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OAKLEY marriages 1871-1883 Victoria Australia

Journal by tonkin

OAKLEY marriages 1871-1883 Victoria Australia.


Charles John
Married: Eliza Jane GOFF 1871.
Six issues located.
1. Emily Jane, born 1872 Melbourne, Victoria.
2. Charles Henry, born 1875 Melbourne, Victoria.
3. Frederick William, born 1878 Benalla, Victoria.
4. Minnie, born 1881 Benalla, Victoria.
5. George James, born 1886 Myrtleford, Victoria.
6. Alfred Ernest, born 1892 Bright, Victoria.

Married: Emma Sophia ASHTON 1871.
Eleven issues located.
See Post: OAKLEY Thomas married Emma ASHTON 1871

Married: Mary MITCHELL 1873.
No issues located.

William Henry Joseph
Married: Lillias Marion STARR 1875.
Six issues located.
1. Mary Evelyn, born 1876 Sandhurst, Victoria.
2. Thomas Richard, born 1878 Sandhurst, Victoria.
3. Jane Violet, born 1880 Sandhurst, Victoria.
4. Jessie Emma, born 1882 Sandhurst, Victoria.
5. Beatrice Ethel, born 1884 Sandhurst, Victoria.
6. William Henry, born 1886 Sandhurst, Victoria.

Married: Mary Jane POWELL 1875.
Two issues located.
1. Harriet Emily, born 1876 Fitzroy, Victoria.
2. William Joseph, born 1877 Fitzroy, Victoria.

Married: Agnes MILBURN 1877.
No issues located.

Married: Sarah MCDONALD 1877.
No issues located.

Thomas Robert
Married: Elizabeth WATERS 1877.
One issue located.
1. Sarah, born 1878 Warrnambool, Victoria.

Thomas Alfred
Married: Mary Ann KIRK 1878.
Six issues located.
1. George Thomas, born 1879 Lara, Victoria.
2. John Alfred, born 1880 Lara, Victoria.
3. Louisa Annie, born 1881 Lara, Victoria.
4. Esther Lydia, born 1884 Lara, Victoria.
5. Alice Avalon, born 1898 Lara, Victoria.
6. Edith May, born 1898 Lara, Victoria.

... Alice and Edith were twins.

Married: Selina Jane LUCAS 1879.
Seven issues located.
1. John Charles, born 1880 Emerald Hill, Victoria.
2. Frederick John, born 1882 Maryborough, Victoria.
3. Emily Elizabeth, born 1885 Maryborough, Victoria.
4. Charles Frederick Victor, born 1888 Maryborough, Victoria.
5. Ruby Victoria, born 1889 Maryborough, Victoria.
6. Irene Morrison, born 1896 Maryborough, Victoria.
7. Freda Selina Loas, born 1903 South Yarra, Victoria.

Married: Emily WILSON 1880.
Five issues located.
1. Emily Ada, born 1881 Brunswick, Victoria.
2. Oliver Joseph, born 1883 Brunswick, Victoria.
3. Albert Edward, born 1885 Brunswick, Victoria.
4. George Alfred, born 1888 Brunswick, Victoria.
5. Vera Carol Doreen, born 1898 Brunswick, Victoria.

Married: Emily Victoria ADAMS 1880.
Two issues located.
1. Charles Harold, born 1881 St Kilda, Victoria.
2. Kiddiford Colbor, born 1883 St Kilda, Victoria.

George Frederick
Married: Caroline Charlotte DRURY 1880.
DRURY recorded as KEANE in the birth records.
Six Issues located.
1. Mary Eileen, born 1883 Donald, Victoria.
2. Francis Henry Hasweel, born 1884 Donald, Victoria.
3. Dorothy, born 1886 Geelong, Victoria.
4. George Haswell, born 1887 Donald, Victoria.
5. Harold Warburton, born 1889 Donald, Victoria.
6. Reginald Arthur, born 1894 Donald, Victoria.

Thomas Robert
Married: Phoebe FEATHERBY 1881.
Phoebe also recorded as Phebe in the birth records.
Seven issues located.
1. Robert, born 1882 Horsham, Victoria.
2. James William, born 1883 Horsham, Victoria.
3. Lillian Gertrude, born 1885 Nurrabiel, Victoria.
4. Mary Louisa, born 1887 Tarraville.
5. Lindsay, born 1897 Woodside, Victoria.
6. Robert, born 1900 Cressy, Victoria.
7. George, born 1902 Cressy, Victoria.

Married: Emily Dorothea FULFORD 1882.
Five issues located.
1. George Henry, born 1883 Warrnambool, Victoria.
2. Frederick Fulford, born 1885 Richmond, Victoria.
3. James Thomas Hussey, born 1888 South Yarra, Victoria.
4. Albert Edmond, born 1890 Prahran, Victoria.
5. Harold, born 1895 Prahran, Victoria.

John William
Married: Mary FURLONG 1882.
Eight issues located.
1. Violet Emily, born 1883 Melbourne, Victoria.
2. John Thomas, born 1885 Melbourne, Victoria.
3. Mary, born 1887 Melbourne, Victoria.
4. Lily, born 1888 Melbourne, Victoria.
5. Elizabeth, born 1890 Melbourne East, Victoria.
6. William, born 1892 Melbourne East, Victoria.
7. Frederick James, born 1897 Carlton, Victoria.
8. George, born 1901 Carlton, Victoria.

Married: Eliza WIRTH 1883.
No issues located.

Augustine John
Married: Ann ROGERS 1883.
Ann recorded as Annie Elizabeth ROGERS in the birth records.
Five issues located.
1. Thomas Augustine, born 1883 Carlton, Victoria.
2. Jane Frances, born 1885 Carlton, Victoria.
3. Leonard Oswald Payne, born 1887 Hawthorn, Victoria.
4. Leslie Joseph, born 1891 Footscray, Victoria.
5. Victor Harold, born 1895 Footscray, Victoria.


Margaret Ann
Married: Edward ERWOOD 1871.

Married: Edwin HUNT 1871.

Emma Jane Monica
Married: John Phillips PARKER 1871.

Married: Thomas MANN 1872.

Elizabeth Phillips
Married: George HOGG 1873.

Married: Francis ABBOTT 1873.

Emma Ann
Married: John MCMILLEN 1873.

Married: James FARRELL 1873.

Sarah Agnes
Married: Ewan EYRE 1874.

Married: Owen GROWNEY 1875.

Married: Robert CLARK 1876.

Elizabeth Ann
Married: William John ADAMS 1876.

Married: John CAMPBELL 1877.

Married: John BRANCH 1878.
Eleven issues located.
See Post: BRANCH John married Lydia OAKLEY 1878

Married: John Martin CLARIDGE 1879.

Married: Samuel REMFRY 1879.

Elizabeth Agnes
Married: George Philip DAILEY 1880.

Married: George Thomas STRETTON 1881.

Mary Ellen
Married: Matthew Henry PEARCE 1881.

Married: William John PHILPOTT 1881.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth and Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the OAKLEY lines.

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