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NOBLE buried Karori, Wellington

Journal by ngairedith

the NOBLE buried or cremated Karori as at 8 Feb 2013
~ some birth dates may be approx, based on age at death ~

? ALAN ALEXANDER Noble (1902-1980)
- born 22 September 1902 to Alexander Carmichael NOBLE & Margaret Annabella FINLAYSON
- he married Alice Amelia May Deuchrass in 1929
ALAN died 26 July 1980 aged 77
- he was cremated at Karori

? ALBERT CHARLES Noble (1906-1984)
- born 16 August 1906 to George Edward NOBLE & Florence May BUNTING
ALBERT died 19 July 1984 aged 77
- he was cremated at Karori

? ALEC EWAN Noble (1914-1983)
- born 5 December 1914
ALEC died 22 March 1983 aged 68
- he was cremated at Karori

? ALICE AMELIA MAY 'Millie' Noble (1903-1990 nee DEUCHRASS)
- daughter of James DEUCHRASS & Mary McCALLUM
- she married Alan Alexander Noble (1902-1980) in 1929
ALICE died 2 April 1990 aged 87
- she was cremated at Karori

? ARTHUR Noble (1901-1973)
- born 2 October 1901 to George NOBLE & Clara Sophia PRINCE
ARTHUR died 1 December 1973 aged 72
- his ashes are buried Plot 38 M, Section PUBLIC2 at Karori

? CAROLE ELAINE Noble (1941-1979)
CAROLE died 17 May 1979 aged 38
- she was cremated at Karori

? CHARLES GORDON Noble (1882-1962)
- he married Elsie Duthie STRACHAN in 1920
CHARLES died 14 September 1962 aged 80
- he was cremated at Karori

? CLARA Noble (1874-1963)
CLARA died 8 September 1963 aged 89
- she is buried Plot 78 U, Lawn Section at Karori

? CLARA SOPHIA Noble (1873-1929 nee PRINCE)
- 2nd of 7 children of George Edward PRINCE & Emma CORDING
- she married George Noble in 1899 & had 3 known sons:
1899 - 1967 George Clinton Noble
- married Edith Raamiah PERKINS (1904-1988) in 1925
1901 - 1973 Arthur Noble
1907 - 1907 Leonard Malcolm Noble
- Leonard died aged 6 weeks
Evening Post 9 May 1925 The death occurred to-day at the residence of his daughter, Mrs George Noble, Douro Avenue, Newtown, of Mr George Prince, a very old and highly esteemed resident of Wellington, and one of the best known bowlers of the Dominion. The late Mr Prince, who was 76 years of age, had not been in the best of health for some time, although two years ago he made a good recovery from a severe attack of pneumonia contracted while on a visit to Sydney. Only this week he had mentioned to some members of the Newtown Bowling Club the possibility of his going to Sydney again shortly to spend the winter. Mr Prince and the late Mr H. J. Underwood were the two first members of the Newtown Bowling Club when it was formed 32 years ago. As a bowler Mr Prince bore a very high reputation, and he was always looked upon as a redoubtable skip. He skipped the Newtown rink which won the South Island Bowling Association's championship one year, and was three times singles champion of his club. The late Mr Prince, whose wife died two years ago, leaves a family of three sons and three daughters - Messrs Arthur Prince of Christchurch, George Prince of Auckland and Harry Prince of Hamilton and Mrs Noble, widow of the late Mr George Noble, Mrs W. Sinclair and Miss Prince, all of Wellington. As a mark of respect to the deceased, the Newtown Bowling Club's flag was flown at halfmast to-day
CLARA died 1 January 1929 aged 56
- she is buried Plot 38 M, Section PUBLIC2 at Karori

? DAVID Noble (1961-1970)
DAVID died 12 February 1970 aged 8
- he was cremated at Karori

? EDITH MADELINE Noble (1896-1965)
EDITH died 28 October 1965 aged 69
- she was cremated at Karori

? ELLEN Noble (1836-1882)
ELLEN died 9 July 1882 aged 46 (database has Helen @ 57)
Evening Post 10 July 1882 NOBLE - On the 9th July, at the Hospital, Wellington, Ellen, wife of David Noble, aged 46 years. Melbourne and Sydney papers please copy
- she is buried Plot 48.E, Public section at Bolton street

? ELSIE ELIZABETH MARY Noble (1907-1930 nee HART)
- daughter of Charles Henry HART & Maude Mary JENSON
- Elsie married Arthur Noble 25 October 1924
9 Sep 1924 The engagement is announced of Elsie, youngest daughter of Mr C. H. Hart, Tinakori road, to Mr Arthur Noble, second son of Mrs and the late Mr George Noble, also of Wellington
ELSIE died 6 January 1930 aged 23
- she is buried Plot 72 Y, CH ENG Section at Karori

? EMILY ALICE AREAN Noble (1897-1975 nee FINN)
- born 13 October 1897 to Henry James & Susan Alice (1873-1950) FINN
- Emily married Victor Albert Noble (1897-1959) on 18 December 1918
EMILY died 31 August 1975 aged 77
- she was cremated at Karori

? FLORENCE BERYL Noble (1910-1975)
- born 5 November 1910
FLORENCE died 22 December 1975 aged 65
- she is buried Plot 41Z/5, Lawn Section at Karori with Leila Jean Noble

? FLORENCE ETHEL Noble (1909-1963)
FLORENCE died 26 September 1963 aged 54
- she was cremated at Karori

? FREDERICK WILLIAM Noble (1870-1921)
- a son of Andrew NOBLE & Eliz WALL
FREDERICK died 26 April 1921 aged 50
27 April 1921
... FATAL FALL - William Noble, believed to be a woodcutter, residing at the Summit, fell out of his cart on the Hutt road and sustained a fractured skull. He died on the way to hospital
... A fatal accident occurred on the Hutt-road, near the Vacuum Oil Company's premises, between 3 and 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon. A middle-aged man named Frederick William Noble, living at Johnsonville, was driving home, when he fell from the trap, and received fatal injuries to his head. He died while being taken to the Hospital. Noble was a married man, about fifty years of age. An inquest was held this afternoon
Evening Post 28 April 1921
... An inquest was held by Mr W. G. Ridell, S.M., Coroner, to-day, touching the death of Frederick Noble, fifty years of age, cook, who fell from a cart, which he was driving, on the Hutt-road on Tuesday last, and was killed. Leslie H. Norton stated that he saw deceased fall from the cart, apparently striking his head on the hard road. Dr Hector, who made a post-mortem examination of the body, said the skull was badly fractured, and the bones of the neck were dislocated. Death was caused by fracture of the skull. The Coroner remarked that deceased appeared to have overbalanced himself, fell on the road on his head and was killed almost instantly. A verdict as to the cause of death was returned in accordance with the medical testimony
- he is buried Plot 234 W, PUBLIC2 at Karori

? GEORGE Noble (1870-1924)
- he was a Tailor. He married Clara Sophia Prince in 1899 (see above for children)
GEORGE died 17 January 1924 aged 53
Evening Post 25 Jan 1924 The death occurred in Wellington last week of Mr George Noble, of Newtown, and a well-known local bowler. Although the late Mr Noble had been in indifferent health for some time, his death was unexpected. Born in Rangiora 53 years ago, the deceased gentleman resided in Wellington for over thirty years, and was in business as a tailor. In his younger days he was a prominent athlete in Canterbury and earned a great deal of success as a runner. He was a member of the New Zealand Bowling Club for many years, and in 1918-19 was president of that club. More recently he belonged to the Wellington Bowling Club, and was an esteemed member. The late Mr Noble was a son-in-law of Mr George Prince, the veteran Newtown bowler, and he is survived by a widow and two sons, Mr G. C. Noble of Taihape and Mr A. Noble of Wellington. He was a member of the masonic craft as well as a Druid, and at the interment at Karori cemetery on Saturday, where the Rev J. F. Martin, of the Methodist Central Mission, conducted the funeral service, the Masonic rites were also carried out. Representatives of the Wellington, Newtown, and other bowling clubs were present at the funeral.
Wellington Bowling Club Reference was made to the deep loss to the club occasioned by the death of Mr George Noble, the gathering standing in silence as a mark of respect to the memory of an enthusiastic club member and companionable bowler
- he is buried Plot 38 M, PUBLIC2 at Karori
* A brother, William Noble, died 5 weeks later (see below)
* 20 Feb 1924 J. BENJAMIN, Tailor, having purchased the Tailoring Business previously conducted by Mr George Noble, I would respectfully solicit a fair share of the patronage accorded to my predecessor. Address: Strand Theatre Building, 15 Manners Street, Wellington

? GORDON HARVEY Noble (1894-1973)
GORDON died 25 October 1973 aged 79
- he was cremated at Karori

? HENRY JOHN Noble (1907-1907)
- a son of Henry Edward NOBLE & Margaret Theresa SULLIVAN
HENRY died 19 May 1907 aged 1 day (database has 1)
- he is buried Plot 104 E, ROM CATH at Karori

? HILDA Noble (1905-1961)
HILDA died 13 April 1961 aged 55
- she was cremated at Karori

? HILDA GERTRUDE Noble (1896-1970 nee BROWN)
- daughter of Herbert James BROWN & Bertha Sophia PERCIVAL
- Hilda married Percy Howard Noble (1889-1963) in 1927
HILDA died 26 March 1970 aged 73
- she was cremated at Karori

? HILDA MINNIE Noble (1887-1971 nee STIRLING)
- Hilda married Stewart Murray Noble in 1932
HILDA died 1 March 1971 aged 83
- she was cremated at Karori

? JANE Noble (1879-1971)
JANE died 11 November 1971 aged 92
- she was cremated at Karori

? JANE HUNTER Noble (1884-1920)
JANE died 20 February 1920 aged 35
Evening Post 21 February 1920 NOBLE - On the 20th February 1920, at Brandon-street, Seatoun, Janet Hunter, second daughter of the late John Noble, Greenock, Scotland, and beloved sister of Mrs John Millar, Karori (also see Margaret below)
- she is buried Plot 253 D, CH ENG2 at Karori

? LEILA JEAN Noble (1914-1962)
- she never married
LEILA died 27 June 1962 aged 48
- she is buried Plot 41Z/5, Lawn Section with Florence Beryl Noble

? LEONARD MALCOLM Noble (1907-1907)
- a son of George NOBLE & Clara Sophia PRINCE
LEONARD died 2 August 1907 aged 6 weeks
- he is buried Plot 38 M, PUBLIC2 at Karori

? MARGARET Noble (1885-1922)
MARGARET died 13 February 1922 aged 36
Evening Post 14 Feb 1922 NOBLE - At Wellington Hospital, on the 14th February, 1922, Margaret, youngest daughter of the late John Noble, Greenock, Scotland, and beloved sister of Mrs John Millar. (also see Jane Hunter Noble above). The friends of the late Miss Margaret Noble are invited to attend her Funeral, which will leave the Mortuary Chapel of E. Morris, jun., 60 Taranaki street, to-morrow, Thursday, at 2.30 p.m., for the Cemetery, Karori
- she is buried Plot 34 G, CH ENG2 at Karori

? MARY ANN Noble (1849-1926 nee HOCKEY, formerly PRITCHARD)
- Mary Ann married Henry PRITCHARD in 1865 & had 11 children
MARY died 21 June 1926 aged 77
Evening Post 22 June 1926 NOBLE - On the 21st June 1926, at Taita Hotel, Mary Ann Noble, aged 77 years, mother of Charles (Charles Stephen 1873-?), Harry (1881-1944), Joe (Joseph Valentine 1883-1962) and Tom (Thomas Henry 1884-1934) Pritchard
- she is buried Plot 111 M, PUBLIC2 at Karori

? NANCY FLORENCE Noble (1917-1964)
NANCY died 29 September 1964 aged 47
- she was cremated at Karori

? NATASHA Noble (1932-1969)
NATASHA died 9 March 1969 aged 36
- she was cremated at Karori

? NORMA MARGARET Noble (1946-2003)
- born 16 November 1946
NORMA died 25 May 2003 aged 56
- she is buried 42 Garden 14, Rosegarden at Karori

? ROBERT Noble (1865-1935)
- Robert was a Tailor. He served in WWI as Private 19/202 with the 1st NZEF, Samoan Refief Force. He enlisted from the Marton Hotel, Marton & embarked from Auckland 27 March 1915. His next of kin was his son Robert Noble of Ellice Ace., Wellington
ROBERT died 17 November 1935 aged 70
- he is buried Plot 18 JJ, Section SOLDIERS at Karori

? ROBERT Noble (1890-1973)
- Robert served in WWI as Private 41867 with the 1st NZEF, Rifle Brigade, 23rd Reinforcements Wellington Infantry Regiment, B Company, embarking from Wellington 14 March 1917. His next of kin was his father Robert Noble at 4 Ardmillan Terrace, Edinburgh, Scotland
ROBERT died 6 April 1973 aged 82,
- he is buried Plot 29 X/S, Section SOLDIERS at Karori

? STEWART MURRAY Noble (1900-1943)
- a son of William NOBLE & Margaret MURRAY
STEWART died 23 June 1943 aged 43
- he was cremated at Karori

? VERA ALICE Noble (1918-1985)
VERA died 18 August 1985 aged 67
- she was cremated at Karori

? WILLIAM Noble (1853-1893)
WILLIAM died 17 November 1893 aged 40
Colonist 17 Nov 1893 DEATH OF A PRISONER. W. Noble, one of the prisoners awaiting trial at the next criminal session for perjury, died in the Terrace Gaol of comsumption. The man Noble came into a legacy of nearly ?3000 after being put into gaol (Dec 2012 equivalent of about $242,600)
- he is buried Plot 358, PUBLIC at Karori

? WILLIAM Noble (1866-1924)
- William married Mary Ann Elizabeth FINCH (1867-1954) in 1888
WILLIAM died 28 February 1924 aged 56
29 February 1924 Mr William Noble, who died at his residence, Adelaide street, Petone, yesterday, was born in Rangiora, South Island, but spent the last 38 years of his life as a resident of Petone. He was employed by the N.Z. Railways Maintenance branch until his quite recent retirement. The deceased leaves a widow and three sons, viz., Messrs W. F. Noble (William Frederick 1889-1965) Lower Hutt, V. A. Noble (Victor Albert 1897-1959) Petone and G. C. Noble (Gilbert Clifford 1891-1960) Wanganui. A brother, Mr George Noble (Wellington), died five weeks ago (see above)
- he is buried Plot 408 G, CH ENG2 at Karori

GRAVE of Elsie Elizabeth Mary Noble

In Loving Memory Of
ELSIE (nee Hart)
Beloved Wife of ARTHUR NOBLE
died 6th Jan 1930 - aged 23 years

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