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ORR buried Wellington 1867-2005

Journal by ngairedith

the ORR buried Bolton St & Karori cemeteries 1867-2005
* unnamed or born still are not included in this list
* some birth dates may be approximate, based on age at death, use as a guide only

born: 1893 to Archibald WEIR & Jemima HANCOCK
married: Ernest David Orr in 1914
- 6th of 14 children of Alfred ORR & Barbara AITKEN of Balfour
- (Ernest remarried, see link)
died: 26 September 1941 aged 48 in Pahiatua
Cremated: 29 Sep 1941 at Karori

born: 1904
died: 29 April 1974 aged 70
cremated: 1 May 1974 Karori

born: 1881 to John Forbes ORR & his 2nd wife Mary MANSON
occupation: theatrical manager
died: 22 February 1911 aged 29 in Christchurch
buried: Plot 29 N, PUBLIC 2 at Karori
Marlborough Express, 23 February 1911 DEATH
... Alexander Forbes Orr, manager of Fuller's Opera house, was found drowned in the Avon near Darlington yesterday. He went out in a Canadian canoe and it is surmised that the canoe upset and Orr became entangled in the reeds, which are very thick in that part of the river. The boat was seen floating upturned, and when the body was recovered life was extinct. Deceased's people reside at Wellington
Dominion, 24 February 1911 DEATH
... ORR - On the 22nd February, 1911, accidently drowned in the Avon, Christchurch, Alexander Forbes Orr, fifth son of the late J. F. Orr, Johnsonville, aged 29 years
Dominion, 24 February 1911 FUNERAL
... The Friends of the late Alexander Forbes Orr, late of Johnsonville, are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, which will leave the Queen's Wharf on arrival of the Mararoa from Lyttelton, on Saturday morning, February 25th, 1911, at 9 a.m., for Karori Cemetery
Evening Post, 24 February 1911 THE INQUEST
... At the inquest on Alexander Forbes Orr (held in Christchurch), one witness stated that when the canoe was got ashore Orr's body was found lying in a prone position, with the feet under the thwarts, and his hands clasped. The appearance of the body led witness to believe that deceased had a seizure of some kind, and was dead before he could have been drowned. He appeared to witness to have gone to sleep. There was a current where the canoe was found, and a bank of weeds, and probably the canoe struck this bank and overturned. The constable who took charge of the body stated that there were no indications that deceased was unsober. A verdict that deceased accidentally met his death by drowning was recorded
Dominion, 22 February 1912 IN MEMORIAM
... ORR - In loving memory of my dear brother, Alex Forbes Orr, who died at Christchurch on February 22nd, 1911. Inserted by his loving sister, Maggie
NOTE His probate was granted to the Public Trustee in the Supreme Court, Wellington in October 1911

born: 1857
died: 10 February 1928 aged 70
cremated: 14 February 1928 at Karori

born: 31 May 1900 to William Roland ORR & Elizabeth 'Eliza' LAING
died: 24 May 1984 aged 83
cremated: 28 May 1984 at Karori

born: 1854 in Geelong, Victoria
occupation: contractor
died: 16 June 1942 aged 88
buried: Plot 97 M, PUBLIC2 at Karori
Evening Post, 15 June 1942 DEATH
... Mr Allan Orr, formerly a well-known cartage contractor in Wellington, died at his residence, Island Bay, on Saturday. As a young man Mr Orr spent several years on the gold diggings in Otago. For many years he carried on business in Wellington as a cartage contractor, retiring from active business some years ago. Mr Orr, who was in his 89th year, was born in Geelong, Victoria. He took a prominent part many years ago in forming several local industrial unions. His wife (married Eliza Ward (1856-1925) in Dunedin 6 Feb 1878) predeceased him several years ago. There are three daughters and one son - Mrs Weitzel (Island Bay) (Florence Eliza Orr married George Henry Weitzel in 1908), Mrs J. Hill (Berhampore) (Rose Margaret orr married Jesse Hill in 1915), Mrs Pitts (Wellington), and Mr E. Orr (Lower Hutt) (Charles Edwin)

born: 27 September 1917
died: 20 September 2005 aged 87
cremated: 22 Sep 2005 at Karori

born: 1858
married: David McKinley Orr in 1884 as his 2nd wife
status: widow
died: 13 September 1931 aged 73
buried: Plot 284 Y, PUBLIC2 at Karori with David McKinley Orr (1857-1929)
Evening Post, 11 April 1930 A WIDOW'S CLAIM
... "I am asked to say that the testator has, by benefiting a charity, been guilty of want of appreciation of the moral claims of the widow", said his Honour Mr Justice Blair, when giving judgment to-day on the claim of a widow to further provision from her husband's estate. "A man must be just before he is generous, and the widow's claims must take priority to a charity". His Honour said that, after considering all the circumstances, he thought the widow was entitled to better treatment than she obtained under the will. The claimant was Annie Barbara Orr, aged 70, who sought further provision from her late husband's estate that was granted by the will. The income of ?132 per annum now being received from the estate was ordered by his Honour to be increased to ?185 with restraint upon anticipation, the annuity to be charge on the whole estate with a direction to the trustees to resort to capital for any deficiency in income. The testator's only son, John Forbes Orr, was granted a suspensory order (also see David McKinley Orr below)

? ANNE Orr
born: 1878 to Andrew ORR & Marion MITCHELL
status: spinster
died: 11 July 1945 aged 67
buried: Plot 28 L, PUBLIC2 at Karori with mother Marion
Evening Post, 12 July 1945 DEATH
... ORR - On July 11, 1945, at a private hospital, Wellington, Anne, beloved youngest daughter of the late Marion Orr and loved sister of Jean (sic) Esson, late of Palmerston North. The Funeral took place today
NOTE the children of Andrew & Marion were:
1870 - Jane Orr
- Jane married James Jacob ESSON (1870-1940) in 1891
1872 - 1873 Mary Ann Orr
- Mary died aged 15 months
1873 - 1938 Marion Orr
- Marion married George WEBB in 1899
1878 - 1945 Anne Orr
- Anne didn't marry

born: 1888 (possibly in Otago) to James & Letitia Orr
died: 8 May 1974 aged 86
cremated: 10 May 1974 at Karori
ashes buried: 12 Sep 1974 Plot 40 DIV M1, SOLD NICHE at Karori

born: 1911
died: 18 September 2005 aged 94
cremated: 20 Sep 2005 at Karori

born: 18 July 1910
died: 29 Sep 1992 aged 82
buried: 20 Oct 1992 Plot 26 C, PUBLIC3 at Karori

born: 1871
died: 8 October 1898 aged 27
buried: Plot 129 I, PUBLIC at Karori

born: in Nelson 11 Aug 1867, 7th of 13 children of Erick ORR & Emily Rebecca CARTER
occupation: carpenter
married: Mahalia Reeve in 1897
died: 16 July 1930 aged 64
buried: Plot 655 J, CH ENG2 at Karori
- with Charles Frederick (3 months later) & Mahalia (1953)

born: 1879 to Allan ORR & Eliza WARD
died: 4 November 1891 aged 2
buried: Plot 113 P, PUBLIC at Bolton Street

born: 1890 to Charles ORR & Mahalia REEVE
occupation: carpenter
died: 20 October 1920 aged 30
buried: Plot 655 J, CH ENG2 at Karori with parents
- his father Charles died 3 months earlier

born: 1911 to William Roland ORR & Elizabeth 'Eliza' LAING
occupation: Government Print
died: 15 August 2004 aged 93
buried: 22 Sep 2004 Plot 26 C, PUBLIC3 at Karori
- with Catherine Ann

born: 1857 to John Forbes ORR (1834-1904) & his 1st wife Margaret ANDERSON (1832-1877)
married: Mary Jane BLACK (1857-1883) in 1879
married: Annie Barbara ARCUS (1858-1931) in 1884
died: 8 July 1929 aged 72
buried: Plot 284 Y, PUBLIC2 at Karori
- read notes under Annie Barbara
Evening Post, 8 July 1929 DEATH
... ORR - On the 8th July, 1929, at the Wellington Hospital, David McKinley, beloved husband of Mary Orr, Earp street, Johnsonville; aged 72 years

born: 1855
occupation: chemist
married: Sarah Ann Wallace in 1889
died: 2o November 1916 aged 61
buried: Plot 40 E, PUBLIC2 at Karori
Dominion, 21 November 1916 DEATH
... ORR - On November 20th, 1916, at his residence, 29 Buller Street, Wellington, David Thomas, beloved husband of Sarah Ann Orr, aged 61 years

born: 1945
died: 21 December 1966 aged 21
cremated: 24 Dec 1966 at Karori

born: May 1902 to Charles ORR & Mahalia REEVE
died: 4 August 1902 aged 5 months
buried: Plot 32 P, PUBLIC at Karori

born: Oct 1981
died: 11 November 1981 aged 6 weeks
buried: Plot 149 P. CH ENG2 at Karori

? ELIZA Orr (nee WARD)
born: 1856, only daughter of James Henry Ward, Esq., of Sussex, England & of Melbourne, Victoria
married: Allan Orr in Dunedin 6 Feb 1878
status: married
died: 16 November 1925 aged 69
buried: Plot 97 M, PUBLIC 2 at Karori
NOTE the known children of Eliza & Allan:
1878 - Mary Alice Orr
1880 - Robert Alfred Orr
1882 - Florence Eliza Orr
1884 - Rose Margaret Orr
1886 - Maude Ethel Orr
1887 - Ernest Allan Orr
1889 - Charles Edwin Orr

born: 1868
married William Roland Orr in 1894
status: married
died: 16 September 1932 aged 64
buried: Plot 26 C, PUBLIC3 at Karori

born: 1902 to William & Mary Jane McDowell
married: John Alexander Orr in 1930
died: 18 August 1949 aged 47
cremated: 20 Aug 1949 at Karori

born: 1904 to Walter SOWERBY & Alice Julia GARD
married: John Forbes Orr in 1921
died: 28 December 1984 aged 80
cremated: 31 Dec 1984 at Karori

born: 1891 in New Zealand to Robert & Marion Marshall FERGAN who arrived into Lyttelton 22 March 1883 from Gravesend on the Crusader with 2 year old Agnes Elizabeth Fergan (a son, Harry Dickson Fergan, died on board 31 Dec 1882, 2 weeks after departure). They had another 3 children in NZ
Florence married: John Alexander Orr in 1924
status: married
died: 2 March 1926 aged 35
buried: Plot 500 W, PUBLIC2 at Karori

born: 21 February 1885 to William & Caroline FIFE
married: James Henry Orr (1879-1957) in 1904
- they had a son, Leslie James Orr (1905-1933)
died: 25 March 1966 aged 81 (database has 91)
cremated: 26 March 1966 at Karori

born: 1884
married: John Thompson Orr (1876-1950) in 1928
status: widow
died: 8 November 1956 aged 72
buried: Plot 77 K, LAWN at Karori

born: 1881, 4th of 9 children of Richard ORR & Fanny WEBB
married: Amelia McKELVEY in 1911
status: pensioner
died: 23 March 1953 aged 72 (database has 68)
buried: Plot 11 C/4, SOLDIERS at Karori
Auckland Star, 24 January 1927 HEAVILY FINED
... Senior Detective Hammond related these facts in the Police Court this morning when Francis Dansey Orr was fine ?75 for keeping a common gaming house at Room 3, National Chalmers, Swanson street ... more

born: 1884 to John Forbes ORR & MARY Manson
died: 18 June 1885 aged 12 months
buried: Plot 29 E, PUBLIC at Bolton Street
- with John Forbes Orr (1834-1904), Margaret nee Anderson Orr (1842-1877), Mary nee Manson Orr (1848-1923), Mary Ann Orr (1872-1873), Mary Jane nee Black Orr (1857-1883) & William Anderson Orr (1867-1867)
Evening Post, 18 June 1885 DEATH
... ORR - On 18th June, at his parents' private residence, Upper Willis-street, George, beloved infant son of Mr John Orr, City Buffet Hotel, aged 12 months

born: 1888 to Alexander McKemmie ORR & Kate Evaline BROOKS
died: 7 November 1962 aged 74
cremated: 8 Nov 1962 at Karori
NOTE George had a brother, Robert John McKemmie Orr (1886-?)

born: 1858
occupation: tailor
married: to Janet ? below
died: 20 September 1931 aged 75
buried: Plot 108 N, PUBLIC at Karori with Janet

? JANE Orr
born: 1839
died: 1 June 1918 aged 79
buried: Plot 34 S, PUBLIC2 at Karori

born: 1844
died: 12 October 1931 aged 87
cremated: 14 Oct 1931 at Karori

born: 1849
wife of James Orr
died: 21 April 1903 aged 54
buried: Plot 108 N, PUBLIC at Karori with James
West Coast Times, 20 April 1903 FIRE AT WELLINGTON
... By a fire which occurred late last night in a three roomed house in Frederick street, a woman named Janet Orr, 54 years of age, wife of the occupier, was burned to death. Her husband, James Orr, left the house early in the evening to go to the theatre, and at that time the woman was slightly under the influence of drink. It is supposed that she was carrying a lighted kerosene lamp and fell, the lamp bursting and setting the house on fire. The flames were confined to the scullery, but the woman was dead when assistance arrived and the body terribly burned

born: 1891
died: 23 April 1977 aged 86
cremated: 27 April 1977 at Karori

born: 1886, 8th of 9 known children of Thomas ORR & Elizabeth ANDERSON
died: 7 June 1966 aged 80
cremated: 9 June 1966 at Karori

born: 1879 to Thomas ORR & Jane CLEMENTS
died: 3 October 1958 aged 79
cremated: 6 October 1958 at Karori

born: 1834 in Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire
married: Margaret ANDERSON (1832-1877) & had a son, David McKinley Orr (1857-1929). They emigrated to NZ about 1863. They had a son, John Orr, said to be born in Melbourne in 1864, so probably on their way to NZ. This John Orr married Marie Elizabeth TILLER in NZ in 1896 and had 10 children. Marie was born in Palmerston North to Otto Iversen TILLER & Maren SORENSON of Palmerston North. They were still in Wellington in 1916 when they received word that their son, Leslie Forbes Orr was wounded in WWI (he returned in Nov 1916).
- John Forbes wife, Margaret, died 24 June 1877 aged 45
- he next married Mary MANSON (1848-1923) 5 Sep 1877
died: 11 November 1904 aged 70
buried: Plot 29 E, PUBLIC at Bolton Street
Nelson Evening Mail, 2 June 1904 JUDGMENT AGAINST A MINING CONCERN
... Wellington yesterday - Before Mr Justice Cooper to-day, in Chambers, Mr Myers moved on behalf of the plaintiff in the case of John Forbes Orr, of Johnsonville, v the Lyell Hydraulic Sluicing Company, for an order directing Mr E. M. Boulton (receiver of the plaintiff), to sell by public auction certain property rights and privileges belonging to the Company. The plaintiff, as a debenture holder, filed an affidavit to the effect that he believed that the sale would be in the best interests of all concerned. His Honor made an order for the sale by public auction; The sale to be advertised; the plaintiff to have liberty to bid; the conditions of sale to be approved by the Registrar at Wellington; the proceeds of the sale to be paid into Court to the credit of this action, and there to abide a further order of the Court
Evening Post, 12 November 1904 DEATH
... ORR - On the 11th November, at his residence, Johnsonville, John Forbes Orr, aged 70. "Peace, perfect peace"
Evening Post, 26 November 1904 ADMINISTRATION OF THE ESTATE
... In the administration of the Estate of John Forbes Orr, of Johnsonville, Gentleman, deceased - It is requested that all amounts payable to this estate be paid to the Public Trustee, Wellington, or lodged to the credit of the Public Trustee's Account at any Postal Money Order Office. All accounts against this estate may be rendered to the Public Trustee, as above, on or before Thursday, the 29th day of December next, on the printed forms, which can be obtained for the purpose from any of the Agents of this Office. Any account not sent in by this day named may be rejected - J. W. Poynton, Public Trustee, Wellington
... The estates of the following deceased persons were proved for stamp duty during the month of February:- John Forbes Orr ?34,140 (todays equivalent of $5,401,665)
Evening Post, 7 November 1908 LOWER HUTT
... Hutt history dating back to provincial days was reviewed by Mr Justice Chapman in the course of a judgment to-day. The Public Trustee, as executor in the estate of the late John Forbes Orr, had claimed ?300 compensation from the Lower Hutt Borough Council for depreciation in the value of land at the corner of Bridge-street, Lower Hutt, and the Main Hutt-road, in consequence of the Hutt Borough Council raising the level of the road adjacent to the traffic bridge across the Hutt river
from Past and Present, and Men of the Times, 1897 ... Mr. John Forbes Orr, the well-known proprietor of the Wellington City Buffet, was born at Kilbarchan, Scotland, in the year 1834. Came to the colonies in the year 1857 as cook of the s.s. Admilla. Joined McMeikan and Blackwood's employ, trading between Melbourne and New Zealand for a period of eight years. After continuing for another eight years on the coast of New Zealand, started the Waterloo Dining Rooms in Lambton Quay, Wellington, in the year 1873. Finding the rooms insufficient for the demand, and that a better class of house was required Mr. Orr had the magnificent building erected which now stands a credit to the city, under the name of the City Buffet Hotel. Mr. Orr is now 62 years of age, and, as will be seen by his portrait, wears well, which is quite in keeping with his catering, as the general public of Wellington can testify ...
* John Forbes Orr applied for the Honeymoon Hotel, Karori in 1877. He had the Bellevue Hotel in Waiwetu road, Otaki District in 1901 (he first had the City Buffet Hotel with David McKinley Orr. That partnership was dissolved in 1889 and John took into partnership with him, Arthur Robert Venn Lodder (1853-1911), late Lieutenant of the NZ Torpedo Corps) & the firm was named 'Orr and Lodder'.
Evening Post, 27 February 1897 The travelling public and other patrons of the Ciry Buffet Hotel will be pleased to learn from an advertisement in this issue that Mr John Forbes Orr, the founder and former proprietor of that popular hostelry, is returning thereto as a host, in conjunction with Mr Lodder, the present licensee
- He still had this hotel in 1902 when son James went to the Boer war
- in 1903 (at least) he was a Provisional Director of the Wellington Cemet, Lime & Coal Company Ltd
* on 20 July 1910 his daughter Christina 'Chrissie' married William Thow Munro (of Restalrig, Edinburgh) & they moved there 2 weeks later to live
* every year to 1922, David put a Memorial Note in the newspaper on the anniversary of his father's death

born: 2 September 1898 to William Roland ORR & Elizabeth 'Eliza' LAING
married: Elsie Lillian Sowerby in 1921
died: 21 March 1969 aged 69
cremated: 24 March 1969 at Karori
NOTE John had a brother David McKinley Orr (1911-2004)

born: 6 August 1881 to David McKinley ORR & his 1st wife Mary Jane BLACK (1857-1883)
married: Ethel Hannah BARNES in 1906
died: 20 July 1962 aged 80
cremated: 25 July 1962 at Karori
buried: 26 July 1962 Plot 1148 E, CH ENG2 at Karori
* John's father, David McKinley Orr remarried in 1884 to Annie Barbara Arcus in Wellington & they are buried together Plot 284 Y
Wanganui Herald, 25 May 1908 SERIOUS ASSAULT IN WELLINGTON
... While going along Clyde Quay about 9 o'clock on Saturday night, a young married man named John Forbes Orr was suddenly attacked by a man who stabbed him in the neck, inflicting a severe wound, which just missed the jugular vein. The assailant, who also threatened to shoot Orr, then calmly walked away as if nothing had happened. There appears to been no reason whatever for the outrage. The assailant was a big burly man unknown to Orr, who is of small physique. The injury is not likely to have any more serious result than of incapacitating Orr for some days
Evening Post, 9 July 1920 DIVORCE CASE
... Sitting in divorce this morning, his Honour Mr Justice Sim granted a decree nisi in the adjourned case of Ethel Hannah Orr v John Forbes Orr, a suit for divorce on the grounds of desertion
Evening Post, 5 March 1932 RESIDUE OF AN ESTATE
... An originating summons under the Family protection Act for an order making provision for the maintenance of John Forbes Orr, out of the estate of his late father, David McKinley Orr, of Johnsonville, was heard by Mr justice Blair in the Supreme Court on Thursday. The testator left his widow, Annie Barbara Orr, ?300 and the income from the residuary estate for life. The whole estate was valued at about ?2700, and on the widow's death the residue was to go to the Wellington Hospital Board. The widow subsequently applied for further provision out of the estate and was granted an annuity of ?185 charge upon the residuary estate, leave being reserved to John Forbes Orr to apply for an order in his favour within three months of his mother's death. Yesterday he was granted an annuity of ?75 (2013 equivalent of $7900 or $152 per week), with the right to the Hospital Board to require the Public Trustee at any time to purchase an annuity of that amount, or to set aside sufficient in the opinion of the trustee to provide such annual payment
NOTE John had earlier made an application to the Court for a further provision in his favour on the ground that as he was totally deaf he might become incapacitated from earning his living. He sought a suspensory order giving him the right to apply for relief at any time in the future

born: 1876
married: Florence Mary Brocklehurst in 1928
died: 8 October 1950 aged 74
cremated: 10 Oct 1950 at Karori

born: 1930
died: 24 February 1933 aged 2
buried: Plot 75 A, PUBLC3 at Karori

born: 1905
married Alexander Orr in 1923
died: 28 June 1954 aged 49
cremated: 30 June 1954 at Karori

born: 1948
died: 17 January 1966 aged 17
cremated: 20 Jan 1966 at Karori

born: 20 Dec 1874 in Wellington
married: Charles Orr in 1897
status: widow
died: 30 March 1953 aged 78
buried: Plot 655 J, CH ENG2 at Karori
- with husband Charles & son Charles Frederick
NOTE the known children of Mahalia & Charles
1898 - 1984 Isabel Rosina Lillian Orr (died in Hamilton)
- married Vincent Eric REEVE (1898-1983) in 1920
1899 - 1956 Mahalia Emily Rebecca Orr
- married Cyril Victor SMITH (1897-1969) in 1922
1900 - 1930 Charles Frederick Orr
- married Eileen Maude BIRD in 1924
1902 - 1902 Doris Orr
- died aged 5 months in Wellington
1904 - 1992 Henry Edward 'Harry' Orr
- died in Nelson 16 May 1992 aged 88
1905 - 1961 Ethel May Orr
- married Arthur Scott CORNISH (1904-1891) in Wellington 1927
1906 - Ernest Stanley 'Ernie' Orr (died in Nelson)
- married Annie Chester BURROWS (1911-1980) in 1934
1908 - Ellen Lena Grace Orr
- married Samuel John CAMPBELL in 1936
1911 - Ruth Florence Orr

born: 1842
married: John Forbes Orr in UK, arrive NZ about 1863
died: 24 June 1877 aged 45
buried: Plot 29 E, PUBLIC at Bolton Street

born: 1915
died: 19 September 1979 aged 64
cremated: 24 Sep 1979 at Karori

born: 1911
died: 4 January 1998 aged 86
cremated: 6 Jan 1998 at Karori

born: 1826
status: widow
died: 27 September 1905 aged 79
buried: Plot 28 L, PUBLIC2 at Karori with daughter Anne

born: 1883
married: William David Joseph Orr (1879-1948) in 1909
died: 30 March 1964 aged 81
cremated: 1 April 1964 at Karori

? MARY Orr (nee MANSON)
born: 1848
married: John Forbes Orr as his 2nd wife in 1877
died: 15 March 1923 aged 75
buried: Plot 29 E, PUBLIC at Bolton Street
Evening Post, 16 March 1923 DEATH
... ORR - On the 15th March 1923, at her residence, Taylor's terrace, Johnsonville, Mary, widow of the late John Forbes Orr; aged 75 years

born: 1872 to Andrew ORR & Marion MITCHELL
died: 11 April 1873 aged 15 months
buried: Plot 28/29 E, PUBLIC at Bolton Street

born: 1915
died: 24 November 1918 aged 13
buried: Plot 29 N, PUBLIC2 at Karori

born: 1857
married: David McKinley Orr in 1879
- they had John Forbes Orr in 1881
died: 31 January 1883 aged 25
buried: Plot 29 E, PUBLIC at Bolton Street

born: 1893
married: Thomas William Orr in 1917
died: 5 May 1967 aged 74
cremated: 8 May 1967 at Karori

born: 1887
married: Robert Charles Orr in 1912
died: 21 May 1976 aged 89
cremated: 25 May 1976 at Karori

born: 1927
died: 8 July 1978 aged 51
cremated: 11 July 1978 at Karori

born: 1914
died: 15 October 1969 aged 55
cremated: 18 Oct 1969 at Karori

born: 1889, only known child of Robert ORR & Ellen BURT
died: 8 April 1961 aged 72
cremated: 11 April 1961 at Karori

born: 1882, 1 of 7 children of Charles Wilcox SMITH & Mary Ann HOLDSWORTH
married: John Clement Orr in 1920
died: Xmas Eve, 24 December 1972 aged 90
cremated: 27 Dec 1972 at Karori

born: 1862
married: David Thomas Orr in 1889
status: widow
died: 6 August 1918 aged 56
buried: Plot 40 E, PUBLIC2 at Karori

born: 1924
died: 16 July 1981 aged 57
cremated: 20 July 1981 at Karori

born: 1835
married: Jane Clements in 1866
occupation: builder
died: 5 November 1917 aged 82
buried: Plot 34 S, PUBLIC2 at Karori
Evening Post, 6 November 1917 DEATH OF MR THOMAS ORR
... Yesterday saw the passing of another well-known Wellington identity, Mr Thomas Orr. Born in County Armagh, Ireland, in 1835, the late Mr Orr served his time with Harland and Wolff, of shipbuilding fame, and came to the Dominion in the year 1864. He landed at Lyttelton, but two or three years later removed to Wellington, where he followed the occupation of building contractor until about twenty years ago, when he retired. Though he took no practical part in public affairs, the deceased gentleman was a keen student of men and conditions, especially with regard to the present war. Mr and Mrs Orr, the latter of whom survives her husband, were the first couple to be married in St Paul's Pro-Cathedral. This was in 1866. The late Mr Orr, who resided at 18 Featherston-terrace, is survived by four daughters - Mrs A. Osborne and Mrs Arthur Greening of Wellington, Mrs S. Clendon, Lower Hutt and Mrs C. E. Archibald, Dunedin - and two sons - Mr Thomas Orr of Johannesburg and Mr John Orr, late of Macky, Logan and Co., Auckland, who is now serving in France as a signaller. The interment, which will take place at Karori Cemetery on Thursday morning, will be of a private nature. The service at the graveside will be conducted by the Rev J. Reed Glasson

born: 1908 to Thomas & Lucy ORR
died: 12 June 1909 aged 8 months
buried: Plot 426 V, CH ENG at Karori

born: 1892
died: 3 June 1915 aged 23
buried: Plot 97 M, PUBLIC2 at Karori

born: May 1867
died: 11 August 1867 aged 3 months
buried: Plot 28/29 E, PUBLIC at Bolton Street

born: 1879
died: 23 August 1948 aged 69
cremated: 25 Aug 1948 at Karori

born: 1843
occupation: contractor
married: Harriet BROAD in 1878
died: 4 January 1915 aged 71
buried: Plot 97 M, PUBLIC2 at Karori
- with Allan, Eliza & Violet Rose Winifred Orr

born: 1866 to Thomas & Sarah ORR
died: 24 July 1885 aged 19
buried: Plot 15 P, PUBLIC at Bolton Street
Evening Post, 27 July 1885 DEATH
... ORR - On 24th July, 1885, at Molesworth-street, William Robert, beloved son of Thomas Orr, of Wadestown, aged 19 years; deeply regretted

born: 1867
married Elizabeth LAING in 1894
died: 1 June 1940 aged 73
buried: Plot 26 C, PUBLIC3 at Karori

born: 1875
occupation: grocer
died: 7 October 1930 aged 55
buried: Plot 38 L, CH ENG2 at Karori

Plot 655 J at Karori

Charles Orr (1866- July 1930)
Charles Frederick Orr (1890-Oct 1930)
Mahalia Orr (1875-1953)

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