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New Zealand: STANAWAY / STANWAY marriages from 1840 to 1929

Journal by allycat

Birth, Death and Marriage - Historical Records New Zealand

STANAWAY Brides 1840-1929

1892/370 Helena Stanaway AND Patrick Moloughney
1928/2899 Eileen Margaret Stanaway AND Joseph Clarence Brown
1926/4192 Mary Agnes Stanaway AND George Charles Ceruti
1926/6381 Agnes Ferguson Stanaway AND Robert Wilson Smith
1925/2568 Helena Beatrice Stanaway AND James Joan
1924/1588 Lennise Stanaway AND John Charles Castle
1915/7226 Catherine Annie Stanaway AND Frederick Williams
1912/5507 Isabel Stanaway AND Wilfrid Allen
1923/1789 Catherine Annie Stanaway AND James Henry Percival Hagarty
1923/6613 Francis Jessie Stanaway AND Charles Robert Porthous
1910/3945 Ida Isabel Stanaway AND Charles Bamford Daniel
1920/11481 Ellen Stanaway AND James Diver
1905/3620 Emily Annie Stanaway AND George Evarard Buckworth
1886/214 Laura Stanaway AND William John Brown
1876/723 Sarah Ann Stanaway AND William Thomas Haslett
1864/3114 Isabella Stanaway AND ?
1864/3115 Mary Ann Stanaway AND ?
1869/3231 Henry Stanaway AND ?
1869/3368 Mary Stanaway AND ?
1871/3098 William Stanaway AND ?
1871/3276 Catherine Stanaway AND ? Sup Vol 1
1876/722 Sarah Ann Stanaway AND George Edward Sanders
1860/1512 Josiah Stanaway AND ?
1860/1511 John James Stanaway AND ?


1892/913 Elizabeth Taylor Stanway AND William Hodges
1926/3473 Kathleen Doris Stanway AND Willie Sangster
1925/3200 Dorothy Lavinia Stanway AND Edward Stanway AND
1915/6240 Irene Henrietta Taylor Stanway AND William James Hodges
1923/2856 Myrtle Evelyn Stanway AND John Hunter
1922/3429 Eliza Annie Stanway AND Charles Burtenshaw
1905/4455 Evelyn Stanway AND William James Macgregor
1921/6797 Eva Stanway AND John James Madden
1901/5154 Sarah Emily Stanway AND George Calder
1901/5163 Alice Maud Taylor Stanway AND Charles Austin
1896/2371 Annie Stanway AND William Pringle Porter Allison
1876/852 Thirza Stanway AND George Jessup
1878/1795 Laura Stanway AND John George
1918/6434 Millicent Sady Stanway AND William John Weavers
1908/5781 Eliza Gertrude Stanway AND Henry Walter Lister


1928/4376 Ruby Winifred Agnew AND Frederick James Stanaway
1927/10605 Mary Straughon Anderson AND John Stanawa
1925/9171 Elsie Mary Chapman AND Henry Percy Stanaway
1911/5586 Ethel Maud Donald AND Albert Alfred Stanaway
1928/10886 Jessie Marion Duncan AND Maurice James Stanaway
1911/7043 Muriel Beatrice Featherstone AND Montrose Stanaway
1885/1784 Catharine Ferguson John Stanaway AND
1906/7109 Emily Jane Finlay Henry Patrick Stanaway AND
1926/1940 Marjorie Aroha Finlayson AND Jack James Stanaway
1919/5386 Margaret Georgina Christian AND Fraser Archibald Stanaway
1908/5779 Mary Hudson AND Archibald James Stanaway
1925/3027 Janet May Hume AND Charles George Stanaway
1893/3800 Jessie Ledingham AND Archibald Stanaway
1924/1627 Charlotte Winifred Love AND William Henry Stanaway
1899/443 Isabella Maynard AND Frederick Mitchell Stanaway
1902/3413 Ethel Flora McCabe AND Joseph Stanaway
1904/2628 Eliza Miller AND John James Stanaway
1898/2870 Elizabeth Emily Morton AND Charles George Stanaway
1919/640 Margaret Martha Osborne AND Harold William Stanaway
1923/414 Eva May Penney AND George Frederick Stanaway
1914/503 Margaret Matilda Rea AND Alexander Stanaway
1893/2017 Harriet Read AND James Stanaway
1911/3165 Elizabeth Rubie AND John Aloysius Stanaway
1904/4629 Eliza Ryan AND James William Stanaway
1913/997 Georgina Laurel Sakey AND Archibald Joseph Stanaway
1898/1971 Esther Slater AND Josiah Stanaway
1921/3168 Margaret Annie Smith AND William Skews Stanaway
1893/3047 Ellen Williams AND John James Stanaway


1910/5071 May Etta Ruth Aldred AND James Stanway
1915/9286 Gladys Isabel Buckley AND Charles Alfred Stevens Stanway
1918/5913 Lydia Gwendolyne Gwilliam AND Harold George Stanway
1923/3483 Alice Hill AND William Henry Stanway
1924/2695 Dorothy Lavinia Hunt AND Edward Stanway
1894/509 Charlotte Lee AND William Stanway
1917/1956 Eliza Mitchell William AND Henry Stanway
1896/1318 Sarah Ann Richards AND Thomas William Stanway
1908/3532 Sarah Josephine Ryan AND Samuel Taylor Stanway AND
1925/3110 Helena Violet Smith AND James Stanway
1925/3200 Dorothy Lavinia Stanway AND Edward Stanway
1917/4903 Lenora Truscott AND Elijah Stanway

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by Heather10 on 2011-11-08 02:11:23

I have come across your page mentioning a marriage between Emily Annie STANAWAY and George Everard BUCKWORTH in New Zealand in 1905. I am wondering if you are researching them of if their names just appear in your list as 'others'. :-)

by allycat on 2011-11-08 03:58:08

Dear Heather, Hi there. Well I actually checked my GEDCOM file just now, and George BUCKWORTH and Emily STANAWAY are in my tree with a son Charles Marshall BUCKWORTH b1907. Emily married a second time to Cecil Watlen BEART in 1925. Emily was a granddaughter of Capt. John James STANAWAY (my hubby's 3g grandfather) and Black Ann.


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