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Waikato MILITIA Crown Grants - 1867

Journal by ngairedith

* the following was taken from:
Victorians in the Waikato Regiments
An offer of land in exchange for military service during the Waikato War led to the formation of four regiments of Waikato Militia, the members of which mostly were recruited in Australia
- A total of 1784 enlisted in Australia -
31 Australians enlisted in the Regiments in NZ, including one South Australian
More than 500 men enrolled for service as military settlers in Taranaki (West coast)

* the Regiment they served in was taken from:
New Zealand Medals, Colonial Basic List

* some bios (or parts of) were taken from:
3rd Waikato Militia, Cambridge Museum

* also of great help:
Recipients of the New Zealand War Medal

* the list of names was taken from Papers Past:
Daily Southern Cross, 6 June 1867
Crown grants (Militia) in favour of the following persons are now ready for delivery at the office of the Registrar of Deeds, High-street, Auckland:-

(all received 2 lots unless otherwise stated)
? Charles ADAMS

? Thomas ADAMS, Private 3rd Waikato

? James ARBUCKLE, Private 2nd Waikato

? John AUBIN - 1

? Robert Stanley BARLOW (1847-)
- Bob was born 1847 in Te Awamutu. He was a stock rider, 5' 11" tall, when he enlisted in the 3rd Waikato Militia as a substitute for 944 KNOWLAN on 20 July 1866 in Cambridge. He was a Private, Regiment No. 1718 and was granted one acre of land at 218 Cambridge East & 50 acres of farm land at 53 Ohaupo.
In 1871 with an alias TANETE at age 26, he stole clothing and a revolver from a whare at Maungatautari. He was prosecuted by Eda ROBSON and Henry James TURNER and sent to Mt Eden for nine months hard labour

? Benjamin BATTYE
- Ben was born in 1835 in Chester England. He was a farmer, 5' 8" tall when he enlisted in the 3rd Waikato Militia on 30 September 1863 in Christchurch. He was a Private, Regiment No. 596 and his land grant was one acre section 245 Cambridge East and 50 acres of farm land 53 at Ohaupo.
In 1882 Ben was listed on Freeholders with land valued at £50 and on the Cambridge Valuation List in 1914 as an absentee owner. In 1920 Ben was still listed as owning section 245 in Cambridge which was leased by J R S RICHARDSON

? Adolphus BECKMAN

? Richard Bailey BRAITHWAITE (1843-1898)
- born in Stathern, Leicestershire, son of William BRAITHWAITE & Sybil JACKSON, he died 23 Feb 1898 in Buckland, Franklin

? Helier BREE (1837-1929), 2nd Waikato
- born in Jersey, Channel Islands. Married Elizabeth Haxton YOUNG (1853-1926) of Auckland in 1870. They had 14 children

? John Bennett BRICKELL (1845-1874), brother of Robert, born in Shaftesbury, Dorset. Married Helena 'Ellen' THOMPSON in Howick, Auckland 13 Oct 1866 in a double wedding with his brother and her sister. They had 4 children. He drowned in the Petane River, near Napier, 13 May 1874, when he was swept him off his horse during a flood

? Robert Bennett BRICKELL (1848-1929), born in Shaftesbury, Dorset. Married Catherine THOMPSON in Howick, Auckland 13 Oct 1866 in a double wedding with his brother and her sister. They had 14 children. He died in Auckland

? William BRIGGS, Private 3rd Waikato

? Thomas BURKE

? Albert BUSBY

? Archibald CAMPBELL

? Robert CARGILL

? Martin CASEY

? William CLARE (1814-1878), Major, Auckland Military & 3rd Waikato
- William enlisted in the 3rd Waikato Militia on 16 October 1863 and rose to the rank of Major. He then became Sub Inspector of the Armed Constabulary and a Government agent who consolidated scripts and Borough land through the Land Courts for the Government. In the Cambridge rates assessment list for 1869-70 William paid 2 pence an acre on 41 acres - totalling six shillings and nine pence and after serving with the Armed Constabulary in Taranaki he made Cambridge his home. In the 1870s he was a Cambridge Cemetery Trustee, a Justice of the Peace, chairman of the Presbyterian Church committee and first president of the Cambridge Band. He was twice elected Chairman of the Cambridge Town Board and chairman of the building committee for the Public Hall. Captain William Clare married Jessie Mackintosh in Bombay about 1847. William died 10 December 1878 aged 64 and was buried at the Cambridge cemetery at Hautapu. About three hundred people attended his funeral.


? Alfred CLAYTON

? Francis COGAN (1841-1869)
- Frank was 22 years old when he enrolled with the 3rd Waikato Militia 17 Nov 1863 in Nelson. He was Private 784, born in Ireland and a labourer. He received his one acre, section number 505, in Cambridge West and his 50 acre farm at Pukerimu. He is listed on the Aquitance Roll of 1868 held at National Archives in Wellington. His death by drowning

? William Godfrey 'Bill' COLLINS (1840-1912)
- born in Dublin, studied in Ireland for Medical Profession but was attracted to Australian gold fields. Joined 3rd Waikato Militia in Melbourne, as Private 773, 30 Oct 1863. Arrived in Cambridge, Waikato in 1863, his regiment being attached to the Imperial Transport Corps under General Cameron. Was dismissed 29 July 1873. He remained in Cambridge and, before the railway, was a guide from Waikato to the Hot Lakes. His wife (Julia Lock) was a midwife in Cambridge.
They are buried Row 3, Block F at Hautapu cemetery

? Michael COLEMAN, Private 1st Waikato

? James CONNOR



? John COXHEAD, Private 3rd Waikato
- John was born 1843 in Innes Killen, Ireland. He was a brickmaker, 5' 6" tall when he enlisted in the 3rd Waikato Militia on 6 October 1863 in Hobarton. He was a Private, Regiment No. 417 and was granted one acre of land section 339 in Cambridge West and a farm section 56 at Ohaupo

? Bartholomew CRADDOCK


? Walter CUDWORTH (1828-1881)
Regiment Number 891. When he arrived in Papatoetoe and enlisted in the 3rd Waikato Militia Regiment on 2 December 1863, his occupation was a ploughman. When he enlisted in the Armed Constabulary (No 496) on 15 April 1869 at age 35, he stated his occupation as a miner. He had a dark complexion, light brown hair and blue eyes. In the Cambridge rates assessment list for 1869-70 Walter paid 2 pence an acre on 51 acres - totalling 8s 6d. He was discharged from the Armed Constabulary on 31 May 1872. As a widower with two children, he married Maria KINGDON in 1876. He died 24 March 1881, a farmer, from the effects of a fall from a ladder and is buried in the Cambridge Cemetery at Hautapu. Maria then ran a nursing home and remarried to Charles Salter Beer in 1913

? Stephen CUMMINGS

? Robert DAVIDSON (1828-) Corporal to Private, 3rd Waikato
- Robert was born in Scotland in 1828 and enlisted in the 3rd Waikato Militia in Otahuhu, 22 October 1863, Regiment Number 333. He was reduced from a Corporal to Private 24 Oct 1866. In the Cambridge rates assessment list for 1869-70 Robert paid 2 pence an acre on 51 acres - totaling 8s 6d

? William James DAWE (1831-1915)

? Frank James Henry DIVER (1835-1920), 3rd Waikato
- Frank was born in St Nicholas, Aberdeen and left Scotland on 1 December 1862 and arrived in Dunedin on the ship 'Sir William Eyre' in April 1863. He joined the Otago Provincial Police and on 30 September 1863 he joined the 3rd Waikato Militia as a baker, aged 29, No 223. After 12 days on the steamer 'Phoebe' they arrived at Onehunga. They marched to Otahuhu, were equipped with arms and 60 rounds of ammunition then marched for four days - 40 miles - to Queens Redoubt to join General Cameron. They stayed at posts on the Great South Road, escorted prisoners to Otahuhu and arrived in Cambridge after the war was over. He was promoted to Colour Sergeant, 1 April 1864. His land grant in 1866 shows he was given an acre (Section No 372) on the corner of Brewery (Empire) and Duke Streets, and his farm section in the Cambridge survey (near St Kilda Road). A total of 131 acres in all. In 1915 Frank was living at the Veterans' Home in Onehunga & he died there in 1920



? Bryan DUFFY

? Charles Allan EDINBOROUGH


? Alfred ELVERY

? William ENGLISH, Private 2nd Waikato

? Edward George FARRAND, Constable Armed Constabulary
- Killed in action 7 Sep 1868

? Isaac FERRIS (1831-1906)

? James FORREST (1836-1914) - 1, Private 3rd Waikato
- James enlisted in the 3rd Waikato Militia in Cambridge 14 April 1866 as a substitute soldier No 697. He had married Sarah PERKINS Feb 1861 in Dunedin & had: Charlotte Sarah, Archibald James 'Archie', Arthur Henry, Alice Caroline, Eleanor Mary, Edith Gertrude, Lucy Matilda, Eliza Annie, Roseline Agnes & Grace Emily.
James, having been born in Surrey, called their farm 'Surrey Park' and for many years lived on their own products. He was a member of the Cambridge Cavalry Volunteers from 1872 to 1880 and in January 1877 became Collector of Rates for the Cambridge North Highway District. He bred prize-winning Lincoln sheep having 33 in 1880 and 82 in 1886. He was a member of the Waikato Farmers' Club and Waikato Fruit Growers' Association as well as chairman of the Waikato Horticultural Society and later president of the Cambridge Farmers' Club. He was a Justice of the Peace in 1897 and in 1906 took a trip 'home'

? Henry William FORT, Artificer, Imperial Commissariat & Transport Department

? William FROST, Private 3rd Waikato

? George GILMOUR

? John GOLDING, Private 3rd Waikato

? Samuel HAMPTON, Private 3rd Waikato

? Thomas HARDING

? Nathan HARVEY, Private 3rd Waikato


- John was born 1840 in Edinborough, Scotland. He was a merchant, 5' 8" tall, when he enlisted in the 3rd Waikato Militia 1 Dec 1863 in Papatoetoe. He was a Private, Regiment number 890, and was granted one acre of land section 537 in Cambridge East and a farm section 3 at Ohaupo

? William IVES, Private 3rd Waikato

? Thomas Harrison KELLY

? George LAMBAS

? Isaac Thomas LEARY (1811-1879)
- born in Waterford, Ireland, he married Phoebe PIDGEON (1811-1883) in County Wexford, Ireland. They had 3 children in Wexford, a son Joseph Poulter Leary (1841-1921), at sea on the way to Sydney & at least 5 children in NSW. A son Isaac Thomas Leary died aged 29 in Redfern, NSW. A number of their children died in Australia, Son Joseph Poulter Leary was living in Wellington at the time of his brother's death. Joseph died in Palmerston North. Son, Richard Frank Leary (1846-1901) is buried in Terrace End, Palmerston North. Isaac and wife Phoebe are buried in Terrace End

? Walter LEE (1827-)
- Walter was born 1827 and was a bushman, 5' 3" tall when he enlisted in the 3rd Waikato Militia on 15 October 1863 in Auckland. He was a Private, Regiment number 458 and was granted one acre of land section 524 in Cambridge East and a farm section 7 at Ohaupo

? Alexander LESLIE

? John Thurlow LEATHES (1836-1906)

? William LITTLEDALE, Sergeant Colonial Defence Force

? Charles LYNCH

? Christiana LYNCH

? William MALONE, Private 2nd Waikato

- From a book called 'Tamahere' by Alfred Main it says ? "John and William bought 'Pencarrow' 2000 acres in January 1866." The book goes on to quote from John Martyn's journal. "1867, Tamahere, 'Pencarrow'. It was in January of this year that I started operations on my farm by laying down in March and April two paddocks into grass and a strip on the run... In May I came up to improve my farm and also to take charge of the whole property, as William went to try his luck at Thames. Smith and W Hamill commenced ditching through William's flax and ti tree land and then on to Bald Hill Road boundary, after which they went down to my farm and commenced ditching in two large paddocks. They both stuck at it well. I never saw men work better. These ditches were of a double ditch and bank. In May I put up my first cottage at 'Pencarrow' in which the men lived."
On the Cambridge rates assessment list for 1869-70 John and William paid 2 pence an acre on 2028 acres - a total of £16 8s (2013 equivalent of $2,134)

? Matthew McCREDDON

? John McDOWELL, Private 2nd Waikato

? Dennis McGARRELL (1817-1906)

? Gordon McLEOD, Private 2nd Waikato

? Farquhar McRAE

? John McRAE

? Eugene McSWEENEY (1837-1915), Corporal 3rd Waikato

? Charles MYERS (1827-)
- Charles was born 1827 in Spitalfield, Middlesex. He was an engineer, 5' 7" tall when he enlisted in the 3rd Waikato Militia 24 Nov 1863 in Nelson. He was a Private, Regiment number 948 and was granted one acre of land section 417 in Cambridge East and a farm section 16 at Ohaupo


? Edwin NUNN (1840-1920), Private 2nd Waikato

? Lawrence/Laurence O'BRIEN (1822-1878), Sergeant 3rd Waikato
- Lawrence was born about 1822 in Castle Island, Co. Kerry, Ireland. With his wife Mary and children Johanna, Mary Ann & Elizabeth they came to New Zealand in 1852 as New Zealand Royal Fencible settlers after Lawrence had served with the British Army in India. While Lawrence served as a Fencible in Howick four more children were born - John, Charles, Thomas, James. On 19 Oct 1863 Lawrence went to Otahuhu and enrolled as a Sergeant No 307 in the 3rd Waikato Militia. He was aged 43. According to all the children's Intention to Marry entries they arrived in Cambridge in 1865.) In October 1866, when Lawrence's military service was up, he was given title to a one acre section number 250 in Cambridge East and an 80 acre farm ? section number 117 - on the banks of the Waikato River at Pukeroro. An assessment list in 1869-70 records Lawrence with 81 acres and he also noted in 1872 on a farm map drawn by Charles Chitty in a report on the district to the Armed Constabulary commissioner's Office. Two sons, John and Charles, joined the Cambridge Cavalry Volunteers in 1872 and another son James joined in 1878. On the 1st July 1878 Lawrence died from "Poisoning by Strychnine". The Waikato Times records - "The late death at Cambridge - An inquest was held on Tuesday before a respectable jury, of whom Mr S Bright was foreman, on the body of the late Mr Laurence O'Brien, when the following verdict was returned:- 'That the deceased died on the first of July 1878 at Cambridge while in a state of unsound mind, destroyed himself with strychnine'." His headstone records that his wife Mary died 22 December 1914 at The Home for Incurables, Buckle Street, Wellington, aged 92

? Stackpool Edward O'DELL

? John O'HAGAN

? Henry OLDHAM - 1, Superintendent of hulks

? Gilbert William ORMSBY (1850-1939)
- born 3 Feb 1850 in Whatawhata, Waikato, first of at least 14 children of Robert 'Pumi' ORMSBY (1823-1920), Waipa schoolmaster & Rangihurihia 'Mere Pianika' (Mary Bianca) Te Raku (1828-1905). Gilbert married Te Raiha 'Eliza' MOORE (1845-1908) 7 February 1871. They had 12 known children. Gilbert died 10 July 1939 in Te Puna, Tauranga

? John O'SULLIVAN, Private 4rd Waikato


? John POTTER, Private 1st Waikato

? Sydney Pierce PRINCE

? Charles PROFESSOR(?)

? Thomas QUALEY

? William RANKIN

? Patrick READY, Trooper M.A.C.

? Timothy REARDON, Private 2nd Waikato

? William RIGGALL

? Samuel Smith ROGERS (1840-1914)

? William SLOANE

? John SMITH

? William SMITH

? Benjamin STUBBING

? Walter STUBBS, Private 1st Waikato

? James SUTHERLAND, Private 2nd Waikato


? Thomas TAYLOR, Private 2nd Waikato

? Patrick TROY
- Pat enlisted in the 3rd Waikato Militia September 1863 in Dunedin. His Regiment Number was Private 168. On the Cambridge rates assessment list for 1869-70 he paid 2 pence an acre on 51 acres - totalling 8s 6d. In 1872 the Waikato Times noted that Pat had rates of £1 5s due on 100 acres

? Thomas WADE, boatman, Transport Corps

? Hugh Middleton de Vaumorel WALKER (1839-1914)

? Robert WARD

? Albert James WARMINGTON (1839-1911)

? Edward Oliver WASLEY (1847-1929)

? Thomas WELLS (1842-1910)
- Thomas Wells was born in May 1842 in London & came to New Zealand in 1863. He served with the Naval Brigade and was present at the storming of Rangiriri where he was wounded. He built up his business in Thames and Mercer before coming to Cambridge in 1878 and buying the General Store from James Hally. His store in Duke Street was a trading post for butter made by farmers' wives. He enlarged his premises to both sides of Duke Street and his travelling salesmen covered a large area. He was Chairman of the Cambridge Domain Board 1880-1905; Chairman of the Cambridge Town Board 1882; member of the Borough Council 1901-1903 and 1905-1907; Mayor for two terms 1903-1905, and a keen bowler. He was one of the originators of the Waikato Horticultural Society and Cambridge Chrysanthemum Show. He was a St Andrew's Church Warden, vestry man and member of the Diocesan Synod. Thomas married Jeanie HOSKING, formerly ASTLEY, who shared an interest in flowers and helped with the large garden at 'Oakleigh' in Empire Street. Thomas died 28 April 1910 and Memorial Gates were erected in his honour at the entrance to the Cambridge Domain a year later

? Samuel WILD, Private 3rd Waikato

? Thomas WILSON (1846-1883)
- Thomas was born in Fulford near York in 1846 and became an Ensign in the 40th Regiment of Foot in Canterbury, England. In 1859 in New Zealand he joined the Auckland Volunteer Rifles and in April of the next year he was appointed Captain in the Auckland Regiment of New Zealand Militia. He applied for a position in the Colonial Armed forces and enlisted in the 3rd Waikato Regiment on 19 October 1863. He became a Major and was stationed first at Raglan and then Cambridge. He married a widow, Mrs Caroline J. C. Barton and brought his wife and family to Cambridge in September 1864 as General Galloway "wished to see men getting their families there and he thought the example would have a good effect". He was told he could put his home where he liked so in September 1864 he put up a whare, fenced, drained and planted trees at considerable expense. After the survey his 'piece' was made a reserve and he was allotted the acre next door - much to his annoyance.

? Charles George WILLSON

PLOTS 34/35/36, Block 4 - white headstone
PLOTS 37/38, Block 4 - grey cross
at Terrace End, Palmerston North
1879 - ISAAC LEARY aged 69
1880 - George Austin (scroll to end) aged 35, brother of son Joseph's first wife
1883 - Phoebe Leary (nee Pidgeon) aged 72, his wife
1884 - Mary Leary (nee Austin), aged 35, daughter-in-law, first wife of son Joseph
1891 - Richard Frank Leary aged 3, grandson, son of son Richard (Plot 38 at cross)
1893 - Phoebe Leary aged 23, granddaughter, daughter of son Joseph
1901 - Richard Leary aged 54, his son (Plot 37 at cross)
1902 - Eric Sydney aged 3, son of son Richard (Plot 37 at cross)
* son Joseph Poulter Leary (1841-1921) is buried Plot 40, Block 3

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