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Journal by ngairedith

the following is a list of men who flew with the Royal New Zealand Air Force during WWII and received the DISTINGUISHED FLYING CROSS

the names were taken from the site: The PRO PATRIA PROJECT and some names at that site lead to photos and bios

ALLEN Trevor Windsor, Flight Lieutenant

ALLPORT Valentine, Squadron Leader

ASHWORTH Arthur, Squadron Leader

BADLEY Duncan Le Quesne, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

BAGNALL Douglas Rivers, Wing Commander, RNZAF

BAGNALL Douglas Robert, Squadron Leader, RNZAF

BAIGENT Cyril Henry, acting Wing Commander, RNZAF

BAILEY Frederick Edward, Flying Officer, RNZAF

BAILEY John Mathers, Squadron Leader, RNZAF

BAIN David Percy, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

BAINES Jeffrey, Flying Officer, RNZAF

BAINES Leonard Claude, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

BAKER Charles Grindle, Pilot Officer, RNZAF

BAKER Colin Roy, Flying Officer, RNZAF

BAKER Reginald William, Wing Commander, RNZAF

BALE Geoffrey Forbes, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

BALFOUR Robert Hamish, Squadron Leader, RNZAF

BALL William Arthur Coleman, Squadron Leader, RNZAF

BANNERMAN Ronald Burns, Air Commodore, RNZAF

BARCLAY Robert Clifford, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

BARCLAY William John Muir Low, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

BARDELL Edgar David, Warrant Officer, RNZAF

BARGH Charles Victor, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

BARLEY Herbert James, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

BARLOW Edward Roberts, Flying Officer, RNZAF

BARLOW Hubert Crawford, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

BARNETT Matthew Garry, Squadron Leader, RNZAF

BARNHAM James Edward, Warrant Officer, RNZAF

BARRON James Fraser, Wing Commander, RNZAF

BARRY Matthew Andrew, Flying Officer, RNZAF

BARTON Alan Roy Bidwill, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

BARY Ian Leslie, Flying Officer, RNZAF

BARY Ronald Edward, acting Wing Commander

BATENBURG Raymond, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

BATES George, Wing Commander, RNZAF

BATHGATE James Robertson Grant, Flying Officer, RNZAF

BAWDEN Nelson Hugh, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

BAXTER Alan Cheyne, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

BAXTER Gerald Keble, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

BAYLISS Graham George, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

BEALE Heathcote Huia Butler, Squadron Leader, RNZAF

BEATTIE Keith Aicheson, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

BEAUCHAMP Donald Stanley, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

BECA George Samuel, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

BECROFT Kenneth Henry, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

BEETHAM Norman William Trevor, Flying Officer, RNZAF

BELL William Pembroke, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

BENEFIELD Clifton Francis, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

BENNETTS Bruce, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

BESWARWICK Walter Wilson, Warrant Officer, RNZAF

BETHWAITE Francis Dewar, Squadron Leader, RNZAF

BIRDLING William Reginald, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

BIRTLES James Lachlan, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

BISHOP Roland Stanley, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

BLAKE Harold Roger, Flying Officer, RNZAF

BLAKE Minden Vaughan, acting Wing Commander

BLAKEY Norman Benjamin, Squadron Leader, RNZAF

BLAMPIED Harold Hamon, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

BLANK Maurice Raymond, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

BLINCOE Kenneth Howard, Pilot Officer, RNZAF

BLOXAM John Roby, Wing Commander, RNZAF

BLUNDELL Henry Neil, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

BLYTH Robert Henry, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

BOLES John Hislop, Flying Officer, RNZAF

BOLES Keith Marwood, Squadron Leader, RNZAF

BOLLARD Richard James, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

BONHAM Gordon Loversidge, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

BOXER Alan Hunter Cachemaille, Wing Commander

BRABANT Noel Kenderdine, Flying Officer, RNZAF

BRADLEY Leslie Ernest, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

BRAY Alan Charles, Squadron Leader, RNZAF

BRECKON Arthur Ninnis, Group Captain, RNZAF

BRECKON Ivan Oswald, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

BREED Mervyn Ryburn, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

BREMER Ronald Lewis, Flying Officer, RNZAF

BREMNER Robert Duff, Flying Officer, RNZAF

BRETHERTON Basil John Francis, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

BREWER Gordon William, Flying Officer, RNZAF

BRIGGS Lionel Basil; Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

BRITTON Douglas Royd, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

BROADBENT Richard, Squadron Leader, RNZAF

BROOMHEAD Albert, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

BROUGH Erle Thomas, Squadron Leader, RNZAF

BROWN Errol Howard, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

BROWN Gerard Clive, Squadron Leader, RNZAF

BROWN Peter Graham, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

BROWN William Davenport, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

BROWN William Thomson, Squadron Leader, RNZAF

BROWNE Allen Edward, Squadron Leader, RNZAF

BROWNE Stanley Franklin, Squadron Leader, RNZAF

BRUMBY Harold Edward, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

BRUNTON Paul Windermere Wilson, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

BUCHANAN Roy Currie, Wing Commander, RNZAF

BUCK Peter John Oswald, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

BUCKLEY Jack, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

BUDDLE Thomas James, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

BULLEN Raymond Maurice, Pilot Officer, RNZAF

BURBURY Nigel Hawkesly, Lieutenant Commander, RNZN

BURGE Alfred William, RNZAF

BURKE Jack Selwynne, RNZAF

BUSH Charles Roy, Squadron Leader, RNZAF

BUTLER Lloyd Harry, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

BUTLER William Louis, Warrant Officer, RNZAF

BYERS Ian Hamilton, Flying Officer, RNZAF

CHECETTS John Milne, acting Squadron Leader

CLOUSTON Arthur Edmund, Wing Commander

COCHRANE Alfred William Gordon, acting Squadron Leader

CONINGHAM Arthur, Air Commodore

CRAWFORD-COMPTON William Vernon, Wing Commander

DEERE Alan Christopher, Wing Commander

DENTON Frederick Harry, Flying Officer

DINSDALE John Swire, acting Wing Commander

EDGE Bernard Frederick, Flying Officer

EDMUNDS Everest George, Flight Lieutenant

EGLEY Richard Akehurst, Flying Officer

ELWORTHY Samuel Charles, Wing Commander

ENSOR Maechel (Michael) Anthony, Acting Squadron Leader

FINLAY Wallis George, acting Squadron Leader

FREEMAN Trevor Owen, acting Wing Commander

GAINSFORD Arthur Percy, acting Squadron Leader

GIBSON John Albert Axel, Squadron Leader

GRAY Colin Falkland, Squadron Leader

GUTHRIE Ewen John Campbell, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

HAMMOND Derek Harold, Squadron Leader

HARRISON James Arnold, Squadron Leader

HEAD Malcolm Robert, Flight Lieutenant

HEGMAN John Alfred, acting Squadron Leader

HOGG Richard John Kitchener, Squadron Leader

HORTON Thomas Welch, acting Wing Commander

JAMESON George Esmond, Flight Lieutenant

JAMESON Patrick Geraint, acting Wing Commander

JARMAN Geoffrey Twyfort, Wing Commander

KEARNS Richard Stansfield Derek, acting Flight Lieutenant

KEMP Charles Wynne Brunsdon, acting Flight Lieutenant

KOFOED William Robert, acting Squadron Leader

LOWE Alexander William, Pilot Officer

MacKENZIE Russell Merriman, Wing Commander

MACKIE Evan Dall, acting Squadron Leader

McGREGOR Hector Douglas, Squadron Leader

McHARDY Edric Hartgill, acting Wing Commander

McKAY John James, Wing Commander

McKEE Andrew, Group Captain

McMILLAN Briam Watson, acting Wing Commander

MANDENO Graham Lloyd, Squadron Leader

MATICH Nicholas Joseph, Flying Officer

MAX Roy Douglas, Wing Commander

MILLER Denis, acting Squadron Leader

MUNRO John Leslie, acting Squadron Leader

PATRICK George Alfred, Squadron Leader

PATTISON John Gordon, acting Squadron Leader

PLAYER John Howard, Wing Commander

REGAN Christopher David John, Flying Officer

RYAN Terence Patrick, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

SCOTT Desmond James, acting Squadron Leader

SISE Gage Derwent, acting Squadron Leader

STARKEY James Buyntun, acting Squadron Leader

St JOHN John Ramsey, Wing Commander

TACON Ernest William, Wing Commander

THIELE Keith Frederick, Flight Lieutenant

TRENT Leonard Henry, Squadron Leader

TRIGG Lloyd Allan, Flying Officer, RNZAF

WATTS Stephen Delaney, Acting Wing Commander

WEBB Richard, Acting Wing Commander

WELLS Edward Preston, acting Wing Commander

WHITLEY Eric William, Wing Commander

WOODS John Daniel, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

WORTHINGTON John Colin, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

WRIGHT James Henry, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

WRIGHT John Leonard, Squadron Leader, RNZAF

YEATMAN John Francis Pym, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

YOCKNEY Clive Samuel Whitehouse, Flying Officer, RNZAF

YOUNG Richard Charles, Squadron Leader, RNZAF

YULE Robert Duncan, Wing Commander

ZILLWOOD Albert Hart Robertson, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

BUTLER Trevor Keith, Wing Commander, RNZAF

DONNELLY Bruce Wallace, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

KLITSCHER Robin John, Squadron Leader, RNZAF

PATERSON Douglas Ian, Flight Lieutenant, RNZAF

PETERSON John Douglas, Flying Officer, RNZAF

STEEL Edwin Grant, Lieutenant, RNZIR

WELLS Kenneth James, Flying Officer, RNZAF

FLANNAGAN WB, Captain, RNZAC, 161 Recce Flight, AA Aviation Company

St GEORGE Douglas Fitzclarence, Air Commodore, RNZAF

Squadron Leader NZ404870, JAMES ARNOLD 'Pod' HARRISON

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