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passengers on the JUPITER - Belfast to New York 1811

Journal by ngairedith

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IRISH PASSENGER LISTS as compiled by Sharon in 1997

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- Belfast to New York 6/1/1811

ANDERSON, Cath., Banbridge,
ANDERSON, Wm., Banbridge,
BEST, George, Banbridge,
BEST, Seragh, Banbridge,
BOYD, John, Down,
CAMBLE, Joseph, Dungannon,
CHALEY, Wm., Antrim,
CLARK, John, Lurgan,
CLELAND, Samuel, Dunleery,
CONAGHY, Bernard, Banbridge,
COOK, Henry, Armagh,
DEOLIN, Arthur, Cullsallag,
DEOLIN, Daniel, Banbridge,
DIXON, Joanna, Dungannon,
DIXON, Thomas, Dungannon,
EVART, David, Cullsallag,
EWART, John, Moreyrea,
FAIR, Ann, Saintclaire,
FAIR, James, Saintclaire,
FAIR, Thomas, Saintclaire,
GALLERY, Eliz, Moreyrea,
GALLERY, James, Moreyrea,
GAMBLE, Samuel, Ballinahinch,
GELSTON, James, Cumber,
GEORGE, Andrew, Killead,
GEORGE, Martha, Killead,
GEORGE, Wm., Killead,
GLASS, John, Grable,
HAMILTON, Conway, Molany,
HAMILTON, Elizh, Molany,
HAMILTON, Margt., Molany,
HARRISON, Jane, Cairn,
HARRISON, Thomas, Cairn,
HARSHAW, Wm., Down,
JAMISON, Agnes, Killinchie,
JAMISON, Samuel, Killinchie,
JOHNSON, David, Antrim,
JOHNSON, Elinor, Antrim,
JOHNSON, Elizabeth, Hillsborough,
JOHNSON, Elizh., Antrim,
JOHNSON, Hugh, Hillsborough,
JOHNSON, John, Antrim,
KEARNS, Elizh., Aghadie,
KEARNS, James, Aghadie,
MCALPIN, Hugh, Molany,
MCALPIN, James, Molany,
MCALPIN, Jane, Molany,
MCATTER, Betty, Blares,
MCATTER, Mark, Blares,
MCATTUR, Ann, Killead,
MCATTUR, James, Killead,
MCCARTON, Charles, Ballinahinch,
MCCOSKERY, John, Down,
MCDOWL, Alex., Llandery,
MCDOWL, Eliz., Saintclaire,
MCDOWL, Ezibella, Llandery,
MCDOWL, Mary Ann, Saintclaire,
MCDOWL, Rachael, Saintclaire,
MCDOWL, Thomas, Saintclaire,
MCKEE, Jane, Magradill,
MCKEE, John, Ballinahinch,
MCKEE, John, Magradill,
MCKELERY, Jane, Moreyrea,
MCKELERY, Wm., Moreyrea,
MCKEY, Thomas, Dunleery,
MCMAGAN, Agnes, Banbridge,
MCMAGAN, David, Banbridge,
MCMAGAN, Sarash, Banbridge,
MCMULLEN, Eliza., Tyrone,
MCMULLEN, James, Tyrone,
MCMULLEN, Robert, Tyrone,
MENTION, Agnes, Blares,
MENTION, Alexander, Blares,
MITCHON, John, Killead,
MURDOUGH, Matthew, Moira,
PATRICK, Robert, Belfast,
PATTON, Edward, Grable,
PERRY, Hugh, Cullsallag,
PERRY, Margt., Cullsallag,
PHILLIPS, Eliza., Glenary,
PHILLIPS, Thomas, Glenary,
REID, Wm, Cumber,
RHEA, David, Killead,
RHEA, Seragh, Killead,
STEPHANS, Elinor, Cumber,
STEPHANS, Thomas, Cumber,
STEPHANSON, John, Armagh,
STEPHENSON, Samuel, Killead,
SWEENEY, Patrick, Ballinahinch,
SWEENEY, Prudence, Ballinahinch,
SWEENEY, Wm., Ballinahinch,
TURKENTON, James, Dungannon,
TURKENTON, Jane, Dungannon,
TURKENTON, John, Dungannon,

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