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passengers of the "HYDASPES" - Port Chalmers, Dunedin 19 Sep 1872

Journal by ngairedith

I have written this journal because I found a number of other passengers were on the HYDASPES into Port Chamers other than those on the site HYDASPES 1872

the following list is from the above link
* indicates my additions from Tuapeka Times, (PapersPast) 28 Sep 1872
Spelling is as found
Ship: 2023 tons
Captain: Babot
Surgeon Superintendent: Dr Cotterill
Sailed London June 23rd 1872 - arrived Dunedin September 19th 1872

... The ship Hydaspes, the largest vessel that has been in our Port for years, was towed up to a discharging berth on the 21st. She is commanded by Captain E. S. Babot, who was captain of the Water Nymph when she was wrecked at Oamaru in 1868.
The Hydaspes left Gravesend on June 23rd, and at noon of the 24th parted with the pilot of the Owers; worked down channel with fresh westerly wind, and on June 27th took her departure from Ushant.
* The north-east trades were met with in 29 deg. north, very light, and were lost 14 deg. north;
* the south-east trades were met in 5 deg. north, fresh breeze;
* the equator was crossed on the 29th July in 29 deg. west;
* on the 21st August passed the meridian of the Cape of Good Hope in 39 deg. 30 min south;
* the easting was run down between the parrallels of 42 deg. and 45 deg. south, with fresh winds; no ice was seen;
* the Snares were not sighted, but passed at 2pm on the 17th September, with thick weather;
* at 6am, on the 18th sighted Brother's Point, from there calms and light winds;
* at noon, on the 18th, off Cook's Head;
* 20th, pilot came on board at 7am.

* On the 31t August, Mrs M. RAMSAY was confined of a female child;
* at 7.30am, Beasey (Bessy) COFFEY died of rapid consumption

The Hydaspes reports having spoken to the following vessels:-
10th July, ship "City of Cashmere", Glasgow to Bombay
10th July, ship "Lightning", Lendon to Calcutta
18th July, Dutch barque "Else", Natal to London
18th July, "True Briton", London to Melbourne
18th July, Danish barque "Anna Maria", Monte Video to Falmouth
18th July, Norwegian barque "Velocity," Akyab to Falmouth
20th July, American ship "James Drake", bound North
20th July, barque "Lady Bird", from Conception to Cork. 97 days out, jury-rigged
24th July, ship "Carrick Castle", Glasgow to California
11th August, Dutch brque "Jonge Jan", bound South
11th August, "Mary Ann Wilson", Adelaide to London
20th August, ship "Tivertoe", London to Bombay, 67 days out

Saloon Passengers
Bing, Mr

Butler, Mr
Butler, Mrs

Chambers, Mr D

Coterill, Doctor Surgeon on board
- newspaper has COTTERALL
Coterill, Mr E
Coterill, Mr J

Downey, Miss

Horner, Reverend W
Horner, Mrs

Money, Mr
Money, Mrs

Pearpoint, Mr
- newspaper has PIERPOINT

Robb, David - Purser

Taylor, Miss

Winthrop, Mr

Assisted Immigrants
... Families & Children
Brandford, Thomas 45 Worcestershire Labourer
Brandford, Martha 41
Brandford, Thomas George 14 T/F to single men
Brandford, Albert 9
Brandford, Walter Henry 7

Brown, Robert 28 Aberdeen Gardiner
Brown, Mary 29
Brown, William 3
Brown, Donald 18 months

Christmas, William 30 Surrey Miller
Christmas, Ann 30
Christmas, Annie 6
Christmas, William 4
Christmas, John E 2
Christmas, James 10 months

* Darbyson, William

Fottrell, (Frottrell) John 25 Dublin Labourer
Fottrell, Mary 27
Fottrell, Christopher 2
Fottrell, John Infant
- newspaper has FOTTERALL

Fraser, William 32 Inverness Labourer
Fraser, Catherine 30

Gillespie, George 22 Caithness Shepherd
Gillespie, Christine 22

* Gillsepie, John
* Gillespie, Mrs, wife of John

Glaister, William 50 Roxburgh Smith
Glaister, Janet 45
Glaister, Robert 26 - transferred to single men
Glaister, Margaret 20 - transferred to single women
Glaister, William 18 - transferred to single men
Glaister, Barbara 14 - tansferred to single women
Glaister, John 12 - transferred to single men
Glaister, Edward 9
Glaister, Thomas 6

Hale, James 39 Staffordshire Mechanic
Hale, Lucy 36
Hale, Henry 16 Staffordshire - transferred to single men
Hale, Eleanor 14 Staffordshire - transferred to single women
Hale, Charles 13 Staffordshire - transferred to single men
Hale, Frederick 7
Hale, Thomas 4
- newspaper has HALL

Green ,William 18 Staffordshire - transferred to single men
- Travelled with Hale

Henderson, John 21 Caithness Farm Servant
Henderson, Christine 22

Hook, Emanuel 45 Devonshire Mason
Hook, Catherine Jones 33
- newspaper has EDWARD Hook

* Johns, Jesse
* Johns, Mrs

Jones, Jessie 35 Liecestershire Carpenter
Jones, Mary Ann 35 Cook

McArthur, Neil 22 Argyle Ploughman
McArthur, Margaret 24
McArthur, Donald 7 months

McAskill, Donald 30 Ross Farm Servant
McAskill, Isabella 20
McAskill, Mary 7 months
- newspaper has McGASCILL

McDonald, Malcolm 29 Ross Farm Servant
McDonald, Margaret 29
McDonald, John 5
McDonald, Kenneth 2?
McDonald, Donald 11 months

* McIntosh, Alexander
* McIntosh, Mrs - wife of Alexander
* McIntosh, 2 children

McIntosh, Andrew 40 Caithness Carpenter
McIntosh, Henrietta 34
McIntosh, David 2?
McIntosh, Elizabeth 2 months

McRae, Donald 44 Ross Shepherd
McRae, Ann 35
Mcrae, Cicely 11
Mcrae, Donald 8
McRae, Roderick 4
McRae, John 2

Moreton, Mark 27 Hereford Carpenter
Moreton, Alice 26
Moreton, John Thomas 4 months

Ramsey, George 23 Derry Labourer
Ramsey, Matilda 25
Ramsey, Sarah J 8 months
- newspaper says and family of 2

Sheedy, Edward 40 Tipperary Provision Curer
Sheedy, Margaret 34
Sheedy, Patrick 16 - tranferred to single men
Sheedy, Margaret 9
Sheedy, Bridget 6
Sheedy, Mary Ann 3
Sheedy, Edward 2
Sheedy, Eliza 3 months
Sheedy, Margaret 70 - transferred to single women
- Mother of Edward snr
* - newspaper says and family of 8

Teviotdale, William 27 Forfar Floor Cloth Weaver
Teviotdale, Mary Ann 27
Teviotdale, William 11 months

Williams, Thomas B 27 Berkshire Navvy
Williams, Jane 32
Williams, Samuel 9
Williams, Susan 3
Williams, Joseph 15 months

Single Men
Bateman, John 20 Waterford Labourer

Bews, Jarm 18 Orkney Labourer
- newspaper has John
- travelled with:
Rendall, David 20 Orkney Labourer

Benzie, James 21 Aberdeen Farm Labourer

Black, Thomas 20 Antrim Ploughman

Brown. William 25 Waterford Labourer

* Craiggie, David

* Cromer, Arthur

Darlington, Josiah 24 Devonshire Wheel Wright
- nespaper has Joseph

* Delo, Thomas
* Delo, Joshua

Duggan, William 12 Galway Ploughman
- newspaper has DUGGIN

Dunbar, Edward 25 Mayo Blacksmith

* Elliot, W.

Frith, Joseph 19 Orkney Farm Labourer

Geylett, Joseph 25 Surrey Stockman

Graham, William 60 Yorkshire Tailor

Grant, Charles 34 Banff Ploughman

Hegan, William 26 Tyrone Labourer
Hegan, Joseph 19 Tyrone Labourer
- newspaper has HEGIN

* James, L

Lindsay, John 26 Forfar Shepherd
- mewspaper has LINDSAFF

McDonald, Thomas 25 Perth Labourer Travelled together
McDonald, Craggie David 11

McEwing, William 20 Ayre Labourer

McGloughlan, Michael 20 Mayo Farm Labourer

McGoogan, John 25 Antrim Ploughman
- nespaper has McGOGAN

McGregor, Hugh 24 Perth Shepherd

McKenzie, Donald 23 Ross Shepherd

* McLaglin, Michael

McLeod, Donald 25 Rossshire Farm Servant
McLeod, John 23 Rossshire Farm Servant
- travelled with:
Robertson, William 19 Rossshire Farm Servant

McKay, John 13 Rossshire Farm Servant
* McKay, Murdo

McRae, Murdo 22
McRae, Duncan 18
McRae, Christopher 16
McRae, John 14
- newspaper has these as McKAY

Meenzies, James 24 Perth Shepherd
- newspaper has MENZIES

* Milligan, Thomas

Montgomery, John 23 Antrim Blacksmith

* Puflett, Joseph

Rainey, Robert 28 Ayre Labourer
- newspaper has RAINLEY

* Rendall, David

Robbie, Francis 30 Forfar Shepherd

Robbins, Charles 45 Somersetshire Servant

Simpson, Thomas 22 Roxburgh Porter

Stephen, John 24 Caithness Shepherd

* Timperly, Benjamin

Wellington, Thomas 18 Staffordshire Labourer

Were, James 18 Devonshire Ploughman
- newspaper has WARE

Wilson, Charles 48 Aberdeen Farm Servant
Wilson, Peter 19 Aberdeen Farm Servant

Single Women
Black, Mary J 18 Antrim Servant

Bolton, Maud 23 Surrey Cook
- newspaper had BEATON

* Campbell,Jessie

Coffey, Bessy 23 Westmeath Dairymaid
- died at sea of consumption

Crammond, Isabella 24 Dublin Servant

Daws, Louisa 22 Middlesex Housemaid
- nespapers has DAWSON

Elliot, Agnes 23 Fermanagh Domestic Servant
* Elliot, Sarah

Farnell, Sarah 33 Surrey Cook
- newspaper had FARRELL

Flett, Jane 19 Orkney Domestic Servant
- nespaper has FLEET

Garnet, Mary A 23 Kirkudbright Domestic Servant

Graham Mary 30 Yorkshire Housemaid

Guthrie, Isabella 25 Forfar Domestic Servant

* Hayes, Catherine

Hooper Eliza 25 Middlesex Servant
Hooper Eleanor 18 Middlesex Servant

Hunter Mary A 26 Kincardine Servant

Hynes, Catherine 22 Galway Servant

* James, Mary
* James, Mary J.

* Johns, Rebecca

Jones, Mary 44 Monmouth

Lees, Jean H 59 Wigtown Servant
Lees, Margaret 16 Wigtown Servant
* Lees, Leah

Lonegan, Anne 22 Tipperary Servant

McAuley, Catherine 30 Ross Domestic Servant

McCarthy, Margaret 20 Waterford Servant
- newspaper has CARTHY
McCarhty, Catherine

McDonald, Amin 25 Ross Domestic Servant
McDonald, Margaret 21 Ross Domestic Servant
* McDonald, Ann

McEwan, Jane H 48 Ayr Widow
McEwan, Sarah 14
McEwan, Janet 11
McEwan, Margaret 9

McIver, Elizabeth 26 Ross
- newspaper has Eliza McDIER

McKay, Martha 37 Ross Widow
McKay, Catherine 17
McKay, Isabella 15
McKay, Farquhar 10
McKay, Murdock 7
- newspaper has MURDO
McKay, Duncan 1

* McKay, Isabell
* McKay, Kate
* McKay, Martha

* McKenzie, Isabella

McRae, Mary 45 Ross Labourer
McRae, Jessie 24 Servant
McRae, Kate 12
McRae, Flora 7
McRae, Janet 23 Ross Domestic Servant

* Monaghan, Mary

Morrison, Catherine 24 Ross Domestic Servant

Murphey, Sarah 23 Dublin Laundress
- nespaper has MURPHY

Nicolson, Annabella 29 Ross Domestic Servant

Noble, Elizabeth 18 Lanark Servant

Pargiter, Sarah 28 Forfar Housemaid
- nespaper has PARGETER

Robbins, Mary M 17 Jersey Servant

Slattery, Mary 38 Surrey Surgical Binding Maker

Smith, Elizabeth 32 Surrey
Smith, Alice A 8
Smith, Ada M 4

Swale, Elizabeth 29 Middlesex Housemaid
- newspaper has SMALL

* Whyte, Martha

Whitney Sarah 31 Surrey
- newspaper has WHITING

LETTER TO THE EDITOR of the Otago Daily Times
11 October 1872
SIR, A statement appeared in the Times of this morning by Mr Allan, which, as it is calculated to mislead, I hope you will kindly allow me to correct.
Mr Allan states that the immigrants who arrived by the Hydaspes supplied only a small part of the demand at the Labour Exchange; that they were all disposed of in a few days; and that the Barracks were now empty.
I believe that the last part of the statement is quite correct, but the first certainly is not. The facts are, that ony about two-thirds of the immigrants went to the Barracks; that only about a third of those who did go there obtained employment at the Labour Exchange; and that several, after remaining a week and seeing no chance of being engaged, left and found lodgings elsewhere.
There are a good number of the Hydaspes immigrants who are willing and anxious to work still unemployed, and to all appearance likely to be so for some time.
I suppose Mr Allan's statement is intended for the furtherance of a scheme which is in process of being carried out, for the purpose of flooding the country with labourers, so that farmers and other employers may have them at any price they please, and as it is likely to induce others to leave home for this country, I, as a working man, in the interest of my fellow labourers, wish the truth to be known.
There cannot be a doubt but that New Zeaoand is a fine country, the resources of which are only beginning to be developed; but it is evident that at present there is not sufficient capital in the country to give employment to those who are in want of it. And under these circumstances I think the Government have begun at the wrong end with their Immigration Scheme. It seems to me that men with a little money, not penniless labourers, are the men that should be induced to come here in the first place

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