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Old Pioneers MUSTER ROLL - 1890

Journal by ngairedith

the original list taken from MUSTER ROLL
... It would be an exceedingly interesting feature in connection with such an historical event as that of yesterday to place on record the names of all the early settlers who were present. We have gone to considerable trouble to compile a list of those who were in the procession, but from the circumstances it is quite possible that some have been omitted. So far as we have been able to learn, however, the particulars that we now append are full and correct, but if any of our readers can furnish the names of any pioneers who have been overlooked, we shall be glad to complete the list later on.

The roll of founders of the colony present stands as follows:
With the Mayors' carriages
* Mr. George Allen, arrived in the ?Catherine Stuart Forbes? in 1841 (had visited Auckland in 1839, and returned to England);
* Mr. John Plimmer, 1842, in the ?Gertrude.?

In the first old identities' carriage
* Mr. J. H. Wallace and Mr. P. Hume, 1840, the ?Lady Lilford?;
* Mr. J. Harding (of Waipukurau, Hawke's Bay), 1842, the ?Birman?;
* Mr. H. Collett, 1840, the ?London?;
8 Mr. C. W. Keys, 1840, the ?Cuba.?

Second carriage
* Mrs. Robert Burgess (maiden name Petherick), 1840, the ?Aurora?; * Mrs. Calders, Mrs. Gee, and Mrs. Colman, 1840, the ?Blenheim? (these three ladies are sisters, and have lived at Kaiwarra ever since their arrival);
* Mr. David Lewis, 1840, the ?Oriental.?

Third carriage
* Mrs. Caroline Evans, 1840, the ?Adelaide?;
* Mrs. Margaret Smith, 1841, the ?Lady Nugent?;
* Mrs. Jane Retter, 1841, the ?Lord William Bentinck?;
* Mrs. Rebecca McLeod, 1841, the ?Catherine Stuart Forbes.?

Fourth carriage
* Mr. G. Mudgway & Mrs. C. Mudgway, 1841, ?Catherine Stuart Forbes?;
* Mrs. John Webber, 1841, the ?Lady Nugent?;
* Mrs. Hook, the ?Mautoki? (cannot recall the date);
* Wi Hapi Pakau, of the Hutt, who says that he is one of the few Maoris alive who recollect the arrival of the pioneers of Wellington.

Fifth carriage
* Mr. Thomas Freethy, who came to New Zealand in the French vessel ?Justine,? in 1840;
* Mr. Charles Collis, 1842, the ?Birman?;
* Mr. David Dick, 1840, the ?Bengal Merchant?;
* Mr. Edwin Ticehurst, 1840, the ?Adelaide?;
* Mr. John Knowles, 1841, the ?Gertrude?;
* Mrs. B. Harrison, 1841, the ?Catherine Stuart Forbes.?

Sixth carriage
* Mr. G. H. Luxford and Mr. W. N. Luxford, 1840, the ?Adelaide?;
* Mr. Ward Parker, came to Adelaide by the ?Poictiers? in 1848, and came on to New Zealand in the ?Mary Ray? in 1862;
* Mr. C. Simmonds, 1856, the ?Ann Wilson?;
* Mr. T. A. Shirley, 1841, the ?Arab.?

Seventh carriage
* Mr. R. Hewit, 1840, the ?Adelaide?;
* Mr. G. Buck, 1842, the ?Birman?;
* Mr. W. Gooden, 1841, the ?Arab?;
* Mr. T. Benton, 1842, the ?London?;
* Mr. John Daysh, 1841, the ?Gertrude.?

On foot
* Mr. John Gell (wearing a Maori mat), 1842, the ?Bombay?;
* Mrs. Epuni and Mrs. M. Maunie, representing native old identities;
* Mr. Lancelot Holmes, until lately Chief Pilot of Wellington, born at Petone in March, 1840, said to be the first European child born in Port Nicholson;
* Messrs. J. Petherick, F. G. Petherick, and R. Davis, 1840, the ?Aurora?;
* Mr. J. Brown, 1840, the ?Blenheim?;
* Mr. T. Howell, 1840, the ?Martha Ridgway?;
* Mr. J. Howe, the ?Clifton?;
* Messrs. N. Valentine and J. Valentine, 1846, the ?Java? landed first in Auckland);
* Mr. H. Parker, 1845, the ?Gertrude?;
* Mr. R. Prouse, 1840, the ?Duke of Roxburgh?;
* Mr. P. Gooden, 1840, the ?Martha Ridgway?;
* Mr. G. Hobbs, 1842, the ?Birman?;
* Mr. J. H. Houghton and Mr. E. W. Petherick, 1840, the ?Aurora?;
* Mr. E. A. Hutchings, 1848, the ?William Alfred?;
* Mr. J. Retter, 1841, the ?Lord William Bentinck?;
* Mr. Eli Buck, 1842, the ?Birman?;
* Mr. Hart Udy, senr., and Messrs. W. Udy, J. Udy, and Hart Udy, junr. his sons), 1840, the ?Duke of Roxburgh?;
* Messrs. James Knight, Samuel Smith, J. W. Bryant, J. C. Bryant, T. Bassett, J. Hawke, W. Cocking, David Hunter and Robert Hunter, 1840, the ?Duke of Roxburgh?;
* Mr. C. Saywell, 1840, the ?Martha Ridgway?;
* Mr. C. W. Brown, born at the Hutt in 1841, his parents having arrived in the ?Martha Ridgway?;
* Mr. J. Cudby, 1843, the ?Thomas Parkes?;
* Mr. J. G. Ross, 1842, the ?Lady Nugent?;
* Mr. W. Dorren, born at Petone in 1840:
* Mr. Thomas Rogers, born at Petone in 1840 ? disputes Mr. L. Holmes' claim to be the first European child born in the district (see Register of Births);
* Mr. H. Eglinton, 1849, the ?Slain's Castle?;
* Messrs. G. Tonks, W. Tonks, T. Morgan, and G. Bell, 1842, the ?Birman?;
* Mr. G. Spackman, 1840, the ?Bolton?;
* Mr. J. Bills, 1842, the ?Clifton?;
* Mr. W. Rowe, 1859, the ?Wild Duck?;
* Mr. W. Lockyer, 1842, the ?London?;
* Mr. H. Green, 1853, the ?Rajah?;
* Mr. C. Mudgway, 1841, the ?Catherine Stuart Forbes?;
* Mr. A. W. Rudman, 1842, the ?Phoebe? (to Nelson);
* Mr. J. Vile, 1841, the ?Arab?;
* Mr. J. D. Benge, 1841, the ?Olympus?;
* Mr. E. Cahill, 1846, the ?Java?;
* Mr. Geo. Every, 1840, the ?Bolton?;
* Mr. Jas. Robinson, born here in 1842?parents came in the ?Martha Ridgway?;
* Mr. C. W. Brodie, 1842, the ?Cuba?;
* Mr. F. Cooper, 1841, the ?Oriental?;
* Mr. G. Judd, 1840, the ?Martha Ridgway?;
* Mr. C. Stuart, 1842, the ?Birman?;
* Mr. D. Clark, 1840, the ?Glenbervie?;
* Mr. T. Hayward, 1846, the ?Driver?;
* Mr. J. Philps, 1841, the ?Lord William Bentinck?;
* Mr. D. Dick, junr., born here in 1840?parents came in the ?Bengal Merchant?;
* Mr. Joseph James, 1849, the ?Catherine Stuart Forbes?;
* Mr. W. Dodds, 1841, the ?Lady Nugent?;
* Mr. C. W. Gooden, 1840, Mr. P. Monaghan, 1846, the ?Martha Ridgway?;
* Mr. H. Southee, 1841. the ?Lady Nugent?;
* Mr. P. Managhan, 1846, the ?Java?;
* Mr. G. L. Layfield, 1853, the ?Northfleet?;
* Mr. J. Hill, 1841, the ?Arab?;
* Mr. E. Bannister, 1840, the ?Bolton?;
* Mr. T. W. McKenzie, 1840, the ?Adelaide?;
* Mr. A. Murray, 1841, the ?Tyne?;
* Mr. A. Pringle, 1840, the ?London?;
* Mr. H. F. Eagar, 1842, the ?Scotia? (from Sydney);
* Mr. W. B. Howe, 1841, the ?Clifton?;
* Mr. G. Barrett, 1848, the ?Bernicia?;
* Mr. J. Bidmead, 1842, the ?London?;
* Mr. D. Harris, 1842, the ?George Fyfe?;
* Mr. G. Brown, 1841, the ?Blenheim?;
* Mr. T. O'Malley, 1846, the ?Lord Auckland?;
* Mr. Jas. Smith, 1856, the ?Lancashire Witch?;
* Mr. H. Rudman, born in Nelson, 1843?parents came in the ?Phoebe?;
* Mr. T. H. Robinson, 1841, ?Lady Nugent?;
* Mr. G. H. Hawkins, born in Wellington, 1844;
*i Mr. W. Sievers, 1849, the ?Mariner?;
*i Mr. W. Jenkins ? was in the colony before the New Zealand Company's settlers, having arrived in the ?Henry Freeling? in 1836;
* Mr. J. Webber, 1841, ?Lady Nugent?;
* Mr. Jas. Smith, 1840, the whaling ship ?David?;
* Mr. T. Bevan. 1841, the ?Lady Nugent?;
* Mr. R. Miller, 1840, the ?Blenheim?;
* Mr. T. Allen, born at Wellington in 1848 ? parents came in the ?Catherine Stuart Forbes?;
* Mr. A. R. Meech, born here in 1845?parents came in the Oriental?:
* Mr. A. Wall, 1841, the ?Lord William Bentinck?;
* Mr. J. Yule, 1840, the ?Bengal Merchant?;
* Mr. E. Waite, born here in 1850?parents arrived in the ?Sir Robert Peel?;
* Mr. Hugh Calders, born here in 1848 parents' vessel, the ?Blenheim?;
* Mr. Francis Bradey, 1840, the ?Adelaide?:
* Mr. Duncan Sinclair, born here in 1849 parents landed at Kapiti in 1846;
* Mr. James Lingard, 1841, the ?Gertrude?;
* Mr. Joseph Rawson, came from Sydney in 1846;
* Mr. James Stockbridge, 1842, the ?London?;
* Mr. T. O'Loughlin, born here in 1843;
* Mr. D. Hobbs, 1843, the ?Birman?;
* Mr. John Knowles, 1841, the ?Oriental?;
* Mr. J. E. Smith, came to Auckland in the ?Tomatine? in 1842;
* Mr. J. O'Meara, 1842, the ?Planet?;
* Mr. Fred. Bradey, 1840, the ?Adelaide?;
* Mr. R. Woodman, born here in 1840?parents came in the ?Bolton?;
* Mr. D. Cruickshank, 1850, the ?Phebe Dunbar?;
* Mr. John Pattinson, 1840, the ?George Fyfe?;
* Mr. H. Ashton, 1848, the ?Blundell?;
* Mr. C. Hewitt, 1846, the ?Levant?;
* Mr. T. Mackintosh, came to Nelson in 1842 in the ?Levant?;
* Mr. J. Davison, about 1840, the ?Marion Kelly?;
* Mr. F. W. Revell, born at Taranaki in 1843 ? parents' vessel, the ?William Bryan,? the first ship to Taranaki;
* Mr. A. Wise, came from Melbourne in 1855;
* Mr. M. O'Connor, arrived 1846;
* Mr. G. Sample, 1845;
* Mr. T. Claridge, 1842, the ?London?;
* Mr. W. Edwards, 1849, the ?Larkins,? Mr. T. Campbell, one of the arrivals by the ?Lady Nugent,? was unable to be present personally, but was represented by his son, Mr. Thomas Campbell.

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