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Peter HIDER - Chimney Sweep, Masterton from 1895

Journal by ngairedith

PETER HIDER (1854-1922) marred Clara Heywood HARROD (nee LUDWIG 1861-1942) in Masterton on 21 Jan 1900
Wairarapa Daily Times, 23 January 1900 On Sunday morning at the Masterton Wesleyan Church, Mr Peter Hider was married to Mrs Clara Heywood Harrod, by the Rev S. F. Prior. The contracting parties have been resident in Masterton for several years

Clara was a daughter of Christoph Ludwig KOCH (1822-1880) & Emma Eunice CATHERWOOD (1822-1908). They later dropped the Koch and Ludwig was used as their surname. Christoph & Emma are buried Bolton street, Wellington

CLARA LUDWIG married Arthur Harrod (1854-1898) 20 June 1889
Evening Post, 21 June 1889 HARRARD-LUDWIG (note spelling) - On the 20th June 1889, at the Primitive Methodist Church, Sydney-street, Arthur Harrard, son of the late Henry Harrard of Essex, England, to Clara Heywood Ludwig, daughter of the late Christoph Ludwig, of Wellington
they had 4 sons:
* 1889 - 1962 Edwin Emile 'Ted' Harrod
- Edwin was in Standard III at Masterton School in 1901. Masterton District High School in 1902. In 1913, as the proprietor of the Mount Bruce to Masterton Mail Service, he notified the public that his trap would run for passengers as well as mail. In Feb 1916 he left Masterton for Wellington en route to London where he was to join the army transport service. He served as #F14499 (records kept at the National Archives, Kew, Richmond, Surrey). Edwin married 23 Dec 1925 to Mary MOIR at St David's, Khyber pass, Auckland. Born 4 June 1890, stated he was 33 when married (he was 35).
* 1892 - 1964 Arthur Francis 'Frank' Harrod
- Arthur was in Standard VI in the Masterton District High School in 1904. He later worked at Cross Creek (near Lake Wairarapa). He served in WWI as Lance Corporal 59368 with the NZEF, 30th Reinforcements F Company , embarking from Wellington 13 Oct 1917. He enlisted from Dannevirke, his next of kin his mother, Clara Hilder at 6 Masonic street, Masterton. His last address in 1964 was in Totara road, Awapuni. He died 3 Sep 1964 aged 73 & cremated Kelvin Grove
* 1893 - 1895 George Frederick Harrod
- George was born 13 Aug 1893. He died 10 June 1895 aged 22 months
* 1896 - 1966 Bertram William 'Bertie' Harrod
- Bertram was in Standard II, second class at Masterton District high School in 1904, promoted to Standard IV in 1906, & promoted to Standard V in 1908. He served in WWI as Trooper 61630 with NZEF, 32nd Reinforcements Mounted Rifles Brigade, embarking from Wellington 13 Nov 1917, his next of kin was his mother Clara Hider of 6 Masonic street, Masterton. He married Dorothy FARLEY in 1928. He last lived in Kettle Avenue, Palmerston North. He died 7 Sep 1966 aged 70 & cremated Kelvin Grove
- Dorothy was born in Halcombe, Manawatu 1 of 10 children of Frank Goldwell FARLEY (1877-1960) & Kate Ellen MONK (188-1974). Dorothy died 2 Sep 1958 in Christchurch

* in July 1896 Arthur Harrod was in Dreyerton (near Kopuaranga) when he filed a declaration in insolvency
* in February 1897, on the recommendation of Mr A. W. Hogg, the North Wairarapa Benevolent Society granted Arthur Harrod (who is now in the Masterton Hospital) the amount of ten shillings a week
ARTHUR HARROD died 7 November 1898 aged 44
Evening Post, 7 November 1898 HARROD - On 6th November, at Masterton, after a long and painful illness, the dearly-beloved husband of Mrs A. Harrod; deeply regretted
- Arthur is buried Plot AH, Row 5, Plan V at Archer street Masterton

Clara Harrod was 2 years a widow when she married Peter Hider
She was 38 and her 3 surviving sons were 10, 7 & 3

TIMELINE for Peter & Clara Hider
Wairarapa Daily Times, 18 December 1895

... The Masterton Municipal Fire Brigade Sports' Committee met last evening. handicappers, starters, judge and time-keepers were appointed for the Sports on Boxing Day. The various sub-committees made very satisfactory progress reports. Firemaen Murray and Greathead were appointed to arrange for a Darktown band, and Messrs Fellingham and P. Hider were deputed to improvise a number of events for children

Wairarapa Daily Times, 27 December 1895

... The annual picnic in connection with the Masterton Wesleyan Sunday School was held at Messrs A. and L. Donald's Potirau property yesterday. A very pleasant time being spent, fully two hundred children being present, and a good many adults. Provisions were very plentifully supplied. Races were run and games indulged in, and a novel feature of the day was a big Xmas tree, managed and arranged by Mr Peter hider. A number of friends supplied vehicles to carry the youngsters to and from the ground, Cole and Bartlett's Palace Car also conveying visitors. Altogether a very enjoyable day was spent

Wairarapa Daily Times, 28 February 1896

... Mr P. Hider has left at our office some bunches of white elderberries. The fruit is ripe and is now in great abundance in this town

Wairarapa Daily Times, 9 June 1896

... An application from Peter Hider to be appointed chimney-sweeper to the Committee was received. Mr Daniell moved that the application be acceded to. Mr Beard moved that tenders be called for the work. Mr Daniell: "Six-and-eight-pence!". Mr Pragnell: "Mr Beard has got astray to-night". Mr Hornblow: "It's playing low down on the sweep." It was explained that Mr Hider had been appointed last year, but another sweep, Mr Cox, had jumped his claim and when the former came he found no soot. Mr Hider's application was then put to the meeting and carried amidst laughter

Wairarapa Daily Times, 2 April 1897

... If you want your chimneys swept, leave word with Peter Hider, c/o Mrs Humphrey's Registry Office. Charges low, Sweeping good

Wairarapa Daily Times, 26 April 1897

... Peter was charged in the Masterton Court with the larceny of ?2 ($365 in April 2013), the property of Richard Matcham who had left for 12 days having gotten some work in Carterton. Peter and Richard had been living together for 3 years at this time. Richard believed he didn't do it
... the story here

Wairarapa Daily Times, 20 July 1897

(Peter Hider was suspected of accidently, (or deliberately), lighting the fire whilst stealing eggs)
... Yesterday afternoon at 2 p.m. an enquiry into the circumstances connected with the fire of last Saturday, which destroyed some old stables in Masonic-street, Masterton, was commenced, before Mr District Coroner Haselden and the following jury:- Messrs A. Vile (Arthur Henry, Foreman), J. Walker, F. O'Connor, George Gray, C. Graham and J. H. La Roche. The Coroner briefly detailed particulars in connection with the fire, and alluded to the fact that an enquiry had been considered necessary. Peter Hider, the first witness called, stated he was a chimney sweep residing at Masterton and lived opposite the destroyed premises, about half a chain away (10 metres). He went out to sweep chimneys in the morning about 7 o'clock and went towards Opaki, but only got as far as the Drill Shed. He then intended to go to a place at Kuripuni but did not get past the "Top House" where he had a couple of drinks and then went home about 10.15 or 10.30. He had his brushes with him at O'Meara's hotel. When he returned witness went into his own house and stayed there until he heard the fire-bell. He was not in the stable that morning. He had not been in the stable for about three weeks ... more

Wairarapa Daily Times, 29 December 1898

... At the Masterton Wesleyan Sunday School picnic on Monday, Mr P. Hider very kindly presented a Christmas tree, hung with sweets and toys for the children's benefit

Wairarapa Daily Times, 4 February 1899
International Organisation of Good Templars

... The Endeavour Lodge, Masterton No 203, I.O.G.T., held its quarterly session in the Wesleyan Sunday Schoolroom last evening, The Chief Templar, Bro. J.F. Baillie presided, and a fair attendance of members was present. The following officers for the ensuing term were installed:- Chief Templar, Sister Emily Fitzsimmons; Vice T., Sister E. Dunstall; Sec., Sister J. Strudwick; Marshall, Bro Peter Hider; Guard, Bro L. Truman; A.S., Bro, Presswood

Wairarapa Daily Times, 23 January 1900

... On Sunday morning at the Masterton Wesleyan Church, Mr Peter Hider was married to Mrs Clara Heywood Harrod, by the Rev S. F. Prior. The contracting parties have been resident in Masterton for several years

Wairarapa Daily Times, 3 June 1904

... We have to thank Mr Peter Hider for a sample of the results of his horticultural industry, in the shape of white raspberries and green peas

Wairarapa Daily Times, 25 October 1904

... The Treasurer of the Masterton Hospital acknowledges with thanks receipt of the following subscriptions and donations:- ... and ?1 1s Peter Hider ($185)

Wairarapa Daily Times, 15 April 1905

... As a hint to builders of houses, Mr Peter Hider tells us that, out of the hundreds of chimneys swept by him since the time of the big earthquake, no circular flues suffered by the shock, all damages have been confined to the square ones

Wairarapa Daily Times, 6 January 1906

... We have been requested to state that two letters - one addressed to L. D. Budd and one to Mr W. Morrison - were picked up in Masterton by Mr P. Hider and posted. The person who lost them can now feel assured that they will reach the addressees

Wairarapa Daily Times, 22 January 1906

... We have to thank Mr Peter Hider for some luscious white raspberries

Wairarapa Daily Times, 6 March 1906

... Mrs P. Hider has paid in a sum of ?5 10s ($805) to Mr W. M. Easthope, which was collected from subscriptions towards the new Hospital building
Wairarapa Daily Times, 9 March 1906 At the Floral Fete and Garden Party in aid of the Building Fund of the new Masterton Hospital, at the Park Oval, the afternoon tea stalls of Mesdames J. Day and P. Hider was well patronised, especially during the evening entertainment

Wairarapa Daily Times, 18 December 1906

... Mr Peter Hider has been elected an Honorary Member of the Masterton Brass Band

Wairarapa Daily Times, 24 December 1906

... A lad named W. Palamontain effected the rescue from drowning of another lad named Harrod on Saturday. The boys were bathing at the Waipoua river, when Harrod got out of his depth, and whilst about to sink for the third time Palamontain caught his arm and brought him to the river bank. A year ago Palamontain rescued Ralph Hipkins from drowning in the same river
... Mr and Mrs Peter Hider, thank William Palamontain for rescuing their boy Bertie from drowning in the Waipoua on Saturday last

Wairarapa Daily Times, 19 April 1907

... Peter hider was charged with having procured liquor on April 9th, he being a prohibited person. A pleas of guilty was entered. Defendant asked for leniency, stating that it was his first offence of the kind, and promising not to offend again. the Sergeant suggested that defendant should disclose the name of the person who supplied the liquor if he expected leniency. Defendant said he could not do so, preferring to pay a fine. The Magistrate warned accused against a repetition and imposed a fine of ?1 with 7s costs

Wairarapa Daily Times, 10 November 1908

... Some of the finest strawberries ever seen in Masterton are being grown by Mr Peter Hider, in Masonic street. One variety, the "Queen's Heart" are both large and luscious, and go to prove that this delicious fruit can be cultivated very successfully in the Wairarapa

Wairarapa Daily Times, 22 April 1909

... Strawberry plants are advertised for sale in any quantity by Mr P. Hider of Masonic-street

Wairarapa Daily Times, 23 June 1909

... LUDWIG - On 23rd June, 1909, at Napier, Joseph Frederick, youngest son of the late C. Ludwig, of Wellington and brother of Mrs P. Hider, Masterton; aged 45 years

Wairarapa Daily Times, 9 March 1910

... The friends of Mrs P. Hider, who has been suffering from an affection of the ear, will be pleased to learn that an operation has proved successful and she is now progressing favourably at the Masterton Hospital

Wairarapa Daily Times, 15 March 1910

... The friends of Mrs P. Hider, who is an inmate of the Masterton Hospital, will be pleased to learn that she is progressing satisfactorily towards recovery from her recent operation, although it will be some little time before she is able to leave the institution

Wairarapa Daily Times, 8 April 1910

NOTE In 1893 the Alcohol Liquor Sales Control Act was passed by Parliament. This gave the people of a particular district greater control over the granting and refusal of licences to sell alcohol. This resulted in Masterton voting itself a 'dry town' in 1908. With that the grape vines at Lansdowne were pulled out and the 15 pubs in the area remained closed for 38 years until, in 1946, liquor licenses were restored. However, I will add that although the 'front' doors of their hotels remained closed, most publicans did a roaring trade through 'back door sales'
... Thomas Ridgway was charged with selling liquor and also with keeping it for sale within the No-License area of Masterton. Mr Lavery appeared for accused. Sergeant Miller stated he had executed a search warrant on accused's premises and had found a quantity of beer and whisky, one bag containing eighteen bottles of beer. Peter Hider said he had called at defendant's place on Saturday morning and asked for a bottle of beer, which was given him, and for which he paid 1s 6d. There was also a man named Shaw there who received a bottle of beer, which witness did not think he paid for. Willie Burridge, brewer, said he had been supplying Ridgway with beer. Sergeant Miller gave evidence as to having searched accused's house on Saturday night. A bottle of whisky was discovered in a cupboard, five bottles of beer in a bedroom, bag containing five bottles of beer outside in the yard, two bottles of whisky in a trap and another sack in the yard with eighteen bottles of beer in it (case was left sitting at end of day). Next day Mr Bridges, organiser for the Masterton-Wairarapa No-License Council, asked permission to make a statement at the Magistrate's Court with regard to the information given to the police by Peter Hider in the case of selling of liquor by Mrs Neilsen. He stated he had absolutely no knowledge of the matter at all, and up till yesterday morning did not know that the case was to be hears. Mr Pownall said he accepted Mr Bridges' statement absolutely as he was a man for whom he entertained the greatest respect

Wairarapa Daily Times, 17 December 1913

... Mr P. Hider has shown us a sample of loquat which he has growing in his garden. The loquat is an evergreen, the fruit being of the apple variety. It is not very common in New Zealand

Wairarapa Daily Times, 17 April 1916

... On Saturday afternoon Mrs P. Hider met with a rather serious accident. She was cycling along Church street, when the men engaged in telegraph construction work, not noticing her, let go a wire, which caught her under the chin. Mrs Hider was knocked off her machine, and received cuts on the face and neck. She had to obtain medical attention and is confined to her bed

Wairarapa Daily Times, 16 August 1916
... Mr E. E. Harrod, who left Masterton for England some time ago and is now connected with the British Aviation Squadron, is now in France, In a letter to his mother (Mrs R. Hider), he says that at the time of writing he was located about thirty miles behind the firing line, assisting to erect a new air station

Wairarapa Daily Times, 28 March 1918

... The death occurred at the Wellington Hospital on Sunday of Mr William L. Ludwig, a resident of 37 years standing. He leaves a widow, one daughter, two brother (Messrs L. W. Ludwig, jeweller and E. C. Ludwig) and one sister (Mrs P. Hider, of Masterton) to mourn their loss

Wairarapa Daily Times, 29 May 1918

... The friends of Mrs Peter Hider, of Masterton, will regret to hear that she was compelled to-day to enter a private hospital in order to undergo an operation

Wairarapa Daily Times, 11 October 1918

... The world is a small place after all. Writing to his parents in Masterton of his trip to England with the 36th Reinforcements, Private Garnet Permain mentions that the troop called at Taranto, in Italy. "It was here," says Private Permain, "that I ran into an old friend of mine, Ted Harrod, who used to drive the Mt Bruce mail in Masterton. He has had thirteen months in France and ten in Italy, where he is engaged on motor transport work. We were very pleased to meet, as it was such an out-of-the-way place to run into anyone we knew. He looks well, and is having a very good time out there"

Wairarapa Daily Times, 15 October 1918

... Mrs Peter Hider, of Masterton, has received official advice that her son, Private Arthur F. Harrod, who was wounded, has been transferred to a hospital in England

Wairarapa Daily Times, 11 January 1919

... Private Arthur F. Harrod, son of Mrs Peter Hider, of Masterton, in the course of a letter written on October 27th, says:- The morning that I went over the top (29th September) we advanced about three miles and got into the German trenches. We walked along them for a hundred yards and came to a dug-out with wounded Fritzies all down the steps. We told two of them to fetch all of them up, and when that was done the curs opened out on us with machine gun fire. We only had one bomb with us and we threw it down this dug-out. Up came fifty Fritzies, sing out "Kamerad!" and offering us bread and all sorts of stuff. What do you think of that?

Wairarapa Daily Times, 21 February 1919

... Private A. F. Harrod, son of Mrs Peter Hider, of Masterton, has arrived at Wellington, and will reach Masterton to-night

Wairarapa Daily Times, 9 May 1919

... Mr Peter Hider will resume chimney sweeping on Monday next

PETER HIDER died 6 July 1922 aged 68
CLARA HIDER died 17 Dec 1942 aged 81
- they are buried Row 5, Plan V at Archer street cemetery

Would like to know where Peter Hider originated from to add to his life above
although his timeline starts in 1895 he was well established in town by then

Newly built hospital in Masterton

that Clara & Peter helped raise money for
Photograph taken 1904 by Albert Edward Winzenberg (1864-1931)
(of note, Albert Edward Winzenberg was born 29 Aug 1864 in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. He died 22 Oct 1931 in Masterton aged 66 & buried in Archer Street cemetery. See also his photo of Snow on Queen street Masterton) in 1918

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