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MATES marriages 1856-1942 Victoria Australia

Journal by tonkin

MATES marriages 1856-1942 Victoria Australia.

MATES (males)

married: 1865 Ellen FITZGERALD.
Eleven Issues located.
1. Mary Jane, born 1857 Hwathorn, Victoria.
2. Ann, born 1859 Willimogongon Creek, Victoria.
3. Margaret, born 1860 Boroondara, Victoria.
4. Richard, born 1863 Boroondara, Victoria.
5. Ellen, born 1865 Boroondara, Victoria.
6. John, born 1867 Boroondara, Victoria.
7. Thomas, born 1868 Dandenong, Victoria.
8. Sarah Agnes, born 1871 Dandenong, Victoria.
9. Teresa, born 1873 Dandenong, Victoria.
10. William Francis, born 1875 Dandenong, Victoria.
11. Ellen, born 1877 Dandenong, Victoria.

married: 1875 Isabella TAYLOR.
Five Issues located.
1. Ella Mary, born 1877 St Kilda, Victoria.
2. Maude Isabel, born 1879 St Kilda, Victoria.
3. Ernest Thomas Strafford, born 1881 St Kilda, Victoria.
4. Grace Bertha, born 1883 St Kilda, Victoria.
5. Jack Harold, born 1887 St Kilda, Victoria.

married: 1884 Lydia WALLIS.
No Issues located.

married: 1886 Sarah Ann MCCLELLAND.
Seven Issues located.
1. Elsie Ann, born 1887 Dandenong, Victoria.
2. Ellen Evaline, born 1888 Lang Lang, Victoria.
3. Harold, born 1891 Poowong, Victoria.
4. May Florence, born 1893 Korumburra, Victoria.
5. Albert Roy, born 1895 Korumburra, Victoria.
6. Lilia Vickers, born 1897 Outtrim, Victoria.
7. Elizabeth Gladys, born 1901 Welshpool, Victoria.

William Henry
married: 1893 Georgina JONES.
Three Issues located.
1. Clarence Henry, born 1893 Hotham, Victoria.
2. Alma Phillis, born 1899 Clifton Hill, Victoria.
3. Clodeilian Thelma, born 1908 Clifton Hill, Victoria.

married: 1899 Margaret OROURKE.
Eight Issues located.
1. Dominic, born 1901 Lochsport, Victoria.
2. Winifred Evelyn, born 1903 Lochsport, Victoria.
3. Myrtle, born 1904 Lochsport, Victoria.
4. Irene Gladys, born 1907 Foster, Victoria.
5. Ruby Muriel, born 1908 Foster, Victoria.
6. Ivy Eileen, born 1910 Foster, Victoria.
7. Reginald John, born 1912 Leongatha, Victoria.
8. Eric Thomas Alick, born 1915 Leongatha, Victoria.

married: 1915 Dorothy Edith BARNETT.
One Issues located.
1. Gladys Elizabeth, born 1913 Carlton, Victoria.

married: 1916 Annie MCDONALD.
No Issues located.

Roy Albert
married: 1922 Kathleen Monica BOURKE.

Reginald John
married: 1942 Jean Mabel THOMSON.

MATES (females)

Mary Jane
married: 1876 Charles Henry HANDLEY.
Nine Issues located.
1. Alvina, born 1878 Dandenong, Victoria.
2. Frederick Charles, born 1880 Dandenong, Victoria.
3. Ernest Henry, born 1882 Dandenong, Victoria.
4. Ethel Maud, born 1884 Dandenong, Victoria.
5. Walter Albert, born 1887 Dandenong, Victoria.
6. Herbert Gerald, born 1891 Dandenong, Victoria.
7. Ellen Florence, born 1895 Dandenong, Victoria.
8. Edward John, born 1896 Dandenong, Victoria.
9. Roy Ignatius, born 1900 Benalla, Victoria.

married: 1880 John Andrew CASSON.
No Issues located.

married: 1889 George Frederick POTTER.
No Issues located.

Annie Elizabeth
married: 1893 William Edgar NINNIS.
No Issues located.

Sarah Helena
married: 1897 George Thomas PEARSON.
Four Issues located.
1. Hubert George, born 1898 Cheltenham, Victoria.
2. Gladys Dorothy, born 1901 Cheltenham, Victoria.
3. Teresa Alma Ruby, born 1903 Cheltenham, Victoria.
4. Gweneth Florence, born 1911 Oakleigh, Victoria.

Harriet Amelia
married: 1901 George Marrow CHERRY.
Five Issues located.
1. Henry George Richard, born 1901 Hotham West, Victoria.
2. Edward William, married 1903 Hotham West, Victoria.
3. Ruth Amelia, born 1905 Hotham West, Victoria.
4. Mary Agnes, born 1908 Hotham West, Victoria.
5. Robert Herbert, born 1911 Hotham West, Victoria.

Mary Elizabeth
married: 1902 Frank Page MORRIS.
No Issues located.

married: 1908 Charles Foster BROWNE.
Two Issues located.
1. Grace Edith, born 1909 Kew, Victoria.
2. Valerie Isabel, born 1910 Kew, Victoria.

Elsie Ann
married: 1917 John HOGAN.
One Issue located.
1. Leslie John, born 1919 South Melbourne, Victoria.

married: 1918 Reuben Percy BELL.
One Issue located.
1. Lila, born 1920 South Melbourne, Victoria.

married: 1918 Norman John LETT.
No Issues located.

Ella Mary
married: 1921 William James BOYLAND.

married: 1923 Joseph GUINAN.

Thelma Clodelian
married: 1931 Phillip Thomas Earle REIFFEL.

Ruby Muriel
married: 1931 Leonard Victor Joseph HODSON.

Ivy Eileen
married: 1932 Henry Charles STONE.

Gladys Elizabeth
married: 1933 Eric Noel KOCH.

Irene Gladys
married: 1937 Richard Henry BARNETT.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth and Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the MATES lines.

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