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PENNA marriages 1856-1942 Victoria Australia

Journal by tonkin

PENNA marriages 1856-1942 Victoria Australia.


Married: Maria HICKS 1856.
No issues located.

Married: Mary Dowie JOHNSTON 1858.
Three issues located.
1. Margaret Alice, born 1859 Ballarat, Victoria.
2. Edward, born 1860 Ballarat, Victoria.
3. Robert Johnston, born 1862 Ballarat, Victoria.

Married: Augusta ALDERTON 1859.
One issue located.
1. Martha Augusta, born 1860 Newington, Victoria.

Married: Elizabeth BONDS 1877.
No issues located.

Married: Mary Jane PATTERSON 1877.
Six issues located.
1. Frances Elizabeth, born 1878 Sandhurst, Victoria.
2. Evelyn Jane, born 1879 Sandhurst, Victoria.
3. Florence Rebecca, born 1881 Sandhurst, Victoria.
4. Henrietta Jane, born 1891 Whroo, Victoria.
5. Mabel Ann, born 1893 Whroo, Victoria.
6. Alfred Nelson, born 1898 Hotham West, Victoria.

Samuel Pearce
Married: Eliza Mary MARRIOTT 1881.
Three issues located.
1. Joseph Arthur, born 1882 Castlemaine, Victoria.
2. Alfred John, born 1884 Castlemaine, Victoria.
3. Alice Jane, born 1886 Castlemaine, Victoria.

Married: Emma MADDERN 1885.
Six issues located.
1. Frank, born 1886 Ballarat, Victoria.
2. Lucy, born 1888 Ballarat, Victoria.
3. Frederick, born 1890 Ballarat, Victoria.
4. Nellie, born 1894 East Ballarat, Victoria.
5. Pearl, born 1896 Ballarat East, Victoria.
6. Edgar, born 1899 Ballarat East, Victoria.

William Charles Frederick
Married: Mary THOMPSON 1895.
One issue located.
1. William Charles Frederick, born 1896 Eaglehawk, Victoria.

Arthur Cocking
Married: Ada MCTAGGART 1900.
Four issues located.
1. Lillian May, born 1900 Ballarat ast, Victoria.
2. Elsie May Cocking, born 1901 Ballarat East, Victoria.
3. Arthur John Cocking, born 1903 Murchison, Victoria.
4. Albert Cocking, born 1905 Euroa, Victoria.

Arthur Edward Alfred
Married: Frances Rhoda PRICE 1904.
Four issues located.
1. Amy Beatrice, born 1905 Eaglehawk, Victoria.
2. Helena May, born 1906 Eaglehawk, Victoria.
3. Arthur Victor, born 1908 Eaglehawk, Victoria.
4. Leslie George, born 1912 Kangaroo Flat, Victoria.

William Henry
Married: Elizabeth Catherine JEFFERY 1907.
No issues located.

Married: Clara Evelyn MULLIN 1916.
No issues located.

Joseph Arthur
Married: Elizabeth BOWYER 1916.
Two issues located.
1. Reuben Rowlands, born 1917 Numurkah, Victoria.
2. Mervyn Henry, born 1919 Clifton Hill, Victoria.

Married: Winifred Pearl MATTHEWS 1919.
No issues located.

Married: Nora Lillian BUNTING 1925.

Married: Myrtle Annie TREWHELLA 1927.

Mark Oliver
Married: Millicent Louisa MCCLURE 1927.

Robert Henry
Married: Myrtle Jean LYNCH 1931.

Arthur Victoria
Married: Priscilla Elizabeth WILLIAMS 1932.

Leslie George
Married: Ivy May Katherine GARDEN 1937.

Alfred Pearce
Married: Eileen THOMAS 1940.

Robert William
Married: Florence May RAPKINS 1941.


Eliza Pearce
Married: Thomas STEPHENSON 1870.
One issue located.
1. Thomas Henry, born 1870 Castlemaine, Victoria.

Augusta Ann
Married: Thomas COUCHMAN 1870.
No issues located.

Jane Pearce
Married: Charles GARRATT 1877.
Two issues located.
1. Charles, born 1878 Collingwood, Victoria.
2. Arthur, born 1880 Brunswick, Victoria.

Martha Augusta
Married: Arthur REDFERN 1879.
Nine issues located.
1. Lily Elizabeth Augusta, born 1880 Brunswick, Victoria.
2. Arthur Joseph Alderton, born 1881 Brunswick, Victoria.
3. Daisy Ilma May, born 1882 Brunswick, Victoria.
4. Violet Myrza Alderton, born 1884 Brunswick, Victoria.
5. Oseland Augustus, born 1886 Brunswick, Victoria.
6. Ivy Stella, born 1888 Brunswick, Victoria.
7. Stanley Irving, born 1890 Brunswick, Victoria.
8. Mervyll Adrian, born 1892 Brunswick, Victoria.
9. Myrtle Cleos, born 1894 Brunswick, Victoria.

Mary D
Married: Elijah COCKING 1882.
No issues located.

Margaret Alice
Married: Abel BOXALL 1887.
Four issues located.
1. Winifred Salom, born 1888 Prahran, Victoria.
2. Charles Sydney, born 1889 Prahran, Victoria.
3. Edward Abel, born 1893 Prahran, Victoria.
4. Lillian Edith, born 1896 Prahran, Victoria.

Married: Alexander GEMMELL 1889.
No issues located.

Mary Jane
Married: Patrick CUSHEN 1889.
Five issues located.
1. Margaret Mary, born 1890 Kilmore, Victoria.
2. Winifred Alma, born 1892 Kilmore, Victoria.
3. James Alphonsus, born 1894 Kilmore, Victoria.
4. Edward Joseph, born 1897 Kilmore, Victoria.
5. John Paul, born 1900 Kilmore, Victoria.

Margaret Alice
Married: Samuel Linley BRADLEY 1894.
Three issues located.
1. John Arthur, born 1894 Heathcote, Victoria.
2. Alma Monica, born 1898 Heathcote, Victoria.
3. Paul Henry Richard, born 1906 Clifton Hill, Victoria.

Helena Beatrice
Married: Richard CLARK 1904.
Three issues lcated.
1. Richard Sydney Maxwell, born 1906 Campbells Creek, Victoria.
2. Florence Elma, born 1907 Castlemaine, Victoria.
3. Arthur Ronald, born 1910 Castlemaine, Victoria.

Married: Joseph DAVIES 1905.
Five issues located.
1. Christmas, born 1905 Bendigo, Victoria.
2. Joseph, born 1907 Eaglehawk, Victoria.
3. Ivy, born 1909 Kamgaroo Flat, Victoria.
4. Thomas, born 1911 Kangaroo Flat, Victoria.
5. John, born 1914 Kangaroo Flat, Victoria.

Married: Arthur OCONNOR 1905.
Two issues located.
1. Eileen Agnes, born 1912 Collingwood, Victoria.
2. Edward John, born 1915 Clifton Hill, Victoria.

Carol Susan
Married: Percy John GILLICK 1907.
No issues located.

Evelyn Etta
Married: Robert Arthur Daniel MCLENNAN 1907.
Eight issues located.
1. Robert Penna, born 1906 Melbourne East, Victoria.
2. Keith Aubrey, born 1912 Melbourne East, Victoria.
3. Edna Jean, born 1914 Melbourne West, Victoria.
4. Evely Maud, born 1914 Melbourne West, Victoria.
5. Robert Penna, born 1914 Melbourne East, Victoria.
6. Eunice Maie, born 1916 West Melbourne, Victoria.
7. Zena Florence, born 1916 West Melbourne, Victoria.
8. Roma Phillis, born 1918 Melbourne West, Victoria.

Frances Elizabeth
Married: George Thomas ROSS 1907.
One issue located.
1. Francis George, born 1910 Brunswick, Victoria.

Married: Charles WATTS 1908.
No issues located.

Married: Leslie Kayler THOMSON 1911.
Two issues located.
1. Lucy Mavis, born 1912 Geelong, Victoria.
2. Leslie Kenneth, born 1915 Geelong, Victoria.

Married: Rupert HORSBURGH 1913.
Three issues located.
1. Mary Ethel, born 1914 Clifton Hill, Victoria.
2. Richard Henderson, born 1916 Clifton Hill, Victoria.
3. John Heathcote, born 1919 Clifton Hill, Victoria.

Louisa Frances
Married: Alexander MURRAY 1913.
No issues located.

Married: Harry STEVENSON 1914.
One issue located.
1. William Henry, born 1920 Carlton, Victoria.

Florence Emma
Married: Stanley LAFFAN 1917.
No issues located.

Married: Arthur COFFIELD 1918.
One issue located.
1. Arnell, born 1918 Geelong, Victoria.

Married: Charles Lawrence ROBERTS 1920.
No issues located.

Mabel Ann
Married: William Albert BIRCHMORE 1921.

Alice Jane
Married: Edwin Somerville KEAST 1922.

Mary Jane
Married: Henry Vincent GROSE 1922.

Florence Naomi
Married: Reginald John SMITH 1926.

Amy Brice
Married: George SUMNER 1926.

Lena May
Married: Daniel Adams BEER 1931.

Bessie Rose
Married: Leonard Walter James GOLDSMITH 1942.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth and Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the PENNA lines.

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