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Peter Morrison HERVEY (1824-1860) - Wellington Merchant

Journal by ngairedith

Peter Morrison HERVEY (1824-1860)
was the 9th of 9 known children of James HERVEY & Margaret MITCHELL who married in Port of Menteith, Perthshire, Scotland in 1797.
Their known children:
1798 - Alexander Hervey
1799 - Margaret Hervey
1801 - Janet Hervey
1807 - Isabella Hervey
1813 - Robert Hervey
1815 - John Hervey
1817 - Archibald Hervey
1820 - Edward Hervey
1824 - Peter Morrison Hervey

New Zealand TIMELINE for Peter Morrison Hervey

19 Feb 1843 - WELLINGTON
... Peter is on the list of persons qualified to serve as Jurors for WELLINGTON as a Merchant at Nairn street

20 April 1844 - NELSON
... In the "Teresa" from London for P. M. HERVEY:-
At the old Custom House adjoining Messrs Waitt and Tyser's warehouse. Terms Cash
1 case seeds
1 case clothes
44 bundles spades
1 box axes
12 kegs nails
5 bales calico
8 cases boots and shoes, a large quantity of which are suitable for whalers
1 case sadlery and harness
1 bale blankets
1 bale ladies' plaid shawls
1 case of patison and Co's superior thread
1 cask of ironmongery
1 case of rifles
Black spades, diamond and lime shovels
6 cases tobacco pipes
sherry in quarter casks
1 bale of hosiery
Furniture, writing desks &c. &c

... Just received, ex "Sydney", and on sale by the undersigned -
2 cases assorted of the above, being a complete waterproof leather covering for the leg, for preserving the boots and trowsers from wet. P. M. HERVEY, Sole Agent for the patentee

11 January 1845 - WANTED TO PURCHASE
... New Zealand Furniture Woods & Wool. Apply to P. M. HERVEY, Lambton-quay, or to James Blyth, Dickson Street

25 Oct 1845 - TO BE LET
... Immediate possession given at a moderate rental, that commodious and centrally situate HOUSE and SHOP, on Lambton Quay, lately occupied by Mr P. M. HERVEY. Apply to James Smith & Co

23 May 1846 - DONATIONS to the family of Murder Victim
... The undersigned beg most thankfully to acknowledge the following Subscriptions in aid of the widow and family of the late Mr ANDREW GILLESPIE, who, with his son was murdered in the Hutt 2 April 1846
& - P. M. HERVEY - ?1 0 0

6 June 1846 - POLICE OFFICE
... before H. St Hill, Esq., P.M. - Timothy O'Loughlan, Cornelius O'Loughlan and George Ovingdon, were charged with having stolen from the warehouse of Mr R. Waitt, Te Aro, three pieces of broad cloth, and other articles, the property of Mr P. M. HERVEY, on or about the 22nd January last

... Mr Rowland Davis, Mr P. M. Hervey, Mr P. D. Hogg and Mr McDonald, the Managers in rotation, will attend to receive deposits at Messrs Johnson & Moore's store, from seven to eight o'clock on Saturday evening, the 5th June, 1847, and at the Union Bank of Australia, from twelve to one o'clock on Monday forenoon, the 7th June

20 May 1848 - WAIWETU RIVER Hutt
... LAUNCH - A new vessel, called the Queen, was lanuched on Thursday afternoon at Mr Mathieson's buiulding yard, on the Waiwetu river. She measures fifty-five tons new register, and is very strongly put together, having been built of the hardest and most durable woods of this district; she is coppered and copper fastened, and no pains or expense have been spared in her construction, and we have no doubt she will add greatly to Mr Mathieson's established reputation as a ship builder. She was built for P. M. Hervey, Esq., and as soon as she is ready for sea will be employed in the coasting trade, to which she will prove a valuable addition

7 June 1848 - TE ARO
... On Monday morning a flock of about thirty-five sheep belonging to Messrs Rhodes and Co., and Mr P. M. Hervey were worried by dogs at Te Aro and the greater part of them destroyed. They were all fat sheep, which had been brought in to be killed for sale, and were shut up the previous night in Mr Suisted's wood yard for greater security; on Monday morning between six and seven o'clock when the men in Messrs Rhode's employ went to look after the sheep they found twenty-one of them in the yard dead, and nine others so severely bitten that there was very little chance of their recovering from the injuries they had received. The fence of the wood yard is continued down to the water's edge, and some large dogs had taken to the water, and getting into the enclosure, had worried the sheep which were unable to escape from them

30 Sep 1848 - WELLINGTON
... We understand the Raymond has been withdrawn, and the Cornelia
will positively sail for England from this Port having been chartered by P. M. Hervey, Esq. The Cornelia will commence loading for England immediately on her return from Auckland, for which port she sails this day

15 Nov 1848 - WELLINGTON
... We have to thank H. St Hill, and P. M. Hervey, Esqrs., for the loan of English newspapers, which are filled with matters of importance

(occurred 1.40am 16 Oct 1848 and estimated to have been 7.5)
... One of those appalling convulsions of nature - an earthquake - had shaken the the settlement to its foundations, successive shocks making a comparative ruin of the thriving town of Wellington - crushing its most substantial private dwellings and public edifices into ruinous masses, and paralyzing the minds of its inhabitants with a new and unwanted, but, we trust, transitory terror. The details of the wreck of property, and of the mortal anxiety for the consequences of each succeeding shock are of the most painful character.
... read the full & interesting report here about a phenomena that many of the early settlers were probably not acquainted with:
... brick buildings all down on the ground in heaps of rubbish
... the latter great shocks seemed to seize the country as a terrier does a rat
... 3 lives lost, those of Barrack Serjeant Lovell of the 65th and two of his children
... all shops have been shut, all business is suspended
... everyone is taking down their chimneys, the fire places also
... the house rocking and rolling, so that I could scarcely keep in bed
... the end of Tyser and Waitt's large brick building came down
... poor Mr Lovell was standing down Farish-street with his two children
... Mr Fitzherbert; store fell upon him (owned by Peter Hervey)
... Captain Rhodes'warehouse has fallen
... one end of Ridgway Hickson & Co's store lies prostrate
... people are talking of leaving, the loss is estimated at about ?40,000
... Messrs P. M. Hervey and Hickson are amongst the heaviest sufferers

5 Dec 1848 - WELLINGTON
... a wooden store, corner of Farish Street, occupied by P. M. Hervey, Esquire, Merchant has been approved, provisionally, for the free warehousing and securing of Goods for Duties under Bond, in terms of the Ordinance of the Governore and Council of New Zealand, No. 3 of 4th Victoria, Section 34

... Peter was one of the Managers of the Wellington Savings Bank when they held their adjourned General Meeting at Barrett's Hotel for the purpose of electing a Superintending Committee for the current year

5 Sep 1851 - Peter marries Anna Jane NICHOLSON in NELSON
... At Nelson, by license, on the 5th instant, by the Rev T. D. Nicholson, Peter Morrison Hervey, Esq., merchant, Wellington, to Anna Jane, only daughter of the late G. A. Nicholson, Esq., Island of Malta

8 Nov 1851 - WELLINGTON
... A meeting of the New Zealand Society was held in the Council Chamber on Wednesday evening, the 22nd instant, his Excellency Sir George Grey presiding. The attendance of members was quite a numerous as on the last occasion. The following gentlemen were elected members:-
J. Telford
Dr Logan R.N.
J. Varnham and Mr P. M. HERVEY
Dr Mantell, F.R.S. and Professir Owen, F.R.S., were also unanimously elected honorary members of the Society

19 May 1852 - WELLINGTON
... Notice is hereby given that the undermentioned persons have taken out Licenses as Auctioneers for the Year ending 24th April 1853:
(all Wellington Merchants)
William Allen
Kenneth Bethune
Robert Waitt
James Smith

... At Wellington Terrace, on Saturday June, 12, Mrs P. M. Hervey, of a son (they named him Peter James Hervey 1852-1924)

27 April 1853 - WELLINGTON
... We hereby give notice that the Partnership carried on by us at Wellington, under the firm of Hervey, Johnston & Co., ceases this twenty-seventh day of April, instant, pursuant to notice given in that behalf.
All person are requested to settle their accounts at the place of business of the late firm.
Dated this 27th day of April, 1853
Witnesses to the signatures of Peter Morrison Hervey and John Johnston:
John King, Solicitor, Wellington
Robt. Hart, Solicitor, Wellington

8 Sep 1855 - NELSON
... September 2, s.s. Zingari, Milton, from Wellington and Port Cooper. with 67 packages of merchandise. Passengers:- Mr P. M. Hervey, Mrs Hervey, child, and servant

21 Nov 1855 - NELSON
... November 17, brig Mountain Maid, 192 tons, Peacock, for Wellington, with part original cargo from Sydney. Passengers - Mrs Nicholson, servant and three children, P. M. Hervey, Esq., Mrs Hervey, servant and child

4 Feb 1857 - LYTTELTON
... Ship, Oliver Lang, 1,224 tons, Mundle, from Nelson. Passengers, Mr and Mrs P. M. Hervey and child

16 Nov 1857 - WELLINGTON
... Notice is hereby given that the Partnership lately carried on between us at Wellington, under the firm of Hervey, Smith & Co., was mutually dissolved by us on the tenth day of October last, and that the undersigned James Smith will wind up the affairs of and receive and pay all the Debts due to and from the said Partnership.
As witness our hands this 16th day of November, 1857:
Winesses to the signatures of Peter Morrison Hervey and James Smith
John KING, Solicitor, Wellington
W. R. NICHOLSON, Merchant Nelson

... The Supreme Court, for the despatch of Criminal and Civil business, was opened this morning at 10 o'clock. On his Honour the Judge taking his seat, we were pleased to observe that he wore the usual symbol of a clean criminal calendar, viz., a pair of white gloves.
The Court having been formally opened, the following gentlemen were sworn in as Grand Jurymen:-
Charles Elliott, foreman
Edmund Buston
Charles Christie
Robert John Creasy
Oswald Curtis
Herbert E. Curtis
Edwin H. Dashwood
Mathaniel Edwards
James Elliott
Alfred Greenfield
john R. Hays
Frederick Huddlestone
Henry B. Huddleston
Thomas R. Hacket
Alfred G. Jenkins
John F. Kelling
Alexander Kerr
Edmund Knyvett
His Honour then addressed the Grand Jury as follows -
GENTLEMEN OF THE GRAND JURY - I may well congratulate you on the fact that during the six months which have elapsed since I last sat here, only one person has been accused in this province of an offence of sufficient magnitude to be tried in this court, that offence too, not being very serious in its character or aggravated in its circumstances ... read more here

25 September 1860 - DEATH of Peter Morrison Hervey
... THE CRESSWELL, which left here on the 31st March, arrived in London on the 16th July last. We are sorry to record the death of two of her passengers, well known here, namely, Mrs Smith, of Hardy-street (widow of the Nelson brewer of that name), from palsey, twenty-one days after leaving our port; and Mr P. M. Hervey formerly a merchant of Wellington, on the 26th May, when off Rio Janeiro, from a succession of fits

30 Oct 1865 - WELLINGTON
... An Act to confirm an arrangement entered into between the Superintendent of the Province of Wellington and the Trustees of the Presbyterian Church at Wellington for the acquisition of a Piece of Land for public purposes.
Whereas the piece of land described in the Schedule to this Act was inter alia by letters patent dated the thirtieth day of July, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-three, under the public seal of the Colony and hand of Sir George Grey, the Governor, thereof granted to William Kirton and each succeeding Minister of the Established Church of Scotland in Wellington, Robert Rodge Strang and his successors the attorney, or attorneys, for the time being of the Procurator of the General Assembly of the Established Church of Scotland, in Wellington and to Kenneth Bethune, Peter Morrison Hervey, Charles William Schultze, John McBeth and David Stark Durie and the survivors of them and the heirs and assigns of such survivors in trust to permit the same land to be for ever used and appropriated as and for a site for a place of public worship, school houses and other buildings for the Scotch Presbyterians of Wellington in connection with the Established Church of Scotland and for no other use, trust, intent or purpose whatsoever.
And whereas the said Kenneth Bethune and Peter Morrison Hervey are dead and whereas the said piece of land described in the Schedule to this Act being required for part of the site of the Supreme Court House and other buildings attached thereto in Wellington, the said Robert Rodger Strang with the advice and consent of the surviving trustees, agreed to sell and convey to the Superintendent of the Province of Wellington the said piece of land for public purposes on condition that the said Superintendent would grant to them the trustees of this land, town, rural or suburban land to the value of two hundred pounds in any part of the Province them or which might be thereafter open for selection in the Province of Wellington and such sale or arrangement has been duly approved of by the Procurator of the General Assembly and Colonial Scheme of the Church of Scotland. And whereas it is expedient to have the sanction of the Legislature to carry such agreement into effect.
BE IT THEREFORE ENACTED by the General Assembly of New Zealand in Parliament assembled and by the authority of the same as follows -
1. The Short Title of this Act shall be "The Wellington Supreme Court House Site Act 1865"
2. The trustees for the time being of the piece of land described in the said Schedule are hereby authorized and empowered to convey the same land to the Superintendent and his successors in trust for the public use of the Province of Wellington, and freed and discharged from all other trusts whatever, and the Commissioner of Crown Lands for the Province of Wellington, is hereby authorized and empowered to permit the said trustees to select out of the Crown Lands now or hereafter to be open for selection in the said Province to the value of two hundred pounds, town, suburban or rural land, or land, partly of one description and partly of another.
When any land shall have been so selected the Governor may, notwithstanding any law or regulation to the contracry, in operation within the said Province of Wellington, grant the same to the then surviving and acting trustees of the land, comprised in and granted by the said letters, patent of the thirtieth day of July, one thousand, eight hundred and fifty-three in trust for the support of the Presbyterian Church in the Province of Wellington, in connection with the Established Church of Scotland
SCHEDULE - ALL that piece of land situate on Lambton Quay, in the City of Wellington, measuring on the North and West side, 133 feet and 38 feet, 5 inches, on the South side 113 feet and on the East side 20 feet and bounded on the North side by a Public reserve Section No. 482 on the South side by a part of the land comprised in the Grant referred to in the above Act and on the East side by Lambton Quay the North and South boundary lines running at right angles with Lambton Quay

4 Nov 1867 - WELLINGTON
... New Zealand Company's Land Claimants Office
CLAIMANT: Peter Morrison Hervey, John Gladstone and Alexander Morrison
COMMISSIONER'S DECISION: they are entitled to receive a Crown Grant to be issued in the name of Peter Morrison Hervey, for a portion of Town Acre No.207 on the Plan of Wellington, in accordance with the provisions of "Crown Grants Act, 1866," the legal estate to be vested in the Grantee as from the 20th day of February, 1856

2 Jan 1869 - WELLLINGTON
... We learn by private telegram received to-day, that Mr Daniel Moore, an auctioneer of extensive practice in Nelson, died yesterday or this morning. Deceased was well-known here to many old settlers engaged in business. Mr P. M. Hervey, formerly of Wellington, was at one time connected with him in business

10 March 1890 - WEDDING in WELLINGTON
... On 10th March, at St Andrew's Church, Wellington, by the Rev C. S. Ogg, M.A., Peter James, son of the late P. M. Hervey, of Wellington, to Elaine Mary, daughter of the late C. W. C. Webb, of Dunedin

11 Oct 1908 - Anna Jane Hervey died in Wellington aged 83
- she is buried Plot 47 R, Section CH ENG at Karori cemetery

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