson, Gisburn, Gisulph, Glanville, Gledhill, Glen, Glenhill/Gleidel, Gloucester, Gobion, Goddard, Godfredson, Godfrey, Gometz/Gommetz, Goodale, Goodwin, Goths/Ostrogoths, Gott, Gould, Gournai/Gournay, Goushill, Grafton, Grandison, Gratwick, Graunt, Grazebrook, Greece, Green/de Greene/Boketon, Greenaway, Greenlaw, Greenleaf, Grelle, Grentmesnil, Grenville, Gresley, Gressinghall, Grey/de Grey, Greystoke, Griffin, Griffith/Wales, Grimley, Grindle/Grindall, Grindon, Grjotgardsson, Gros/Onfror, Gross, Grover, Gudmundsson/Norway, Gruffydd, Guise, Gunnarsson, Guzman, Gwilym, Gwrgeneu, Gwynnan, Gymer

Haccombe, Haddon, Haiton, Hale, Hall, Halys, Hamage, Hammerton, Hamor/Hamer/Haymer, Hampden, Hanaps, Hanchford, Hanley, Hanselyn, Hanslape, Hanson, Harcourt, Harding/Fitz Harding, Hardrade, Hardy, Hargrave, Harker, Harley/Harleigh, Harradaine, Harrington/Haverington, Harssant, Harvey, Harwoode, Hasbaye, Haselrigg, Haskell, Haspengouw, Hastang, Hastings/de Hastings, Hatfield, Hathersage, Hathey, Hatton, Haute Larraine, Hauteville, Hawes, Hawksket, Hawte/Haute, Hawkwood, Haydock, Haye, Hellesby, Henry I/William the Conqueror/English Kings, Henryson, Herbert, Hercye, Herle, Heron, Hertlington, Herzog, Hesdin, Heveningham, Hever, Heyden, Heyford, Heytesbury, Hicks, Higgins, Hill, Hilton, Hinds, Hingham, Hingston, Hobrugg, Hodgkins, Hodsoll/Hodsell, Holland, Holmes, Holmgard, Holt, Holtby, Holwaye, Home, Hommet, Honor, Honypot, Hoo, Hooker, Hooper, Hooton, Hopkins, Hopton, Hornacote, Horton, Hoskins, Howard, Howlat, Howel, Hrimnir, Hubbard, Hucker, Hudson, Huff, Hugleville, Hulme, Hungerford, Hungary, Hunstanton, Hunt, Huntingfield, Hurne, Hurst, Hyde, Hydon, Hymeid/Wales

Iberia, Iceneans, Idnerth/Wales, Idwallon/Wales, Ienen, Ifor/Wales, Imple, Ingalls, Ingersoll, Ingham, Insula, Isham, Istrie, Itaf, Italy, Ivar/Norway, Ivry

Jackson, James, Jeffords, Jellison/Jelliman, Jelly/Jellye, Jenkins, Jennison, Jewson, Jimieges, Jiminez, Jinueges, Jobo, Johnson, Joigny, Joinville, Jones, Jordan, Joseph, Julius/Ancient Rome

Kebbie, Kellet, Kember, Kemp, Ken, Khatti, Khazars, Kimball/Kembold, King/Kinge/Kynge, Kings of Troy/Ancient Druids/Early British Kings, Kingsbury, Kingston, Kingwarton, Kipping, Kirton, Kitchen, Knee, Knight, Knivton/Kynaston, Knolles/Knollys, Knopp/Knappe/Knape, Knowlton, Knowseligh, Knyvett, Koln, Kvenland, Kyerton

Lacy, Laigle, Lakin, Lamb, Lambourne, Lambs, Lancaster, Lane, Langetot, Langford, Langley/Langlye, Langston, Lapp, Lascelles, Latham, Latimer, Laughton, Lavor, Lawazantiya, Lawrence, Lawson, Layhouse, Leaver, Lebarten, Lee, Leeke, Legate, Leigh, Leighton, Leinster/Irish Kings, Leke, Lenthall, Leon, Leuchars, Leversedge, Lewis, Lewknor, Lexington, Libby, Lidden/Lydston, Limburg, Limia, Limoges, Lincoln, Lindsay/de Lindsay/Limesi, Linselstein, Lingures, Lions/de Lyons, Lisewis, Lisle, Lisoures, Littlefield, Lles/Wales, Llewelyn/Ancient Wales, Lloyd, Llywarch/Wales, Loame, Locke, Lombard, Lombardy, Long, Longbotham, Longchamp, Longespee, Longfield, Longland, Longwy, Lord, Loring, Lorraine/Hainault,L'Oseleur, Loughton, Louvaine, Lovell, Low, Lowell/Lowle, Lubech/Ukraine, Lucelles, Luci, Lufkin, Lugo, Luitfried, Lumpkin, Lumley, Lushill, Lusignan, Lutterell, Luxembourg, Lydia Lygon, Lymburner/Limeburner, Lymerick, Lyncestae, Lysinge, Lyttleton

Macedonia, Macfearghal, MaComber, Macon, Maddocks, Mahieu, Maine/du Maine, Mainwaring, Malcolm, Mallet, Malmayns, Malo Laco, Malpas, Maltravers, Malyns, Mamikonian, Manasses, Manderville, Mann, Mannesson, Manning, Mansfield, Mantes, Manville, Marais, Marche, Marden, Maredudd, Marigny, Markham, Marmion, Marsh, Marshall, Martin, Marvois, Mason, Massey, Master/Maister, Masterson, Mathew/Wales, Maubergeone, Maud/Mawd, Mauduit, Maurienne, Mautby, Maxham, Maxwell, Mayenne, Maynard, Mayo, McClure, McKindley, McMurdocke, McMurrough, Media, Meingau, Melbank, Melgueil, Mello, Mellor, Menendez, Meneses, Mercaton, Mercia, Mering, Merlay, Meryott, Merrick/Meyrick, Merrifield, Merrill/Merrell, Merry, Meschines/de Bayeau/de Espaine, Metcalfe, Metham, Metz, Meulent, Meullant, Meurig/Ancient Wales, Meynell, Michelgrove, Mile, Miller, Millett, Minshull, Missenden, Mitchell, Mitford, Mitton/Mytton, Modena, Moels, Moha, Mohun, Moleyns, Molineux, Mondeford, Monmouth, Mons, Montagu, Montchensy, Montdidier, Montfauson, Montfichet, Montfort, Montgomery, Monthermer, Montignac, Montjoy, Montlhery, Montmorency, Montpellier, Montreveau, Montsorel, Mont St. Jean, Moore, Moray, Moreaumes, Morel, Morgeneu/Wales, Morley, Morrill, Mortagne, Morteyn, Mortimore, Morton, Morville, Morvois, Morwick, Moselle/Charles Martel/Holy Roman Empire/French Kings/Bourges, Moses, Moton, Mouchy, Moulton, Mounfort, Mounscaux, Mountford, Mowbray, Moyns, Multon, Munn, Munning/de Munnines, Murdac, Musard, Muscegros, Mynston

Nafford, Namur, Nanseglos/Nonsiglon, Nantes, Naples, Narbonne, Nash, Navarre, Nayler, Nefja, Neuchatal, Nevers, Neville, Newburg, Newmarch, Newsom/de Newsom/Newsham, Nigel, Noatum/Norway/Sweden, Noble, Noel, Nonant, Nordgau, Norfolk, Normalville, Normanville, Norreys, Northend, Northumberland, Northup, Northwood, Norton/de Nauton, Norwich, Novgorod/Russia/Kiev, Nullenburg,Nutter

Oakley, O'Brien, Obotrites, Octavius/Ancient Rome, Odin, Odingsells, Oeningen, Ogre, Earl of, Oilly [Doyley], Oisy/Avesnes, Olafsson, Oliver/Ollyver, Orleans, Orreby, Osborne, Osgood, Osorez, O'Toole, Otto, Owens, Oxenbridge, Oyli

Padilla, Page, Pagenham, Pagnel/Pagnell/Paganel, Paine/Payne, Palatine, Palmer, Panthuit, Pantolph/Pantulf, Paris, Parker, Parlett, Parnell, Parratt, Paston, Pastor, Patch/Patche, Pateshull, Patrick, Paul, Paulette, Paynel, Peabody, Pearson, Peasley, Peche, Peck, Pelham, Pell, Peniwell, Percival, Perche, Percy/de Percy, Perigord, Perkins, Perpointe, Pershale, Persia, Petit, Pettengill, Peverell, Peyferer, Pfirt, Philbrick/Fylbrigg, Phillips, Phinney, Phrygia, Pichard, Pickard, Picqugny, Pierce, Pierson, Pigott, Pike, Pilkington, Pill, Pitres/FitzMiles, Pixton, Plaiz, Planches, Plantagenet, Plesley, Plessis, Plummer, Plumpton, Pogeys, Poher, Poitou, Poland, Polard, Pole, Poley, Polland/Polen, Polotsk, Ponteaudemer, Ponthieu, Pontus, Poole, Poore/Poure, Pope, Port, Porter, Portler, Portugal, Pouille, Powell, Powlden, Poynings, Pratt/Pratte, Prayers, Prescott, Prestwick, Pride, Primrose, Prince/Prence, Pritchard, Proctor, Prouse/Prowse, Preux, Provence, Pryor, Psov, Puddington/Purington, Pultney, Purchase, Puterstal, Putten, Pye, Pypard

Quapladde, Quartermain, Quincy

Radbart, Radcliffe, Ralegh, Ramagnano, Ramsey, Rancon, Randall, Randes, Rannelegh, Razes, Read, Reaufou, Reddish, Redmanyne, Redwood/Reddwood, Reedham, Reigny, Reims, Remy, Reresby, Rhodri/Ancient Wales, Rhun/Wales, Rhys, Ribagorza, Rich, Riddlesford, Ridley, Rie, Riece/Wales, Riggs, Rigsson, Ringelheim, Ripuarien, Robbins, Roberts, Roche, Rochefoucauld, Rockforde, Roddam, Rodes, Roet, Rogate, Rogers/Fitz Rogers, Rohaut, Rokesley, Rolfe, Rollos, Roman Empire, Rome, Rooke, Roper, Ros, Rosse, Rossells, Rotenhering, Rothwell, Roucestre, Roucy, Rowland, Rowlles, Ruffo, Ruffus, Rugge, Rumilly, Rupe, Russel/Russell

Sabran/Cailar, Sackville, Sadler, Saint Amand, Saint Andries, Saint Barbe, Saint Claire, Saint Hilary, Saint John/de Port, Saint Leger, Saint Liz, Saint Loe, Saint Martin, Saint Omer, Saint Pol, Sainte-Suzanne, Saint Valery, Salemon, Salerne, Salisbury/de Ewrus/Devereux, Salmesbury, Saltistall, Saluzza, Salway, Salzburg, Sammois/Sammon, Sampson, Sanborn, Sanchez, Sancto Mauro, Sands, Sanford, Sargent, Saunders, Savage, Savidich, Savoy, Sawbridge, Sawtelle/Sawtell, Saxe, Saxony, Say/de Say, Sayward, Scales, Scott/Skott, Scrope, Scudamore, Searle, Sears, Segrave, Semur, Senlis, Septvans, Serbia, Seti, Severance/Severns, Sevil/Saville, Sewell, Shareshull, Sharlon, Sharpe, Shaw, Shelley, Shelton, Shelving, Shepard/Sheppard, Short, Shottesbrooke, Sicamber/Early European Chieftans, Sicily, Sigehelm, Silsby, Siluria/Ancient Kings, Simios, Simmonds/Simmons/Simons, Sinadenos, Singleton, Sinnett/Sinnott, Skales, Skelton, Skilling, Skinner, Skipwith, Slosnois, Smalley, Smith, Snaer, Snow, Soissons, Solfasson, Somery, Soor, Sothill, Soulis, Souren/Media/Parthia, Sparks, Speeton, Spencer/Despencer, Spine, Spitamenes, Spolate, Spoleto, Sprague, Squier, Stade, Stafford, Stainton, Standon, Stanhowe, Stanley, Stapleton, Stark, St. Aubin, St. Bris, St. Clare, Stebbing, Stenhope, Sterling, Stevens/Stephens, Stinson, Stockbridge, Stockport, Stodlegh, Stone, Stonner, Storeton, Stourton, Stover, St. Owen, St. Quintine, Stradling, Strange/le Strange, Strangeways, Strathbogie, Strelley, Stretele, Strug, Stubbs, Stuteville, St. Valery, Sully, Susa, Sutterton, Sutton, Suza, Swabia, Swett/Sweet, Swift, Swynford, Swynnerton, Sydenham, Symeon, Syria, Sysley

Tailebois, Taillefer/de Ridel/de Angouleme, Talbot, Talesmasche, Tallebot, Talvase/Talvaise, Tansley, Tapley, Tarbell, Tarr, Tattershall, Taylor, Teisa, Tendring, Teucri, Teyes/Tyeys, Thatcher, Thayer, Thebes, Thirning, Thomas, Thomson, Thorley, Thornden/de Thornden, Thornton, Thorpe, Thorstein, Thours, Throckmorton/Throgmorton, Thrond, Thurgovie, Thurlow, Thurston, Thutmose/Egypt, Thweng, Tibbot, Tidd/Todd, Tillot, Tilney, Tilson, Tolderby, Tomkins, Tonantius, Tonnerre, Tony/de Toeni, Torpel, Tort, Torta, Toscan, Toscane, Tosny, Totnais, Touchet, Toulouse, Tournham, Townsend, Tracy, Trailli, Train, Trainel, Traungau, Travers/Travis, Treat, Tregoz, Tripp, Triveres, Trojans, Trundy, Turbeville, Turenne, Turner, Turp, Turpin, Tuscany, Tweedy, Tyrrell

Ufford, Umfraville, Ungle, Upton, Urach, Urgel, Ursins, Urswick, Uvedate

Vagena, Valdez, Vale/de Valle, Valletort, Valognes, Valoines, Vampage, van Arles, van de Dargouw, van Longwy, van Opper-Bourgondie, van Oscheret, van Saksen, van Spoleto, van Tours, van Westfalen, Varennes, Varmland, Vaspurakan, Vaudemont, Vaux, Vavasor, Vavasour/leVavasor, Venables, Venaissin, Vendil/of Denmark, Venus, Verdon/de Verdon/Le Boteler/le Verdun, Vere, Vergy, Vermandois and French Kings, Vernon/Redvers, Vestfold, Vestmar, Veteripont/Vertipoint, Vexin, Vienne, Viero, Vignory, Viking, Villebeon, Villehardouin, Villiers/de Villiers, Vingulmork, Vipsanius, Visbursson, Vitre, Vivonne, von Alemannien, von Alemannien Herzog, von Billung, von Botenstein, von Braunschweig, von Burgund, von Dagsburg, von Ecternach, von Egisheim, von Engern, von Gleiberg, von Radbods, von Sachsen, von Saffenberg, von Schannis, von Thuringen, von Wassenberg

Wade, Wadham, Waiet, Wake, Wakefield, Wakehurst, Walbeck, Walden, Waldron, Waleran, Waleries, Waleton, Walford, Walkington, Wallingford, Wallis, Walsshe, Walton, Warburton, Ward/Warde, Wardwell/Wardall, Warre, Warren, Warsted, Warwick, Washburn, Wasteneys, Waterville, Wath, Wathem, Watkins, Watson, Wattes, Waure, Wayland, Weare, Webber, Weeks, Wells, Wentworth, Wessex, West, Weston/de Weston,Westwick, Wether, Wetterau, Wettin, Wevere, Weyland, Whalesboro, Whatlock/Whatlocke, Wheeler, Whelden, Whetenhall, White, Whiterent, Wichingham, Wigton, Will, Willey/de Willey, Williams, Willington, Willix, Wilmot/Willmote, Wilson, Windsor, Wingfield, Winlliswinda, Winslow/Wyncelowe, Wintershall, Winthrop, Wise, Witham, Withers, Wittelsbach, Wollar, Wood/Woode/Woods, Woodhouse/Woodhus, Woodman, Woodroffe/Woodrove, Woodthorpe, Woodward/Woodwoorde, Woolson, Woodville, Wormsgau, Wourth, Wyatt, Wydeville, Wyeth/Wythe, Wyke, Wyman, Wynnington

Yelverton, Yeoman, Ynyr/Wales, York/Yorke, Young, Younglove, Yusuf


by itellya on 2011-04-22 02:59:08

The name, Meyrick is associated with the early history of the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. Maurice Meyrick settled briefly on a squatting run that he called Boniyong, which was transformed into the modern name of Boneo. His brothers came out to join him and took up the Coolart Run near which there are now a creek, a road and a locality named after them, the locality being rendered as Merricks.

by janilye on 2011-04-22 07:40:42

Indeed! I've had some very nice lunches at Merrick's Store.

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