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PUKERIMU cemetery Paeroa - burials 1897-1900

Journal by ngairedith

Paeroa (Pukerimu) Cemetery, on 6.57 hectares of land, is situated amongst gently sloping farmland on State Highway 2, 2km east of Paeroa, on the main road to Waihi

* This was to be a journal on ALL the burials at Pukerimu up to 1900 but during research some dates on the database were found to be listed as 1990s when they should read 1890s, so the actual number of burials is not known at this time

known BURIALS at PUKERIMU Lawn Cemetery 1897-1900

• Walter Frederick BALCKE
* son of Frederick Augustus BALCKE (1860-1925) & Blanche Maria BEDFORD (1871-1941)
died 22 October 1900 aged 15 months
buried Lot 336, Block PRO, Section PRO
NOTE Walter's known siblings:
* 1897 - 1980 Eleanor Laura Balcke
* Eleanor married Alfred Thomas BRIGHT (1897-1971) in 1927
* 1899 - 1900 Walter Frederick Balcke
* 1900 - 1963 Norman Balcke
DEATH NOTICE BALCKE - On August 11 1941 (suddenly), at the Hamilton Hospital, Blanche Maria, dearly beloved wife of the late Frederick Augustus Balcke, and loved mother of Mrs A. Bright and Norman, of Huntly, late of Paeroa, aged 70 years. The funeral will leave the Presbyterian Church, Main Street Huntly, at 2.30 p.m. to-morrow (Tuesday) for the Kimihia Cemetery. Friends please accept this intimation

• Frederick Mervyn (database has Morgan) BARKER
* son of Thomas Marenda BARKER (1873-1941) & Beatrice DICKENS (1875-1960) who married 7 Nov 1899 at St Ninian's Avondale
Frederick died 3 December 1900 aged 10 weeks
buried Lot 350, Block PRO, Section PRO
NOTE Frederick's known siblings:
* 1900 - 1900 Frederick Mervyn Barker
* 1901 - 1985 Florence Beatrice Barker
* 1904 - 1980 Leslie Cecil Barker
* 1905 - Eileen Barker
* 1907 - James Thomas Barker
* 1908 - 1919 Arthur Eric Barker
* 1912 - 1970 Jack Barker

• Thomas James BOULT (database has Bault)
died 25 January 1900 aged 6
buried Lot 534, Block ROC, Section ROC

• Ernest Henry BILLENS (database has Billings)
* born 1874 in Akaroa to HENRY BILLENS (1846-1936, born Westminster, London) & his 1st wife, Agnes BROWN (1845-1876) who married in Akaroa 22 Sep 1868
died 13 October 1900 aged 26
buried Lot 32, Block PRO, Section PRO
Wanganui Herald Friday 19 October 1900 - With reference to the suicide of young Ernest Billens, a baker, working for *Mrs Henley, who hanged himself at Paeroa on Saturday night (13th), it appears that a letter from a young woman was found in deceased's pocket, stating that the writer was sending back a ring, and adding that she "should not have kept it so long." This letter he received only on Saturday. His father resides at Palmerston North
* this was Annie Adalia HENLEY (nee Le COMTE) & her husband Alexander Henley who had the Boarding house in which Ernest died and the bakery in which Ernest had worked for a week
16 Oct 1900 ... the Inquest
5 November 1900 PROBATE - On the application of Mr Guy, District Judge Kettle has granted probate in the will of the late Ernest Henry Billens to Henry Billens, of Palmerston North, the executor named in the will
NOTE Ernest's known siblings:
* 1869 - 1950 Fanny Mary Billens (died Wellington)
* Fanny married John BROOKER (1856-1931) in 1894 & had 7 children
* 1871 - Elizabeth Caroline Billens
* Elizabeth married Henry Thomas BATTERSHILL in 1892
* 1873 - 1968 Evangeline Billens
* Evangeline married Peter SORRENSON (1869-1948) in 1901
* 1874 - 1900 Ernest Henry Billens
* 1876 - 1965 Agnes Billens
* Agnes married William Daniel KINGSTON (1876-1958) in 1901
* Henry's father next married Eliza HEWITT (1852-1935) in Akaroa in 1877 & later moved to Palmerston North where he was a Photographer & Storekeeper, living at 78 Fitzherbert Street
NOTE Ernest's known half siblings:
* 1880 - 1951 Mary Billens (died Palmerston North)
* Mary never married. She is buried Kelvin Grove (see notes at brother Archibald)
* 1881 - 1970 Mabel Ellis Billens
* Mabel married Harold INSTONE (1881-1963) in 1911
* 1882 - 1959 Robert Hewitt Billens (Jounalist)
* Robert married Myra Mary BESSETT in 1912. A son, Hewitt Elliot Billens, Pilot Officer NZ428180 with the RNZEF, 149 Squadron, was Killed in Air Operations over France in WWII. Robert Hewitt Billens was the Editor of the Manawatu Times. He died in Porirua & was cremated at Kelvin Grove, Palmerston North
* 1883 - 1957 Violet Billens (died Christchurch)
* Violet married Samuel David CURRY (1879-1975) in 1904
* 1885 - 1962 Archibald Billens
* in 1912 Archibald (Class D, Professional Outdoor & Press photographs) & his sister Mary (Class A, Professional Studio Pictures only) were 2 of the only 3 New Zealanders who secured prizes in the Kodak (Australasia) Ltd, 'Austral Standard Plate Competition', the biggest photographic competition ever held in Australia. The winning photographs were exhibited in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane
* 1888 - 1946 Kathleen Billens
ELIZA Billens died 1 April 1935 aged 83
HENRY Billens died 28 June 1936 aged 90
they are buried Plot 036, Block 007, Area B at Kelvin Grove

• Thomas CAISLEY
died 2 March 1900 aged 27
buried Lot 296, Block PRO, Section PRO
Ohinemuri Gazette Wednesday 7 March 1900 - A distressing accident occurred at the New Zealand Talisman Gold Mining Company's mine, Karangahake, at about half-past ten o'clock on Friday night (2nd) which resulted in the death of a young man named Thomas Caisley. It appears that deceased was working in the stopes at the back of No 3 level, his mate being a man named Hubert, who was engaged working at a point about 20ft away from Caisley. Hubert heard a fall of mullock, and called to Caisley to know what was the matter. Upon receiving no reply he proceeded to the spot where Caisley had been working, and found him partly covered with the debris, his head and legs being the only part of his body visible. Hubert was alone at the time, so he worked hard to retrieve his mate, the time occupied in doing so being about twenty minutes. Caisley, upon being extricated, showed no signs of life, so his mate proceeded to no 2 level and procured assistance. The victim of the accident was then conveyed on a stretcher to the Tramway Hotel, where Dr Buckby was soon in attendance, but could only pronounce life extinct. A coroner's inquest was held on Saturday, before Mr Forrest, coroner, and a jury of six, of whom Mr Clarke was chosen foreman. The evidence adduced showed clearly that the accident could not have been foreseen, and that the fall of mullock occurred in what was considered a very safe portion of the mine. The stoping in question was being done by contract, and deceased was one of the employees of the contractors. Dr Buckby's evidence indicated that deceased had been suffocated, his head having been jammed against the wall. The jury returned a verdict to the effect that deceased was accidentally killed, and that no blame was attributable to anyone

• Margaret Mary Irene CALLINAN (database has Margaret M J Cullinan)
born 25 July 1899 to Daniel (1865-1926) & Annie Agnes (1873-1918) CALLINAN
died 5 February 1900 aged 6 months
buried Lot 537, Block ROC, Section ROC
NOTE Margaret's known siblings:
* 1899 - 1900 Margaret Mary Irene Callinan
* 1900 - 1992 Daniel Mervyn Callinan
* 1902 - ? Kathleen Mona Callinan
* Kathleen married Donald Frederick WILLIAMS in 1925
* 1909 - 1940 James Reginald Stanley Callinan
* born 27 Jan 1909, James (aka Reginald Stephen), served in WWII as Sergeant 580171 with the Royal Air Force, 233 Squadron. His parents were then living in Auckland. He was Killed on Air Operations 13 April 1940 aged 31 & is buried Sola Church Yard, Norway.
DANIEL & ANNIE are buried ROMAN CATHOLIC DIVISION C Row 13, Plots 126 & 128 at Waikumete

• Francis Patrick CONNOLLY
born 1 Sep 1877 to John (1832-1880) & Mary Ann (1852-1922) CONNOLLY
died 24 Oct 1900 aged 23
buried Lot 500, Block ROC, Section ROC
Thames Star 25 October 1900 - CONNOLLY - On October 24th, at the Thames Hospital, Francis Patrick, dearly beloved 2nd son of the late John CONNOLLY and
Mrs Mary COLLINSON, Karangahake, aged 23 years. R.I.P.

Charles died 12 Sep 1900 aged 42
buried Lot 33, Block PRO, Section PRO
The Queenslander (Brisbane) 12 Oct 1900 CRUTCHFIELD - On the 12th September, at his residence, School House, Owharoa, Waikino, Paeroa, New Zealand, very suddenly, Charles Crutchfield, aged 42 years. Home, Reading, Berkshire papers, please copy. Inserted by his Brothers, George and Richard Crutchfield.
Thames Star 15 January 1901 - The monthly meeting of the Charitable Aid Board was held last night. An account was forwarded by Dr Buckby for £2 12s 6d for professional services to Mr Crutchfield, who had since died. The account was first submitted to the Ohinemuri County Council, but was rejected by that body. Mr Saunders said Crutchfield was working for the Ohinemuri Council at the time he was taken ill and Dr Buckby attended him, expecting to get his fee. The doctor had made a bad debt. It was decided to inform Dr Buckby that the Board could not recognise the claim.
Auckland Star, 12 Sept 1902 - In loving memory of Charles Crutchfield, who died suddenly on 12th of September 1900 at Owharoa.
The trial was hard, the sting severe
To part with him I loved so dear
The trouble's o'er, I'll not complain
But hope in heaven we'll meet again
Inserted by his sorrowing widow and children - Constance Crutchfield
on 18 Oct 1895 Constance Crutchfield was a prisoner at Paeroa, charged with setting fire to the two-roomed dwelling house of Patrick 'Paddy' Bedford at Owharoa
on 26 Sep 1900 a Prohibition Order was taken out against a woman named Crutchfield residing at Te Aroha

• Charles Justin DAVISON
born 2 Feb 1898 to John Rockliff DAVISON & Elizabeth Jane DAVIES who married 23 July 1895, St Coleman's Church, Kapanga Road, Coromandel (built 1865)
died 10 August 1900 aged 2.6
buried Lot 464, Block ROC, Section ROC
NOTE Charles's known siblings:
* 1896 - 1974 Joseph John Davison
* 1898 - 1898 Charles Justin Davison
* 1900 - 1977 Pauline Margaret Jane Davison
* 1906 - ? Maida Gladys Davison
* 1909 - 1989 Ivy Jenefer Davison

• James Henry 'Jim' DICKEY (database has Dicke)
son of Nathaniel DICKEY & Isabella McDONALD
died 25 Jan 1900 aged 16.3
buried Lot 139, Block PRO, Section PRO
25 January 1900 - DICKEY - On January 25, 1900, at his father's residence, Mount Pleasant, Paeroa, James Henry, third and dearly beloved son of Nathaniel and Isabel Dickey; aged 16 years and 3 months. Funeral will leave his father's residence on Sunday, at 2.30 p.m.
... This morning a serious accident happened to Jim Dickey, son of Mr N. Dickey, the well-known horse owner at Paeroa. Young Dickey was exercising Swiftfoot on the Paeroa racecourse, when the animal commenced rearing and plunging and at last fell back with the boy, who had his head split open
... A very sad accident happened at the Paeroa Racecourse on Wednesday morning, about half-past four, when two horses, the property of Mr N. Dickey, were having a trial. The horses were Lady Dash (ridden by W. Dickey) and Swiftfoot (ridden by Jim Dickey). When coming round the bottom corner Jim Dickey came off Swiftfoot, his skull being severly injured, thus causing unconsciousness. No one knows exactly how the accident happened, as Lady Dash was in front, but it is surmised that the horse stumbled and the boy was precipitated to the ground. Dr Smith was sent for, but from the first could hold out no hope. Dr Forbes also came from Waihi and Dr Cooper from Te Aroha, but they could do nothing for the little fellow, who passed away on Thursday morning at seven o'clock. The greatest sympathy is felt for the relatives of the deceased in their sad affliction and the funeral to-morrow afternoon at two o'clock will doubtless be largely attended. The boy at the time of his death was only sixteen years of age. An inquest was held on Thursday afternoon before Mr W. Forrest, Coroner, and a jury of six (of which Mr J. Martin was foreman), when a verdict of "Accidental Death" was returned
NOTE James is buried with his uncle, John McDonald, (his mother's brother) who died in an accident, 11 weeks later, when he fell between horses and an ore cart containing one ton of quartz, at the Karangahake Mine (see below)
NOTE James's known siblings:
* 1875 - 1918 Samuel Dickey
* 1878 - 1961 Isabella Lochead Dickey
* 1880 - ? William John Dickey
* 1882 - 1968 Agnes Spence Dickey
* 1883 - 1900 James Henry Dickey
* 1886 - 1945 Rose Ann May Dickey
* 1889 - 1957 Charles Douglas Dickey
*1891 - 1892 Nathaniel Dickey (aged 8 months)
... On 11th January 1892, Nathaniel Dickey, youngest son of Nathaniel Dickey, Paeroa, Ohinemuri; aged eight months. The funeral will take place at Paeroa, at 2 o'clock, Wednesday the 13th (Nathaniel is not on the database)
* 1893 - 1918 Roy Nathaniel Dickey
* 1895 - 1981 Nathalie Dickey

• Elizabeth 'Eliza' DONNELLY
died 22 Aug 1900 aged 50
buried Lot 425, Block ROC, Section ROC (next to husband John)
22 Aug 1900 DONNELLY - On August 22nd, at Waihi, Eliza, wife of the late John Donnelly, of Waihi, aged 50. R.I.P. By request of deceased, no mourning to be worn. Private interment. Belfast papers please copy
Auckland Star, 23 Aug 1900 Mrs J. Donnelly, one of the oldest residents of Waihi, died suddenly on the coach journeying from Te Aroha between Paeroa and Waihi. She had been ailing lately; her daughter and son were with her at the time
Thames Star, 25 Aug 1900 Mrs Donnelly (who died on Wednesday evening in a vehicle on the Paeroa-Waihi road) and her husband were two of the earliest residents of Waihi. Mrs Donnelly has been ailing for some considerable time past and a fortnight ago she was taken to Te Aroha to see if a course of treatment at the baths would restore her. She, however, gradually got worse, and as she had a desire to get home, she was brought down by rail to Paeroa on Wednesday afternoon. The stretcher upon which she was lying was then placed in a covered vehicle and she was driven along the road to Waihi very quietly. When nearing Waikino, however, it was seen that she was dying and it was not long until she passed away

• Spencer Heaton DUGGAN
born 18 Dec 1899 to Dennis Henry DUGGAN (1865-1942) & Emma Maud SCORINGI
died 1 Oct 1900 aged 9 months
buried Lot 525, Block ROC, Section ROC
NOTE Spencer's known siblings:
* 1898 - 1969 Henry Roy Duggan
* Henry married Minnie Margueretta WARREN (1898-1992) in 1921
* 1899 - 1900 Spencer Heaton Duggan
* 1901 - 1987 Dallas Duggan
* Dallas married John Reginald DRAFFIN (1896-1972) in 1926. Son of David Joseph DRAFFIN (1870-1953) & Emily Theresa REGAN (1871-1948). David Joseph was the 3rd of 8 children (7 sons) of Samuel DRAFFIN (1838-1914) of Scotland & Bridget Mary DOWLING (1842-1912) of Ireland. Samuel had the Waipa Hotel in Ngaruawahia in the early 1900s and later was the Manager of the Grace Darling Mining Company in Waitekauri. Samuel & Bridget are buried in Ngaruawahia

died 7 Sep 1900 aged ?
buried Lot 86, Block PRO, Section PRO
Joel FISHER (1864-1972) married Mary Ellen VEDDER (1865-1940) in 1884
* Mary was a daughter of Francis Jacob VEDDER of New York who married Anna McPIKE, Auckland 1861
the known children of Joel & Mary
* 1885 - 1959 Joel Fisher
* 1887 - 1963 Francis Henry Fisher
* 1888 - Ellen Fisher
* 1891 - Violet Fisher
* 1892 - 1967 Gilbert Arthur Fisher
* 1896 - Ivy Myrtle Fisher
* 1898 - Elsie May Fisher
* 1900 - 1900 Infant Fisher (above)

born 13 Nov 1899 to John William PITZPATRICK (1865-1927) & Julia GLEESON (1869-1934)
died 8 Nov 1900 aged 12 months
buried Lot 522, Block ROC, Section ROC (next to Michael Henry Fitzpatrick)
NOTE Eric's known siblings:
* 1896 - 1933 Eleanor May Fitzpatrick
* Eleanor married Frank Herbert CHALLIS (1897-1965) in 1922
* 1897 - 1961 Albert Roy Fitzpatirck
* 1898 - 1960 John William Fitzpatrick
* 1899 - Eric George Fitzpatrick
* 1901 - 1903 Philip Gleeson Fitzpatrick
* Philip died 2 Jan 1903 in Thames aged 17 months
* 1902 - Doris Kathleen Fitzpatrick
* Doris married George Henry RUSSELL in 1926
* 1905 - 1968 Desmond Lyle Fitzpatrick
* 1909 - 1965 Kenneth Allan Fitzpatrick
JOHN & JULIA are buried PUBL-PLOT-4048 at Shortland Cemetery Thames

• Michael Henry FITZPATRICK
born 20 Sep 1900 to Daniel FITZPATRICK & Selina RYAN (1867-1905)
died 7 December 1900 aged 9 weeks
buried Lot 521, Block ROC, Section ROC (next to Eric George)
NOTE Michael's known siblings:
* 1895 - 1980 Ellen Fitzpatrick
* 1897 - 1973 John Michael Fitzpatrick
* 1898 - 1918 Frederick Daniel Fitzpatrick
* served as Rifleman 24/2192 with the NZRB, 5th Reinforcements 2nd Battalion, F Company. He died, after discharge, in Auckland Hospital 30 Dec 1918.
* 1899 - ? James Fitzpatrick
* 1900 - 1900 Michael Henry Fitzpatrick
* 1902 - ? Martin Fitzpatrick
* 1903 - Annie Mary Fitzpatrick
* 1905 - Selina Fitzpatrick
- born 13 Dec 1905 in Auckland, her mother, Selina, died that day
On 13 December 1905, at her parents' residence, Great North road, Arch Hill, Selina, the beloved wife of Daniel Fitzpatrick, and second daughter of Mr M. Ryan, of Arch Hill; aged 38 years. R.I.P. The funeral will leave at 2 p.m. on Saturday for Waikumete (ROMAN CATHOLIC DIVISION A Row 3, Plot 99)

• James Edward FYFE
son of John Davies FYFE (1860-1945) & Jemima Crombie HILL (1868-1958)
died 30 Sep 1900 aged 1 month
last address: Waitekauri
buried Lot 30, Block PRO, Section PRO
* In 1893 (at least) John Davies Fyfe was in Waikawa, Otago
NOTE James's known siblings:
* 1898 - 1900 William John Eric Fyfe
born 23 Dec 1898, William died 24 Oct 1900 aged 1.10, a month after James, but not on Pukerimu database
* 1900 - 1900 James Edward Fyfe
* 1902 - 1991 Ina Ailsa Fyfe
* Ina married Charles Joseph DEVONSHIRE in 1929
* 1905 - Thora Mary Fyfe

• John HANKEY (database has Haukey)
twin son of Leonard HANKEY (1873-1933) & Kate BUCKRIDGE (1878-1960)
born 19 Dec 1899, John died 12 March 1900 aged 3 months
buried Lot 303, Block PRO, Section PRO (with Leonard)
NOTE Johns's known siblings:
* 1899 - 1900 John Hankey, born 19 Dec 1899
* 1899 - 1900 Leonard Hankey, born 19 Dec 1899(see next)
* 1901 - 1956 Eileen Maud Hankey, born 29 Jan 1901
* Eileen married Ernest James GREY in 1930
* 1902 - 1986 Edith Eleanor Hankey, born 9 Sep 1902
* Edith married John LOUDON in 1926
* 1910 - 1993 Leonard Hankey
OF NOTE Leonard Hankey & Kate Buckeridge married on 16 August 1899. Kate's sister, Eleanor Buckeridge, had married James O'Shaunnessey 7 months earlier, on 16 Jan 1899. James O'Shaunnessey had the Fruit Shop and Public Baths at Karangahake. James and Leonard were good mates and both were charged in the Paeroa Court in 1904 of Sly-Grog Selling

• Leonard HANKEY (database has Haukey)
twin son of Leonard HANKEY (1873-1933) & Kate BUCKRIDGE (1878-1960)
born 19 Dec 1899, Leonard died 23 March 1900 aged 3 months
buried Lot 303, Block PRO, Section PRO (with John)
NOTE the above 2 sons are buried next to an infant daughter of L. Haukey' who was buried 30 Jan 1901, Lot 304, Block PRO, Section PRO
* John & Leonard were born 19 Dec 1899 ... Eileen was born 29 Jan 1901, the 'infant daughter' was buried 30th Jan 1901. The only possibility seems to be that Eileen was also a twin, her sister born still or dying within 24 hours
OBITUARY 15 Nov 1933 Mr Leonard Hankey, who died at Morrinsville, aged 60 years, was well known in mining circles on the Hauraki Peninsula. He was born at Waihola, near Dunedin, and 38 years ago came to Thames and was afterwards at Karangahake and Waihi. He was keenly interested in athletic sports. Mr Hankey took up land at Waitoa 17 years ago. He belonged to the Te Aroha Druids' Lodge, He is survived by Mrs Hankey and the following children: Mrs J. Lowde (sic Loudon), Waitoa; Mrs E. Gray, Te Aroha; Mr L. Hankey, Waitoa

• William Francis HENRY
born 6 Oct 1899 to Francis & Mary HENRY
died 25 Jan 1900 aged 3 months
buried Lot 510, Block ROC, Section ROC

• Edward Alfred Albert HILL
born 1873, son of George Gilbert HILL (1835-1884) & Catherine Clifton WYNN (1847-1926, born aboard the 'Clifton' to Auckland, to James Wynn of the 12th Regiment with the NZ Fencibles, who died enroute)
died 31 July 1900 aged 27
buried Lot 230, Block PRO, Section PRO
2 August 1900 The late Mr Edward Hill, who died at Waitekauri on Sunday, was well known locally, being for a number of years a prominent footballer, having such a knack of getting into winning teams as to earn him the title of "Mascotte". He was only 27 years of age at the time of his death and his numerous friends both here and in the Upcountry will learn with much regret of his untimely decease
NOTE Edward's known siblings: (because of gaps possibly more)
* 1866 - 1928 William George Hill
* 1868 - 1932 Louisa Harriet Hill
* 1869 - Charles Hill
* 1872 - George Hill
* 1873 -1900 Edward Alfred Albert Hill
* 1879 - Frances HIll

• Harriet Louisa HILL
daughter of William George HILL (1866-1928, see above entry) & Annie CLARKEN (1870-1923 from Belfast)
died 19 June 1900 aged 5
buried Lot 529, Block ROC, Section ROC (with her father)
NOTE Harriet's known siblings:
* 1892 - 1937 William George Hill
* 1895 - 1900 Harriet Louisa HIll
* 1898 - ? Clifton Wynne Hill
* 1900 - 1986 James Harold Hill
* 1905 - 1907 Alice Eliza Hill
* Alice died aged 22 months, buried with her mother & beside her father & Harriet

died 30 Nov 1900 aged ?
buried Lot 540, Block ROC, Section ROC

• Austin LIMA
died 12 Sep 1900 aged 70
buried Lot 519, Block ROC, Section ROC
On 9 June 1900 a Funeral Notice appeared in the Otago Daily Times
... The Friends of Mr and Mrs Austin Lima are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of their late daughter, Amelia (Amelia Jane aged 27), which will leave their Residence, Forth street, for St Joseph's Cathedral, this day (Saturday), the 9th inst, at 2.30p.m., thence for the Northern Cemetery, Dunedin
Austin's wife was Mary Caroline ? (1835-1921).
They had 5 known children born in NZ:
* 1869 - ? Marian Ann Lima
* 1871 - 1900 Amelia Jane Lima
* died in Dunedin 3 months before her father
* 1873 - 1965 Jane Louisa Lima
* 1874 - ? Henry Lima
* 1876 - ? Mary Lima
on 6 September 1921, at Hill street (Thorndon), Mary Caroline Lima, late of Christchurch and Dunedin. R.I.P. Private interment.
* She is buried Plot 158 R, ROM CATH at Karori, Wellington with spinster daughter Jane. Her headstone reads: MARY CAROLINE LIMA, widow of the late AUSTIN LIMA, died Sept. 6 1921 aged 86 years

• Ruby Grace MANNING
* 19th of 20 total children of Harry Daniel MANNING (1837-1908 son of William MANNING & of Susan PEACOCK from Suffolk) & his 2nd wife, Ada Ann OPPENHEIM (1857-1927 daughter of John Edward OPPENHEIM & Mary Ann FROGITT from London). Harry & Ada married on Boxing day 1878 in Christchurch
Ruby died 27 May 1900 aged 4
buried Lot 394, Block PRO, Section PRO (beside her parents)
On May 27th, at Paeroa, Ruby Grace, the dearly beloved daughter of Mr and Mrs H. D. Manning, in her fifth year
NOTE Ruby's known siblings & half siblings:
* Harry first married Almeida MOYE (1833-1876) & had 10 children)
* 1856 - William Manning
* 1858 - Ruth Manning
* 1859 - 1875 Frederick Samuel Manning
* 1862 - Charles Moye Manning
* 1863 - Annie Eliza Manning (born Timaru)
* 1865 - 1933 Edward Harold Manning
* 1867 - 1942 Ernest Herbert Manning
* 1870 - 1954 Alfred Claud Manning
* 1873 - 1912 Augustus Peacock Manning
* 1875 - 1937 Courtney Wilfred Manning
* Harry next married Ada Ann OPPENHEIM (1857-1927) & had 10 children:
* 1879 - 1966 Violet Alice Manning
* 1881 - 1976 May Ada Manning
* 1883 - ? Manning
* 1885 - ? Manning
* 1887 - 1918 Frederick Manning
* Frederick served in WWI as Trooper 11/1827 with the Wellington Mounted Rifles, 7th Reinforcements, embarking from Wellington 9 oct 1915. His next of kin was his mother Ada M. Manning of Rye Lane, Paeroa. Frederick died of Malaria in Palestine 19 Oct 1918 aged 32 & buried Ramleh War Cemetery, Israel
* 1888 - 1973 Harry Leslie Manning
* 1891 - 1972 Ursula Manning
* 1894 - 1915 Langley Cecil Manning
* Langley served as Private 12/402 with the Auckland Infantry battalion, embarking from Wellington 16 Octo 1914. His next of kin was his mother Ada of Rye Lane, Paeroa. Langley was Killed in Action in Gallipoli 25 April 1915 & buried Lone Pine Cemetery
* 1896 - 1900 Ruby Grace Manning
* 1899 - 1990 Clifford Neville Manning

• Michael MANTONS
died 5 June 1900 aged ? infant
buried Lot 534, Block ROC, Section ROC
NOTE no such name found

died 15 April 1900 aged 32 in mining accident
buried Lot 139, Block PRO, Section PRO
buried with his nephew Jim Dickey - see above

• John McGEEHIN (database has McGeehan)
died 26 Dec 1897 aged 56
buried Lot 480A, Block ROC, Section ROC
Ohinemuri Gazette, 29 Dec 1897 We regret to have to record the death of Mr John McGeehin, one of the oldest residents of Paeroa, who passed away on Sunday night last, the 26th inst., after an illness of only about three weeks. He arrived in the district some 22 years ago, before which he had been engaged in mining in Otago, also in business in Coromandel, and on coming here he started in the butchery business with Mr J. Barrett, they being the first butchers in Paeroa. During his stay here Mr McGeehin carried on the business of dealing in cattle, and was considered one of the best judges of cattle in the district. He has left a wife and six children, four boys and two girls, for whom the deepest sympathy is felt by all his many friends, who showed their respect and esteem for the deceased by following the remains to the grave yesterday afternoon. The procession left the residence at 3 o'clock, and on arrival at St Mary's Church, the funeral service was read by Rev Father Hackett, after which the cortege proceeded to the cemetery, where the interment took place
... the children are on BDM as born McGeehIn & most at death as McGeehAn
John married Margaret MULDOON (1855-1927) in 1882
their 6 children
* 1882 - ? Ellen May McGeehin
* 1884 - 1954 Bernard McGeehin
* 1886 - 1972 Mary Ann McGeehin
* 1887 - 1973 James Edward McGeehin
* 1897 - 1914 Vincent Neil McGeehin
* 1907 - 1927 Thomas Manus McGeehin

• Joseph McGLYNN
died 3 Dec 1900 aged 10 days
buried Lot 518, Block ROC, Section ROC
NOTE an Arthur McGLYNN who married Nellie FERGUSON in 1892 lived in Paeroa. Also his brother Joseph and a William & John McGlynn lived and worked in the mines at Karangahake & Huntly

• Jeanette McKENNA
died 13 Jan 1900 aged 61
buried Lot 227, Block BOC, Section BOC
On January 13th, 1900 at Owharoa, Jeanette, the beloved wife of William McKenna; aged 61 years. Deeply regretted.

• William Joseph McKENZIE
born 11 May 1899 to Charles McKENZIE (1871-? from Antrim, Ireland) & Sarah Ann COLLETT (1881-1941). Sarah was 1 of the 14 children (born in Waitoa & Paeroa districts) of William COLLETT (1851-1929) & Esther Ellen SWNEY (1864-1906). Charles McKenzie was a member of the Brass band in Karangahake and in 1898 he went into business as a music teacher having been a past master of music at St Magdala's College at Belfast ?
William died 7 April 1900 aged 11 months
buried Lot 513, Block ROC, Section ROC
NOTE Charles's known siblings:
* 1902 - 1976 Gladys Ettie McKenzie (died in Auckland)
* Gladys married Frederick George EVANS in 1921 & had 5 children
Charles & Sarah were divorced in June 1920. Sarah next married William Joseph SIMPSON 1 Nov 1920
NOTE Charles's known step-siblings:
* 1920 - 1995 Frank Ernest Simpson (died in Brisbane)

• Mary Veronica MONTGOMERY (nee SLOAN)
Mary married Ralph Montgomery in 1898
died 31 March 1899 aged 23
buried Lot 482, Block ROC, Section ROC
NOTE Mary probably died due to birth difficulties as her baby daughter, Mary Veronica Montgomery, died 5 weeks after her on 1 May 1899 aged 5 weeks. No record of a burial at the database for this baby

• Alexander MORRISON
born 20 Feb 1878, 7th of 12 children (9 sons) of
John (1835-1911) & Sarah (1843-1928) MORRISON
died 6 April 1899 aged 21 (database has 1999
buried Lot 225, Block PRO, Section PRO
On the 6th April 1899 at Hikutaia, Alexander Morrison, son of John Morrison, settler of Hikutaia, in his 22nd year. The funeral will leave his parents' residence, at Hikutaia, at 11 a.m., and from Paeroa at 1 p.m., to-day, April 8th, for the Pukerimu Cemetery, at Paeroa
NOTE Alexander's known siblings:
* ? - ? Hugh Morrison (born in Ireland?/England?)
* ? - ? Robert Morrison (born in Ireland?/England?)
* arrived in Auckland with their parents on the Maori 17 Feb 1869
* 1870 - 1932 John Morrison
* 1872 - 1963 William Kelly Morrison
* 1873 - 1925 Edward James Morrison
* 1876 - 1947 Malcolm Ritchie Morrison
* 1878 - 1899 Alexander Morrison
* 1879 - Maggie Morrison
* 1881 - 1900 Hans Woods Morrison (see next)
* 1884 - Agnes Sophia Morrison (twin with Ritchie)
* 1884 - 1962 Ritchie Morrison (twin with Sophia)
* 1886 - 1960 Catherine Morrison

• Hans Woods MORRISON
born 17 July 1881, 9th of 12 children of John (1835-1911) & Sarah (1843-1928) MORRISON
died 8 July 1900 aged 1 week from 19
buried Lot 226, Block PRO, Section PRO
9 July 1900 THAMES, Saturday - William Wilson and Hans Morrison, admitted recently to the Thames Hospital siffering from fractured skulls both died to-day. Wilson was injured by a heavy block falling upon him in the Waitekauri mine. Morrison's injury was caused by a kick from a horse
11 July 1900 The body of the late Mr Morrison, who died at the Thames Hospital last week, was interred in the Paeroa Cemetery on Sunday. Much sympathy is felt with the deceased's relatives in their sad affliction

1st of 14 children (at least 6 dying as infants) of James Holmes NICHOLSON (1877-1944) & Laura Ellen HARRIS (1877-1842)
died 18 March 1899 aged 4 weeks
buried Lot 393, Block PRO, Section PRO

• MRS Frances ORGAN (nee DAVIS) (database has Francis (male)
died 13 October 1900 aged 84
buried Lot 84, Block PRO, Section PRO
on Oct 13th, 1900, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs E. White, Mackytown, Karangahake, Mrs Frances Organ, in her 85th year, Interred at Paeroa
NOTE Her husband was Richard Organ (1811-1858), a Fencible. Frances and Richard arrived into Auckland 27 May 1852 on the Inchinnan with their children, Sarah Ann Organ (1843-?), James Organ (1847-?), Richard Organ (1849-1910), twins John & Mary Organ were born on board but only Mary survived and was renamed at NZ registration to Eliza Organ (1852-1920). Two children were born in Auckland, Thomas Organ (1855-1903) & their youngest was the daughter mentioned above, Frances ORGAN (1857-1947), who married Edgar Douglas WHITE (1838-1922) in 1872 & had 13 children
* Great read about this family at THE LEACH - WHITE FAMILY

died 3 Dec 1900 aged 39
buried Lot 28, Block PRO, Section PRO

• Elizabeth PENNY (database has Mary)
died 20 May 1900 aged 45
buried Lot 316, Block PRO, Section PRO
23 May 1900 An inquest was held at Hikutaia on Monday afternoon upon the body of the late Mrs Elizabeth Penny, who died suddenly at the Wires, Whangamata, on Saturday last (20th). The evidence of Dr Lapraik, who had performed a post-mortem examination, showed that deceased died from heart disease, and a verdict to that effect was accordingly returned. Mr James Finlay, J.P., acted as coroner, and Detective McMahon was present on behalf of the police
NOTE BDM also has Elizabeth Penny as dying 20 May 1900

• Martha POTTER
died 28 July 1897 aged 40
buried Lot 61, Block PRO, Section PRO (beside an infant of R. Potter, no date)

• Peter PRUDENCE (database has Prudence PETER)
died 25 Nov 1900 aged 57
buried Lot 458, Block ROC, Section ROC
29 Nov 1900 A very old Waitekauri resident, in the person of Mr Peter Prudence, died at the Hamilton Hospital on Sunday (25th), and the body was brought down to Paeroa on Tuesday, for interment. Deceased, who was a very old mining prospector, was the first man to forward down quartz from the old Waitekauri mine. The high esteem in which deceased was held was fully evidenced by the large number of Waitekauri residents, who rode and drove into Paeroa, a distance of about 14 miles, to pay their last tribute of respect. The funeral procession was very long, and among those present were a large number of representatives of the Thames, Paeroa, and Waitekauri Lodges of Oddfellows

• Eliza Jane REID
died 31 July 1900 aged 56
buried Lot 241, Block PRO, Section PRO (with daughter Sarah Ann)
1 August 1900 Mrs Reid, wife of Robert Reid, of Owharoa, died at her residence on Monday last (31st July) Deceased was 58 years of age (sic), and has resided at Owharoa nearly the whole time the goldfields have been known

• Sarah Ann REID
died 2 April 1899 aged 13
buried Lot 241, Block PRO, Section PRO (with mother Eliza)
8 April 1889 At the residence of her parents, Owharoa, on 2nd April, Sarah Ann, youngest and dearly beloved daughter of Robert and Eliza Reid, aged 13 years

• Ellen Cecilia ROBERTSON (nee VUGLAR)
Ellen married George Robertson on 27 Dec 1891
they had a daughter
* 1897 - 1972 Dorothy Beatrice Robertson
* Dorothy married John Walter Thomas CARTER in 1915
Ellen Cecilia died 30 July 1898 aged 27
buried Lot 332, Block PRO, Section PRO
On Saturday evening, the 30th ult., suddenly, at her husband's residence in Waihi, Ellen Cecilia, the wife of Mr George Robertson, and eldest daughter of Mr John and Mrs Vuglar, of Paeroa
... The social and musical evening which was to have been held in aid of the Wesleyan Church last evening was postponed owing to the sad death of Mrs Robertson, sister of Miss Vuglar, the popular organist of the local Wesleyan Church
.. at 7p.m. at the Wesleyan Church, Paeroa, a Memorial Service was held for Ellen
NOTE 2 January 1892
... A very pretty wedding took place at the Wesleyan Church on Saturday last, when Miss Celia Vuglar, eldest daughter of Mr John Vuglar, of this town, was joined in the silken fetters of matrimony to Mr George Robertson of Cambridge by the Rev Mr Law. The church was crowded and the decorations were most effective. The bride was dressed in white, with a superb veil and wreath. The bridesmaids were Misses Mary Robson, Laura Avenell, and Ruth Vuglar. The two former young ladies were fascinating in white, and the latter in a maize liberty silk costume. Mr John Vuglar gave the bride away, and immediately after the ceremony the Rev Mr law presented the happy pair with a magnificent family Bible, to celebrate the wedding as being the first held in the church. The Wedding March was beautifully played by Miss Robson as the party left for the house, where about 40 guests assembled at breakfast. Mr and Mrs Robertson afterward drove to Cambridge, their future home, where Mr Robertson is established in business

• Arthur ROOTSEY
died 7 Jan 1900 aged 4 months
buried Lot 38, Block PRO, Section PRO

• Nora Kathleen RYAN
daughter of William Earle 'Bill' RYAN (1864-1902) & Kathleen 'Kate' LYNCH
died 30 March 1900 aged 9 months
buried Lot 462, Block ROC, Section ROC
she is buried with her uncle, Patrick Edward Ryan 1874-1899, (database has 1999) who died from an accidental overdose of laudanum (see Patrick's notes)
NOTE Nora's father ran the Tramway Hotel. He died in 1902 aged 37 and her mother Kate remarried in 1904 to Peter CROSBY

• Patrick Edward 'Paddy' RYAN
died 22 May 1899 aged 25
buried Lot 462, Block ROC, Section ROC (with Nora above)
24 May 1899 It is with feelings of the most sincere regret that we have to record the death of Mr Patrick Edward Ryan, of Karangahake, who passed away at eleven o'clock on Monday morning (22nd). It appears that Mr Ryan had been suffering from insomnia and that on Sunday evening he took a dose of laudanum. Later on the evening he took a second, and apparently larger dose, to make himself sleep. On Monday morning he was found in his bed still in a heavy sleep, and although the service of Drs Buckby and Forbes were secured, all efforts were unavailing, and Mr Ryan died at about eleven o'clock.
The greatest sympathy is felt with the bereaved relations, as the deceased was known and respected by all classes of the community. He was a single man, and but 25 years of age. Deceased had been a prominent runner and footballer in this disctict for some years back, and has played three-quarter in the Karangahake football team for some considerable time past. Last year he played in the Ohinemuri representative team. The deceased was the third son of Mr P. Ryan, of Waitekauri, and was employed with his brother in keeping the Tramway Hotel at Karangahake. He has a sister and brother at Waitekauri, the latter being the licensee of the Waitekaru Hotel (this was William 'Bill' Earle Ryan who died in 1902 aged 37 & his wife Kate ran the Hotel until her remarriage in 1904 to Peter Crosby and he then became the licensee)
... The inquest was held at Karangahake yesteday afternoon, before Mr W. Forrest, Coroner and a jury of six, of whom Mr M. D. Regan was chosen foreman. After hearing the evidence, the jury returned a verdict as follows:- "That the deceased Patrick Edward Ryan died at Tramway Hotel, Karangahake, on Monday, 22nd May 1899, at or about 10.45 a.m., from the effects of an overdose of laudanum administered as an opiate, without due knowledge as to safe amount, and that no blame is attachable to Mr Morton, chemist's assistant
... The match between Paeroa and Karangahake, which was to take place on Saturday next, has been postponed owing to the death of 'Paddy' Ryan, and the senior fixture for that day will be Paeroa v Waitekauri, at Waitekauri

• Iris Aileen SHAW
born 19 Oct 1897 to Edward (1867-1927) & Lena SHAW (1869-1938)
died 6 June 1898 aged 8 months (BDM has 7 weeks)
buried Lot 503, Block ROC, Section ROC (parents at Lot 505 & 506)
8 June 1898 We regret to learn of the death of an infant daughter (8 months old) of Mr and Mrs Edward Shaw, on Monday last (6th), at her parents' residence, Belmont Road, Paeroa. The funeral, which will be a private one, will take place to-day

• Lavinia SHAW (nee DAVISON)
Lavinia married Thomas Edward Shaw in 1879
died 3 Nov 1898 aged 41
buried Lot 453, Block ROC, Section ROC
5 November 1898 SHAW - At her late residence, Paeroa, on November 4th, 1898, the dearly beloved wife of Thomas E. Shaw, R.I.P. The funeral will take place on Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock
... We regret very much to announce the death of Mrs Shaw, the wife of Mr Thomas Shaw, Paeroa, which sad event took place on Thursday night last (3rd), at midnight. The deceased lady had been ill for a long time, and it was known that there was no possible hope of her recovery, so that when the end came it was not unexpected, and was felt to be a merciful release from the suffering she had so long and so patiently borne. Her decease will be deeply regretted by the numerous friends she has left behind, and the deepest sympathy is felt for the bereaved husband and family
9 Nov 1898 The funeral of the late Mrs Thos. Shaw took place last Sunday, and the very large concourse of friends from Thames, Te Aroha, Waihi and other parts of this district who followed her remains to their last resting place testified to the high esteem in which the deceased had been held, as also the deep sympahty felt for the bereaved family. The procession, which was one of the largest that we have seen in Paeroa, extending over a mile long, left the late residence of deceased shortly after 3 p.m. and proceeded as far as the Roman Catholic Chapel, where the coffin was taken in and the service read by the Rev Father Hackett in a very impressive manner. At the grave the services for the dead were concluded by the Rev Father, the Sunday School children also taking part by singing "Heaven is the prize"
NOTE the known children of Thomas & Lavinia:
* 1880 - 1951 Alice May Shaw
* 1881 - ? Amy Lily Shaw
* 1884? - Minnie Shaw
* 1888 - 1948 Eugene Lewis Shaw
* 1889 - 1913 Esmond Dudley Shaw
* 1890 - 1916 Gerald Edwin Shaw
* Gerald served in WWI as Private 12/2898 with the Samoan Advance Party in 1914 & the 6th Reinforcements in 1915, Auckland Infantry Battalion. He enlisted from the Queen's Hotel, Thames and his next of kin was his sister Minnie Shaw of Paeroa. Gerald was Killed in Action 3 July 1916 at Somme, France

• Charlotte SMITH
died 8 Nov 1899 aged 89
buried Lot 161, Block PRO, Section PRO
8 Nov 1899 An old identity in the person of Mrs Smith died at Karangahake, at the residence if her daughter Mrs Capill on Monday afternoon, from senile decay. Deceased was well known and respected throughout the distruct, and was in her 90th year *her daughter was Jane who married James Capill in 1872

• Thomas SMITH
died 10 Aug 1900 aged 35
buried Lot 400, Block PRO, Section PRO
11 Aug 1900 We regret to announce the death of Mr Thomas Smith, who passed away yesterday afernoon at the residence of Mr H. Phillips, Williams street, Paeroa. Deceased had been suffering for some time past from miner's complaint, and his death was not altogether unexpected. He was 35 years of age, and no relatives in the colony. The funeral will take place at three o'clock this afternoon
15 Aug 1900 The funeral of the late Thomas Smith, who died on Friday last, took place in Paeroa on Saturday afternoon. The sad procession was attended by numerous friends of the deceased, the Rev W. H. Wilson officiating at the grave. Great praise is due to the Rev gentleman for coming from Te Aroha at great personal inconvenience to be present

• Charles Daniel SWANN (database has Charles David)
son of Daniel SWANN (1866-1942) & Emma Jael SPECK (1876-1957)
died 8 Dec 1900 aged 8 weeks
buried Lot 327, Block PRO, Section PRO
NOTE Charles's known siblings:
* 1897 - 1983 Robert James Swann
* 1899 - 1936 Alexander Richard Swann
* 1900 - 1900 Charles Daniel Swann
* 1901 - 1974 Ruby Alma Swann
* 1903 - 1990 Pendar Swann

• Charlotte Endora 'Lottie' THORP
born 10 Dec 1886, 1st of 10 children of Alfred Joshua THORP (1842-1912) & Anna Susannah HORGAN (1864-1935) who married 17 Feb 1886 in Hikutaia
died 29 Nov 1900 aged 13 (11 days from 14)
last address: Rotokohu Rd., Paeroa
- buried Lot 168, Block PRO, Section PRO
... A sad drowning accident occurred here this evening, as a result of which a girl named Lottie Thorp, aged 14 years (sic), eldest daughter of Mr A. J. Thorp, lost her life. It appears that the girl was bathing with several other children and that they got in a boat to pull across to a sand bank. One of the smaller children, thinking they had reached it, stepped out into deep water. The little girl courageously jumped in to save it, and succeeded in doing so, but at the same time the boat capsized and she was drawn under, sinking before assistance could arrive. Much sympathy is felt for the bereaved parents, especially as it is only last week that a younger daughter
(Elsie Madeline Thorp), was nearly killed through accidently eating matches. The body was recovered about midnight near the spot where the unfortunate girl was drowned. Many persons joined in the work searching the river banks
... An inquest was held yesterday afternoon before a jury, of which Mr Jos. Nathan was foreman, to enquire into circumstances attending the death of the young girl Lottie Thorp, who was drowned in the Ohinemuri River. After hearing the evidence, which was very similar to the published report forwarded by me, the jury returned a verdict "That deceased was accidentally drowned whilst bathing". Constable Parsons represented the police
NOTE Charlotte's known siblings:
* 1886 - 1900 Charlotte Endora Thorp
* 1888 - 1978 Mary Josephine Thorp
* 1890 - 1930 Lucy Sophia Thorp
* 1893 - 1974 Elsie Madeline Thorp
* 1896 - 1981 Alfred Feilden Thorp
* 1897 - 1983 Henry Richard Thorp
* 1899 - 1985 Jessie Annis Thorp
* 1903 - Ruth Selwyn Thorp
* 1905 - 1984 Geoffrey Hampton Thorp
* 1908 - ? Alfreda Stansfield Thorp

• Anna Maria TIBBITS (nee GARNER)
died 16 Nov 1900 aged 55
buried Lot 290, Block PRO, Section PRO
Ohinemuri Gazette 21 November 1900 - On November 16th, at Paeroa, Thames, Anna Maria, the dearly beloved wife of Frederick Arthur Tibbits (1845-1916), Civil Engineer, of Wolfhampcote Hall, Warwickshire, England, and daughter of the late Colonel Garner, of the 93rd Regiment, Belfast, Ireland; aged 55 years

died 20 July 1896 aged 65
buried Lot 196, Block PRO, Section PRO
On 20th July 1896 DEATH - At Karangahake on the 20th July, 1896, Henry Trezise, of Cornwall, England, beloved husband of Johanna Trezise, and father of Mrs A. Wilson, of Waiotahi; aged 65 years
... We regret to record the death of Mr Henry Trezise, at Karangahake on Monday last, the 20th inst. The deceased was well known in this district, in which he resided for about 13 years, and leaves a wife and four children, one son and three daughters, two of whom are married
NOTE Henry Trezise was born in St. Just, Cornwall. He arrived on the Assaye into Auckland 26 Dec 1874, with his wife Joanna (1831-1904 nee OATS) & their 3 children (born in American):
* 1858 - 1924 Elizabeth Jane Trezise
* Elizabeth Jane married Charles STEVENS 24 Oct 1878
30 Oct 1878 STEVENS-TREZISE, On October 24th, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev R. S. Bunn, Charles, second surviving son of the late John Stevens, nursery and seedsman, St. Frith, Cornwall, to Elizabeth Jane, eldest daughter of Mr Henry Trezise, Waiotahi, Thames, and late of St. Just, Cornwall. Cornwall papers please copy
* 1863 - 1951 Mary Ann Trezise
- Mary Ann Trezise married Allan WILSON 9 May 1883
19 May 1883 WILSON-TREZISE, On May 9th, at the residence of the bride's parents, bu the Rev H. Bull, Allan, fifth son of the late John Wilson, to Mary Ann, second daughter of Henry Trezise, both of the Thames
* 1865 - 1911 Charles Henry Trezise
- Charles died 17 July 1911 aged 46 from 'miners' complaint' (phthisis)
- 7 April 1911 Mr C. H. Trezise, who is well-known in this district, is at present laid up in the Thames Hospital. 24 April 1911 The many friends of Mr Trezise, of Karangahake, will regret to learn that his condition is serious. 19 July 1911 We learn with regret of the death of Mr C. H. Trezise, who died at the Thames Hospital early on Monday morning after a lengthy illness. Deceased was for a long time a well-known resident of Karangahake, and for some years was a member of the Ohinemuri County Council and the Thames Hospital Board. Some two or three years ago he removed to Auckland, but last year he had to enter the Thames Hospital, suffering from miners' complaint and other complications. He bore a painful and lingering illness with great fortitude and passed peacefully away as stated above. The funeral took place at Paeroa yesterday morning
* 1876 - 1949 Johanna Trezise
- born in New Zealand, Johanna married John SHEEHAN 6 March 1901
On November 10 1904 1904, at her son's residence, Karangahake, Johanna, relict of the late Henry Trezise, in her 74th year

• John WALSH
died 3 Jan 1900 aged ?
buried Lot 509, Block ROC, Section ROC

• Gordon Paxton WYLDE
son of Arthur Paxton WYLDE (1866-1939) & Christiana PARKINSON
died 11 Jan 1900 aged 2 months
buried Lot 23, Block PRO, Section PRO
NOTE Gordon's known siblings:
* 1898 - 1977 Walter Paxton Wylde
* 1900 - 1900 Gordon Paxton Wylde
* 1901 - ? Freda Clara Wylde
* 1902 - 1965 Charles Paxton Wylde
* 1903 - 1958 Harry Paxton Wylde
* 1906 - ? Irene Constance Wylde
On 22 December 1938, at his home at Waimana, bay of Plenty, Arthur Paxton Wylde, beloved husband of Christiana Wylde, in his seventy-fourth year
On August 26th 1940, at Paeroa, Christina (sic), relict of the late Arthur Paxton Wylde of Waimana, aged 67 years. The funeral will leave the Anglican Church, Whakatane, to-day (Wednesday) at 2 p.m. for the Whakatane Cemetery

written in 1902

* the journals on Ohinemuri Regional History

* the MEN of HAURAKI called up for military service

* the OHINEMURI Licensing Election - 1903


* the TREZISE in New Zealand 1871 - 1927

* Fredrick George Evans (1881-1912) a radical unionist who died in the Waihi miners' stike fighting against conditions such as miners' phthisis - dust on the lungs. Because of 'miners complaint' as it was known, men who started mining at 16 would be lucky to reach 40

see the Cemetery Online Dearchable Database for burials at:
• Paeroa (PUKERIMU) Cemetery
• WAIHI Cemetery
• HAURAKI PLAINS Memorial Wall
• MIRANDA Cemetery

The Battery, Waitekauri Gold Mining Co. Ltd.
from the site WAITEKAURI

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by mitches1829 on 2013-02-14 18:44:40

My ancestors from nz, northlands. have not been able to lake information on burials etc, so this is fantastic. Tahnkyou.

by ngairedith on 2013-02-14 18:58:27

hi mitches, who were your ancestors??

by mitches1829 on 2013-02-14 19:37:19

hi ngiare?
Please excuse the spelling errors, must have been having a Youngtimers moment.
My grt grt grandparents William Henry Mitchell and Mary Jane Parrott, they had 11 children (possibly a couple more), Most of them resided in the Northlands, Nz.
I am finding that nz bdm death index is rather difficult to usedue to lack of information included. It is a bit hit and miss. So I hope that I might find some useful clues in the cemetery indexes that you posted the link to.
Yes Mary Jane Mitchell, nz star athlete, carver, painter extraordinaire was his grand daughter.
I am still looking for the descendants of Samual alfred Mitchell, Raupo and John Mitchell of Dargaville, and paeroa. Malcolm (Bill) Mitchell b. 1867 Aus.
Thank you again. sharene

by ngairedith on 2013-02-14 19:51:10

have a look through this journal sharene...
Regional Archives

it has LOTS of cemetery databases like, Northland, Thames etc (in fact all over New Zealand) and has links to many other sites that can help anyone searching their ancestors

by ngairedith on 2013-02-14 21:44:04

to help any others who may be researching this family,
William Henry Mitchell & Mary Jane Parrott had most (or all) of their children in New South Wales. Some of these children married in Newcastle or Queensland and some in New Zealand

some dates to help ...
Roderick Mitchell (1871-1947) m. Leonora NEWMAN (1879-1978), NZ in 1893
- they had at least 5 children

Samuel Alfred Mitchell (1872-1962) m. Kate KAES, NZ in 1905
- he possibly m. Minnie ROBINSON in 1932

John Mitchell (1879-) m. Emily Elizabeth BASCOMBE (1881-1913), NZ in 1899
- they had 10 children (possibly 2 sets of twins)
- he next married her sister Eva May BASCOMBE (1889-1935), in 1914

by mitches1829 on 2013-02-14 22:15:46

Thank you ngiare,

I am trying to locate any living descendants of the names mentioned. As One grand old lady named Iris ,would like to know what happened to her fathers family before she passes away. She has not got long now.

Roderick and leonora's daughter mary jane married donald Logan. no children.
Her possessions and life left with her nephew. Much of which has now been placed in the Auckland museum. She donated a large portion of her artworks and carvings before passing away. I Have been in touch with other family members.
Samual did in fact marry both of these ladies, as stated on his death certificate.
cannot find his children or descendants.
John married Emily (poppet), who died in november leaving 2 babies. (no twins).He married eva her sister, and after that am not sure. John and emilys daughter Ruby never married, went to live with and care for aunty mary in Sydney. Frank drowned in the wairoa river in 1924. No death certificate found. The remaining children I have not found.
Colin & Agnes Mitchell (nee lane) had children william james b. aus. Ilma b. aus (m. Newlove), Elsie, samual, colin, Victor, alfred john (my grandad), Nellie & John aka jack, Nelson all born nz.
Colin snr died back in australia in 1923, along with colin jnr, sam and elsie.
Malcolm william (Bill) mitchell still trying to locate.
Stepehen left Bluff on board a ship using his brothers identity, sailed the seas and returned to australia abt 1910. His daughter is IRIS.

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