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CHARLOTTE GLADSTONE passengers - 30 Jan 1871 Christchurch

Journal by ngairedith

5 January 1871 - CHRISTCHURCH
... The clipper ship Charlotte Gladstone was to leave London for Canterbury on November 4, with about 400 emigrants (sic) and will bring a large cargo for this port

10 January 1871 - the STAR (Christchurch)
... AUXILIARY BIBLE SOCIETY - The quarterly committee meeting of the Canterbury Auxiliary Bible Society was held in the Town Hall yesterday; his Worship the Mayor presided. After the confirmation of the minutes of the previous meeting, the secretary read several interesting letters from the parent society, and reported the arrival of two cases of Scriptures per Zealandia; also, that another consignment of two cases might be expected by the Charlotte Gladstone. The receipt of the parent society for remittance of ?200, dated Aug. 25th, 1870, was laid on the table (Aug 2012 equivalent of $25,700). The secretary stated that a glazed case had been forwarded with a supply of Scriptures for sale, to Mr Callender, Kaiapoi; Mr Rule, Springton; and Messrs Cameron Bros, Saltwater Creek

26 January 1871 - BLUFF 12.08 p.m.
... The Charlotte Gladstone, of London, bound for Canterbury, 78 days out from London, all well, is passing the Bluff. She has a head wind
The Public are informed that application will be received at the office for AGRICULTURAL LABORERS and FEMALE DOMESTICE SERVANTS to arrive per ship "Charlotte Gladstone", due early in February

26 January 1871 - the PRESS (Christchurch)
... A meeting of the Working Men's Protection Society, was held at the Temperance Hall, Gloucester street, last evening. Mr Kilburn occupied the chair. Mr McPherson was the first speaker, and pointed out that unless the working men combined to protect themselves as a body, they would find themselves ground down. It was spread throughout England and other parts that there was plenty of work for every one in New Zealand, but let them wait until the Charlotte Gladstone and other vessels brought in their hordes of people, and they would find that the men would not be aboe to obtain work of any description. After some further remarks, Mr McPherson read the rules of the proposed society. Mr Ditford next addressed the meeting, urging the stopping of immigration at once to this province, and concluded by proposing the following resloution:- "That it is expedient that steps should be taken to stop immigration at once" This was seconded by Mr Patterson and agreed to

28 January 1871
... The Charlotte Gladstone was sighted at the Bluff on the 26th instant, having made a quick passage of seventy-eight days from land to land.

28 January 1871 ADVERT in the PRESS
... To arrive per Charlotte Gladstone, Pianofortes by Broadwood and Ziegler and Percussion Action Harmoniums. John J. MILNER, Manager

... The ship Charlotte Gladstone, 1303 TONS, under the command of Capt. Fox, (late of the ship England), arrived at the Heads yesterday, at 6 a.m. from London, having made the run from land to land in 76 days, and from Gravesend in 85 days. She has arrived in excellent condition, and is a picture of cleanliness. The p.s. Novelty was chartered by the agents to go down to her, and proceeded at 12.30 from Lyttelton, having the health immigration officer, the Superintendent, and others on board. Upon her arrival alongside, the usual questions being answered satisfactorily, she was boarded, and all were kindly welcomed by our old friend Capt. Fox. The ship has made the fastest trip from home this year. The passengers are under the care of Dr Cortis (sic, Curtis), and are all in very good health. Capt Fox brought out with him from London, thirteen hares, three of which are only now alive, and have been handed over to the agents of the vessel for the Acclimatisation Society. The following is the Captain's report of the voyage:
- Left the docks on the 4th November; on the 9th landed the pilot off the Start, and sailed with a fine breeze; on the 28th were in lat 3.56 N., long 23.29 W.; boarded the ship Sydney 83 days out from Singapore to Liverpool, and took the advantage of sending letters home by her; was in company with the ship Princess Tomanatta - 30 days out from Shields to Bombay; crossed the Equator on the 30th Nov., in long 27.42 W.; spoke (to) the barque Arcturas 36 days from Liverpool to Rio Grande; Dec. 4th, spoke the ship Norwood, 24 days from Falmouth to Bombay; on Dec. 10th in lat. 25.50, long 28.29 W. were boarded by the captain of the barque Faust from San Francisco, and supplied them with provisions and sent letters home; Dec. 11th, again spoke the ship Princess Tomanatta; on Dec. 13th spoke the ship John N Cashing, 54 days from Boston to Calcutta; sighted Gough Island on the 19th December, and on Christmas Day passed the meridian of the Cape of Good Hope, 50 days out; on the 29th spoke the barque Coldstream, 54 days out from Liverpool to Singapore; on the 5th January sighted Kirquelan's Land, and passed between Blyth's Cape and the Main Island; sighted the Solander on the 24th January, having a fine steady breeze; on the 25th, with light wind, backed the ship between Stewart Island and the Middle Island; on the 26th, when off the Bluff, signalled to be reported at Christchurch; got clear of the Straits the same evening, and had light winds and calms on the 28th until 4 p.m. when the wind shifted to the S.W., blowing strong; was becalmed nearly all day on the 29th, and was off Akaroa at 8 p.m.; made Lyttelton Heads on the 30th at 6 a.m.; and brought up anchor, there being a south-west wind blowing out of the bay.

31 January 1871
SHIP CHARLOTTE GLADSTONE from London, James Fox, Commander
... The above Vessel having this day reported at the Customs, Consignees are requested to pass entries, present bills of lading and pay freight at the offices of the undersigned, without whose endorsement no goods will be delivered. All goods not passed for by FRIDAY, the 3rd FEBRUARY, will be landed and stored at consignees' risk and expense
... Arrangements have been made with Messrs Cameron Bros. to LIGHTER CARGO from the above ship. Consignees objecting must give notice in writing to the undersigned on or before Friday; the 3rd February, after which date they must have a lighter alongside ready to receive their goods as they come to hand; failing which the goods will be landed at their risk and expense, in terms of bill of lading. Consignees will please notify where they wish their goods landed - MATHESON'S AGENCY, Agents, Lyttelton and Christchurch

31 January 1871 - PUBLIC NOTICE
... The Public are informed that the Immigrants per ship Charlotte Gladstone may be engaged, according to priority of application, at the Immigration Barracks, on and after Thursday, February 2, commencing at 10 a.m. - J. EDWIN MARCH, Immigration Officer

31 January 1871 - the PRESS
... In the list of imports by the Charlotte Gladstone we notice three hares which we are glad to see Captain Fox has succeeded in landing alive, out of sixteen originally shipped

- my additions will be obvious, also surname spelling may change after extensive research - please leave your comments if you have alterations or additions
- NOTE dates of birth & ages as per shipping list may sometimes vary. Ages were given at time of application, not embarkation & ages were sometimes lied about :)

? George BELL aged 26, wife Rebecca aged 27 & 2 children, Lincolnshire
... Elizabeth Bell aged 2
... George Bell aged 8 months
? Thomas BRANKIN aged 22 (1850-1887) and wife Sarah Ann aged 22 (1847-1924), Armagh. They later moved to Ashburton
? Samuel DALE aged 45, wife Hannah aged 40 and child, Cheshire
... child was 6 year old Emily (perhaps a grandchild, see single Dales below)
? Mark GRIFFITHS aged 37, wife Frances aged 25 & 2 children, Pembrokeshire
... William George Griffiths aged 2 (1868-1943)
... Ellen Martha Griffiths aged 6 months (1870-1920)
- Ellen married John WOODS 1889 & had 2 children
? George HARKESS aged 32, wife Eleanor aged 35 & 3 children, Hertfordshire
... Sarah A. Harkess aged 5
... Harriet E. Harkess aged 4
... Mary E. Harkess aged 9 months
? James HAWKEN, wife and child, Cornwall
? Robert HIGMAN and wife, Cornwall
? William MARTIN, wife and five children, Devonshire
? James MILLER, wife and three children, Down
? George ROND, wife Elizabeth & four children, Mary Ann, George, Edmund & Elizabeth
? Moses George SAUNDERS aged 27 (1842-1920), wife Priscilla Guys (nee HITCHING) aged 28 (1841-1902) & 3 children, Essex
... Harriet A. Sanders aged 5
... George Sanders aged 3
... James S. Sanders aged 11 months
- Moses & Priscilla had another 7 children (the first 3 months after arrival)
? Thomas W. WHITE, wife and two children, Lincolnshire
? Robert GIMBLETT, wife and two children, Cornwall
? James HARMAN, wife and three children, Worcestershire
? George HOLT, wife and child, Bedfordshire
? Patrikck McCARTAN, wife and child, Down
? William PATRICK and wife
? John ROBB, wife and five children, Perthshire


John BROWN, Kent
William and Samuel BENNETT, Cornwall
James BLACKWELL, Lincolnshire
John DALE aged 23, Cheshire
... son of Samuel & Hannah above
James FLACK, Down
William FRISBY aged 17 (1853-1941), Leicestershire
... William married Isabella CORBETT in 1879 & had 16 children
Peter GOOD, Lincolnshire
John GREADY, Galway
James HAWKEN, Cornwall
Frederick HYDES, Lincolnshire
Joseph LOCK jun., Somersetshire
Charles and Peter MALLEY, Galway
James MALLEY, Galway
Thomas MAY, Antrim
Joseph and Alexander McCLELLAND, Down
Richard MILDREN, Cornwall
Edward and John MILLENCHAMP, Salop
... John Millichamp married Fanny TAPLIN, fellow passenger, 5 months after arriving
James and Patrick PALMER, Lincolnshire
Stephen PHAIR, Down
Robert SMYTH, Tyrone
Edward TERRY, Kent
James WELBURN, Yorkshire
Harry WOOLVIN, Surrey
James Hugh BALLAGH, Down
James and Benjamin HAMPTON, Armagh
Richard HERVEY, Tyrone
Joseph and Barton HUTCHISON, Tyronw
James THOMSON, Down
James William KIBBLEWHITE (1845-1906), Bucks
... James married Mary Jane LUKE (1851-1900) in 1876
Patrick BURKE, Kerry
Stephen HAWKEN, Cornwall
Thomas HOOKER, Pembrokeshire
William Edward WELBURN, aged 23, Yorkshire
Edward CRANSTON, aged 27, Northumberland


Elizabeth ALLEN, aged 19, Tyrone
Rebecca ALLEN, aged 18, Tyrone
Eliza BALLAGH, aged 24, Down
Margaret BLACK, aged 18, Tyrone
Mary BRIEN, aged 18, Kerry
Kate BRODERICK, aged 19, Galway
Jane BULLEY, aged 22, Devonshire
Mary Hannah COX, aged 22, Surrey
Elizabeth Jane CROWL, aged 18, Cornwall
Louisa CULLIFORD, aged 24, Somersetshire
Hannah DAILEY, aged 20, Cork
Annie DALE aged 21, Lancashire
... daughter of Samuel & Hannah above,
Eleanor DALE aged 16, Lancashire
... daughter of Samuel & Hannah above
- Elenaor married Charles PYE in 1874 & had 8 children
Jane GIMBLETT, aged 20, Cornwall
Nanno GREANY, aged 19, Kerry
Sarah J. HAMPTON, aged 23 Armagh
Mary A. HAWKENS, aged 17, Cornwall
Margaret KYLE, aged 26, Aberdeenshire
Mary MALLEY, aged 16, Galway
Eliza A. MARTIN, aged 16, Cornwall
Mary J. MARTIN, aged 17, Cornwall
Agnes McCULLOGH, aged 20, Down
Fanny A. MOFFATT, aged 20, Cavan
Sarah MOFFAT, aged 22, Cavan
Catherine MOLLEY, Galway
Anne MULLANY, aged 19, Roscommon
Mary MULLANY, aged 17, Roscommon
Margaret PATRICK, aged 16, Lanarkshire
Margaret REYNOLDS, aged 18, Galway
Isabella ROBB, aged 18, Forfarshire
Ellen SCULLEY, aged 20, Galway
Mary SILK, aged 20, Galway
Mary J. SMITH, aged 18, Down
Mary J. SOANE, aged 21, Sussex
Fanny TAPLIN, aged 20, Oxfordshire
... Fanny married fellow passenger, John Millichamp, 5 months after arriving
Susanna THOMSON, aged 21, Down
Maria WADE, aged 25, Galway
Martha WARNER, aged 22, Cavan
Sarah GOOD, aged 23, Lincolnshire
Margaret MAGUIRE aged 25,, Lancashire
Janet SMALL, aged 26, Peebleshire
Nanno BRIEN, aged 20, Kerry
Margaret GREADY, aged 18, Galway
Bridget MALLEY, aged 45, Galway
Bridget McTYGHE, aged 18, Galway
Sophia MAGUIRE, aged 19, Lancashire
Martha A. KAUFMANN, aged 19, Germany
Jane MEDMORE, aged 25, Kent
Mary Ann LOWRY, aged 35, Down
Catherine HARRIS, aged 35, England

1 February 1871
... The ship Charlotte Gladstone, Captain Fox, from London, got under weigh and sailed up the harbor with a fine N.E. breeze yesterday morning. She anchored off Rhodes Bay.
The Immigrants were landed by the p.s. Novelty yesterday and were conveyed to Christchurch by train at 3 p.m.

1 February 1871 ADVERT in the PRESS
... IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT ?1000 worth (equivalent in Feb 2012 of $132,300) of BLACK SILKS, bought in Paris before the complete investment of the French Capital, at a discount of 65 per cent., for, and on account of, the Undersigned, which will be landed from the CHARLOTTE GLADSTONE, and on view at Dunstable house in a few days - William PRATT

2 February 1871 - LYTTELTON
... The ship Charlotte Gladstone, 1303 tons, Captain Fox, arrived at Lyttelton on the 30th, with 28 cabin and 180 steerage passengers. She made the run from land to land in 76 days, and from Gravesend in 85 days

2 February 1871 - the STAR
... The saloon passengers by the ship CHARLOTTE GLADSTONE yesterday presented Captain and Mrs Fox with a testimonial expressive of the respect and esteem. The testimonial consisted of a silver goblet for Captian Fox, and a biscuit holder for Mrs Fox. The plate was supplied by Messrs Coates and Co.

3 February 1871 NEWS OF THE DAY
... We are informed that all the single men and single women for engagement by the ship Charlotte Gladstone readily found situations yesterday, soon after the barrack gates were open; and of the seventy-one families landed, only eight remain for engagement. The following were the rates of wages given:
FAMILIES, ?50 - ?60 per annum and found
SIMGLE MEN, ?1 per week during harvest and then from ?30 to ?40 per annum
SINGLE WOMEN, ?20 to ?25

4 February 1871 PUBLIC NOTICE
... Just received, ex Charlotte Gladstone, a large assortment of new Photographic goods, and Perfumery, which will be opened up in a few days

9 February 1871
... It will be recollected that some short time ago a yacht race took place in Lyttelton for a cup, presented by Messrs Shaw, Saville and Co., which was won by the Aspasia, owned by Captains McClatchie and LcLellan. By the Charlotte Gladstone, the cup itself has arrived, in charge of Captain Fox, and is now on view at the establishment of Messrs B. Petersen and Co. The cup stands sixteen inches high, and on one side is an embossed sea-piece, representing a yacht rounding a buoy off Godley Head Lighthouse, which is very spiritedly executed, the view having the further merit of being exceedingly true to nature. A remarkable coincidence is, that the yacht shown in the foreground bears a marked resemblance to the Aspasia, the winner of the cup. On the other side the following inscription has been engraved by Messrs Petersen and Co., on a shield left blank for that purpose:- "Canterbury Regatta, January 1871. Present by Shaw, Saville and Co., of London; won by the schooner Aspasia, 44 tons register, owned by Captains McClatchie and McLellan". In the centre of the shield is placed the flag of New Zealand, the St George's Cross, and four stars. The manner in which the engraving has been executed reflects every credit upon the establishment. The cup is really a very handsome one, and Messrs Shaw, Saville and Co. are entitled to the thanks of the community for their valuable present, the more so as it was spontaneous and unsolicited. The cup will be on view at Messrs Petersen and Co's till Monday next

* another passenger list found since journal written

taken from the site (SS) SHAW, SAVILL & ALBION

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