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NIHILL marriages 1891-1942 Victoria Australia

Journal by tonkin

NIHILL marriages 1891-1942 Victoria Australia.


Timothy Henry
Married: Harriet Constable EAGLETON 1893.
Two issues located.
1. Walter Edward Howard, born 1894 Beechworth, Victoria.
2. Frederick William, born 1899 Wangaratta, Victoria.

Married: Ellen OSHANNESSY 1900.
No issues located.

Married: Margaret BROWNE 1909.
No issues located.

Timothy Henry
Married: Mabel LOWE 1902.
Two issues located.
1. Helen Ismay, born 1903 Beechworth, Victoria.
2. Harry Dalgleish, born 1912 Kensington Hill, Victoria.

Married: Helena CLEARY 1902.
Nine issues located.
1. Ellen Mary, born 1903 Collingwood, Victoria.
2. Matthew Patrick, born 1905 Collongwood, Victoria.
3. Francis James, born 1907 Collingwood, Victoria.
4. John Edward, born 1910 Heidelberg, Victoria.
5. Florence Margaret, born 1911 Clifton Hill, Victoria.
6. James Joseph, born 1913 Clifton Hill, Victoria.
7. Laurence Williams, born 1915 Collingwood, Victoria.
8. Maurice Allen, born 1917 Collingwood, Victoria.
9. Vincent, born 1918 Collingwood, Victoria.

Cornelius James
Married: Marie Margaret SLATTERY 1914.
No issues located.

Married: Antonetta Florence CARSTENS 1914.
No issues located.

Bernard Augustine
Married: Margaret KILLEEN 1920.
No issues located.

Walter Edward Howard
Married: Elsie MYERS 1922.

Patrick Leo
Married: Kathleen Veronica SULLIVAN 1923.

Married: Bridget TOUHEY 1925.

Thomas Joseph
Married: Helen Bruce ALSOP 1928

Michael Vincent
Married: Mary Margaret KENNEDY 1930.

Francis Joseph
Married: Ellen Catherine CARMODY 1933.

Married: Esther HOGAN 1933.

Francis James
Married: Victoria Mary BANFIELD 1933.

Mathew Patrick
Married: Kathleen FARNSWORTH 1937.

Thomas Victor
Married: Monica Florence ROWE 1937.

Frederick William
Married: Hessell Rotta HODGE 1938.


Married: William MAHOOD 1891.
Five issues located.
1. Agnes Bridget, born 1893 Melbourne South, Victoria.
2. William Henry Orrock, born 1895 South Melbourne, Victoria.
3. Margaret Victoria, born 1896 White Hills, Victoria.
4. Catherine Mary, born 1898 Melbourne South, Victoria.
5. George Samuel, born 1903 Melbourne South, Victoria.

Margaret Frances
Married: Ronald John MCDONALD 1891.
Six issues located.
1. Lucy Georgina, born 1892 Geelong, Victoria.
2. Cornelius Claude, born 1894 Geelong, Victoria.
3. Florence, born 1896 Geelong, Victoria.
4. Mary Isabel, born 1901 Geelong, Victoria.
5. Veronica, born 1905 Geelong, Victoria.
6. Catherine Doris, born 1911 Geelong, Victoria.

Mary Ann Josephine
Married: Arthur Ernest GILHAM 1895.
Two issues located.
1. Edwin Emblem, born 1895 Melbourne West, Victoria.
2. Doris, born 1896 Flemington, Victoria.

Dorothy Talbot
Married: Clement William RENARD 1896.
No issues located.

Mary Genevieve
Married: John Thomas SALTER 1897.
Seven issues located.
1. Marie Hilda, born 1898 Albert Park, Victoria.
2. Violet Josephine, born 1900 Northcote, Victoria.
3. Maud, born 1903 Albert Park, Victoria.
4. James, born 1905 Carlton, Victoria.
5. Monica Lorraine, born 1911 St Kilda, Victoria.
6. Judith Maude, born 1913 St Kilda, Victoria.
7. Leo Nihill, born 1919 Hawthorn, Victoria.

Victoria Agnes
Married: James Bryance CONDER 1897.
Eight issues located.
1. Pryor, born 1897 Camberwell, Victoria.
2. Marguerite Maud, born 1899 Camberwell, Victoria.
3. Vera Agnes, born 1899 Camberwell, Victoria.
4. Doris Victoria, born 1901 Hawthorn, Victoria.
5. Bryance, born 1902 Hawthorn, Victoria.
6. James, born 1904 Hawthorn, Victoria.
7. Alice Ayes, born 1909 Hawthorn, Victoria.
8. Barrington, born 1911 Hawthorn, Victoria.

Maria Mary Frances
Married: Laurima George William TROTTER 1899.
Four issues located.
1. George Matthew, born 1901 Fitzroy South, Victoria.
2. James Anthony, born 1907 Collingwood, Victoria.
3. Mary Esther, born 1912 Clifton Hill, Victoria.
4. Veronica Margaret, born 1914 Northcote, Victoria.

Married: Archibald MCKENZIE 1900.
No issues located.

Married: Thomas Joseph CORRIGAN 1903.
No issues located.

Catherine Olive
Married: Herbert Hudson WITNEY 1914.
Two issues located.
1. Ernest Hudson, born 1916 South Melbourne, Victoria.
2. Reginald Alan, born 1918 Carlton North, Victoria.

Nora Elizabeth
Married: Michael Francis GORE 1914.
No issues located.

Married: William BAXTER 1915.
Two issues located.
1. Jean Margaret, born 1915 Werribee, Victoria.
2. Kennorth Matthew, born 1917 Werribee, Victoria.

Mary Veronica
Married: Victor Gordon MCCUSKEY 1916.
Two issues located.
1. Vincent Leonard, born 1918 Carlton North, Victoria.
2. Lola Veronica, born 1920 Carlton North, Victoria.

Married: Henry BELLEARS 1918.
No issues located.

Married: Stanley TROTTER 1919.
One issue located.
1. Veronica Margaret, born 1914 Northcote, Victoria.

Married: Jeremiah DOOLAN 1920.
No issues located

Winifred Monica
Married: Hugh BROWN 1923.

Irene Minnie
Married: Clifford Montague MARTIN 1923.

Helen Ismay
Married: Adrian William Percival SPEARMAN 1925.

Ellen Mary
Married: Frank Frederick STEELE 1929.

Married: Herbert Arthur PAGETT 1933.

Married: Frederick OHARA 1934.

Eileen Mary
Married: John Thomas TUNG 1939.

Angela Claire
Married: Michael John CLYNES 1939.

Married: Ronald Stanley FISHER 1942.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth and Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the NIHILL lines.

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