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MCCAW marriages 1843-1942 Victoria Australia

Journal by tonkin

MCCAW marriages 1843-1942 Victoria Australia.


Married: Catherine MCADAM 1849.
Two issues located.
1. Matthew, born 1850 Melbourne, Victoria.
2. Thomas Matthew, born 1852 Melbourne, Victoria.

Married: Rebecca LIELL 1859.
Two issues located.
1. Rebecca Winifred, born 1860 Clunes, Victoria.
2. Thomas Alexander, born 1862 Clunes, Victoria.

Married: Mary Ann EGAN 1875.
One issue located.
1. Catherine Matilda, born 1876 Beaufort, Victoria.

Thomas Matthew
Married: Agnes MAIR 1881.
One issue located.
1. Matthew Alexander, born 1882 Emerald Hill, Victoria.

Married: Mary Alice LONGMORE 1889.
One issue located.
1. Ida, born 1891 Beechworth, Victoria.

Married: Lydia COOPER 1889.
No issues located.

Married: Emma Elizabeth REAPER 1890.
Six issues located.
1. George Gilbert, born 1892 Swan Hill, Victoria.
2. Mary Isabella, born 1895 Swan Hill, Victoria.
3. John Robert, born 1898 Swan Hill, Victoria.
4. William Matthew, born 1900 Swan Hill, Victoria.
5. Ernest Conrad, born 1904 Swan Hill, Victoria.
6. Marian Elizabeth, born 1908 Swan Hill, Victoria.

Married: Maria Jane KNOX 1893.
No issues located

John Reid
Married: Jessie MARTIN 1900.
Three issues located.
1. John Norman Gilbert, born 1900 Swan Hill, Victoria.
2. Colin Martin, born 1903 Swan Hill, Victoria.
3. Ethel Lavina, born 1909 Swan Hill, Victoria.

Malven John
Married: Jane JACKSON 1901.
No issues located.

Married: Emily Maria BAKER 1904.
Five issues located.
1. Gilbert Arthur, born 1905 Swan Hill, Victoria.
2. Melvina Jessie, born 1906 Swan Hill, Victoria.
3. Emily Lila, born 1908 Swan Hill, Victoria.
4. Grace Muriel, born 1911 Swan Hill, Victoria.
5. Dorothy Margaret, born 1918 Swan Hill, Victoria.

Matthew Alexander
Married: Lottie COOK 1909.
One issue located.
1. Thomas Matthew, born 1914 Armadale, Victoria.

George Gilbert
Married: Lucy Ethel HUNT 1915.
Two issues located.
1. Donald Jeffrey, born 1916 Swan Hill, Victoria.
2. Gregory Graham Palmer, born 1918 Swan Hill, Victoria.

William Matthew
Married: Louisa Victoria DAVIES 1924.

Bernard George
Married: Dorothy Pearl HINWOOD 1929.

Thomas Matthew
Married: Mary STEVENS 1942.

Norman Robert
Married: Jean SPOURS 1942.


Married: William BIGGS 1843.
No issues located.

Married: James TOM 1856.
Seven issues located.
1. James Wesley, born 1859 Flemington, Victoria.
2. Mary Ann Wynnel, born 1861 Chintin Ranges, Victoria.
3. Emily Blanch, born 1864 Chintin Ranges, Victoria.
4. William Ernest, born 1866 Kilmore, Victoria.
5. Eliza Edith, born 1869 Darraweit-Guim, Victoria.
6. James Mathew, born 1871 Preston, Victoria.
7. Mary Emma, born 1874 Preston, Victoria.

Married: Nicholas TOM 1858.
No issues located.

Married: Michael CUZACK 1860.
Four issues located.
1. Margaret, born 1862 Newstead, Victoria.
2. Michael, born 1865 Strangway, Victoria.
3. James, born 1867 Newstead, Victoria.
4. Jane, born 1869 Strangway, Victoria.

Married: Augustus DUNN 1882.
No issues located.

Married: Henry GUY 1882.
One issue located.
1. Vera Blanche, born 1890 Ararat, Victoria.

Married: George CUE 1884.
Seven issues located.
1. Elsie Eliza, born 1886 Castlemaine, Victoria.
2. George, born 1888 Castlemaine, Victoria.
3. Edell Alice, born 1890 Castlemaine, Victoria.
4. Thomas Henry, born 1892 Castlemaine, Victoria.
5. Frances Helena, born 1893 Castlemaine, Victoria.
6. Olive Daisy Janet, born 1895 Castlemaine, Victoria.
7. John Reginald, born 1899 Castlemaine, Victoria.

Sarah Weir
Married: George CAMPBELL 1886.
One issue located.
1. George Colin, born 1891 Kew, Victoria.

Married: Alfred John BAKER 1892.
Nine issues located.
1. Alfred John, born 1893 Swan Hill, Victoria.
2. Ellen Margaret, born 1894 Swan Hill, Victoria.
3. George Weir, born 1895 Swan Hill, Victoria.
4. William Gilbert, born 1897 Swan Hill, Victoria.
5. Jessie Mary, born 1898 Swan Hill, Victoria.
6. Frank Edwin, born 1900 Swan Hill, Victoria.
7. Alexander Jabez, born 1903 Swan Hill, Victoria.
8. Martin Colin, born 1907 Swan Hill, Victoria.
9. Mary Jane, born 1910 Swan Hill, Victoria.

Married: William MCKAY 1894.
Two issues located.
1. Iris Munro, born 1896 Albert Park, Victoria.
2. Beryl Ponton, born 1897 Albert Park, Victoria.

Married: Samuel SELLICK 1897.
No issues located.

Christina Mary
Married: John MALCOLM 1899.
Six issues located.
1. John Alexander, born 1902 Carlton North, Victoria.
2. Jessie Margaret, born 1908 Carlton North, Victoria.
3. George Roosefeldt, born 1910 Carlton North, Victoria.
4. Andrew Richard, born 1913 Carlton North, Victoria.
5. Thomas Charles, born 1915 Carlton North, Victoria.
6. Robert Douglas, born 1918 Carlton North, Victoria.

Lucy Catherine
Married: William Desmond CONSIDINE 1899.
Two issues located.
1. Eileen, born 1899 Hawthorn, Victoria.
2. Arthur Desmond, born 1901 Hawthorn, Victoria.

Euphemia Helena
Married: Henry FROST 1906.
No issues located.

Married: Richard Stewart RUSSELL 1912.
Five issues located.
1. Ernest Raymond, born 1912 Elsternwick, Victoria.
2. Allan Kenneth, born 1913 Elsternwick, Victoria.
3. Dory Ida, born 1914 Elsternwick, Victoria.
4. Dorothy Winifred, born 1916 Elsternwick, Victoria.
5. Victor Norman, born 1918 Elsternwick, Victoria.

Married: Robert William HOLLINGSHEAD 1918.
No issues located.

Grace Muriel
Married: Charles Rowland VAUGHAN 1933.

Dorothy Nell
Married: Ernest Alfred THOMAS 1933.

Emily Lila
Married: Patrick ORILEY 1933.

Melvine Jessie
Married: William Arthur PASCOE 1936.

Mary Lillian
Married: John Henry MCCLEAN 1937.

Emily Marie
Married: Albert WARD 1938.

Joyce Beryl
Married: Thomas Patrick WARD 1939.

Edith Cavell
Married: Lindsay James Hill AUSTIN 1939.

Dorothy Margaret
Married: Raymond George PUTT 1939.

Ethel Levinia
Married: John James BULLOCK 1942.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth and Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the MCCAW lines.

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