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Mary Ann BOWHEY & James DICKER - Tasmania

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Mary Ann Bowhey (1845-1919)
was born July 1846 in Devon, U.K.
a daughter of John Bowhey (1813-1862) & Maria Lapthorne (1818-1903)
James DICKER (1840-1901)
was born 8 Dec 1840 in Yealmpton, Devon
a son of John Dicker (1812-1893) & Mary Ann Budge

Mary Ann & James married 13 Aug 1868 in North Adelaide
South Australian Register, 14 Aug 1868 ~ MARRIAGE
DICKER-BOWHEY - On the 13th August, at Archer-street Wesleyan Church, North Adelaide, by the Rev. W. L. Binks, Mr James Dicker, of Modbury, second son of Mr John Dicker, farmer, Modbury, to Miss Mary Ann, eldest daughter of the late John Bowhey, Esq., farmer

They had 11 children born Ladywood Farm, in Modbury, (Highercombe) South Australia
... 1 ...
1869 - 1960 Emma Maria Dicker

Adelaide Observer, 1 Jan 1870 ~ BIRTH
DICKER - On the 25th December, at Ladywood, Modbury, the wife of Mr James Dicker of a daughter
born: 25 Dec 1869
married: William DART (1859-) 23 May 1899
- 1st of 9 children of William Dart & Naomi Watkins, also see ..2.. & ..4..
Emu Bay Times, North West & West Coast Advocate, 25 May 1899 ~ WEDDING
Another gay function of a matrimonial character was celebrated at Wynyard on Tuesday afternoon, the contracting parties being Mr William Dart, eldest son of the late Mr Wm. Dart, of Wynyard, and Miss Emma Dicker, eldest daughter of Mr. Jas. Dicker, also of Wynyard. The marriage was performed by the Rev. W. Hamilton, assisted by Mr. W. H. Pollard, in the Methodist Church. The church was very tastefully decorated for the auspicious event, and looked very nice. The bride wore a handsome fawn cashmere dress trimmed with white silk and gimp, with veil and orange blossoms, and looked exceedingly pretty. She was attended by the Misses Ada Dicker and Alice Dart, young sisters of the bride and bridegroom, as bridesmaids, the two latter wearing white hail spot muslin over pink zephyr, with short voile trimmed with flowers. They also looked very comely In their fairy-like costumes, Mr R. Dart acted as best man and the bride was given away by her father. The church was crowded during the ceremony, a large number being unable to obtain admission. After the ceremony a large number assembled at Mr Dicker's residence, where the usual wedding festivities were indulged in and breakfast partaken of. The customary wedding toasts were received with great applause, and honored with the heartiest wishes of all present. The wedding presents were very numerous, and embraced the useful with the beautiful. A large number of the presents were from South Australia, where the bride and her husband in their early years resided. The teachers and scholars of the Methodist Sunday school presented the bride with a handsome tall metal lamp and butter dish and sugar bowl as a mark of their love for one who has for many years been connected with the school as organist and teacher. Mr. and Mrs. Dart have gone to Launceston, where they intend to spend the honeymoon. As usual, rice, rose leaves, and flowers were scattered with prodigality upon the happy pair.
their known children:
* 1900 - 1971 Esther Pretoria Dart
* 1903 - 1978 William James Dart
* 1907 - 1967 Edna Amy Dart
* 1910 - 1977 Roy John Dart
died: July 1960 aged 90

... 2 ...
1871 - 1898 George James Dicker

born: 12 May 1871
married: Mary DART (1877-) 31 Dec 1897
- 6th of 9 children of William Dart & Naomi Watkins, also see ..1.. & ..4..
died: 28 Oct 1898 aged 27
Chronicle, 12 November 1898 ~ DEATH
The Emu Bay (Tasmania) 'Times' in its issue of last week had the following letter, dated October 28, from its Wynyard correspondent:—
'Quite a gloom was cast over the township this morning when it became known that an accident, which terminated fatally, had befallen George Dicker. Deceased was engageed with his brother William scrubbing at Camp Creek. William was felling a myrtle tree, George was working about 20 to 30 yards away, and was warned of the falling tree and jumped behind another close by. It is supposed that he looked out to see where the tree was falling to and was struck on the head by it. Deceased never spoke and died an hour afterwards. Deceased who was only married about last Christmas, leaves a young wife, for whom heartfelt sympathy is expressed.' At the inquest the jury returned a verdict that deceased came to his death accidentally. The deceased was a son of Mr James Dicker, an old resident of Modbury, but now of Wynyard, and about 10 months ago he married Miss M. Dart, of Millbrook.
* 11 Nov 1898 - The sad accidental death of Mr. George J. Dicker cast quite a gloom over the whole district, as he was a very worthy young fellow, who had won the goodwill of everyone. He leaves a young wife to whom he was united on Boxing Day of last year only, to mourn her loss and his parents and relatives, who also reside here, to unite with her in their grievous affliction. Fully 400 persons assembled at the local cemetery to pay the last respects due to a worthy son, an affectionate husband and a popular resident.
Emu Bay Times, North West & West Coast Advocate. 28 Oct 1899 ~ IN MEMORIAM
In loving remembrance of my dear husband, George James Dicker who was accidentally killed by a falling tree at Camp Creek, October 28, 1898. Inserted by his loving wife Mary Dicker. Far beyond this world of changes. Far beyond this world of care, We shall find our missing loved one, In our Father's mansion fair

... 3 ...
1873 - 1965 Alfred John Dicker

born: 9 June 1873
married: ?
The Express and Telegraph, 8 Oct 1875 ~ ACCIDENT
A child, named Alfred Dickers, aged three years, had his right foot cut off and his left foot nearly so, by a mowing machine at Modbury on Thursday, October 7. The poor little fellow was admitted into the Adelaide Hospital
The Mount Lyell Standard and Strahan Gazette (Queenstown, Tasmania), 9 June 1900 ~ Business Ad
Mr Alfred Dicker, bootmaker, late of J. Duncan's, Orr street, announces that he has taken over Benjamin's business in Sticht street and invites old friends to give him a trial
Advocate, 31 August 1927 DEVONPORT BLAZE
PRACTICALLY ALL STOCK AFFECTED. The damage to the stock as a result of the fire at Messrs. Roe and Paul's yesterday morning proved a great deal more extensive than was at first thought. Mr. W. Whitfield, the insurance assessor, stated that he had not gone thoroughly into the damage, but he estimated it at roughly £4500. The stock was covered by £5400 with the Liverpool London and Globe Insurance Company. The fire, it is thought, originated as the result of a wooden plug in the brick wall igniting through being in close proximity to a fireplace in the premises of A. J. Dicker, bootmaker, next door. On examination, there were several plugs in the wall where tho fire started one of which was burned out. After burning through, the plug caught on to the rolls of material and shelving that was against the wall at this particular spot, when, after smouldering for sometime the cloth and other fabrics evidently burst into flames. The steel ceiling of the shop was severely scorched where the flames played round in a circle in an endeavor to find an outlet. At the opposite end the partitions at the back of the windows were scorched, and lines of cashmere hose and other inflammable articles hung on top of tho counters were burned to cinders, showing how the flames leaped round. Articles in practically all parts of the shop were destroyed and others damaged by water. The section where the conflagration started was where the most expensive goods were and very little was left untouched in the whole row of shelves on this side. After burning for a while a large skylight above the heart of the fire was broken open by the heat and this caused a current of air to enter which fanned the blaze making it increase in volume, and giving it a fair hold. It was at this stage that the fire brigade arrived. The draught caused by the opening of the door for the admittance of men with the hose further increased the blaze, but it was soon under control, and within an hour they were able to leave the premises. Had it been other than a calm night or had the alarm been given half an hour later there would have been little hope of saving the building, in fact, the shops adjoining would have been endangered. The firemen arrived on the scene promptly on receiving the alarm. Articles in the windows of the shop at tho top, where the flames reached, were damaged, while three plate glass windows facing Stewart street were cracked. On the floor above, the rooms occupied by Mr B. C. Wall, dentist, were not affected. It is a remarkable coincidence that this shop was the scene of a fire in January. The outbreak on that occasion occurred on the upper storey, in Mr. Wall's dentistry chambers, but considerable damage was done to the goods in the shop by water.
The Mercury, 25 July 1954
At the Court of Requests
Alfred J. Dicker, of Devonport, sued Aaron E. J. Cowburn, of Eugenana, for the recovery of 10/9 for a pair of slippers which it was stated were sold to the defendant. The plaintiff's case was that the slippers and shoes were purchased, and the latter were paid for by a daughter of the defendant, but the slippers were omitted from the bill by mistake, but an account was rendered later. The defendant denied making the purchase, and said he had not met the plaintiff till that day. On tho day when he was supposed to have been in the shop October 18 1922 he was working at the quarries. Evidence was tendered by the then secretary of the Broken Hill Proprietary Co. to show that Cowburn was working at the quarries on the day in question. The Commissioner said it was not clear that the right person was being sued, and he nonsuited the plaintiff.
died: 14 Jan 1965 aged 91

... 4 ...
1875 - 1954 Eliza Adelaide Dicker

born: 6 Feb 1875
married: Richard DART (1873-) 19 Feb 1900
- 3rd of 9 children of William Dart & Naomi Watkins, also see ..1.. & ..2..
The North Western Advocate & Emu Bay Times, 20 Feb 1900 ~ MARRIAGE
DART-DICKER - At Wynyard, on February 19, 1900, by the Rev J. Rogers, Richard, third son of the late Mr W. Dart, Wynyard, to Eliza Adelaide, second daughter of Mr James Dicker, Wynyard
known children:, born Wynyard
* 1900 - Henry Richard 'Harry' Dart
* 1902 - William Edward Dart
* 1904 - Winifred Eliza Dart
* 1907 - Greta Adeline Dart
* 1908 - Florence Mary Dart
lived: Diprose home (brother's inlaws) 'Bass View' Yolla, Tasmania
died: 14 April 1954 aged 79 in Wynyard
Advocate, 15 April 1954 ~ DEATH
DART - On April 14, at the Spencer Hospital, Wynyard, Eliza Adelaide, dearly loved wife of Richard Dart (Bass Highway, Wynyard) and loved mother of Henry (Yolla), William (Hobart). Winifred (Mrs V. Webberley, Wynyard), Greta (deceased) and Florence (Mrs Robinson, Flinders Island); aged 70 years
DART - The funeral of the late Eliza Adelaide Dart is appointed to leave the Methodist Church, Wynyard, after a service commencing at 3.30pm on Friday, April 16, for interment in the Somerset cemetery. Friends are respectfully invited to attend. Lusted and Son, Funeral Directors, phone 35 Wynyard
Advocate, 22 April 1954 ~ OBITUARY
Mrs E. A. DART The death of Mrs Eliza A. Dart occurred at the Spencer Hospital, Wynyard. Mrs Dart had been in failing health for some time. The deceased was the second eldest daughter of the late Mr and Mrs James Dicker and was born at Modbury, South Australia in 1875. In 1900 she married Mr Richard Dart of Wynyard. In 1950 Mr and Mrs Dart celebrated their golden wedding anniversary. Mrs Dart was of a retiring nature, but a characteristic which was outstanding throughout her life was her constant devotion to the church. The funeral at the Methodist Church, Wynyard and at the Somerset cemetery was conducted by the Rev D. Fox and attended by many relatives and friends. Chief mourners were the husband, Mr and Mrs Harry Dart (son and daughter-in-law), Mr and Mrs Webberley (daughter and son-in-law), Mrs C. Robinson (daughter). Messrs Arthur, Alfred Dicker, Devonport, and Mr Hedley Dicker, Yolla (brothers), Mrs E. M. Dart, east Wynyard (sister), Miss A. Dart (sister-in-law).
Carriers were Messrs T. L. and M. L. Hamilton, C. Griffiths and T. Tyrrell. Among the floral tributes were those from the Wynyard Methodist Church and choir members, Australian Federated Union of Locomotive Engine-men, Gregory and Foster, Mr and Mrs Reg Hay

... 5 ...
1876 - 1953 William Thomas Dicker

born: 4 Dec 1876
married: Ellen 'May' Grace DIPROSE (1881-1961) 19 May 1909 in Yolla. 6th of 10 children of Thomas Children Diprose & Mary Gould/Goold - also see (..9..)
NOTE Thomas Children Diprose was the 6th of 15 children of Isaac Diprose & *Elizabeth French and a grandson of Thomas Diprose & Elizabeth Children. *Elizabeth French's parents were Francis French & Mary Oliver, who were the ggg grandparents of Edith Dicker & her husband Jim French below
their known children:
* 1911 - 2002 Ernest Thomas 'Ernie' Dicker
* 1912 - 1988 Cyril James Dicker
* 1915 - Vida Mary Dicker
* 1919 - 1997 Edith Emmeline 'Edie' Dicker (later Mrs Trevor Clarence 'Jim' French 1920-1997, see NOTE above)
* 1924 - 1989 Leo William Dicker
died: 13 Oct 1953 aged 76
Advocate, 14 Oct 1953 ~ DEATH
DICKER - On Tuesday, October 13, at his residence, Margaret Street, East Devonport, William Thomas, dearly loved husband of May Dicker and loving father of Ernie (Queensland), Cyril (Yolla), Vida (East Devonport), Edie (Mrs T. C. French, Hagley) and Leo (Burnie); in his 77th year
DICKER - The funeral of the late William Thomas Dicker is appointed to leave the East Devonport Methodist Church, to-morrow (Thursday Oct 15) after a short service commencing at 2pm for the Devonport Cemetery - Haslock & Gillard, A.F.D.A., 37 Steele st., Devonport, 'phone 357
Advocate, 20 Oct 1953 ~ OBITUARY

Mr William Thomas Dicker, who died at his residence, East Devonport, last Tuesday, was in his 77th year. He was born in Modbury, South Australia and was still a lad when his family migrated to Wynyard and from there helped pioneer one of the first farms at Yolla.
While at Yolla, he tool a great interest in open air sport and prior to the district obtaining a recreation ground, paddocks on his farm were set aside for cricket, football and the annual Yolla sports. Mr Dicker himself was well known as an athlete and cricketer.
He was a prominent member of the Yolla Methodist Church being a trustee, steward and treasurer and at East Devonport attended as regularly as possible.
The funeral was at the Devonport Public Cemetery on Thursday after a service at the Methodist Church, East Devonport. The Rev. J. L. Cousins conducted both services.
Mr Dick us survived by his widow, three sons, Ernest, Cyril and Leo, two daughters, Vida and Edie (Mrs T. C. French) and seven grandchildren. Pallbearers were Messrs S. Jordan, L. Connell, R. Morse, P. French, A. W. Badcock and A. Smith and carriers were Messrs Eric McCulloch, Roy, William and Harry Dart.
Among the many floral tributes were those from the East Devonport Methodist Church, Yolla Methodist Church, Yolla Sunday School, nursing staff Devon Hospital Latrobe, staff of the School Dental Clinic Service, staff of the Yolla Area School and employees of F. H. Haines Pty. Ltd. He married Miss May Diprose and continued to live at Yolla until he retired in 1944, when he and his wife settled at East Devonport.
Will: William Thomas Dicker formerly of Yolla but late of Devonport in Tasmania, Retired Farmer. On the thirteenth day of October 1853 at East Devonport ... granted to Cyril James Dicker of Yolla aforesaid Farmer and Vida Mary Dicker of East Devonport aforesaid Nursing Sister the lawful son and daughter of the said deceased the executors named in the said will and Codicil NOTE The amendment was that on 16 March 1938 William removed his son Ernest (formerly a Labourer of Devonport but now of East Barron, Queensland) as an executor and replaced him with his daughter Vida

... 6 ...
1878 - 1950 Annie Florence Dicker

born: 18 Aug 1878
married: David Thomas JONES (1869-1953) in Burnie, Tasmania 29 Aug 1900
- son of David Jones & Lucy Maddap Coppin
known children: born Wynyard
* 1901 - Dorothy Victoria Jones
* 1902 - Adelaide May Jones
* 1904 - Gladys Lilian Jones
* 1906 - Flora Phyllis Jones
* 1910 - Pearl Kathleen Jones twin
* 1910 - Ruby Irene Jones twin
died: 25 Aug 1950 aged 72

... 7 ...
1880 - 1963 Esther Ann Dicker

born: 30 Nov 1880
married: Arthur Berridge MURFETT (1867-1946) 18 June 1903 at Camp Creek, Tasmania
- son of David Murfett (1842-1921) & Frances 'Fanny' Berridge (1832-1880)
NOTE David Murfett was a son of *Samuel Murfet (1809-1859 [note spelling] brother of David Murfet, (see ... 10 ...)
their known children:, born Wynyard
* 1904 - Minnie May Murfett
* 1906 - Nellie Edna Murfett
* 1912 - Frederick Arthur Murfett
died: 2 Dec 1963 aged 83

... 8 ...
1882 - 1885 Herbert Henry Dicker

born: 16 April 1883
died: 2 June 1885 aged 2
buried Plot 39, Row B at Hope Valley cemetery, Adelaide
The South Australian Advertiser, 4 June 1885 ~ DEATH
DICKER - On the 2nd of June, at Ladywood Farm, Modbury, after two days illness, Herbert Henry, the youngest dearly beloved son of James and M. A. Dicker, aged 2 years and 6 weeks
HEADSTONE To The Memory of Herbert Henry Dicker, who died June 2nd 1885 aged 2 years and 6 weeks. Tis hard to part from one we loved, But God knows what is best, And he has promised help above, and sweet eternal rest it is signed S. Sanders
NOTE more than 130 years later and toys keep appearing on his grave? If you know anything about what is behind this would you please leave a comment

... 9 ...
1884 - 1948 Ada Edith Dicker

born: 27 Dec 1884
married: Herbert 'Sydney' George DIPROSE (1887-1956) 19 July 1911. 9th of 10 children of Thomas Children Diprose & Mary Gould/Goold - also see (..5..)
NOTE his father, Thomas Children Diprose was the 6th of 15 children of Isaac Diprose & Elizabeth French and a grandson of Thomas Diprose & Elizabeth Children
North Western Advocate & Emu Bay Times, 24 July 1911 ~ WEDDING
A pretty wedding was celebrated at the Methodist Church, Wynyard, on Wednesday afternoon, the contracting parties being Mr. Sydney Diprose, youngest son of Mr. Thomas Diprose, Yolla, and Miss Ada Dicker, youngest daughter of Mrs. James Dicker, Wynyard. The Rev. Mr. Lester performed the ceremony. As the bridal party entered the church Mrs. Hamilton played the wedding march, and the choir sang 'The voice that breathed o'er Eden.' The bride, who was given away by her brother, Mr. Alfred Dicker, wore a charming dress of cream sicilian, prettily braided, the bodice being also trimmed with lace and buttons; the customary wreath and veil were worn, and the shower bouquet was composed of white Japanese chrysanthemums and long trailers of bridal wreath. The bridesmaids were two little neices of the bride, Dorothy Jones and Esther Dart, both having simple cream cashmere frocks, and carried bouquets and wore gold brooches, the gifts of the bridegroom. Mr. Leslie Diprose supported his brother as best man. After the ceremony about 40 relatives and friends were entertained at the residence of the bride's mother, where the usual toasts were honored after which Mr. and Mrs. Diprose left for their future home at Yolla. The bride's travelling dress was a costume of maroon striped cloth, pretty cream vest, and hat of the same color. The bridegroom's gifts to tho bride were a gold brooch, set with pearls and rubies, and gold and amethyst pendant. The bride's gift to the bridegroom being a pair of gold sleeve links. The presents were very numerous, including many pieces of silverware and several cheques
their known children:
* 1913 - 2006 Ella Jean Diprose
* 1915? - Joy Irene Diprose
died: 25 Jan 1948 aged 63

... 10 ...
1887 - 1969 Hedley Bowhey Dicker

born: 5 March 1887
service: enlisted 19 Aug 1914 from Pontville, Tasmania. Australian Imperial Force Driver #402, 3rd Light Horse Regiment, C Squadron, embarked from Hobart, Tasmania, on board Transport A2 Geelong on 20 October 1914, NOK Mother, Mrs Mary Ann Dicker, East Wynyard, Tasmania, returned to Australia 5 July 1915
married: Elvie Murfett 31 Oct 1923 in Yolla
- daughter of Robert Murfett (1864-1949) & Adelaide Mary Williamson (1866-1918)
NOTE Robert Murfett was the 6th of 12 children of Robert Murfett (1840-1917) & his 2nd wife Sophia Sizer (1860-1890) and grandson of *Robert Murfet (1810-1890, brother of Samuel Murfet, (see ... 7 ...)
WEDDING DICKER-MURFETT Yolla was the scene of a very pretty wedding on Wednesday, October 31st in the Methodist Church by the Rev. Hactley. When Miss Elvie Murfett, second daughter of Mr. Robert Murfett, of Henrietta, was married to Mr. Hedley B. Dicker, of Yolla. The bride entered the church on the arm of her father clad in a becoming gown of ivory, crepe de chine, prettily worked and beaded finished with hand-made flowers round waist. She wore a pretty veil and orange blossom loaned by Mrs. A Jones, and carried a shower bouquet of azalea-rhododendron, Lily of the Valley and asparagus fern, tied with white tulle. Miss Rillis Murfett (1901-1989), sister of the bride, wore a pale pink, frock of crepe de chine elaborately beaded in pale blue, and sheered round, the waist finished with, a large, hand-made flower: she wore a black tulle hat with pink and blue flowers, and carried a bouquet of pale pink, stocks and asparagus. The bridegroom's gift to the bridesmaid was a gold wristlet watch. The little maid of honor, Lorna Herbert, niece of the bride, wore powder blue, carrying a white satin cushion, and wore the bride groom's'gift, a gold curb bangle. The bridegroom was supported by Mr. W. Trebilco. About seventy guests sat down to a wedding tea at the residence of the bride's brother-in-law, Mr. T. Herbert, at Henrietta. The dining room decorations were in pink and white. In the centre of the table was a handsome three-decker cake. A very enjoyable evening was spent in games. The hostess, Mrs. Herbert (sister of the bride) wore a navy twill frock trimmed with
steel. The bridegroom's gift to the bride was a xylonite brush comb and mirror, and the bride's to the bridegroom a travelling case. They received a large number of presents, including many cheques. The bride travelled in a navy twill costume with silk braid, and wore a mastic hat. The bride and bridegroom left by motor amid showers of confetti for their honeymoon, which is being spent in Hobart. Mr. and Mrs. Dicker 's home will be in Yolla.
known children:
* 1925 - 1925 James Dicker
died: 6 June 1969 aged 82, buried Yolla

... 11 ...
1889 - 1958 Arthur Robert Dicker

born: 14 Aug 1889
North Western Advocate & Emu Bay Times, 20 Oct 1916 ~ TABLE CAPE EXEMPTIONS
Arthur Robert Dicker, Wynyard, exempted until February 18. Applicant has three brothers, one at the front and two married. He has twice been rejected for active service and since then had put in a great deal of crop. He had a farm of his own and assisted in looking after his brother's farm. One married brother was a bootmaker at Devonport.
married: Emma Florence 'Flossie' Trebilco, 5 Nov 1919
- 10th of 13 children of Thomas Trebilcock (1837-1912) of Cornwall & Margaret Jane Mulligan (1851-1926) of Canada (both buried Kindred, Tasmania)
Daily Telegraph, 10 Nov 1919 ~ WEDDING
A pretty wedding took place in the Kindred Methodist Church, Forth, on Wednesday, the contracting parties being Miss Emma Florence Trebilco, youngest daughter of the late Thomas and Mrs Trebilco, of Mount Harmony Kindred, and Arthur Robert Dicker, of Yolla. There was a large gathering present The church was beautifully decorated by the friends of the bride. As the bride entered the church on the arm of her brother, Mr G. P. Trebilco, by whom she was given away, the choir sang "The voice that breathed o'er Eden.' Miss Thelma Mott presided at the organ. The bride was becomingly attired in a white crepe dechene dress embroidered with silk and pearl trimmings, and was attended by her cousin, Miss May Gibson, and Miss Flo Lindus as bridesmaids, who wore pink voile and white silk dresses respectively and carried the usual posies. The bride wore the usual veil and orange blossom, lent by her cousin, Mrs Kemp, and carried a lovely bouquet made by Miss Flo Lindus, of Launceston. The bride knelt on a cushion made and given by Mrs L. Diprose. As the bridal party was leaving the church the 'Wedding March' was played by Miss Rockliff, of Barrington. An adjournment was then made to the home of Mr. G. P. Trebilco, where about sixty guests were entertained at breakfast by Mrs G. P. Trebilco. The Rev. Doberty proposed the health of bride and bridegroom, and Mr Dicker responded. The bridesmaids were toasted by Mr. Reg Trebilco and the parents of bride and bridegroom by Rev C. J. Johansen, to which Mr Dicker responded. The bridegrooms gift to the bride was a beautiful gold pendant and fur cape. The bride's gift to the bridegroom was a set of gold sleeve links. While the bridesmaids were the recipients of a wristlet watch and Nellie Stewart bangle respectively from the bridegroom. The presents were numerous and costly, including many cheques, and also a silver teapot and silver cake basket and fork from the members of the Methodist Church in recognition of the valuable help Mrs Dicker had rendered them as organist. During the afternoon Mr and Mrs Dicker left per motor for their future home at Yolla, the bride travelling in a navy blue costume, black hat trimmed with crushed strawberries and gold.
died: 23 Aug 1958 aged 69, buried Devonport

TIMELINE for this Dicker family
South Australian Register, 3 Aug 1874 ~ DISTRICT COUNCIL
TEATREE GULLY, July 27 Present - Councillors Daw (Chair), Campbell, MacPharlin, Smith, Mr P. Gaylard appointed Chairman and Treasurer. Constables' list confirmed. The following appointed - Wm Vile, John Shield, R. S. Kelly, jun., James Dicker, James Roberts, Joseph Rehn, Chas. Westphal

South Australian Register, 5 March 1890 ~ MOVING to Wynyard, Tasmania
On Tuesday, March 11, at 12 o'clock sharp AT MODBURY
J. C. Wilkinson is instructed by Mr James Dicker, who is leaving the colony, to sell as above all his Farm Stock, Implements, Hay, Furniture, &c., &c.

James Dicker died 21 Aug 1901 in Yolla, Tasmania aged 60
Mary Ann Dicker died 12 Nov 1919 in Yolla, Tasmania aged 73

Eliza Adelaide Dicker
(see child ... 4)

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