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Publicans Licenses - Sydney. 1840

Journal by janilye

Below we insert a list, as correct as we have been able for the present to obtain, of those per
persons who have had Licenses granted them for the ensuing year ; but as there are some yet
remaining for the further consideration of the Magistrates, it will doubtless be some days before
the whole are disposed of.
Peter Hanslow, Horse and Jockey, George street;.
John Martin, Steam Engine Inn, ditto.
Andrew Byrne, Peacock, ditto.
William Joseph Bollard, Woolpack, ditto.
W. Stephenson, Square and Compass, ditto.
M. Nathali, Baldfaced Stag, ditto.
John Blackwell, Britannia Arms, corner of George and Goulburn streets.
John Meillion. Jews' Harp, ditto.
Thomas Johnston, Crown, ditto.
Henry R. Reuben, Black Swan, ditto.
Isaac Titterton, Talbot Inn, ditto.
Charles Bath, Currency Lass, ditto.
William Dargin, Emu Inn, corner of George and Bathurst streets.
John Nobbs, Swan with Two Necks, corner of George and Park streets.
Edward Boston, London Tavern, ditto.
James Reynolds, Bull's Head, ditto.
Robert Murray, Farriers' Arms, ditto.
John Sparkes, Royal Hotel, ditto.
George Watkins, White Horse ditto.
Michael Farrel, Welch Harp, ditto.
John Hart, Golden Fleece, corner of George and King-street.
T. Baker, Crown and Anchor, George-street.
William Barns, St. John's Tavern, corner of George and Bridge-streets.
William Perry, Liverpool Arms, ditto.
John Harris, Blue Posts, ditto.
Edward Chambers, Brown Bear, ditto.
Henry Vaughan, New South Wales Hotel, ditto.
William Paxton, Australian Hotel, ditto.
George Venables, Blue Anchor, ditto.
Patrick O'Brien Murphy, Bard's Legacy, ditto.
Robert White Moore, Fortune of War.
Benjamin Morris, Red Lion, Pitt and Goulburn streets.
William Coates, Staffordshire Arms, Pitt and Liverpool streets.
J. A. Cook, Edinburgh Castle, corner of Pitt and Bathurst-streets.
George Hill, Carpenters' Arms, Pitt-street.
Henry S. Green, Cricketers' Arms, corner of Pitt and Market-streets.
Thomas Hilson, British Hotel, Pitt-street.
Frederick Gibson, Victoria Hotel, ditto.
William Stone, King's Arms, ditto.
Alexander Johnston, Noah's Ark, ditto.
Charles Newman, Cornwallis Frigate, ditto.
Samuel Dean, New Inn, ditto.
Charles Morris, Elephant and Castle, ditto.
William Gill, Brougham Tavern, ditto.
Emanuel Martin, Golden Fleece, Castlereagh-street.
William Tunks, Curriers' Arms, Castlereagh and Bathurst-streets.
George Segerson, Barley Mow, Castlereagh and Park-streets.
J. Murdoch, Seven Stars, Castlereagh-street.
Michael Gaynor, Globe Inn, ditto.
Elizabeth Sandwell, Rose and Crown, ditto.
William Toogood, Rainbow Tavern, ditto.
Christopher Crane, Leather Bottle, ditto.
William Pullinger, Spread Eagle, Elizabeth and Park-streets.
Richard Driver, Three Tuns Elizabeth-street.
John Leary, Erin-go-Bragh, York and Druitt street.
Solomon Levien, Pulteney Hotel, York-street.
Bernard McLoughlin, Harp of Erin.
Benjamin Lee, Flower Pot, York and Market-streets.
Andrew Higgins, Cheshire Cheese, ditto, ditto.
John O'Dowd, Harp and Shamrock, ditto, ditto.
Bridget McLoughlan, Donnybrook Fair, York street.
Robert Johnston, Builders Arms, ditto.
James Warman, Masonic Hall, ditto.
Henry Webb, Hope Tavern, York-street and Barrack lane.
Patrick Conlon, Tradesman's Arms. Clarence-street, South.
Thomas Martin, Ship Inn, Clarence-street.
W. J. Edwards, Old King George the Third, ditto.
John Little, White Hart, Clarence and King-streets.
Thomas Aiton, Crispin Arms, Clarence-street.
James Aylward, Thistle, Kent and Bathurst-streets.
Abraham Levey, Red Cross, Kent and Druitt-streets.
Hugh F. O'Donnell, Australian, Kent and Market-streets.
William Smith, Cross Keys, King and Kent-streets.
William Walker, St. Andrew's Cross, Kent-street.
James Cracknell, Green Dragon, Kent and Erskine-streets.
Jabez Bushby, Dove and Olive Branch, Kent-street.
William Bergin, Sprig of Shillelah, Sussex and Erskine-streets.
S. Miller, Blue Bell, ditto.
Robert Harvey, Wheelwrights' Arms, Sussex-street.
George Simpson, Angel and Crown, ditto.
Alexander Grey, Light House, Sussex-street.
Thomas Winterup, Sir Walter Scott Inn, Sussex and Bathurst-streets.
Thomas Leggatt, Hope and Anchor, Sussex and Druitt-streets.
Thomas Ashton, Settlers' Arms, Sussex-street.
John Solomon, Albion Inn, ditto.
Samuel Jones, Governor Bourke, Sussex and Market-streets.
Robert Beatson, Paterson River Hotel, Market Wharf.
Henry Linden, Woolpack, Sussex-street.
John Rayner, Star Inn, Phillip-street.
Robert Cummins, Lemon Tree, ditto .
J. Gannon, Sportsmans's Arms, ditto.
James Cunningham, Bunch of Grapes, Phillip and King-streets.
Robert Ward, Forth and Clyde, Bridge-street.
Frederick Carrick, City of Oxford Arms, ditto.
F. Phillips, Founders' Arms, Hunter-street.
Joseph Jennings, Freemasons' Arms, Market-street.
John Leathlean Dumbarton Castle, corner of Liverpool and Dickson-streets.
James Spears, Shamrock Inn, Campbell-street.
Michael Reilly, Bee Hive, ditto.
John Wright, Pack Horse, ditto.
Thomas Petty, Petty's Hotel, Church-hill.
John Rochester, Erin Go Bragh, Prince-street.
William Cole, Bee Hive, Prince-street.
Alexander Duncan, Labour in Vain, Harrington-street.
C. J. Bullivant, Three Crowns, corner of Cumberland-street and Charlotte-place.
J. Sims, Currency Lass, Cumberland-street.
Thomas Share, Plymouth Inn, ditto.
Mathew Charlton, Glenmore Cottage, ditto.
Thomas G. Bolton, Black Dog, Gloucester-street.
John Johnston, Dundee Arms, Gloucester-street and Essex-street.
Sarah Byrne, Saint Patrick, ditto.
Andrew Coss, Punch Bowl, ditto.
M. Gannon, New York Hotel, Arglye-street.
Matthew Hooper, King's Head, ditto.
Patrick Reynolds, Custom House, ditto.
William Wells, Quarryman's Home, ditto.
John Redgrave, Napoleon Inn, Windmill-street.
Patrick Byrne, Whaler's Arms; ditto.
Charles Whitney, Steam Packet, ditto.
Alex. Chape, Royal Oak, Millers' Point.
W.Andrews, Ship and Mermaid, Millers' Road, conditional.
E. T. McDonald, Rainbow Inn, Clyde-street.
Joseph Le Brun, Hope and Anchor, Parramatta-street.
Daniel Stewart, Wellington Inn, ditto.
John Dearcy, Red Bull, ditto.
Edward Turner, Stonemasons' Arms, ditto.
William Taverner, Bee Hive, Petersham.
Thomas Weedon, Cherry Gardens, Parramatta Road.
John Robinson, Boundary Stone, Surry Hills.
Joseph Ward, Cockatoo Inn, ditto.
John Armstrong, Queen's Arms, South Head-Road.
Neil McElheran, Doves lnn, Liverpool Road.
J. Richardson, Sportsman, Parramatta-street.
Daniel Bullock, Sawyers' Arms, ditto.
David Dillon, Curriers' Arms, George-street.
R. N. Hedge, Land o'Cakes, to the house known as the Kangaroo, George-street.
Vernon Puzey, Crooked Billet, for the house known as the Daniel O'Connell, ditto.
Henry Maddox, Jolly Miller, Sussex-street. from the house known as the Tom and Jerry.
James Edrop, Patent Slip, ditto.
Alexander Clagston, Commercial Hotel, ditto.
William Andrews, Cottage of Content, corner of Pitt-street and Bathurst-street.
The Sydney Monitor and Commercial Advertiser (NSW)
Wed 13 May 1840
Page 2
Transcription, janilye

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