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MEGGS marriages 1863-1942 Victoria Australia

Journal by tonkin

MEGGS marriages 1863-1942 Victoria Australia.


Married: Jennette WHITE 1863.
One issue located.
1. Emily Alice Amelia, born 1863 Sandhurst, Victoria.

Married: Ellen SAFFRON 1871.
Twelve issues located.
See Post: MEGGS Charles married Ellen SAFFRON 1871

Married: Sarah Caroline BECKENSALL 1873.
Eleven issues located.
See Post: MEGGS Joseph married Sarah BECKENSALL 1873

Married: Cambria JONES 1885.
Ten issues located.
See Post: MEGGS John married Cambria JONES 1885

Married: Eveyline Elizabeth Jane SAFFRON 1896.
Eveyline also recorded as Eveline and Evelyn in the birth records.
Eight issues located.
1. Leslie Royal, born 1897 Charlton, Victoria.
2. Raymond Cecil Royal, born 1898 Charlton, Victoria.
3. Violet Alice May, born 1900 Charlton, Victoria.
4. Ernest Frederick Charlton, born 1903 Charlton, Victoria.
5. Percy George Albert, born 1905 Charlton, Victoria.
6. Elsie Florence Ethel, born 1907 Charlton, Victoria.
7. Lila Mildred, born 1901 Charlton, Victoria.
8. Leonard Arthur, born 1912 Charlton, Victoria.

James Edward
Married: Josephine Frances CONWAY 1911.
Three issues located.
1. Bertha Eileen, born 1912 Armadale, Victoria.
2. Dory May, born 1914 Prahran, Victoria.
3. Joyce, born 1920 Prahran, Victoria.

Joseph Henry
Married: Hilda JACOBS 1911.
Two issues located.
1. Marjorie |Hilda, born 1915 Eaglehawk, Victoria.
2. Iris Mildred, born 1918 Eaglehawk, Victoria.

Married: Charlotte May MITCHELL 1912.
Four issues located.
1. Bessie, born 1914 Prahran, Victoria.
2. Arthur William, born 1915 Prahran, Victoria.
3. Victor Edward, born 1917 Prahran, Victoria.
4. Charles Lawrence, born 1920 South Yarra, Victoria.

Charles Herman
Married: May ROBERTS 1914.
Two issues located.
1. John Joseph, born 1915 Hawthorne, Victoria.
2. Neville Charles, born 1918 Hawthorn, Victoria.

Clarence Hector
Married: Alice Gladys SLATER 1914.
Two issues located.
1. Helen Phillips, born 1915 Brighton, Victoria.
2. Sophia Gwendda, born 1916 Brighton, Victoria.

Cecil Adrian
Married: Isabella Elizabeth Alice SHAW 1926.

Raymond Cecil
Married: Irene Ellen BURRELL 1927.

Norman Ralph
Married: Verbena Matilda WHITE 1931.

Percival George
Married: Olive Frances PEACOCK 1933.

Leonard Arthur
Married: Alma May CATTON 1933.

Norman Rupert
Married: Marjorie Annie SAMBELL 1934.

John Joseph
Married: Elsa Rosamonds DALKIN 1839.

Arthur William
Married: Isabella Beatrice BASSETT 1942.


Maria Eliza
Married: Ion Spencer SLADE 1864.
Ion also recorded as John in the birth records.
Two issues located.
1. Jessie Alicia, born 1866 Sandhurst, Victoria.
2. Dora Guinevere, born 1869 Sandhurst, Victoria.

Elizabeth Sarah
Married: Michael OBRIEN 1885.
No issues located.

Married: John COSTELLOE 1890.
COSTELLOE also recorded as COSTELLO in the birth records.
Eight issues located.
1. John Augustus, born 1891 Sandhurst, Victoria.
2. Jeannette, born 1892 Bendigo, Victoria.
3. Mary, born 1895 Castlemaine, Victoria.
4. Michael, born 1897 Castlemaine, Victoria.
5. Francis, born 1900 Castlemaine, Victoria.
6. James, born 1902 Castlemaine, Victoria.
7. Emmet Martin, born 1904 Coburg, Victoria.
8. Paul, born 1907 Coburg, Victoria.

Isabella Maria
Married: Frederick Thomas PLAISTED 1895.
No issues located.

Married: Richard Ernest NEWTON 1901.
Jenny recorded as Jane in the birth records.
Nine issues located.
1. Richard Charles, born 1902 Prahran, Victoria.
2. Violet May, born 1903 South Yarra, Victoria.
3. Ernest, born 1906 South Yarra, Victoria.
4. Ellen Harriet, born 1908 South Yarra, Victoria.
5. Frederick, born 1909 St Kilda, Victoria.
6. Maud, born 1912 Malvern, Victoria.
7. Florence Amelia, born 1913 Surrey Hills, Victoria.
8. Lillian, born 1915 Surrey Hills, Victoria.
9. George, born 1918 Surrey Hills, Victoria.

Married: Richard STANLEY 1903.
Four issues located.
1. Arthur Edward, born 1904 South Yarra, Victoria.
2. Florrie, born 1905 South Yarra, Victoria.
3. Elsie, born 1907 Riichmond, Victoria.
4. Richard Charles, born 1910 South Yarra, Victoria.

Ethel Sophia
Married: Thomas McKienon HINDE 1903.
No issues located.

Mabel Annie
Married: Sidney Ralph VENNING 1906.
Sidney also recorded as Sydney in the birth records.
Nine issues located.
1. Katherine Helen, born 1907 Prahran, Victoria.
2. Mabel Annie, born 1910 Prahran, Victoria.
3. Hazel Maud, born 1912 Prahran, Victoria.
4. Sidney Ralph, born 1915 Prahran, Victoria.
5. Constance Irene, born 1916 Prahran, Victoria.
6. Doris May, born 1919 Prahran, Victoria.

Helen May
Married: Leslie Rowden COOMBS 1916.
No issues located.

Married: Leslie Ellis ROSS 1918.
One issue located.
1. Helen Elsie, born 1919 South Melbourne, Victoria.

Doris Naomi
Married: Walter George THORPE 1923.

Married: John MAY 1934.

Maud Mary Emily
Married: Peter SCOTT 1936.

Marjorie Hilda
Married: Hugh James MCCULLY 1938.

Sophia Gwendda
Married: Stanton Ernest COALSTAD 1940.

Married: John Harold HORSBURGH 1941.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth and Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the MEGGS lines.

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