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Journal by theresa45

RICMOND Electoral Roll
A to I

ALBURY G Geils Town Occupancy LimeKiln & Land,J Degraves Landlord April 1888
ANDERSON George Richmond Occupancy Cottage & Land J Turvey Landlord April 1888
ANDERSON James Richmond Wages John Anderson Employer April 1888
ANDERSON John Richmond Freeholder Cottage,Henry St Richmond April 1888
ANDERSON Martin Richmond Freeholder Cottage Bridge St April 1888
ANDREWS Henry Grass Tree Hill Freeholder Land, GrassTree Hill April 1888
ANDREWS john GrassTree Hill Freeholder Cottage & land April 1888
ARNOLD John Cambridge Householder Cottage & Land J m'Dermot Landlord April 1888
ASHTON Hugh Lindisferne Freeholder Executor Estate late E Goodwin April 1888
BADMAN Samuel Brushy Plains Freeholder House And Land Brushy Plains April 1888
BAILEY Gerald Richmond Occupancy Cottage H Herbert,landlord April 1888
BALSLEY Robert Prosser's Plains Freeholder Land Prosser's Plains April 1888
BARR James Risdon Freeholder Hut & Land Grass Tree Hill April 1888
BARRETT Henry Jerusalem Occupancy Cottage,A Nichols Landlord April 1888
BARWICK Edward Tea Tree Occupancy House And Land,D Brown Landlord April 1888
BARWICK George Lower Jerusalem Freeholder Farm Woodlands April 1888
BARWICK John W Tea Tree Freeholder Land,Native Corners April 1888
BARWICK Joseph Brighton Freeholder Land Native Corners April 1888
BAYLEY Robert Campania Occupancy Cottage, J White landlord April 1888
BAYLEY Samuel Native Corners Occupancy Farm,Mrs Bayley Landlady April 1888
BAYLEY William Campania Freeholder Hut & Land,Campania April 1888
BAYNTON Sydney Jerusalem Freeholder House,Jerusalem April 1888
BAYNTON William J Jerusalem Freeholder Farm,Jerusalem April 1888
BELBIN Edward Cambridge Freeholder Farm,W Belbin landlord April 1888
BELBIN Henry Cambridge Occupancy Farm W.Belbin April 1888
BELBIN W Hobart Freeholder Land,H Belbin Tenant
BEVAN Arthur Lower Jerusalem Freeholder Land,Yarlington April 1888
BEVAN Edward Coal River Household Hut & Land,Coal River April 1888
BEVAN John Jerusalem Freeholder Farm,Near Jerusalem April 1888
BIDGOOD Thomas Richmond Occupancy Cottage,Richmond,Mrs Boswood Landlady April 1888
BLACKBURN William Kangaroo Point Road Freeholder Farm,Cambridge April 1888
BLACKMORE Robert New Norfolk Occupancy Paddock,Richmond,T.Turvey Landlord April 1888
BONE Benjamin Richmond Occupancy Cottage Richmond,W Bone Landlord April 1888
BOOTH William Lower Jerusalem Freeholder Far Woodlands April 1888
BOWDEN Fred Campania Occupancy Cottage,J Green,Landlord April 1888
BOWDEN H Richmond Occupancy Cottage,Mrs G Burn Landlady April 1888
BRADSHAW John Jerusalem Occupancy Public House,Jerusalem April 1888
BRAIN John Jerusalem Occupancy Land Jerusalem Miss Stokell,Clarence Plains Landlord April 1888
BRAIN William Richmond Freeholder Farm Daisy Bank April 1888
BRENT Henry r Hobart Occupancy Saleyards,Campania,H J Brooks Landlord April 1888
BRIGGS Henry Jerusalem Freeholder House And Land,near Jerusalem April 1888
BRITTAIN William Frogmore Occupancy Cottage,A Flexmore Landlord April 1888
BROADBY R C Jerusalem Occupancy Cottage,Jerusalem,A Burrell,landlord April 1888
BROADRIBB Henry J Jerusalem Freeholder Farm,Mt Baines April 1888
BROADRIBB James Hobart Freeholder Land,Native Corners,William Paice Tenant April 1888
BROADRIBB William Native Corners Freeholder Land Native Corners,Benjamin Froud Tenant April 1888
BROCK Henry J Coal River Freeholder Farm,Campania April 1888
BROOKS Benjamin Grass Tree Hill Occupancy Cottage & Land,George Brooks, Landlord April 1888
BROOKS John Richmond Freeholder House And Land,Richmond April 1888
BROOKS Peter Jerusalem Leaseholder House,R.C.Church April 1888
BROWN Daniel Green Ponds Freeholder Tea Tree Land April 1888
BROWN William Brushy Plains Occupancy Land,Mrs Brown Landlady April 1888
BRYNE M Jerusalem Freeholder Hut & land,Yarlington April 1888
BUCHANAN H G Bellerive Occupancy Allotment,P Buchanan landlord April 1888
BUCHANAN Peter Cambridge Freeholder Land,Cambridge April 1888
BUCHANAN R C Bellerive Occupancy Allotment,P Buchanan Landlord April 1888
BURBURY Henry Oatlands Freeholder farm,Nugent,George Piesse,Tenant April 1888
BURMAN William Prosser's Road Occupancy Land,A J Ogilvey Landlord April 1888
BURN Andrew Coal River Income
BURN Herbert Richmond Income April 1888
BURN James P Coal River Income Mrs E Burn,Employer April 1888
BURN Kenneth Coal River Income Mrs E Burn Employer April 1888
BURRELL Alfred Richmond Occupancy Public House,lennox Arms,Richmond April 1888
BURRIDGE Richard Richmond Householder House,Mrs Burridge landlady April 1888
BUSCOMBE J Brushy Plains Freeholder Land Brushy Plains April 1888
BUTLER Charles Hobart Freeholder Farm,Near jerusalem,P Davis tenant April 1888
BUTLER J J Brighton Freeholder Land Native Corners April 1888
CAHILL John Enfield Freeholder Cottage & Land Enfield April 1888
CARROL James Cambridge Occupancy Cottage,J.M'Dermot landlord April 1888
CHAPMAN Henry E Cambridge Salary Messrs.Glascott & Co employers April 1888
CHAPMAN J E Hobart Freeholder Bone Mill & Land,Shag Bay April 1888
CHAPMAN J.R. Cambridge Occupancy Farm,F Evans landlord April 1888
CLARK William Dulcot Freeholder Cottage & Land Dulcot April 1888
CLARK William Jerusalem Occupancy Shop,Jerusalem,Mrs Oldfield landlady April 1888
COCKERILL W H New Norfolk Freeholder Farm,Jerusalem,.J.B.M'Klay tenant April 1888
CONLAN Denis Enfield Freeholder Land Enfield April 1888
COOLEY Cornelius Richmond Wages Municipal Council Employer April 1888
COOLEY Thomas Richmond Occupancy Cottage,S.C Nichols landlord April 1888
COPPLESTONE Edward Richmond Householder Cottage,T Riley Landlord April 1888
CORBETT William Richmond Occupancy House And Land,R Blackmore landlord April 1888
CORNISH James Richmond Householder House,Bridge St April 1888
CORRIGAN Fred Jerusalem Freeholder Farm,Allotment April 1888
COSGROVE Michael Tea Tree Occupancy Farm,W Broadribb landlord April 1888
COSGROVE Thomas Richmond Freeholder Farm,Richmond April 1888
COSTELLO James Richmond Householder House,J C Shipley landlord April 1888
COVERDALE John Hobart Freeholder House And Land,Richmond,Chas Turner Tenant April 1888
COVERDALE miles C Hobart Freeholder Land,Native Corners,George Ibbott,tenant April 1888
CRAWLEY William Richmond Freeholder Hut & Land Enfield April 1888
CROCKER George New South Wales Freeholder House,D Isles tenant April 1888
CROCKITT Joseph jerusalem Freeholder House,J Sumner tenant April 1888
CROSS Robert Risdon Householder House,J Degraves Landlord April 1888
CRUSE Arthur Campania Wages H Brock Employer April 1888
CRUSE Thomas Coal River Occupancy Cottage & Land,W C Simmons landlord April 1888
CRUSE William Campania Wages H Brock Employer April 1888
CUMMINGS Stephen Tea Tree Freeholder Hut & Land Tea Tree April 1888
DANIELS John Brushy Plains Freeholder Mountain Bottom,Prosser's April 1888
DAVIS Charles Hobart Trustee House And Land.J.W.Nichols Estate April 1888
DAWSON George Sydney Bellerive Occupancy House And Land,C Butler landlord April 1888
DAWSON Thomas Cambridge Freeholder Cottage & Land,Cambridge April 1888
DE BOMFORD Mervyn Richmond Income April 1888
DEAN Henry Jerusalem Occupancy Land,J Dean Landlord April 1888
DEAN Johnston Hobart Freeholder Land,Yarlington April 1888
DELANEY Michael Yarlington Freeholder Land Yarlington April 1888
DELANEY P Yarlington Freeholder Land Yarlington April 1888
DELANEY Richard A jerusalem Freeholder Cottage & land,A Nichols landlord April 1888
DENNY F Spring Bottom Hil Occupancy Hut & Land,C.evans landlord April 1888
DENNY J Spring Bottom Hill Occupancy Hut & Land,C.Evans landlord April 1888
DEVITT John Richmond Freeholder Land,Richmond April 1888
DICKSON Bassett Glen Ayre Occupancy Farm,mrs Dickson landlady April 1888
DICKSON Henry Richmond Occupancy Farm,Mrs Dickson landlady April 1888
DICKSON Samuel T Glen Ayr Occupancy House And Land,Glen Ayr,Mrs Dickson landlady April 1888
DOBSON W.L. Hobart Freeholder Farm,Lindisfern Bay April 1888
DODDS John Stokell Hobart Freeholder Farm,Thornton,R Ross tenant April 1888
DOSSETER D.R. Hobart Trustee House And Land,W Rumney's estate April 1888
DOSSITOR William J Jerusalem Occupancy Farm,H Lamb and D.R.Dossetor trustees April 1888
DOUBLE John Native Corners Occupancy Farm,Native Corners,G Ibbott landlord April 1888
DOWNHAM Samuel Glen Ayr Occupancy Land,Mrs Dickson landlady April 1888
DRANSFIELD Richard Jerusalem Freeholder Land,Yarlington April 1888
DRANSFIELD Robert Spring Hill Bottom Freeholder Hut & land,Spring Hill Bottom April 1888
DREW John Richmond Occupancy Shop,R Reynolds landlord April 1888
DUFFY Nicholas Lower Jerusalem Occupancy Hut & Land,E Goodwin landlord April 1888
DUFFY William Lower Jerusalem Occupancy Hut & Land,George Ibbott landlord April 1888
DUGGAN Jerry Richmond Occupancy Cottage,Napoleon St,J.C.Shipley landlord April 1888
EDWARDS George W Hobart Freeholder Land,Shelstone April 1888
ELKINES J Dulcot Freeholder Hut & Land,Dulcot April 1888
ELLIOTT Ambrose White kangaroo River Freeholder Cottage & land April 1888
ELLIOTT Thomas White Kangaroo River Freeholder Farm,White Kangaroo River April 1888
ELLIS Arthur Richmond Occupancy Farm,Nugent,H.Burbury landlord April 1888
ELLIS Charles Coal River Freeholder Farm,Coal River April 1888
ELLIS James Hobart Occupancy Mineral Land,H.M.Government,landlord April 1888
EVANS Arthur Coal River Freeholder Farm,Coal River April 1888
EVANS Charles Jerusalem Freeholder Blacksmiths Shop April 1888
EVANS Christopher Cambridge Occupancy Farm,Cambridge,F.Evans trustee April 1888
EVANS Frederick Hobart Freeholder Farm,Cambridge,J.R.Chapman tenant April 1888
EVANS Thomas Jerusalem Freeholder Land,Yarlington April 1888
FARAHER William Spring Hill Bottom Freeholder Land,Spring Hill Bottom April 1888
FENNER G Richmond Occupancy House,Mrs Burridge landlady April 1888
FLAKENY William Risdon Road Occupancy Hut & Land,Mrs Dickson landlady April 1888
FLANNERLEY Peter Spring Hill Bottom Freeholder Hut & Land,Spring Hill Bottom April 1888
FLETCHER George Richmond Wages A Flexmore employer April 1888
FLEXMORE Albert Richmond Occupancy House,J Lord landlord April 1888
FLEXMORE John Richmond Income April 1888
FLEXMORE Kenneth Richmond Occupancy House,J Lord,landlord April 1888
FORSYTH James Tea Tree Freeholder Land,Tea Tree April 1888
FOX Alfred Jerusalem Occupancy blacksmiths shop,J Brain landlord April 1888
FOX Edward jerusalem Occupancy Lerusalem,land,John M'Connell landlord April 1888
FOX Frank Jerusalem Occupancy Farm,C.Butler landlord April 1888
FREEMAN Daniel Hobart Freeholder Hut & land,Yarlington,Mrs Theodore tenant April 1888
FREEMAN Edward Yarlington Freeholder Hut & Land,Yarlington April 1888
FREEMAN Thomas Yarlington Freeholder Farm,Yarlington April 1888
FRENCH Isaac Bisdee Freeholder Land April 1888
FROUD Benjamin Native Corners Occupancy Farm,W Broadribb landlord April 1888
FROUD Edward Jerusalem Occupancy Farm,P M'Guire landlord April 1888
GABY Thomas Richmond Freeholder Richmond,House & Store April 1888
GAGE John Brighton Occupancy Farm,Mt Direction,Exors.Cleburne Estate landlords April 1888
GAME George J Cambridge Occupancy House And Land,C Butler landlord April 1888
GARLAND Thomas Huntington Freeholder Farm April 1888
GARLAND William Jerusalem Occupancy House,A Nichols landlord April 1888
GATES Edward Campania Freeholder Cottage April 1888
GEAR george Campania Occupancy Cottage,W Yule landlord April 1888
GEASON Pat Yarlington Freeholder Farm,Yarlington April 1888
GIBLIN Robert Jerusalem salary Teacher Jerusalem State School April 1888
GILCHRIST William Richmond Freeholder Cottage & Land,Morgan Street April 1888
GODFREY Andrey Enfield Freeholder Land,Enfield April 1888
GOODWIN Edward W Coal River Occupancy Farm,Edwin Goodwin landlord April 1888
GOODWIN Richard Caol River Occupancy Farm,Edwin Goodwin landlord April 1888
GORDON James Yarlington Occupancy Hut & Land,Yarlington April 1888
GORDON Thomas Spring Hill Bottom Freeholder Hut & Land,Spring Hill Bottom April 1888
GOUGH T Ormaig Freeholder Hut & Land April 1888
GRAHAM Henry Richmond Householder Cottage & land,Commercial Road,Charles Wilson landlord April 1888
GRAHAM William Spring Hill Bottom Freeholder Hut & Land,Spring Hill Bottom April 1888
GRAHAM William(the younger) Jerusalem Occupancy Land,J Sutar landlord April 1888
GRANT Charles Hobart Freeholder Station,Main Line Road April 1888
GRAVENOR James New Town Freeholder Land,Grass Tree Hill,T Smith tenant April 1888
GREEN Joseph Richmond Householder Cottage,C Turner landlord April 1888
GREENBANK A Dulcot Occupancy Cottage,Dulcot April 1888
GREENLAW William Caol River Freeholder Farm,Ticehurst April 1888
GREGORY George Jerusalem Occupancy Glebe,R.C.Church April 1888
GREGORY John Jerusalem Occupancy Glebe,Church of England April 1888
GREY Peter Hobart trustee House,Richmond,J Kelly tenant April 1888
GRICE Dickenson Tea Tree Freeholder Hut & Land Tea Tree April 1888
GRIEVES William White Kngaroo River Occupancy Land,H.M.Government April 1888
GRIFFITHS Charles Richmond trustee Cottage,T Toplis tenant April 1888
GUERIN James Brighton Freeholder Cottage Mrs Cunningham tenant April 1888
GUERIN Patrick Richmond Freeholder House And Land April 1888
GUY John L Richmond wages C Ellis employer April 1888
HAINEY Augustus Richmond Freeholder Cottage & Land,Henry Street April 1888
HALES Charles Cambridge Occupancy Cottage & Land,J Pursall landlord April 1888
HALL William Campania Wages H Brock Employer April 1888
HALLIDAY David Spring Hill Bottom Freeholder Hut & Land,Spring Hill Bottom April 1888
HALLIDAY Thomas Jerusalem Occupancy House,R.C.Church April 1888
HANSLOW James Cambridge Freeholder Farm April 1888
HANSLOW James (the younger) Cambridge Occupancy Farm,J Hanslow landlord April 1888
HANSLOW Richard Cambridge Freeholder Farm April 1888
HARRIS Thomas Richmond Householder House,Mrs Burridge landlady April 1888
HARRISON Thomas Risdon Occupancy Farm,Exors,J Degraves landlords April 1888
HART John Jerusalem Freeholder Hut & Land April 1888
HAWKINS George Richmond Freeholder House,Richmond April 1888
HAYTON William Grindstone Bay Freeholder Farm,D Easton tenant April 1888
HERBERT Henry Bellerive Freeholder Cottage & Land,Richmond April 1888
HERBERT Thomas Hobart Freeholder Allotments,Richmond April 1888
HEWITT James Richmond Wages B Bone Employer April 1888
HOBDEN John Cambridge Occupancy Cottage Mrs Hobden landlady April 1888
HOBDEN Thomas Cambridge Occupancy Land,T Murridge landlord April 1888
HODGSON Joseph Black Charleys Opening Freeholder Farm April 1888
HODGSON Victor W Burnside income William Hodgson employer April 1888
HODGSON William Black Charleys Opening Freeholder Black Charleys Opening April 1888
HOLEHAN James Reverend Richmond Officiating Clergyman Catholic Church,ordained 20 Jun 1862 April 1888
HOLMES William Hobart Freeholder Farm,Alexander Martin tenant April 1888
HOLNESS W Risdon Occupancy Hut & Land April 1888
HOOKEY V.W Hobart Freeholder Farm,F Kearney tenant April 1888
HOOPER Charles Richmond Wages L Nichols employer April 1888
HOWARD Henry Campania Wages H Brock employer April 1888
HOWARD Henry J Jerusalem Occupancy Land,W M'Connon landlord April 1888
HOWARD W.J. Jerusalem Occupancy Public House,J Brain landlord April 1888
HOWLETT charles Native Corners Freeholder Native Corners,land April 1888
HOWLETT J Native Corners Freeholder Farm,Native Corners April 1888
HOWLETT William Native Corners Occupancy Farm,Regans trustees landlords April 1888
HUGHES David H Richmond Freeholder Farm,Morville April 1888
HUGHES M.T Victoria Freeholder Farm,Coal River,Arthur Rumney tenant April 1888
HUGIL Henry Reverend Richmond Minister of Religion Church of England,Richmond April 1888
HUTCHINSON John Richmond Occupancy Hut & Land,M'Connells trustees landlords April 1888
HUXTABLE John Richmond Occupancy Cottage,C Turner landlord April 1888
IBBOTT Edward Jerusalem Occupancy Farm,D Stanfield landlord April 1888
IBBOTT George Colebrook Freeholder Lower Jerusalem,Colebrook Dale Estate April 1888
IBBOTT George Camden Occupancy Farm,Rumney's trustees landlords April 1888
ILES Edmund Ormaig Freeholder Land,Ormaig April 1888
ILES Henry Jerusalem Occupancy Farm,M'Connons trustees landlords April 1888
ILES Isaac Brandy Bottom Freeholder Brandy Bottom,land April 1888
ILES Isaac E Ormaig Freeholder Land Ormaig April 1888
ILES John Brown Mountain Freeholder Farm,Fernhurst April 1888
ILES Thomas Brown Mountain Freeholder Farm Fernhurst April 1888
ILES W.H. Ormaig Freeholder Land,Ormaig April 1888
ILES William Brown Mountain Freeholder Farm,Fernhurst April 1888

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