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MARTIN buried Masterton, Wairarapa

Journal by ngairedith

the MARTIN buried Masterton, New Zealand to 2012
- some birth dates may be approximate, based on age at death
- all at Archer Street cemetery unless otherwise stated -

* ARCHIBALD Martin (1828-1910)
- Archibald died 24 September 1910 aged 82
- he is buried Plot AM, Row 10, Plan IV (with Margaret Forsyth)
... Archibald, with his wife, 3 sons & a daughter, arrived into Port Chalmers, Otago from Clyde, Glasgow on board the Gala on 23 February 1860. A son was born prematurely on board on 6 Dec 1859 but died aged 10 days Dec 17 1859
... known NZ born children of Archibald & Margaret
* 1862 - Alexander Forsyth Martin
* 1864 - 1941 Mary Smith Martin
- Mary Smith Martin married Walter George CAREY 20 Nov 1895
- they had a daughter: 1 October 1892 - Ruby Williams Carey
* 1866 - Margaret Martin
* 1869 - Isabella Forsyth Martin
LEVELL'S FLAT Milton, 24 July 1880
... Mr Archibald Martin has given up the tenancy of Mathison's farm and leaves here shortly. Mr Martin's hearty and cheery manner gained him many friends here, and I am sure he will carry with him the best wishes of those for his future success. The clearing sale of Mr Martin's stock was well attended, and very fair prices were realised. Mrs Lowrie, of the adjoining farm, is spoken of as the new tenant.
A TRIBUTE to the late ARCHIBALD MARTIN 4 Oct 1910
... In the death of the late Mr Archibald Martin, Masterton has lost a settler of thirty years' residence, and the Dominion a colonist of fifty years' standing. A typical Highlander, keen and alert, lithe and sinewy, he had the iron frame and tough constitution of one that could, and did, endure much toil and hardship in the early days. Even with the weight of four-score years, his shoulders never bent to the burden of his days. It was his boast that during his long life he had never had a day's illness, and even at the end it could hardly be said that he succumbed to any disease, beyond the weakness of ripe old age.
On the morning of his death he asked for his "glasses" and glanced through the Daily Times, held converse with members of his family, and after dinner, feeling drowsy, fell asleep, and passed peacefully into the great unknown - a man to be admired in life and envied in death.
As a man, Mr Martin was shrewd, abstemious and industrious, straight-forward in his actions and of unimpeachable integrity. His manner was unassuming and unpretentious, and he was both kind-hearted and genial, making friends of all who knew him and enemies of none. A man of more that average intelligence, he was the best exponent of Scottish history that the writer has every known; incidents and dates alike were at his finger ends, and his memory was indeed marvellous in one of his advanced age.
Not further back than twelve months ago - if as long ago as that - he and the writer were discussing incidents relative to the rising of '45 in favour of Bonnie Prince Charlie, when the old man said, "Here boy, I'll give you a verse," and there and then he recited a long and stirring ballad - without hitch or hesitation - on the gathering of the Highland clans. Although not, so far as the writer knows, a composer of rhymes himself, he had a true poetic temperament, and owned that the inclination ran in his family, he having a brother who had essayed in that direction, while his youngest son - at present surveyor-in-chief in the Straits Settlements - was a writer of verse of no mean order
IN MEMORIAM 25 September 1911
... MARTIN - In loving memory of Archibald Martin, late of Opaki and Milton, who died September 24th 1910. He asked life of Thee and Thou gavest it him; Even length of days for ever and ever

* ARTHUR EDWARD Martin (1912-1990)
- son of James William MARTIN & Minnie LAWRY
- Arthur died 10 February 1990 aged 77
- buried Plot 18, Row CREM, Ex Servicemen at Riverside (with Marjorie Clara)

* CHARLES RUDOLPH 'Carl' Martin (1873-1930)
- Carl married Norah Elizabeth Jane QUARTERMAINE (nee PARKYN) 2 July 1913
- Charles died 7 August 1930 aged 57
- he is buried Plot CRM, Row 19, Plan II
... His headstone reads:
In Loving Memory Of
Charles Rudolph
dearly loved husband of
Norah E. J. MARTIN
Passed away Aug 7th, 1930
Sadly Missed

* EDNA MAY Martin (1908-1995 nee TANKERSLEY)
- Edna died 30 March 1995 aged 86
- she is buried Plot 77, Row Q, Lawn A-X (with William James Stanley)
... her headstone reads:
In Loving memory of
(nee Tankersley)
Died 30th March 1995, aged 86

* FREDERICK WILLIAM Martin (1878-1891)
- Frederick died 30 June 1891 aged 12
- he is buried Plot FWM, Row 3, Plan V
NOTE database has aged 4

* JAMES WILLIAM Martin (1877-1939)
- James married Minnie LAWRY (1881-1942) in Featherston on 7 April 1904
- they had 4 sons. James had the Postal run in Featherston in 1909
- the family moved to Masterton in 1925
- James died 4 September 1939 aged 62
- he is buried Plot JWM, Row 24, Area Plan II (also see Minnie)

* JOHN JAMES Martin (1910-1961)
- son of James William MARTIN & Minnie LAWRY
- John died 15 September 1961 aged 51
- he is buried Plot JJM, Row 27, Plan 1 (with Rita & Jean)

* JEAN Martin (1943-1943)
- Jean died 11 April 1943 aged 9 weeks
- she is buried Plot JM, Row 27, Plan I (with John James & Rita)
NOTE database has Jone Martin aged 9

* LESLIE THOMAS Martin (1907-1983)
- son of James William MARTIN & Minnie LAWRY
- Leslie died 6 October 1983 aged 76
- he is buried Plot 43, Row P, Lawn A-X

* LUCY HANNAH Martin (1877-1947)
- Lucy died 17 January 1947 aged 69
- she is buried Plot LHM, Row 5, Plan III

* MARGARET FORSYTH Martin (1826-1904)
- Margaret died 9 November 1904 aged 78
- she is buried Plot MFM, Row 10, Plan IV (with Archibald)
NOTE MARTIN - At Dixon-street, Masterton, on the 9th November, Margaret Forsyth, wife of Archibald Martin, sen., farmer, late of Opaki

* MARJORIE CLARA Martin (1906-2012)
- Marjorie died 19 September 2012 aged 96
- she is buried Plot 18, Ex Servicemen at Riverside (with Arthur Edward)

* MARJORIE GLORY Martin (1911-1968)
- Marjorie died 1 July 1968 aged 57
- she is buried Plot 42, Row P, Plan IX Pioneer

* MARY Martin (1860-1923)
- Mary died 10 September 1923 aged 63
- she is buried Plot MM, Row 15, Plan II

* MINNIE Martin (1881-1842 nee LAWRY)
- daughter of Thomas LAWRY & Caroline HOSKINGS (both buried in Featherston)
- Minnie married James William Martin in Featherston on 7 April 1904
- she died 5 September 1942 aged 61
- buried Plot MM, Row 24, Plan II (with James William)

* MYRA RUTH Martin (1910-2008)
- Myra died 6 October 2008 aged 98
- she is buried Plot 12, Row A, Cherry Tree Cremations at Riverside

* RACHEL Martin (1875-1948)
- Rachel died 23 March 1948 aged 72
- she is buried Plot RM, Row 19, Plan VIII

* REGINALD JAMES HAYES Martin (1914-1965)
- Reginald graduated from Canterbury University in 1936 with a M.Sc
- Reginald died 31 December 1965 aged 51
- he is buried Plot 27, Row J, Lawn A-X (with Sarah May)

* RICHARD ERNEST Martin (1865-1943)
- Richard died 7 July 1943 aged 78
- he is buried Plot REM, Row 8, Plan II

* RITA ADA ELIZABETH Martin (1908-2002)
- Rita died 5 September 2002 aged 94
- she is buried Row 27, Plan 1 (with John James & Jean)

* SARAH MAY Martin (1905-1987)
- Sarah died 23 December 1987 aged 82
- she is buried Plot 27, Row J, Lawn A-X (with Reginald James Hayes Martin)

* T. L. Martin (?-1932)
- buried 13 June 1932 aged ?
- Plot TLM, Row C, Old Ground

* VIOLET ETHEL BLANCHE Martin (1888-1946)
- Violet died 27 August 1946 aged 58
- she is buried Plot VEBM, Row 30, Plan II

* WILLIAM Martin (1866-1906)
- William died 25 November 1906 aged 40
- he is buried Plot WM, Row 3, Plan IX Pioneer
... A middle-aged man named William Martin, a watchmaker, a native of Glasgow, was found dead in a passage leading to his premises yesterday morning. Deceased had been drinking heavily on Saturday evening, and was escorted to his home by a friend, being left at his door. He evidently settled down in an attitude from which he was unable in his helpless state to stir, and was strangled by his collar preventing him breathing.
... What appears to be an untimely death overtook Mr William Martin, watchmaker, of Masterton, on Saturday evening. It seems that at about 10.10 p.m. Mr T, Pinkney, cab-driver, noticed Mr Martin leaning against a verandah post of the Club Hotel helplessly intoxicated. Mr Pinkney states that he left his cab, and assisted Mr Martin to the front door of the building where deceased lived (above Professor Williams' tobacconist, Queen-street), and after seeing him inside closed the door to prevent him returning outside. Deceased muttered something to the effect that he would be out again shortly. The proprietor of the premises, Professor Williams, says that he saw deceased at about 10.30 o'clock lying in the passage snoring, and he was in that position when the Professor closed his shop. Mr W. Dougall, who sleeps in a room adjacent to that occupied by deceased, was astir at 7 o'clock yesterday morning, and on going downstairs found Mr Martin huddled up behind the door. On endeavouring to arouse him, Mr Dougall was shocked to find him dead. Mr Dougall at once went for Dr Cowie, who could only pronounce on the cause of death. Judging from the appearance of deceased, Dr Cowie is of opinion that, whilst intemperance played an important part in the tragic incident, strangulation was probably the immediate cause of death. Deceased was wearing a very tight collar, and, from the position in which he was found, it was this collar that actually caused suffocation. In his helpless state the man would gradually asphyxiate.
Deceased had resided in Masterton some seven years, being first in the employ of Mr Dougall, afterwards going into business on his own account. Latterly he was employed chiefly in working for the trade. Mr Martin came from Glasgow and was a member of the Scottish Order of Freemasons
... At the inquest the jury returned a verdict that the deceased came by his death by asphixia while in an intoxicated state

* WILLIAM Martin (1880-1944)
- William died 23 August 1944 aged 64
- he is buried Plot WM, Row 10, Plan III

* WILLIAM JAMES STANLEY Martin (1906-1975)
- born 15 May 1906 to William MARTIN & Effie Catherine FRASER
- William James Stanley died 30 April 1975 aged 67
- he is buried Plot 78, Row Q, Lawn A-X (with Edna May)
... his headstone reads:
In Loving memory of
Died 30th April 1975, aged 68

Queen Street, Masterton, with the Club Hotel in the foreground

taken from Masterton written 1908

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