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richard lewis bathurst & mudgee nsw

Journal by Steveprior

Hi i live in mudgee nsw i have been trying to find out more about my familys history & heratage there is a doll collection in the mudgee colonial museum that was made buy my gg grandmother eileen steadson from there i worked out her mother to be emma darling singleton her mother being elizibeth cook & her mother was mary ann roberts who,s birth curtificate says she was born in the colony of bathurst in 1792 with unknown parents she married richard lewis in 1825 in mudgee nsw from what i have learnt richard lewis befriended the aboriginal people he incounted & had there help in exploring the central west & then in building the first road to bathurst & then mudgee i beleve richard & mary to be the first white settler & aboriginal married this side of the blue mountains anyones help would be graitfully exepted thank you
steve prior
p.s sorry about the spelling & lack of gramma

Surnames: cook lewis singleton steadson
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by janilye on 2014-08-25 19:12:19

Australian Convict Transportation Registers ? Other Fleets & Ships, 1791-1868
Name: Richard Lewis
Vessel: Perseus, Coromandel
Convicted Date: 14 Jan 1800
Voyage Date: Jan 1802
Colony: New South Wales
Place of Conviction: Surrey, England
Richard was only about 18 when he arrived as a convict on 13 June 1802.
In 1814 when William Cox began construction over the Blue Mountains he chose Richard Lewis as his chief Superindendant paying him 50 pounds a year.
He worked so hard on the project Cox gave him a bonus of 200 acres of land, one horse and four cows.
(I have a story about him somewhere, I'll show you when I can find it.) He guided many of our early explorers including John Oxley, and one trip he drowned up Gilgandra way in a flooded creek about 1828.
Mary married another convict named James Evans I think she had 7 children, the first two were twins. I knew Mary Ann was born in the colony but did not think she was aboriginal.

by janilye on 2014-08-25 19:23:33

This isn't what I'm looking for, but a start.
Someone else's recollections are a little more accurate than mine. Richard Lewis

by janilye on 2014-08-25 19:44:44

See I have Richard and James as two seperate children and I am right ,I'll prove it when I find what I'm looking for-
Richard Lewis 1810 ? 1852
James Lewis 1810 ? 1892
Mary Ann Lewis 1812 ?
Henry Lewis 1814 ?
Louisa Lewis 1817 ? 1851
William Lewis 1820 ? 1870
Elizabeth Esther Lewis 1824 - 1893

and here's a diary from the Colonial Secretary State Records NSW

LEWIS, Richard. Superintendent of New Road; superintendent and overseer, Bathurst

1814 Apr 30
Paid from Police Fund for services in making discoveries west of the Blue Mountains (Reel 6038; SZ758 p.489)

1814 Dec 12
Of Windsor. On list of persons who are to receive grants of land in Dec 1814; for crossing the Blue Mountains (Fiche 3266; 9/2652 p.20)

1815 Jun 10
Appointed Superintendent of country west of Blue Mountains (Reel 6038; SZ759 p.114)

1815 Aug 5
Paid from the Police Fund as remuneration for services in superintendence of Cox's Working Party in constructing road to new discovered country (Reel 6038; SZ759 p.122)

1815 Aug 18
Referred to by Hassall in an account of his journey to Bathurst (Reel 6065; 4/1798 p.2)

1815 Nov 11
On return of horned cattle issued from the Government Herds between 8 May 1814 & 9 Jan 1819; donation for his services over the Mountains (Reel 6048; 4/1742 p.52)

1816 Jan 1
On list of persons holding civil and military employments in New South Wales & its dependencies, as Superintendent of New Road (Reel 6045; 4/1734 p.11)

1816 May 11-1818 Jun 6
Payment of salary from Police Fund (Reel 6038; SZ759 pp.200, 239, 316, 376, 442, 477)

1817 Apr 28
Superintendent at Bathurst. Accompanied John Oxley on part of his expedition along Lachlan River (Reel 6034; SZ7 p.181)

1817 Sep 6
On return of horned cattle issued from the Government Herds between 8 May 1814 and 9 Jan 1819 (Reel 6048; 4/1742 p.52)

1817 Dec 20-1819 May 22
Reports stock killed (Reel 6031; 4/7028A pp.65-131, 203)

1818 Jun 5
Set out to return to Bathurst from Oxley's expedition (Reel 6068; 4/1814 p.50c)

1818 Jul 1
An account of working stock carriages and harness (Reel 6065; 4/1798 pp.89-90)

1819 Jun 10
Salary as Superintendent at Bathurst paid from the Police Fund (Reel 6038; SZ1044 p.58)

1819 Jun 19
Bull purchased from for Government herd (Reel 6031; 4/7028A p.211)

1819 Jul 24
Re horse astray at Bathurst (Reel 6031; 4/7028A p.221)

1820 Dec 24; 1821 May 24
Store receipts of for fresh meat (Reel 6049, 4/1745 p.357; Reel 6051, 4/1748 p.184)

1821 Sep 10
Had been employed on expedition and establishing settlements at Lachlan River and Wellington. Memorial (Fiche 3037; 4/1826 No.79)

Memorial for additional grant for stock run (Fiche 3049; 4/1830 No.214)

1822 Mar 30
Juror at inquest on William Maybrow held at Bathurst (Reel 6021; 4/1819 p.449)

1822 Apr 10
Re Mr Cox's herd at Mudgee (Reel 6065; 4/1798 p.136)

1822 Jun 23
Re the death of Edger Church (Reel 6065; 4/1798 pp.141-2)

1823 Sep 2
Referred to in evidence given at inquest held at Bathurst Plains into death of Peter Bray (Reel 6017; 4/5783 pp.421, 423)

1823 Dec
Animal food received from. On return of animal food delivered to the Bathurst Stores, 12 Apr 1822 to 2 Dec 1823 (Reel 6017; 4/5783 pp.492-3)

1824 May 29
Deposition re death of James Buckley, suspected murdered by Aborigines (Reel 6065; 4/1799 p.47)

1824 Jul 1
Re a murder at his station (Reel 6013; 4/3511 p.587)

1824 Aug 26-1825 Apr 5
Memorial for purchase of land held under ticket of occupation at Capata, near Bathurst (Fiche 3097; 4/1838A No.582 pp.417-24)

1824 Oct 11
On return of grain in the possession of settlers and other private individuals in the District of Bathurst (Reel 6065; 4/1800 p.187)

1824 Dec 29
Affidavits re marriage to Mary Ann Roberts of Bathurst (Reel 6028; 2/8305 pp.103-6)

1824 Dec 30
Re temporary occupation of land (Reel 6014; 4/3513 p.189-90)

1825 Oct 29
Four rams sold to from Government Stock at Bathurst (Reel 6031; 4/7029A p.347)

by Steveprior on 2014-09-03 02:40:56

Thank you there is also on the mudgee historical site under the family timeline 1825 about richard lewis founding of mudgee i do not no how to do the links thank you again for your help. you would only have to meet my kids to see the aboriginal heritage

by Steveprior on 2015-12-15 05:46:54

This is a update on my research on my family's history
Mary Ann Roberts was born in the colony in 1792 free with unknown parents she was aboriginal
Richard & Mary had there first children in 1810 twin boys
In 1813 Richard Lewis & George Evans were the first to find the central western plains
Richard was then asked by William Cox to be the superintendent in charge of the first road construction down to the central western plains
In William Cox journals of the road construction it says it was Richard with a aboriginal friend he brought with him from the Richmond area that would go up to ten miles ahead of the road construction marking the trees for the road construction to follow
A job he did so well and ahead of schedule Richard was then asked by governor Macquarie & William Cox to be the superintendent in charge of starting a colony on the central western plains he was left with a few soldiers and convict's to see if he could grow wheat crops on the plains he founded Kelso the area that became Bathurst
In governor Macquarie's journals it states on his return he could not believe what Richard had achieved in such a short time and small staff
He also commented on being greeted by Richard with two aboriginal men and six aboriginal children with him wearing bits of white man's clothing and showing off small trinkets thay had been given something governor Macquarie took on doing himself in giving the aboriginal's small trinkets
In 1817 Richard testified against four white men for the rape and bashing to death of a aboriginal girl and had them punished for it
Richard and Mary went on to found the town of Mudgee naming it after a aboriginal word meaning nest in the hills there son William Lewis was a main part of the exploration of the surrounding areas of Mudgee like wellington
It wasn't till around the 1820's when governor Tomas Brisbane took over from Governor Macquarie that the views of the local aboriginals greatly changed and they were viewed as animals and were to be hunted and killed as such very bad things were done to the local aboriginals water holes poisoned women and children were shot out of the trees when they couldn't get away by the 1850's the Cox family was proud to say that they had killed or chased all the aboriginals from Mudgee and the surrounding areas Richard Lewis died on a exploration with William Cox and William lee in a flooded creek accident William Cox and William lee became executors of all of Richards achievements not long after around the 1850's his son William was put into Bathurst mental asylum
Mary Ann Roberts (Lewis) died in Hyde park asylum for the destitute

by 1817ll on 2016-02-06 17:33:20

I did not know Mary Ann Roberts was an aboriginal what was her mothers name?

by 1817ll on 2016-02-06 20:44:29

have checked Elizabeth Lewis and she married a Jacob Foster 1843 have seen her marriage certificate and her death certificate
so your Elizabeth is not the same person and Elizabeth Foster nee Lewis.

by rebeccapercy on 2016-03-18 09:24:24

Mary Ann Roberts is my GGGG Grand mother. She most certainly was not Aboriginal... Convict musters clearly state she was born in 1792 and born in the colony. Her marriage affidavits for the marriage to Richard Lewis state she is a native of the colony, which means she was a white person born into the British Colony. If you would like to get confirmation as to what the meaning of 'native of the colony' means, you can confirm this with the NSW state archives via telephone. Considering the first fleet arrived in 1788 and Mary was born only born 4 years later, i think it would be safe to say there would not have been any Aboriginal women with the name 'Mary Roberts' ...

by rebeccapercy on 2016-03-18 09:37:03

And another thing, all early records kept regarding Aboriginals births, deaths and marriages, they were always referred to as Aboriginal in the documents, not BC. BC means Born in the Colony... I also have a photo of mary roberts and Richard Lewis's grand son, james Smith, who i am directly decendent from, (the son of James and Martha Smith), and there is absolutely no Aboriginal resemblance what so ever. Another thing, those early years back then it would have been impossible for an aboriginal to marry a white man. They may have been able to have a relationship of some sort but marriage would have been forbidden as they were very racist back then. You really should not spread lies on the internet when you have no proof to back it up! If you showed mary's information to any archivist at the archives or library, they would tell you there is no possibility she was an aboriginal women.

by rebeccapercy on 2016-03-18 10:12:11

correction, James smith is the son of james smith and louisa lewis.
i have a photo of him, he is Mary Roberts grand son and there is no aboriginal resemblance at all. The reason why Marys parents are not known is because not all parish registers for baptisms survived. There were a few people with the surname Roberts on the first and second fleet, and one of those roberts is mary's parent. Which person may never be known, but Mary was not Aboriginal at all!!!

by rebeccapercy on 2016-03-18 10:26:09

Mary is listed as 'land holder' in the 1828 census. Aboriginals were not allowed to hold land back then.

by rebeccapercy on 2016-03-18 10:27:18

by Steveprior on 2016-03-18 11:06:17

I have asked the nsw state library archivists and many other sources the first male convict's did come in 1788 the first females didn't come till late 1792
The Lewis family has been accepted by the wiradjuri tribe for over 200 years that is written in the Mudgee historical records you will have to meet my children who have been indigenous student of the year a few times and do all the welcome to the country opening speeches and myself a member of the Mudgee aboriginal land council and look us in the face before you call anyone a liar Richard and Mary had there first children in 1810 and were not married until fifteen years later???
I have done my research from what I have been told growing up and you could see the aboriginal in my grandmother and great grandmother Eileen Steadson they permed there hair each fought night to hide that there hair was naturally curly
Google Richard Lewis and Mary Ann Roberts Mudgee nsw and the heading on Mudgee historical records comes up as aboriginal founding family's William Lewis there son also fell in love with and married a aboriginal girl Mary adams

by rebeccapercy on 2016-03-18 18:46:00

There were 193 women in the first fleet

by rebeccapercy on 2016-03-18 18:53:54

There were also over 300 women in the second fleet, the most famous ship the lady Juliana known as "the floating brothel"

by rebeccapercy on 2016-03-18 18:56:07

According to another person who has commented here, you're not even related to Mary Roberts.

by rebeccapercy on 2016-03-18 18:57:09

How dare you twist my family history as you have done! You would have people believe facts that are not true and stand in the way of the true descendants of mary Roberts finding her correct parentage.

by rebeccapercy on 2016-03-18 19:06:41

The information on the mudgee website is not even correct. It says mary roberts has a baptismal certificate which states her parents are not known. There is no baptism register for Mary Roberts.

by Steveprior on 2016-03-19 02:15:15

De Nile is a river in Egypt I have come across many people like you with my family's history you don't know what your on about the priceless doll collection in the colonial inn museum was made by my great grandmother Eileen Steadson and is there threw my family's founding history to the town of Mudgee by Richard and Mary they named the town after a aboriginal word meaning nest in the hills and as I said I have been accepted and I am a member of the Mudgee aboriginal land council because I have done my research has sent me conformation that Mary Ann Roberts is my gggg grandmother

by rebeccapercy on 2016-03-19 03:10:35

The only person in denial is you. You have been given facts, that your GGGG Grandmother Elizabeth Cook nee Lewis is not even related to mary Roberts lol lol Your Elizabeth Cook nee Lewis's parents names are clearly written on her marriage certificate and are not Mary Roberts and Richard Lewis, I'd like to see your proof that my 5x Great grandmother Mary Roberts was an aborigine lol

by rebeccapercy on 2016-03-19 03:18:28

there is no record of an emma darling cook being born to a john and elizabeth cook in nsw lol lol

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by Steveprior on 2016-03-19 03:58:49

Lol You might want to google wikitree genealogy collaboration for Alfred Ernest Singleton or Emma Darling cook her parents were john Henry cook and Elizabeth cook born Lewis also history records I have found state that Mary Ann Roberts mother was a aboriginal woman that is why her parents are listed as unknown it is only because of her marriage to Richard that there is any records of Mary

by Steveprior on 2016-03-19 04:31:14

You might want to google wikitree genealogy collaboration for Alfred Ernest Singleton or Emma Darling cook(Singleton)
Emma's parents were john Henry cook and Elizabeth Ester cook born Lewis 1824 in Richmond nsw
Then there is the government records and as I have already told you has confirmed that Mary Ann Roberts born in the colony in 1792 free with unknown parents is my gggg grandmother

by Steveprior on 2016-03-19 04:39:49

I have found records that state Mary Ann Roberts born in the colony in 1792 free with unknown parents mother was aboriginal and have been told that is why her parents would have be listed as unknown

by rebeccapercy on 2016-03-19 04:56:35

The parents of your Elizabeth Lewis are William Lewis and Louisa Adams. Would

by tonkin on 2016-03-19 04:58:14


Groom: Richard LEWIS.
Bride: Ann ROBERTS.
Year married: 1825.
District: CJ.
CJ = St James Church of England, Sydney, New South Wales.

Source: Registry of Marriages, New South Wales.
Includes two reference numbers.
Ref. #18/1825 V182518 149.
Ref. #3467/V1825 3467 3B.

The bride is named Ann ROBERTS and not Mary Ann ROBERTS.
Place of marriage is Sydney, and not Mudgee.

Is this your LEWIS and ROBERTS married in 1825?

by rebeccapercy on 2016-03-19 05:00:54

No where does it state that Mary Roberts parents are unknown. There are no birth or baptism records because not all parish registeres survived. Elizabeth Louis daughter of Mary Roberts and Richard Lewis married a man called Jacob Foster. Your Elizabeth Lewis is not the daughter of mary Roberts and Richard Lewis, she is the daughter of William Louis and Louisa Adams. You can not get confirmation regarding births deaths and marriages off ancestry, you can only confirm this by purchasing the certificate from the registry of births deaths and marriages. does not confirm or deny any information, it is simply a data base and only holds the indexes not the certificates.

by rebeccapercy on 2016-03-19 05:03:32

yes that is them.

by rebeccapercy on 2016-03-19 05:08:00

my GGGGG grand parents are Mary roberts and richards Lewis, their daughter Louisa Lewis married James Smith, their son James married martha scullion, their daughter ellen martha smith married george bradford,

by Steveprior on 2016-03-19 05:14:36 says different
Try to google
Eileen Steadson Mudgee nsw
Emma darling singleton Mudgee nsw
Alfred Ernest singleton Mudgee nsw
Elizabeth ester cook or Lewis Mudgee nsw
John Henry cook Mudgee nsw
Richard Lewis Mudgee nsw and see what you come up with

by rebeccapercy on 2016-03-19 05:18:15

forget lol if you are ready to face your mistakes with your tree and you realy are searching the truth, you need to buy the marriage certificate for your elizabeth lewis and john henry cook from the registry of births deaths and marriages.

by rebeccapercy on 2016-03-19 05:20:56

when you buy that certificate, like the rest of us have done who are serious about our family line, you will see that the parents of your elizabeth are william lewis and louisa adams.

by Steveprior on 2016-03-19 05:41:11

I have already had correspondents with the nsw state library archivists Canberra state library MacArthur library aboriginal family research aiatis offered me to apply for a job as a aboriginal family history research officer
All the archivists I have asked for help with my family's history have said I am right with my family tree

by rebeccapercy on 2016-03-19 06:39:31

your lies don't fool me...

by Steveprior on 2016-03-19 06:50:47

I really don't care what you think I have the emails and if you wish to speak to me anymore you can do it face to face I live in Mudgee

by rebeccapercy on 2016-03-19 06:54:11

your lies don't fool me...

by rebeccapercy on 2016-03-19 06:55:12

what year was emma darling cook born?

by rebeccapercy on 2016-03-19 06:57:39

I have her born 1886 to a Edward Joseph Cook and mary Ann Marks

by rebeccapercy on 2016-03-19 07:03:43

by rebeccapercy on 2016-03-19 07:04:12

by Steveprior on 2016-03-19 08:01:40

If what your saying is true with my Elizabeth's parents being William Lewis and Louisa Adams
William Lewis is the son of Richard Lewis and Mary Ann Roberts and Louisa Adams was a local aboriginal too in the Mudgee historical records
William Lewis was put into Bathurst mental asylum in the 1850's

by Steveprior on 2016-03-19 08:03:09

If what your saying is true with my Elizabeth's parents being William Lewis and Louisa Adams
William Lewis is the son of Richard Lewis and Mary Ann Roberts and Louisa Adams was a local aboriginal too in the Mudgee historical records
William Lewis was put into Bathurst mental asylum in the 1850's

by rebeccapercy on 2016-03-19 18:44:32

Then that is where your aboriginal ancestry comes from. Not Mary Roberts. If mary Roberts was an aboriginal woman, it would have been noted on all documentation. If mary roberts was an aboriginal woman she would not have been listed in convict musters as a child. if mary roberts was an aboriginal woman she would not be recored as born in the colony in the census. ... Louisa adams was also orphaned or adopted so you could check those records to find out more information if anything still exists. . Before you accept william louis as the son of richard lewis, you need to confirm it by sighting a document that records who his parents are. good luck with your search.

by rebeccapercy on 2016-03-19 21:19:05

i have eileen singleton boron 1910, her parents were Emma Darling cook and Alfred E Steadson. Emma Darling Cook was born 1886 her parents are mary Ann marks and Edward Joseph Cook. How did you connect Emma darling cook to Elizabeth Lewis? Clearly The mother of Emma Darling Cook is mary Ann Marks.

by rebeccapercy on 2016-03-19 21:21:17

here is the link to the marriage of mary Ann marks and Edward Joseph Cook.;jsessionid=35529DC5F4EE813EC580E02F278C514C?47 They were married in Mudgee in 1873

by rebeccapercy on 2016-03-19 21:31:49

Eileen singleton born 1910
Mother Emma Darling Cook Father Alfred Edward Steadson

Emma darling Cook born 1886
Mother Mary Ann Marks Father Edward Joseph Cook

mary Ann (Marianne) Marks Born 1852
Mother Lucy Ann paine father John Marks

Lucy Ann paine born 1827 Alesbury, Buckingham Shire U.K.
Died Mudgee Nov 5 1891
Mother sarah Father Steven paine

by rebeccapercy on 2016-03-19 21:32:28

You're not even related to mary Roberts, Richard Lewis or William Lewis.....

by rebeccapercy on 2016-03-19 21:39:41

Eileen Singleton Born 1810
Mother Emma Darling Cook Father Alfred E Singleton

Emma Darling Cook Born 1886
Mother mary Ann marks Father Edward Joseph Cook

mary Ann marks born 1852
Mother Lucy Ann paine Father John marks

Lucy Ann Paine born 1827 Aylesbury Buckingham Shire UK
Died Nov 5 1891 Mudgee
Mother Sarah Father WIlliam Steven Paine

by rebeccapercy on 2016-03-19 21:40:28

You're not related to mary Roberts, Richard Lewis or WIlliam Lewis.

by rebeccapercy on 2016-03-19 21:54:44

Mary ann Marks (married surname cook) also died in Mudgee in 1928. You have a long family history with Mudgee, but you are not related to mary roberts, Richard lewis or William lewis.

by janilye on 2016-03-20 08:24:56

Mudgee Guardian and North-Western Representative, Monday 5 November 1928, page 3

Mrs Mary Ann Cook, one of the oldest and most highly respected residents of the Mudgee distict. died this
(Monday) morning after a lengthy illness. aged 76 years. Deceased was a Member of the well known Marks
family, for so Iong of Redbank and Murrundulla.
Of a lovable and charitable disposition, the late Mrs
Cook naturally attracted and held the friendship of all with whom she came in contact, and her death
will be universally regretted.
She is survived by the following sons and daughters:- Mark, Walter, and Edward and Mrs. A. Singleton, all of
Mudgee. Seven brothers and one sister also survive, and to the sorrowing ones deep sympathyis extended.
The funeral will take place in the
Church of England portion of the local cemetery. at 3 o'clock to-morrow afternoon. Mr. H. Barton being in
charge of the arrangements.

There are very few of us who have not taken the wrong path in family history research. We have to recognise it and start again. It will all work out in the end. Keep an open mind. Good luck

by janilye on 2016-03-20 08:52:05

MUDGEE GUARDIAN Monday 5 November 1928
Funeral Notice
THE Relatives and Friends of the
late Mary Ann Cook are respect
fully requested to attend her
funeral, to leave from her son's
(William) residence in Atkinson
street, Mudgee South, TOMORROW (Tuesday) at 3 p.m. for C.E. portion of Mudgee Cemetery.
Funeral Director, Mudgee
Inscription and Headstone photo

by janilye on 2016-03-20 09:29:55

33151/1910 Steadson Reginald K Hessie S Waratah 201


7076/1932 Steadson Reginald K Singleton Eileen M Mudgee

Surname Given Names Notice Type Date Type Age Other Details Publication Published
STEADSON Reginald Keith Probate notice 10JUN1994 Publication late of Mudgee Mudgee Guardian 10JUN1994

Service Australian Army
Service Number NX86976
Date of Birth 29 Jun 1910
Place of Birth WARATAH, NSW
Date of Enlistment 2 Feb 1942
Locality on Enlistment MUDGEE, NSW
Place of Enlistment PADDINGTON, NSW
Date of Discharge 28 Nov 1944
Rank Corporal
Posting at Discharge 11 Casualty Clearing Station
WW2 Honours and Gallantry None for display
Prisoner of War No
WIFE: Eileen Steadson, nee SINGLETON died 2007 Queensland. Her parents were Alfred E Singleton and Emma D COOK the daughter of Mary Ann Cook, nee MARKS and Edward Joseph COOK.

by janilye on 2016-03-20 10:03:27

Eileen STEADSON nee SINGLETON Birth Registration
NSW.BDM 17245/1910
NEPEAN TIMES, 5 June 1947
Mr. Alfred Ernest Singleton, formerly
a resident of Penrith, died in Mudgee
District Hospital on April 16 at the
age of 64 years.
"Mudgee Mail" states. The deceased
was a native of Mudgee, but during
the last few years has been residing at
Windeyer. He had been a great suffer
er for some years. He was highly re
spected, and greatly liked by a large
circle of friends, including old school
mates, who' always remembered Alf as
a splendid boy and afterward as a good
husband and father and a real Christ
ian gentleman."
The Deceased was a son of the late
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Singleton, of
Mudgee, and is survived by the follow
ing brothers and sisters: Benjamin
(Mudgee), William and Edward (Sydney), and Mrs. Percy Wilson (Dubbo).
Mr. and Mrs. Singleton resided in
Penrith for several years.
Mr. Singleton is survived by his wife,
two sons, Gordon and Cyril, who both
reside at Windeyer, and two daughters,
Mrs. Reg Steadson (Moree) and Mrs.
Herb. Gillespie (Windeyer).
The funeral took place in the Mudgee
cemetery, where a service was conducted by Pastor C. Judd, of the Seventh Day Adventist Church

Emma Darling SINGLETON, nee COOK died at the Mudgee District Hospital on the 7 August 1968 aged 82

by janilye on 2016-03-20 10:06:56


by janilye on 2016-03-20 10:35:31

Reg STEADMAN's mother, Hessie Sophia Steadson was born in Newcastle to Charles Frederick and Hessie Steadson, nee McCOMBE in 1891. She was unmarried and 19 when she gave birth to Reg.
Hessie Steadson went on to marry Richard H. Endacott at Cessnock in 1920. She died at the Masonic Aged Care Home, Glenfield NSW on the 2 January 1977, aged 85.

by janilye on 2016-03-20 10:41:11
by Steveprior on 2016-03-20 19:38:11

Thank you very much for your for your help with this information sorry for any mistakes I have made I have been asking archivists at all the library's state,government,local trying to find my family's history for years now thank you again for this history with my family

by rebeccapercy on 2016-03-20 22:42:37

It can be a long and difficult journey to trace a family tree in Australia, and lots of mistakes get made on the way. In the end the accurate facts always present them selves, and i like to think that is our ancestors way of communicating with us and sharing their stories. good luck in the future with your search

by janilye on 2016-03-20 23:21:49

I did mention (above)Eileen Mary Steadson died in 2007; she did in fact die at Maryborough, Queensland on the 9 December 2005. age 95. Her eldest daughter Margaret Eileen CURNOW, nee STEADSON died at Windeyer (formerly from Villawood) 28 May 2002. age 69 (born about 1933)
The mother of Mary Ann COOK, nee MARKS - Lucy A MARKS, nee PAINE died in Sydney in 1891.
NSW.BDM 1768/1891

by rebeccapercy on 2016-03-21 00:32:15

lucy Marks nee paine is also buried in the mudgee cemetery with husband john marks together with her parents sarah and edward paine in the same grave as edward and mary cook nee marks. the headstone looks like it's quite big which can be viewed at and search for the surnames and the cemetery as mudgee, you might even find other relatives there too

by rebeccapercy on 2016-03-21 00:38:26

Eileen Singleton was born in Mudgee in 1810, to Emma Darling cook and Alfred Ernest Singleton.

Eileens mother, Emma Darling Cook was born in Sydney in 1886 to Mary Ann Marks and Edward Joseph Cook.
Eileens Father, Alfred Singleton was born in Mudgee in 1882 to Joseph Singleton and Eliza Dinsdale

Eileen Singleton was born in Mudgee in 1810, to Emma Darling cook and Alfred Ernest Singleton.

Eileens mother, Emma Darling Cook was born in Sydney in 1886 to Mary Ann Marks and Edward Joseph Cook.
Eileens Father, Alfred Singleton was born in Mudgee in 1882 to Joseph Singleton and Eliza Dinsdale

Mary Ann Marks was born on the 5 August 1852 in Twofold bay NSW to John Marks (Born 1925, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, Elgland) and Lucy Ann paine (Born 29 Dec 1827 Aylesbury, Buckinghamdshire, England)

Edward joseph Cook was born in 1883 Som (Somerset?) England to William Cook and Elizabeth Fish

Joseph Singleton (please refer to marriage certificate to find Josephs parents and birth place.)
Eliza Dinsdale was born in 1844 in New Zealand to mary Ann mummery and Robert john Dinsdale,
Eliza married Joseph Singleton march 16, 1876 in Mudgee

Mary Ann Mummery was born in April 15 1819 in Sandhurst Kent England to Charles Mummery and Mary Vidler
Robert John Dinsdale born 1818 Yorkshire England

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Here is one letter, written by Lucy Ann Marks about her journey to the goldfields at Maitland Bar in 1857.

Dear Mother,

I was surprised when I got her (sister Eliza's) letter directed to me at the Bar (Maitland Bar) for I did not know I was coming until Monday and started on Thursday and I wish I never had of come.

We all got there safe, which I did not think we should have - being half alive.

When we reached there, Baby was a month and one day old. We started on Thursday. It was wet the next day and the next day it was fine above head, till the heavening (evening), and the drays got bogged and could not get on. We were there till dark. O, Mother, it was so dark, and then it began to sprinkle rain and then the dray was almost turned over.

Me and the children got out, but I do not know how, for we could not see each other. I had got Baby (one month old) in my arms. I found the others by their crying and then it came down in torrents.

The rain was washing under our feet, and me just out of my bed as you may say. The dray got out at last, and we to a public house and stopped there all night.

Got to the carrier's place the next day. Stopped there till the next Wednesday, then started again.

It was fine then till Saturday night and we had it again. We slept under the dray and water was running under us and over us.

My bed, clothes and clothing were all wet through. I had the children to wash and dress out in the cold - even Baby.

I thought I should never get there safe, but thank God, we did all get there safe and well.

And now I must conclude, John and children all join in love with me, from your affectionate daughter, Lucy Ann Marks.

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there is quite a bit of information here:

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State Library of new south wales:

Creator Paine family
William Stevens Paine family letters received, 1849-1902
Level of Description Collection
Date of Work
Type of Material Textual Records
Call Number
MLMSS 4564
Issue Copy Microfilm : CY 1462
Physical Description 1 volume of textual material
Administrative / Biographical Note
Charles Paine, son of William Stevens Paine emigrated to New South Wales from Buckinghamshire with his sister Lucy Ann and her husband John Marks in 1849. He worked as a butcher on various ships and then established a meat business on the goldfield at Maitland Bar. After working as a baker John Marks became a shepherd at Kameruka near Bega and later moved to the Mudgee District.

Two other brothers, Edward and Mark William Paine arrived in 1854 and 1857 respectively and settled near their relatives at Mudgee. While Mark William eventually returned to England, his sister and two brothers remained in New South Wales

The letters were published with extensive genealogical notes in a special edition as 'Bring plenty of pickles' by Gerry Tomlinson in 1986 (M.L. ref. 929.20994/p.145/1)
50 letters mainly written by Charles, Edward and Mark William Paine, and by their sister Lucy Ann Marks, to their parents William Stevens and Sarah (nee Mortimer) Paine, and to other friends in Buckinghamshire. The letters describe inter alia, their passages to New South Wales, prices of goods and living conditions at the time of the early gold-rushes, farm life

This collection includes pictorial material. For location and description of this see Pic.Acc.6008 in the Pic Source file
Description Source
Information transferred from Manuscripts Leaf Catalogue No. 1 (6-752 C) as part of the eRecords Project, 2010-2011
Author/Artist Marks, Lucy Ann (nee Paine)
Paine, Charles
Paine, Edward
Paine, Mark William
Name Paine, William Stevens
Subject Australian letters -- 19th century.
Country life -- New South Wales.
Farm life -- New South Wales.
Gold mines and mining -- New South Wales.
Immigrants -- New South Wales -- Correspondence.
New South Wales -- Economic conditions -- 1788-1851
New South Wales -- Social conditions -- 1788-1851
New South Wales -- Social conditions -- 1851-1891.
Voyages and travels -- 19th century.
Place Bega (N.S.W.)
Mudgee (N.S.W.)

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how exciting!! i love family history

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here are some photos of lucy

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Hi Rebecca
I am a descendent of Richard Lewis and Mary Ann Roberts (through their daughter Louisa, then her daughter Louisa Smith). I don't have access at the moment to my records but it was either Louisa Smith or her daugher who married the first Naughton (my maiden name) of my line born in Australia (his parents came to Australia in 1832). I have done a bit of research on the family but would be very grateful if you could pass on or steer me in the direction of any information you may have. You seem to have a lot of knowledge on the extended family. Thanks.

by davidsteadson on 2018-07-03 01:00:54

Hi Steve,

A while since this thread was active, but I thought I'd post! Eileen Steadson was my paternal grandmother, so you and I are rather closely related! I suspect I may be the source of your original error, as I had the wrong Emma Darling Cook listed on ancestry or geni or somewhere at one stage. My apologies.

Eileen's parents were Alfred Singleton and Emma Darling Cook, and this particular Emma Darling's parents were Mary Anne Marks and Edward Joseph Cook. I've seen Mary Anne listed as Mary Anne Martis also, which I think is from one convict record which is hard to read. Definitely Marks though! I'm reasonably confident I've got the details right on my tree now.

The real mystery is my grandfather Reginald. His birth certificate has no father listed, family legend (at least in my family!) was that there was an aboriginal connection. Interestingly, I recently did a myheritage DNA test, and it confirmed Aboriginal heritage. It was only a couple of percent, but there's large uncertainty as the database of aboriginal DNA is rather scarce. My father actually suspects Reg's mother was not Hessie Sophia (who is on the birth certificate), but a local aboriginal woman, and that the father was one of Hessie Sophia's brothers (ie an Uncle). He says he always believed Reg to be part Aboriginal, and says he recalls aboriginal leader Charlie Perkins coming to visit his dad at one stage.

I'd love to solve the mystery, but it may be unsolvable!

Feel free to email me david at steadson dot com.

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