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Martin Krause - My Great Grandfather on My Mothers Side

Journal by JamesLennox

Martin Krause,(Born: 28 Mar 1856 & Died 19 May 1938) was the 3rd child of Johann Krause and Maria Krause (nee Kies).

He married Amalie Friedrica Semmler at Katyil Victoria on 9 Sep 1886.

Martin was Naturalised by the Commonwealth Government of Australia on 5th October 1923. He was 67 years of age.
From information provided by Martin on 2nd March 1923 when he applied for Australian Citzenship he states he was born on 28 March 1856 at Heinsbeck, near Posen in the County of Posen in the country of Germany. (This would have made him 82 years, 1 month and 20 days on his death date) He states his father was German and was named Johann Krause and that his mother was German.
(However, on information provided on his death certificate, he is shown to be 84 years when he died on18 May 1938). No actual birth certificate is available to indicate the exact day of birth.

Personal details on Martins Naturalisation Documentation, show that he was:
five feet & eight inches tall, hair was black slightly turning grey, his eyes were blue and he had the little finger on his left hand bent.
He was living with his wife "Amelie Friedriche" at Federal St Rainbow and that they had six (6) children these being:-
Martin Frederick 34 years of age born at Katyal now residing at Hamilton
Agnes Amelia 32 years of age born Katyil now residing at Rainbow the wife of George Brown.
Ewald Paul 30 years of age born at Katyil now residing at Wal Wal
Otto John 28 years of age born at Katyil now residing at Morwell
Oswald Ewald 25 years of age born at Katyil now residing at Stawell
Bruno Gottfried aged 24 years of age born at Katyil now residing at Hamilton
Martin, also states that he "had two sons that enlisted in and served with the Australian Imperial Forces in the late war".

Martin states that he arrived at Adalaide, South Australia from the port of Hamburg, Germany in November 1862 on a ship called the "Wandrum".
However, checking ship arrivals into Adelaide it is obvious that Martin at aged 67 and having arrived in Australia some 60 odd years earlier as a six year? old child did not have an accurate recall of his arrival in Australia.
A search of the ?Biographical index of South Australians, 1836-1885? was able to find out some information. According to this source the following people arrived in Adelaide on board the ?Wandrahm? on 13 March 1862.
1- Hans Krause; 2- Marie Krause; 3- Martin Krause (2)
Unfortunately I was not able to confirm this information on a shipping list as I was advised that the official passenger list for this voyage of ?Wandrahm? has not survived. There is a notice in the Register, 14 March 1862, indicating the arrival of ?Wandrahm? and the fact that a Marie and Martin Krause were among the passengers, no other information is available.
From the information that is available it is not clear if all members of the family arrived on this ship? As both the father and the oldest son were both called Johann (Hans) it can only at this stage be assumed that Johann & Maria Krause along with their two (2) children Johanne & Martin did arrive at Adelaide on the " Wandrahm"
Loyds Shipping Register describes the "Wandrahm" as a Barque built in 1854 at Reiherstieg, Hamburg Germany.
The ship was 675 Tons net and her dimensions were 135.9 feet long, a 29.5 foot beam and holds 24 feet deep.

Martin, states that on arriving at Adelaide he lived for about 8 years in Adelaide, 8 years at Hamilton Victoria, 30 years at Katyil, near Dimboola, Victoria and the last 14 years at Rainbow, Victoria.
A sidenote to this is that his Father Johann's death certificate shows that Johann had lived "15 years in South Australia and 24 years in Victoria when he died on 1st August 1901 at Katyil, Victoria? Could have Martin got his recall of the stay in SA wrong or was his fathers death certificate information not correct?

At the time of making application for Naturalisation he was in the employ as a Gardener by a Mr Alfred George Merritt, a Raibow Stationer. It was stated in the application that Martin could not read or write english but could speak and understand english language.

Details on his Death Certificate show that he was 84 year of age at death. That he died at the Airlie Hospital Dimboola, Victoria on 18 May 1938 his occupation is shown as Labourer but under this is shown Old Age Pensioner. His father is shown as Johanne Krause and his mother as Maria Krause nee Kies. The informant on the death certificate is shown as Krause but I cannot decipher the initial of the person concerned. He was buried at the Dimboola Cemetery on 19 May 1938, a Lutheran minister is shown as doing the burial.
Details of his birth are shown that he was born at Heinsbeck, Germany and lived in South Australia for 10 years and 68 years in Victoria.
Children shown are:-
Frederich Martin - 51 years
Agnes - 48 years
Otto John - Deceased (My Grandfather, Gallipoli Veteran)
Paul - 46 years
Oswald - 42 years
Bruno - 40 years
Antonia - 33 years (Antonia, is not shown as a child in 1923 when he applied for Australian Naturalisation, Why? in 1924 on the death of his wife Amelia her children show all seven (7) as living! Could this have been an oversight by Martin back in 1923?

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on 2008-03-10 22:54:24

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by JamesLennox on 2008-03-10 23:06:45

by Julie07 on 2008-05-16 18:39:53

Martin's older brother, Johann, came to Victoria, Australia a couple of years earlier than his brother and parents, with an uncle. He did not go to South Australia. He died in Hamilton, Victoria in 1914.
Johann krause and Marie Kies had their last child in 1865 at Lyndoch, S.A. so could have been in Victoria anytime from there. Marie's death cert in 1911 indicates they went to Victoria in about 1900. But Martin was married in Victoria in 1886 so you would think Johann and Marie were in Vic. at that time. death cert information is never reliable, only as good as informant's knowledge.

by Julie07 on 2008-05-16 19:24:57

On 29th August 1903 at Warracknabeal, Victoria Australia, Mary Krause was naturalised. She was 79 years of age, was born in Kotbus, Heinrich Bridge, Germany. She arrived in Australia in November 1863 on the ?Vondrum? from Hamburg, and had been in the colony of Victoria for 40 years. She was a widow.
( National Archives, Australia)
Some spelling errors in document eg. Kotbus + Vondrum.
This would be Marie nee Kies, mother of Martin.

by Julie07 on 2008-05-16 22:01:50

I made a mistake on comment re: when Marie Krause nee Kies'death certificate states she was in Victoria from 1900 - it was actually from 1860. This is not the right date either as they were still in S.A. in 1865.

by JamesLennox on 2008-05-16 23:09:24

My recent research indicates that Johann may well have arrived earlier than his parents and brother Martin.
The Biographical Index of South Australians 1836-1885 only shows one Hans Krause arriving on the Wandrahm. Up until I recieved your advice I was thinking that this may have been the young Hans with the father coming over ealier! Then sending word for the other members of his family to come over!

The index shows KRAUSE Hans arr: 1862 WANDRAHM
KRAUSE Marie arr: 1862 WANDRAHM
KRAUSE Martin b: c1801 d: 15.5.1873 Eden Valley
SA arr: 1862 WANDRAHM*res: Eden Valley
KRAUSE Martin arr: 1862 WANDRAHM
(The "Wandrahm" arrived at Port Adelaide on 13 March 1862.
It is most likely that the older Martin was related to Johann senior however, I cannot find any information which might shed some light as to how they may have been related?

I have found what I now understand to be the Naturalization Document (Dated 19 September 1884)for a Johann Krause, stating he arrived in Victoria in 1859. He states he was born at Cotbus Brandenburg Germany and he had been living in Victoria for 25 years. This would make him born abt 1848, abt the same age as Martins Brother!!
Is there any information on the Uncle that Johann came to Victoria with?

by Julie07 on 2008-05-22 15:42:23

Johann did not come to Australia with his parents. He came in about 1859 with an Uncle according to family history. According to the National Archives of Australia, a Johann LEHMANN was naturalised in 1863 at Hamilton, Victoria. He was 46 years of age, born in Heinersbruck, Prussia, and had arrived in Victoria in November 1859 via the ship ?Forward/Vorwarts/ Voorwart/ Forwards ???.
He had married Anna Kies in Heinersbruck. Johann KRAUSE also came over in 1859 on the Forward/Voorwart. If Anna KIES was maternal aunt to Johann (being sister of Marie Kies who was Johann Krause's mother), then Johann Lehmann was the uncle Johann Krause was said to have arrived with to Australia.
Interestingly, Johann Lehmann & wife, Anna nee Kies, had Martin. Martin married Maria Mirtschin. Maria Mirtschin was sister to Agnes Mirtschin who married Johann Krause, the above nephew of Johann Lehmann and Anna Kies.
Also interesting is that Johann Krause?s mother, Maria Kies?s mother was Hannah Lehmann.

by VanessaKrause on 2009-01-16 16:59:03

I also a great grandchild of Martin. ie Martin>Oswald>Kenneth Am glad I found this site as I've been finding lots of great information.

by jkrause on 2010-04-21 06:19:07

Wow, this is really exciting. Martin is my Great Great Grandfather! (Martin>Bruno>Raymond>Glenn>ME!) I'm in the midst of writing a family tree.

by jenndmoo on 2010-08-02 08:21:42

Thank you for the information I am also a Great Grandchild of Martin Krause (Martin>Frederick>Rudolph>me) - Thank you for sharing this information.

Jen D nee Krause

by mhenderson72 on 2010-09-19 05:01:15

Hi to all,

Martin is my wife's Great Grandfather (Martin>Bruno>Colin>Sharon). I am conducting research for Sharon and her father. Desperately trying to get a photo of Bruno Krause. If anyone has one would like to get a copy.


by JamesLennox on 2010-11-11 19:33:17

Johann Krause's Arrival In Australia - 1859
Following a lot more research and Trawling I found an article published on the Wendish Heritage Society website pertaining to "The 1859 Hamburg Ships' 150th Anniversary" This article shows that the 'Wends" "Hans Lehmann a farmer from Heinersbrueck Prussia aged 43 with wife Anna and their 6 children Anna, Martin, Maria, Hans, Elisabeth and Friedrich? arrived on the Barque P.C Kinch at Melbourne on 7 November 1859.
Johann(Hans)Lehmann,was the husband of Anna Lehmann (nee Kies). Anna was the sister of Marie Krause (nee Kies)

My research indicates that Johann and Anna Lehmann did not have a child named Hans (Johann). This article appears to reinforces the view that Johann Krause DID travel to Australia with his Aunt and Uncle, under the name of Lehmann?

Naturalisation Documents dated September 1863 for Johann Lehmann show that ?He arrived at Port Melbourne from the Port of Hamburg Germany on 9 November 1859 on the "Forvarts". HOW COULD JOHANN GET THE SHIP SO WRONG AFTER ONLY 4 YEARS??
Naturalisation Documents for his son Martin (B 19 Sep 1843) show the following information:- "Memorial For Letters Of Naturalization" signed by Martin Lehmann on 30 November 1897 show that he was 53 years of age, had come from Heinersbrueck Kingdom of Prussia/Germany and that he was a farmer. He states that he arrived in the colony of SA in November 1859, ships name could not be remembered, he left Germany from the port of Hamburg. He then came overland to Victoria in the year 1860 and that he was a resident of Victoria for 37 years.

Application for Certificate of Naturalisation Documents for another of Johann's son's Friedrich Lehmann(B 28 July 1855) lodged on 13 April 1916 show that he arrived in 1859 on the ?Ceasar? at Adelaide and spent abt 12 months at Lyncoch SA, 18 years at Hamilton Vic and 37 years at Katyil Vic.

Both Martin and Friedrich were young children when they arrrived in Australia but both say they spent time in SA before going to Victoria.
Both agree that it was 1859. Father and one son give different ships and the other son could not remember.
The Wendish Society article indicates that the Lehmann's arrived in Port Melbourne on the P.C.Kinch.

I have contacted the society to see if they can provide any clarrification on this.
The question I would like to be answered if possible is did the Lehmann family arrive at Port Melbourne on the PC Kinch 7 Nov 1859 or did they disembark at Adelaide prior to the ships arrival in Victoria??

Johann Krause was born in Prussia, Germany. No Birth Certifcate is available to verify DOB.
Birth date is shown on Cemetery records as 3 Septermber 1847.

However, the age of Johann shown on his fathers (Johann) death certificate Reg# 9370 has Johann (Junior) 51 years at 30 July 1901. This suggests that Johann may have been born about 1849?

Johann died on 24 July 1914 & is buried at Hamilton South Lutheran Cemetery.

Information on Victorian Death Certificate # 9926 show:-
Died at 66 years of age. Was a farmer by occupation. Death was deemed to be by natural causes and an Inquirey was held into his death on 25 July 1914. His father is shown as Johann Krause and his mother as Maria Krause, formally Kies. Burial Service was conducted by a Lutheran minister.

Marriage details show that he married at 28 years of age to Agnes Mirtschin at Tabor Victoria.
Children & Ages listed are:-
Maria (36), Johanna (35), Alfred (34), Agnes (32), ILLEGABLE!, Ida (28), Otto (25), Anna (age not clear),
Johann (age not clear). [From available information it would appear that the illegable name would most likely be Emma.

by Lennox on 2022-01-09 04:07:34

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