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TIMELINE for James RUGG + Ann JONES - West Coast

Journal by ngairedith

ALSO READ: Alexander John JOHNSTON in Court for BIGAMY
(husband of Ann Rugg (nee Jones) sister Ellen)

Many of the RUGG family in New Zealand were settlers/pioneers of KUMARA, situated on the south-west bank of the Teremakau river, 30km south of Greymouth, which leads across Arthur's Pass to Christchurch
Although the town once had 70 pubs, the numbers dwindled. In June 2009, the last remaining pub, the Empire Hotel, had its licence cancelled by the Liquor Licensing Authority

The Rugg family ran the Kumara hotel for many years and were also involved with Cobb & Co transport in the Kumara/Greymouth area

This journal will feature James Rugg (1830-1918) as he was the original settler. Other Rugg marriages in New Zealand at links below

(all the stories are told in the TIMELINE below)
* anything in italics is my addition

* James Rugg (1830-1918) was from Wales. He arrived into Christchurch on the "MINERVA" as Chief Steward, leaving London 17 Nov 1860, arriving 22 Feb 1861 under Captain Merryman (who was later accused of smuggling

* Ann Jones (1842-1901) was from Liverpool. Her sister Ellen Jane Jones, married Alexander John Johnston in Dec 1855 in Liverpool. Sometime after that and before 1860, Alexander arrived at Gabriels Diggings. Within a few months he sent for Ellen. I believe that her sister Ann came with her (and perhaps their sister Margaret - still researching). On 14th April 1863 Alexander married Bridget Maria Flanagan and had children (forgetting to mention that he was already married), this little lapse of memory had him arrested in Dunedin 3 Sep 1864.

* On 27 July 1861 James sailed on the Steamer 'Lyttelton' from Christchurch for Dunedin (about 360km south)

* On 4 May 1863 James Rugg married Ann Jones in Dunedin

* In 1865 James, Ann and new born baby Caroline move over to Greymouth
(about 550km north-east)

* A little later, just as the gold rush begins they move to the Greenstone Junction (about 25km south) and James builds a hotel, continues as a carrier by boat on the Teremakau River and as a livery stable keeper

* They next moved to Kumara (about 5km west) and there James built the well-known Rugg Hotel and also opened business with a line of coaches, livery stables and later, motor-cars

* In May 1901, Ann dies (possibly in Brunnerton) aged 59

* In about 1916, James retires and moves back up to Greymouth

* In about 1917, he moves back over to Christchurch (about 250km south west) to live with his daughter Martha & her husband John. He dies at their home in 1918 aged 87

- all the joys and tribulations of their lives can be read in the TIMELINE
JAMES RUGG (1830-1918)
- James was born in Wales
- he died 1918, a possible victim of the Flu Pandemic
James married ANN JONES (1842-1901) in New Zealand on 4 May 1863
- Ann was from Liverpool, 1 of 6 children. She arrived in NZ after 1855 possibly with her sisters (see Timeline 1864)
- Ann died 8 May 1901 aged 59
... 8 May 1901 - On the 8th May, at the residence of her son-in-law, Mr R. Allison, Brunnerton, Mrs James Rugg, sen., of the Kumara Hotel, Kumara; deeply regretted
- Ann's probate, 1902, Greymouth Courts registry

the children of JAMES & ANN:
1865 - 1958 CAROLINE RUGG

married Robert Eglesfield WYLDE (1863-1935) in 1884
* in at least 1917 they lived in Thompson St, Greymouth
CAROLINE & ROBERT had 7 known children:
1 1885 - 1970 Robert James Wylde
- Robert married Margaret Ann COPPERSMITH in 1917
2 1887 - 1972 William Eglesfield Wylde
- William married Bertha Elvera BAGGSTROM in 1916
3 1891 - 1981 Alice May Wylde
- Alice married Ronald Noel HOOPER in 1920
4 1894 - 1976 Percy Harold Wylde
- Percy served in WWI as Rifleman 39132 with NZRB, Reinforcements G Company
...2 Nov 1917 Advice has been received that Private Percy Wylde, son of Mr and Mrs Robert Wylde of Greymouth, has been wounded while in action in France
5 1898 - 1991 Dora Grace Wylde
- Dora married Percival Charles Gordon BOWATER in 1921
6 1899 - 1977 Herbert Wylde
7 1908 - ? Caroline Martha Wylde
- Caroline married Bernard CLARKE in 1928

1866 - ? JAMES RUGG

born 5 June 1866 in Greenstone, West Coast
he married Theresa MURPHY (1875-1896) in 1895
- daughter of Joe & Margaret MURPHY
JAMES & THERESA had 1 child:
1 1895 - 1989 Mary Frances Rugg
- Mary married Joseph James STEVENSON in 1918
... 29 Oct 1896 The Southern paper chronicles with deep regret the death of Mrs James Rugg, junr. She had been in a weak state for some time back. The deceased lady was a native of Stafford, and was only 22 years of age. Theresa is buried in the Stafford cemetery
James next married Annie Christina JACOBSEN (1875-?) 1899 in Hokitika
- Annie was born 29 Dep 1875 in Ross West Coast
JAMES & ANNIE had 2 known children:
1 1900 - Gladys Augusta Rugg
- married Percival Plant SMITH in 1900
2 1901 - 1968 Frederick James Rugg
- born 11 April 1901 in Remuera, Auckland
- married Gweneth Mary BRODERICK (1916-1964) of Australia, in Sydney
- she was born in Parkes, NSW, a daughter of William BRODERICK & Mary FRAUENFELDER
- James moved his family to Christchurch in June 1903 (a month after his mother's death)
- they later moved to Australia
- James & Annie died in Sydney, Australia (ages unknown at this time)

1868 - 1929 ALICE RUGG

Alice married Gordon HARCOURT in 1894
... 17 July 1894 HARCOURT-RUGG - At All Saint's CHurch, Hokitika, on July 17th, by the Rev T. Farley, Gordon Harcourt, to Alice, second daughter of Mr James Rugg, of Kumara (see timeline)
ALICE & GORDON had 3 children:
1 1895 - 1977 Gordon McKenzie Harcourt
...3 June 1895 At her residence, Kumara, on Monday, June 3, the wife of Gordon Harcourt of a son. Bot doing well
- Gordon married Christina Ethel HUNTER (1894-1942) in 1920
2 1897 - 1986 Margaret Stuart Ann Harcourt
- born 3 Dec 1897
- Margaret married Thomas Dromgood HARRIS in 1918
3 1903 - ? Alice Louisa Harcourt

1869 - 1958 CHARLES RUGG

born in Greenstone, West Coast
he married Rebecca TUCKEY in 1891
- Rebecca's probate, Christchurch High Court 1952
- Charles's probate, Carrier of Hornby, Christchurch High Court 1958
CHARLES & REBECCA had 4 known children:
1 1891 - 1932 Charles Rugg
2 1893 - 1893 Henry Luke Rugg
- Henry died aged 5 months
3 1896 - 1979 Dorothy Gladys Rugg
- Dorothy married Herbert WEARN in 1925
4 1897 - ? Jessie Florence Martha Rugg
- Jessie married Arthur Thomas STEVENSON (1892-1979) in 1921

1871 - 1968 WILLIAM RUGG

born in Kumara, a son of James RUGG & Ann JONES
- he worked for his father as a Coach Driver
married Barbara Ellen HANNA (1874-1949) in 1896
- Barbara was born in Greenstone, West Coast in 1874, a daughter of William & Janet Hanna from Fifeshire, Scotland who emigrated to NZ about 1866. Barbara's probate, Wellington High Court 1950
WILLIAM & BARBARA had 4 children:
1 1896 - 1966 Mary Janet Rugg
- Mary married Percy Charles Sydney FELLOWS in 1916
2 1897 - 1994 William James Rugg
- born in Greymouth. Died in Christchurch aged 96. Buried Ruru Lawn
3 1900 - 1903 Martha Leila Stuart Rugg
- Martha died age 3
4 1902 - ? Cedric Charles Rugg
- William & his family moved to Christchurch
- Barbara died 24 Nov 1949 aged 75
- she had been living at 23 Main Rd., Redcliffs, Christchurch
- she is buried Plot 15, Block 34 at Ruru Lawn
- William died 1 March 1968 aged 97
- he is buried with Barbara

1873 - 1918 MARTHA RUGG

married John BROWN in 1894
MARTHA & JOHN had 3 children:
1 1896 - Mary Margaret Ann Brown
2 1899 - 1918 James Hugh 'Jimmy" Brown
23 Nov 1918 JAMES BROWN. Another death in the family of Mr John Brown, late of Mahinapua, but now of Christchurch, was reported yesterday, the victim this time being his eldest son, James aged 19. "Jimmy" was well-known and liked in Greymouth, where he resided with his aunt, Mrs Wylde of Holy City, being engaged as a junior clerk with the firm of Mark Sprot and Co. To his father we extend our deepest sympathy. His losses by this prevailing epidemic have truly been great. A fortnight ago his neighbour and brother-in-law Tom Rugg, then his dear wife followed by her father, James Rugg, and now his eldest son. We sincerely trust that Mr Brown will suffer no more losses of a similar nature for many a long year
3 1913 - John Thomas Brown
19 Nov 1918 Mrs MARTHA BROWN. Private advice received in town yesterday conveyed the sad news of the death, at her residence, 185 Antigua Street, Christchurch, of Mr Martha Brown. The deceased lady who was a daughter of Mr James Rugg and a sister of Mr Charles Rugg of this town. Previous to removing to Christchurch the late Mrs Brown and her husband conducted the Mahinapua Hotel, at Lake Mahinapua. Influenza was the cause of death; the end coming on Sunday last. To her husband and the three members of her family is extended the sympathy of all their friends in their bereavement. One of the sons is also seriously ill with influenza

1874 - 1914 ELLEN 'Nellie' RUGG

'Nellie' married Robert ALISON in 1899
3 March 1899 - A POPULAR WEDDING. A wedding which attracted a much larger congregation than usual took place at Holy Trinity Church on Wednesday afternoon, when Miss Nellie Rugg, the youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs James Rugg,was married to Mr Robert Alison, the popular manager of the Brunner mine (read more at the link or at the timeline below)
NELLIE & ROBERT had 2 known children:
1 1900 - 1977 Robert Alexander James Alison
- born 10 May 1900
2 1903 - 1982 Douglas Xavier Alison
- born 17 March 1903

1878 - 1918 THOMAS RUGG

* Thomas was a twin with David
27 Aug 1878 - At Kumara, on the 27th instant, the wife of James Rugg, hotelkeeper, of twin sons
- In Thomas's Obituary (see Timeline below) it says that Thomas was James's 4th son
- he married Louisa Mary DIDRIEHS in 1900
- no children found
- Thomas died in Christchurch due to the Flu Pandemic (see Timeline below)
- he had been living at 127 Antigua st
- he is buried Plot 201, Block 48 at Linwood
- Louisa survived him by 32 years. She was still living at 127 Antigua street. She died 19 July 1950 aged 74 and is buried alongside Tom
- Thomas's probate, Agent of Christchurch, Christchurch High Court, 1918
- Louisa's probate, widow of Christchurch, Christchurch High COurt, 1950

1878 - ? DAVID RUGG

- David was a twin with Thomas (see above)
- at the time of his father's death (1918) David was in India

* * *
TIMELINE for James Rugg & Family
... most info taken from Papers Past ...

15 May 1861 - Letter to Editor
... THE MINERVA ... To the Editor of the Lyttelton Times
SIR, Having been away from town for some time on business, and not being in the way of seeing your paper, I was surprised to see on my arrival here that in the report of Captain Merryman, ship Minerva, for smuggling, my name was mentioned as having clandestinely left the ship, indebted to him, I hasten to give it the most unqualified contradiction; as I beg to say I have in my possession a letter from him which, to suit his own purpose, he voluntarily gave me, a copy of which I enclose. I write this that the public may understand I am not indebted one penny either to the ship, captain, or owners of the Minerva. I trust you will insert this in your next pubication, as I intend settling here, and should not wish the Minerva to leave the port witout a denial.
I am, sir, your obedient servant, JAMES RUGG, Late chief steward, Minerva. Christchurch, May 9th, 1861

6 April 1863 - JAMES LOCATION 1863
... POST OFFICES, WAITAHUNA, TUAPEKA & WETHERSTONE'S List of Unclaimed Letter for the month ended 28th February 1863:- ... Wetherstone - James RUGG (it was then a goldfield just out of Lawrence)

14 April 1863 - ANN's SISTER
... unbeknown to the Ruggs, or his wife Ellen Jane Johnston (nee Jones), Alexander John Johnston marries Bridget Maria Flanagan and they have 4 children

5 December 1863 - JAMES in Court
... Dunedin Resident Magistrate's Court - James Rugg, for driving his horse and dray across the footpath, was fined 10s and cost

18 June 1863 - ANN's sister
... DUNEDIN MAGISTRATE'S COURT - Jane Ellen Johnston (nee JONES, sister of Ann) charged her husband, Alexander John Johnston with threatening to stab her with a knife on the 6th inst. The defendant was required to give bond to keep the peace towards her for six months, himself in the amount of £40 (equivalent in 2011 to $4,100) and to find two sureties for £20 each.

4 April 1864 - where is JAMES
... UNCLAIMED LETTERS in the Chief Post Office, Dunedin, on the 31st March 1864:- ... James RUGG

10 December 1864 - ANN's sister
... Dunedin Court the BIGAMY CASE of Alexander John Johnston for intermarrying with Maria Flanagan, while his wife Jane Ellen Jones was alive (Ann Jones sister) ... Ann Rugg, wife of James Rugg, carpenter, Dunedin: My maiden name was Ann Jones, In 1855, I was living in Liverpool with my father and mother. There were three brothers and two sisters besides. One sister was named Jane Ellen and the other Margaret. Jane Ellen is now sitting there in Court. I knew the prisoner in England. About nine years ago, in a November, he and Jane Ellen left father's house to get married. My sister Margaret, James Munro and John Grey went with them. They went about ten and returned about twelve o'clock. I asked my sister if she was married, and she said "Yes" and kissed me. The prisoner lived in father and mother's house for four months, and always acknowledged Jane Ellen as his wife. My sister Margaret is not here. St James Church, Toxteth Park, is in Liverpool. The prisoner was here before Gabriel's diggings broke out; and three months after that he sent for my sister. They had have four children - I am now 22 years old.
..notes Gabriel's Diggings broke out in 1861. It is close to the banks of the Tuapeka River near Lawrence
READ the full trial here

1 February 1865 - where is JAMES
... UNCLAIMED LETTERS at the Chief Post Office, Dunedin, to 31st January 1865:- James RUGG

9 February 1866 - tragic DEATH of ANN's neice
... Ellen Jane Johnston had been deserted by her husband Alexander a few years prior to this date. He is living in Hokitika, Jane is living with their 4 children (3 sons, 1 daughter) in the North-East Valley of Dunedin. At noon she leaves the house to work in an adjoining paddock. Her oldest son Thomas James Jones, age 9 (1855-1917), found the pistol that Ellen had hidden in the house and accidentally shoots his 18 month old sister, Ellen Overton Johnston dead

28 Jan 1868 - PARTNERSHIP dissolved
... DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP - The Partnership hitherto to existing between John Miller and James Rugg, of Boundary street, trading as boatmen and publicans, was dissolved on the 25th January, 1868. All debts owing by or to the late firm will be paid and received by James Rugg.
JAMES MILLER & JAMES RUGG - Witneses: H. S. Capper, M. H. Hayden

22 Oct 1868 - JAMES is in GREYMOUTH
... FATAL ACCIDENT ON THE TRAMWAY - A shocking accident, the result of intemperance, occurred on the tramway line, at the junction of Boundary, Gresson, and Mackay streets, on Monday night last, by which a man named Henry McGrath lost his life. It appears that he had that evening been drnking, and, after leaving the public house, had fallen or lain down across one of the tramway rails ... (more at link) James Rugg: I am a publican in Greymouth. The deceased, who is unknown to me, was in my hotel last night about eight o'clock. He came with another man and was leading his horse to the door. They had three drinks each, and remained talking for nearly an hour. Deceased was persuading the other man not to go to the Teremakau that night, because he was so tipsy, and I also wanted the man to remain. He would not stop, and rode away; the deceased going down towards the London Butchery. He was the worse of liquor when he came into the house, after which he had a glass of brandy, one of ale, and one of ginger-wine. I saw him stagger up against a shop after he left, and next saw him in the Hospital to-day

3 Aug 1869 - JAMES in GREENSTONE
... Resident Magistrate's Court - GREENSTONE, before Michael Keogh, Esq., R.M.
- James Rugg v Mary Ann Godfrey. Claim for £3 5s for freight, Judgment by default, with costs

31 Oct 1876 - JAMES in KUMARA
... NOTICE. I, the undersigned, hereby request all parties having claims against me to send in their accounts on or before the 10th November; and all persons indebted to me will please pay their accounts on or before that date, otherwise they will be handed over to a Solicitor for collection. JAMES RUGG, Kumara Hotel

3 Nov 1876 - an AD for the KUMARA HOTEL
... RUGG'S HOTEL - Greenstone Road, Kumara is most centrally situated, and affords every accommodation and comfort that can be desired.
* Comfortable Sitting & Bed Rooms
* The Largest Billiard-Room in the district, and a competent Marker in attendance
* The Stable Accommodation is unlimited
* Cabs, Wagonettes, Buggies, and Saddle Horses ALWAYS ON HIRE
Moderate charges, and strict attention to the convenience of the public. - JAMES RUGG, Proprietor

2 Feb 1881 - an AD for the COACHES
... The first of the new line of coaches between Kumara and Springfield, inaugurated by Mr Jams Rugg, of Kumara, started punctually at 5 o'clock on Monday morning, with a good compliment of passengers

28 Feb 1881 - COST of the FARE
A COACH leaves Rugg's Kumara Hotel, Kumara, EVERY TUESDAY, at 5am sharp, for SPRINGFIELD, thence to CHRISTCHURCH by rail; returning from Springfield on FRIDAY following, after the arrival of the first train (11.15am) from Christchurch. Fare £3; Return Ticket (equivalent in 2011 to $480 for a return trip of ABOUT 450km, no doubt a lot further in 1881) (available for one month), £5. Freight, 3d per lb; all small parcels under 10lbs. weight, 2s 6d.
BOOKING OFFICE in Hokitika, at Sam Harris's, Cafe de Paris, where all particulars can be obtained

21 Oct 1885 - in the BANKRUPT COURT
... In the District Court of Westland (being a local court of Bankruptcy), holden at Greymouth
In the matter of "The Bankruptcy Act, 1883", and its Amendment Act, 1884, and of the bankruptcy of James Rugg, of Kumara, in New Zealand, Hotelkeeper, a Bankrupt. NOTICE is hereby given that by an order of this Honorable Court made on the ninth day of September, 1885, the bankruptcy was declared closed in the estate of the above-named James Rugg. And further, that this Honorable Court has appointed THURSDAY, the FIFTH day of NOVEMBER, 1885, at 10 o'clock in the Forenoon, for hearing the application of the above-named James Rugg for his Order of DISCHARGE. Dated this 20th day of October, 1885, M. HANNAH, Bankrupt's Solicitor

27 Jan 1886 - going for a BANKRUPT DISCHARGE
... The results of the business before the District Court yesterday (His Honor Judge Broad presiding) were as follow:- In the case of James Rugg, bankrupt, his discharge was suspended for four months. Mr Hannan appeared for the bankrupt and Mr Jones for the creditors

21 April 1886 - INJURIES
... A COINCIDENCE, Kumara April 20 - On Monday morning James Rugg, whilst engaged assisting to remove a large stone from a dray, got two of his fingers badly crushed. On the evening of the same day his daughter, Alice Rugg, while standing in the rinking room with skates on, slipped and fell on the floor, fracturing the large bone of the left leg below the knee. The bone was set by Mr Evison, and the young lady is now progressing favourably

21 May 1886 - some PROPERTY
... NOTICE - ALL HORSES and CATTLE that are found TRESPASSING from the undermentioned date in this advertisement, on my property (formerly owned by Mr James Rugg, Kumara) situate on the Kapitea Creek, and on the Sea Beach side of the Kapitea Bridge, will be taken to the "Pound" without further notice - WILLIAM KILLERY, Goldsborough's Tuesday, May 18th, 1886

27 May 1889 - Coach ACCIDENT
... Rugg's coach was capsized on Saturday while on the way in from the Taipo races. Mrs Barrowman was thrown out, but is not thought to be seriously injured. A baby inside was thrown clear of danger and came off without a scratch. James Rugg, the driver, was thrown out, while John Hayes, butcher, was pinned inside the coach by the seat in some way

7 Oct 1893 - JAMES in Court
... At the R. M. Court yesterday, before Messrs Kettle and Holmes, JP's, the following cases were dealt with: - County Council v James Rugg - Breach of the county bye-laws in plying on county roads withoug a license. Fined 5s, and cost 19s 6. A second charge was dealt with in a like manner

17 January 1894 - the MAYOR's celebration
... the Hon R. J. Seddon celebrated his silver wedding at Kumara on Saturday night (13th). Congratulatory letters and telegrams (over 200) came in from all parts of New Zealand and handsome presents received. A banquet was held at Rugg's Kumara Hotel. There were 100 guests, including the Hons. Bonar and Kerr, Messrs Guinness and McKenzie, M.H.R.'s, the mayors of Kumera and Holitika, the chairmen and members of local bodies, and visitors form all parts of the Coast and Christchurch. The proceeding were most enthusiastic.

18 July 1894 - daughter's WEDDING
... An event which has been looked forward to with much interest by the fair sex of Kumara and district for some time took place at All Saints Church yesterday when Mr Gordon Harcourt was married to Miss Alice Rugg, second daughter of Mr James Rugg of Kumara, the Rev. T. Farley being the officiating clergyman.
The bride, who was attended by her sister, Miss Martha Rugg, looked charming in a handsome fawn figured silk, trimmed with shot silk and neaded braid, and hat and gloves to match. The bridesmaid was becomingly attired in a dove-coored dress trimmed with shot silk and spangles, hat and gloves to match. The bride was given away by her brother, Mr William Rugg, whilst Mr Richard A. Harcourt acted as groomsman; Mrs Rugg was aso present with several friends. (her father James seems to be missing from the wedding)
The presents were numerous and costly and included a very beautiful nugget brooch, the gift of the bridegroom and a pretty diamond brooch, presente by the bridesmaid.
The happy couple leave for Nelson and the north on a brief honeymoon trip and carry with them the est wishes of their numerous circle of friends

... Mr James Rugg is pushing his carrying business. He has purchased Mr George Simpson's express business in Greymouth - Kumara Times

3 March 1899 - WEDDING of youngest daughter
... A wedding which attracted a much larger congregation than usual took place at Holy Trinity Chruch on Wednesday afternoon, when Miss Nellie Rugg, the youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs James Rugg, was married to Mr Robert Alison, the popular manager of the Brunner mine. The Rev E. Whitehouse officiated, and the service was choral, under the able leadership of Mrs Henry Brown. The choir, which was a very strong one, included Messrs Gillies and Reunart.
The bride, who looked charmingly pretty, was given away by her father, and was handsomely gowned in a white moire-valeur, slightly trained. The bodice was trimmed with chiffon and pearls, with transparent sleeves and yoke surounted by a coronet of orange blossoms, over which was worn the usual veil.
The bridegroom's present to the bride was a crescent of diamonds and opals.
The bride's gift to the bridegroom was a gold Albert.
The bridesmaids - Miss Mary Stuart Seddon and Miss May Seddon - were both stylishly costumed in pretty gowns of soft white silk with chiffon sashes and head dresses of ostrich plumes an veils. They carried directoire canes to which their bouquets were attached.
The bride was also attended ny two little dots, Miss Eileen Rugg and Master Gordon Harcourt, niece and nephew of the bride.
The briegroom's gifts to the bridesmaids were cable bangles and diamond and opal ring, and to the pages a gold brooch and a watch.
The bridegroom was attended by Mr Joseph McLean, of Greymouth, as best man, and Dr A. J. McIlroy, of Brunnerton.
The ceremony ended, the bridal march was played as the wedding party left the church. They were then driven to the residence of the bride's parents, where the guests were entertained to afternoon tea. Amongst the guests were several from Wellington, Greymouth, Brunnerton, Ngahere and Hokitika, and many of the costumes worn by the ladies were handsome and elegant.
The bride's mother (Mrs J. Rugg) wore a handsome black dress relieved by heliotrope trimmings with pretty bonnet to match. Mrs G. Harcourt, sister of the bride, was gowned in a striking costume of petuna black colored cloth white satin revers, and Mrs C. Rugg looked pretty in a stylish electric blue dress. Mrs J. E. Williams, aunt of the bride, was dressed in black silk. One of the costumes most admired was that worn by Mrs Dr Chas Morice, which consisted of white moire valeur with large black hat trimmed with black ostrich plumes.
Amongst the many visitors were:
the Hon James Kerr and Mrs Kerr
Mr Matheson (Mayor of Greymouth)
Dr and Mrs Morice
Mr and Mrs D. McLean senr
Mr and Miss McLean
Mr and Mrs Gillies
Mr and Mrs Revington
Mr and Mrs Franklyn
Mr and Mrs Henne (Stafford)
Mrs T. Brown and Miss Brown
Misses Maudl (2)
Mrs J. Scott (Ngahere)
Mrs Fenwick
Mrs D. J. Evans
and Messrs Fraher, Piper, Pilcher, Daniel and Duncan
On the motion of the Mayor, the Hon James Kerr was voted to the chair, and Mr Whitehoue proposed the health of the Bride and Bridegroom, which was drunk with musical honors. The Bridegroom thanked his many friends for their hearty good wishes. He woud do his utmost to make his wedded life a happy one (Cheers).
Songs followed, and each toast was drunk in champagne. Mr Kerr proposed the health of Mr and Mrs Rugg. He had known them from 1876, when he and Mr Arnott started the Kumara Times, and he was very pleased that Miss Rugg was united to a good man. Mr Kerr concluded by giving the newly wedded pair good sound advice.
Mr Byrne returned thanks on behalf of the parents. Mr Pilcher proposed "The Bridesmaids" which was responded to by Mr J. McLean, who alluded to the kind attention paid by them throughout. Mr Matheson (Mayor of Greymouth) proposed the toast of "The Best Men", responded to by Mr J. McLean and Mr McIlroy. Mr Byrne's toast "The Ladies", coupled with the name of Mr Daniel was received with cheers, and Mr Daniel in responding gave the most humorous and best speech of the afternoon. "Auld Lang Syne" was the signal for the conclusion of a most enjoyable gathering. The National Anthem being sung, the large company dispersed. Many congratulatory telegrams were received during the evening by Mr and Mrs Alison.
The happy couple departed amid showers of rice and roseleaves for the honeymoon, which is to be spent in touring the southern part of the colony. The bride's travelling dress was a tailor made electric blue gown, braided in siver, with pretty hat.

23 March 1901 - concern for ANN
... Mrs James Rugg's (Kumara) state of health is causing her friends some anxiety

25 March 1901 - ANN in Brunnerton
... Mrs James Rugg's many friends will hear with sorrow that there is no improvement in her condition, and but little hope is now entertained of her recovery. She is still with her daughter at Brunnerton, but Mr Rugg is endeavoring to have her removed to her home in Kumara

28 March 1901 - JAMES still has Hotel
Robert Murdoch was charged on the information of the police with using obscene language in the back yard of the Kumara Hotel (the language the accused was charged with is unfit for publication) ... Mr Murdoch asked the court to dismiss the case as the language had not been used in a public place but on the freehold property of Mr James Rugg...

12 April 1901
... Old West Coasters will regret to hear that there is no improvement in Mrs James Rugg's condition

10 May 1901 - ANN dies
... FUNERAL NOTICE - The Friends of Mr JAMES RUGG are respectfully invited to follow the remains of his late wife (Ann) to the place of interment, Greymouth cemetery. The funeral cortege will leave his son-in-law's (Mr Allison) residence, Brunnerton, at one p.m. TO-DAY (Friday), 10th INST., by train to Greymouth (a distance of about 50km), arriving at the Greymouth station at 2 o'clock. H. JOHNSEN, Undertaker

26 Aug 1902 - JAMES in Court aged 72
... Magistrate's Court, Greymouth. John Higgins, as inspector of vehicles for the Grey County Council v James Rugg. Complaint that on the first day of August the defendant had driven a two wheeled vehicle without springs and with tyres less than five inches wide on the Greenstone Road contrary to the bye law of the Grey County Council. Mr Hannan appeared for the County Councel. The defendant pleaded guilty and was fined 5s and 7s costs

16 May 1903 - an EMPLOYEE
... An accident happened at Kumara to Mrs Nelson's second son. The boy was employed by Mr James Rugg, on his coaches, and whilst riding a horse, got thrown off on to the hard road, and had his right leg injured

11 June 1903 - JAMES's son leaves town
... Mr James Rugg (junior) who has been so long and favourably known in connection with Rugg's Hotel and coaching establishment, left yesterday in one of his drags, taking his family and effects over to Christchurch. We regret to hear that he is leaving Kumara for good, with the intention of settling down in a larger centre. Everyone had a good word for 'Jimmy' for he was without a doubt one of the most genial, upright and straight-forward of men, always ready to do a good turn to any one. We hope that he will meet with the good luck he so well deserves and that he will prosper in whatever he undertakes

2 Sep 1905 - an AD for the Hotel
... RUGG'S KUMARA HOTEL. Connected by Telephone throughout the Coast. This large and up-to-date hotel is situated in Main street, Kumara, and is the leading Hotel for tourists and commercial gentlemen. The CUISINE and general appointments are all that could be desired.
* Private and Commercial Sitting Rooms
* Commodious Sample Rooms
* Wines and Spirits are Best Brands obtainable
RUGG'S LIVERY STABLES, attached to the hotel are equipped equal to any in the Colony. A Drag meets all trains. JAMES RUGG; Proprietor

19 June 1907 - COUNCIL trouble
... GREY COUNTY COUNCIL - A meeting of the Grey County Council was held yesterday afternoon. Present - Crs McCarthy (chair), Hargeaves, Finn, Ryal, Larkin, Tindale, Marshall, Harris, Hannan.
James Rugg of Kumara claimed ?12 as compensation for damage to a buggy through the horse falling through a culvert at Teremakau Settlement (equivalent in 2011 to about $1870). Cr Ryall moved and Cr Tindale seconded that the letter be received and no action taken. Cr Harris stated it was no fault of the road. The motion was carried

7 Dec 1907 - JAMES in COurt
... CLAIM SETTLED - Annie Osborne v James Rugg. Mr Beare appeared for claimant and Mr Hannan for defendant. Mr Beare stated that the parties had come to a settlement of ?65 and cost ?10, provided the Court would approve of it. The Bench agreed to the arrangement

2 July 1910 - PROGRESS
... Kerosene lighting is being superseded by gas in several place in Kumara. Besides the electric light at the Commercial Hotel, Rugg's and Pearn's hotels have acetylene plants, and the Times understands that the Court House Hotel, Peter's Hotel and Mr Piers are also installing acetylene plants

18 Dec 1913 - SELLING up
... Favoured with instructions from James Rugg of Kumara, Harley and Co, Limited, will sell by auction on Wednesday next, 6 horses suitable for coach or light harness work

17 Sep 1915 - HOTEL to son-in-law
... WESTLAND LICENSING COMMITTEE - The temporary transfer of Rugg's Kumara Hotel from G. Harcourt to C. H. Mansfield was granted. The renewal of Rugg's Kumara Hotel to G. Harcourt was granted

about 1917 - JAMES moves to Christchurch
... He lived with daughter Martha & her husband John Brown. Martha dies of the Flu 17 Nov 1918, her father James dies 2 days after her and then their son James also dies of the Flu 3 days after that aged 19. Her husband John commits suicide 2 months later. The inquest reports that "Brown had had a terrible experiene during the influenza epidemic period, having lost his wife, and his son, and several near relatives. These people had all been laid up in Brown's house, and Brown had assisted in nursing them. He seemed to brood over the experience, and became very gloomy and silent"

23 March 1918 - DEATH of a friend
... I regret to record the death of Mr W. Evenden, senr., which took place at his residence Seddon street, on Saturday last after a long illness. Deceased who came to the Coast in the year 1863 was engaged in the sawmilling industry in the interests of Messrs Howorsh and Findly and Malfroy Bros., at Hokitika after which he removed to Kumara, where he resided almost continuously ever since, engaging in mining pursuits. In his earlier days, the late Mr Evenden, being of a roving disposition, took to the sea and made several voyages to Australia, and in conjunction with Mr James Rugg, now of Greymouth, had the honour of making the first voyage in the then palatial steamer, "Great Eastern". Some time back, deceased who had attained the ripe old age of 85 was forced to relinquish active work, and quietly settle down.

10 Nov 1918 - the FLU PANDEMIC HITS DEATH of a son
... OBITUARY - The news of the death of Mr Thomas Rugg, at Christchurch, on Thursday, was received in Kumara with genuine regret by his many friends where he had been so well and favourably known since his boyhood up. "Tom", as he was generally called was born in Kumara close on forty years ago; and was the fourth son of Mr James Rugg,now oc Christchurch but for many years proprietor of the Kumara Hotel. Of a particularly bright nature, the late Mr Rugg endeared himself to all. For some years he conducted the drag running to and from the Kumara station and was the inaugurator of the present motor service. After disposing of his interests on the Coast, he took up his residence in Christchurch when he entered the service of Messrs Cassidy and Co., the well-known coaching firm and in whose employ he was at the time of his death. In addition to is widow, a father, four brothers and three sisters are left to mourn their sad loss

22 Nov 1918
Private advice was received here, last evening, of the death in Christchurch at the residence of his late daughter, Mrs John Brown (185 Antigua Street, Christchurch) (who herself died only last Sunday) of James Rugg, senr. Probably no man was better known on the Coast than the deceased gentleman, and few were more highly respected. Coming to Greymouth in 1865 with his late wife and eldest daughter, then a baby in arms, he spent 52 years of his life on the West Coast, only leaving a few months ago to reside in Christchurch with his son Thomas, who fell a victim to the prevailing epidemic exactly a fortnight ago. The late Mr Rugg built one of the first hotels in Greymouth (where the Golden Eagle now stands) and for some time carried on the joint businesses of hotel-keeper and cargo-boat carrier. Soon after the breaking out of the Greenstone rush, he removed to the Greenstone Junction, where he also built a hotel and continued as a carrier by boat on the Teremakau River and as a livery stable keeper. He next went to Kumara where he built the well-known Rugg's Hotel, which he conducted in connection with lines of coaches, livery stables and, later, motor-cars, until a year or two ago when he retired in Greymouth. Though 87 years of age, he was wonderfully active and robust and though his having reached such an advanced age rendered his death at any time not unexpected, his decease coming suddenly, as it did, was a great shock to his family who have thus, within the short space of a single fortnight, lost a father, a brother and a sister.
His remaining sons and daughters are:
(I have changed the list into birth order which differs from that in paper & added details so as to see it better * indicates the names written in the paper)
* Caroline (Mrs Wylde, Greymouth) (1865-1958)
* James (Christchurch) (1866-? moved to Australia after 1918)
* Alice (Mrs Harcourt, Hokitika) (1868-1929)
* Charles (Greymouth) (1869-1958)
* William (Otira) (1871-1968)
Martha (1873-1918 died a week earlier)
Nellie (1874-1914 died 4 years earlier)
Thomas (1868-1918 died a week earlier)

* David (India) (1868-?)
There are also numerous grand and great granchildren and many other relatives to whom the sympathy of all will be extended. We trust at some future time to give out readers a further account of the life and experiences of this fine old English gentleman

other RUG MARRIAGES in New Zealand 1871-1930


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by ngairedith on 2016-03-03 07:07:55

thank you to Maggie for sending in this info ...

Subject: James & Ann Rugg
To: ngairedith
From: maggie
Date: 2016-03-03 00:45:45

Hello Ngaire,
I loved your'familytreecircles' site and found the layout interesting. Thank you.

JOHNSTON family:
My husband is directly related to the rogue Alexander John Johnston through his 'marriage' to Bridget Maria Flanaghan, (have 'certificate') and their daughter Margaret Ellen Johnston who later moved to Australia where she married a Michael Henry Grant.

I do not have verification of their following children births:
Margaret Ellen Johnson about 1869 (NZ advised too early for records in Greymouth.
Robert John Johnston about 1872
Alexander Stewart Johnston 1876/17268 - death 1877/2652
William Alexander Johnston 1778/7102

JONES family:
I have the 1855 Marriage Certificate of Alexander Johnston and Jane Ellen Jones (in that order) with Jane's Father's name of Thomas Jones, Master Mariner - witness Margaret Jones.
I am extremely interested in Thomas, the nine year old boy who shot his sister Ellen.
I have yet to order his (I suspect) birth Thomas Johnston, W. Derby 8b 271 (Find My Past. I have not been able to ascertain his death until I read your site. I felt great sadness for him, his mother and siblings.
It would seem that Ann and Jane's father Thomas gained his Master Mariner's Certificate in 1800 (have a document) Think their brother Thomas also held this Certificate.

Other Jones information: British Census
* 1851 Census which shows Ann and Jane with parents and siblings in Toxteth W Derby England
* 1871 Census Martha Jones, Mother of Ann and Jane, is now a widow. Niece Ellen Williams present.
* 1881 Census Martha living with daughter Margaret, now a 'Wilkinson'
Death Certificate of Ellen Overton 1866 + Coroner's Report

I know that I have Jane's death certificate to track her children - not much help.
It would seem that she had three children with an Edward Williams whom she married in 1873.
Les Johnston of the Rootsweb unlocked these lines for me and contributed greatly to my knowledge.
He also suggested that Ann may have travelled on the French barque 'SS Suffren' 1863 Port Chalmers carrying mainly brandy ie. a Mrs Rugg, no initial.

Kind regards
Maggie (surname supplied)

by ozrowena on 2018-06-27 12:55:05

Hi Maggie,
It was great to find your message. Margaret Grant was my Great Great grandmother's elder sister. She was Elizabeth Theresa Johnston who married John McNamara on the 24th June, 1887, Lizzy Johnston married John (Jonathon) McNamara at St Gregory's Catholic Church, Queanbeyan. Witnesses were Thomas McNamara and Mary Anne Johnston. Mary Ann, who had a beautiful singing voice, also sang at the wedding. Their daughter, Ruby, was born at the Union Hotel in Queanbeyan in 1888 and Michael Grant was the licensee at the time.
I have been researching the Johnstons for about 20 years. While I'd made good progress with Alexander and Anguis Johnston, John's two brothers, I couldn't find out much about John. That all changed last night when I was trawling through the NZ newspapers online in a lot of detail and the bigamy case appeared. Of course, I was shocked and appalled, but it's thrown me a bit. I had this story and it's now taken a huge hit. Much of our side of the family thought we were descended from his younger brother Alexander, who built the North Sydney/Cammeray Suspension Bridge in 1892.Anyway, I would naturally be very interested to hear from you.
Best wishes,

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