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ROBB marriages 1889-1900 Victoria Australia

Journal by tonkin

ROBB marriages 1889-1900 Victoria Australia.


James George
Married: Mary Ann PRESTON 1889.
Three issues located.
1. Percival George Cameron, born 1890 Prahran, Victoria.
2. Hazel Mary Isabel, born 1892 St Kilda, Victoria.
3. Naida Mareena (Marcinar) Victoria, born 1899 St Kilda, Victoria.

Arthur Lesley
Married: Maude Emily TERRY 1890.
No issues located.

Married: Margaret Jane MORGAN 1890.
Four issues located.
1. Unnamed Male, born: Burrumbeet, Victoria.
2. William, born 1891 Allansford, Victoria.
3. Ethel Maud, born 1893 Allansford, Victoria.
4. Vera May, born 1898 Allansford, Victoria.

Married: Margaret WILLIAMSON 1891.
Three issues located.
1. Gladstone Grey, born 1892 Carlton North, Victoria.
2. Livingstone Stuart, born 1894 North Carlton, Victoria.
3. Gordon Taylor, born 1896 Carlton North, Victoria.

Thomas Walter
Married: Carol Ruth MCLELLAN 1891.
Carol recorded as Catherine Ruth in the birth records.
Two issues located.
1. Hannah Carol, born 1892 Albert Park, Victoria.
2. Thomas Donald, born 1899 Albert Park, Victoria.

William James
Married: Emily Maude NEWBIGIN 1893.
Two issues located.
1. Doleen Maud, born 1894 Prahran, Victoria. (Registered 1927)
2. Ivo Kilmorey, born 1903 Melbourne East, Victoria.

Married: Agnes ROUGH 1894.
No issues located.

Edwin John
Married: Mary RAEBURN 1896.
No issues located.

Married: Florence Margaret MORHAM 1896.
No issues located.

William Vincent
Married: Naomi Chlorinde SCHNEIDER 1897.
Two issues located.
1. Vincent Ronald, born 1897 Armadale, Victoria.
2. Harold William, born 1899 Armadale, Victoria.

John Robert
Married: Minnie Ellen BASTIN 1898.
Seven issues located.
1. Arthur John, born 1899 Maldon, Victoria.
2. Minnie Agnes, born 1900 Maldon, Victoria.
3. Nellie, born 1901 Maldon, Victoria.
4. Wilfred, born 1904 Daylesford, Victoria.
5. Jack Bastin, born 1906 Daylesford, Victoria.
6. David, born 1909 Daylesford, Victoria.
7. Constance Jean, born 1910 Daylesford, Victoria.

Married: Rebecca Marion JOHNSTON 1898.
Two issues located.
1. Florence Isabel, born 1899 Hotham West, Victoria.
2. William Thomas, born 1900 Hotham West, Victoria.


Married: John Warren IVEY 1889.
No issues located.

Sarah Jane
Married: Albert BILLING 1889.
Five issues located.
1. Ronald Edward, born 1890 Sandhurst, (Bendigo) Victoria.
2. Frances, born 1891 Bendigo, Victoria.
3. Alfred Eric, born 1894 Bendigo, Victoria.
4. Olive, born 1900 Bendigo, Victoria.
5. Jessie, born 1902 Bendigo, Victoria.

Lizzie Victoria
Married: Alfred DUNN 1890.
Three issues located.
1. Norman, born 1891 Malvern, Victoria.
2. Alfred Cyril, born 1894 Melbourne, Victoria.
3. Marjorie, born 1899 Armadale, Victoria.

Married: John GUTHRIE 1891.
One issue located.
1. John, born 1891 Shepparton, Victoria.

Married: Phillip John ORCHARD 1891.
Three issues located.
1. Oswald William Thomas, born 1897 Alexandra, Victoria.
2. Elizabeth Rose, born 1900 Alexandra, Victoria.
3. Phillip George, born 1902 Alexandra, Victoria.

Euphemia Hume
Married: Peter Cowan BROWN 1891.
Three issues located.
1. Duncan McFarlane, born 1892 Portland, Victoria.
2. Isabella Margaret, born 1894 Porland, Victoria.
3. Peter Keith, born 1905 Camperdown, Victoria.

Married: John ALEXANDER 1891.
Three issues located.
1. Ronald Robb, born 1892 Melbourne West, Victoria.
2. Allan, born 1895 Melbourne West, Victoria.
3. Hellen, born 1897 West Melbourne, Victoria.

Jessie MaLachlan
Married: Frederick August WILTON 1891.
Three issues located.
1. Eric Arundel, born 1893 Hawthorn, Victoria.
2. Ivy Mildred, born 1894 Hawthorn, Victoria.
3. Trevor Maitland, born 1900 Hawthorn, Victoria.

Charlotte Elizabeth
Married: William John Forrest STORIE 1895.
No issues located.

Jane Eleanor
Married: Harry ROBBINS 1895.
Five issues located.
1. Harry, born 1896 Hotham East, Victoria.
2. Eleanor Jane, born 1898 Carlton North, Victoria.
3. Marjorie Doris, born 1900 Carlton North, Victoria.
4. Colin William, born 1901 Carlton North, Victoria.
5. Ronald James, born 1903 Northcote, Victoria.

Maria Wood
Married: Arthur MITCHELL 1895.
No issues located.

Adeline Mary Ann
Married: Edwin SCOTT 1897.
One issue located.
1. Mona Ross, born 1898 Whittlesea, Victoria.

Elizabeth Catherine
Married: Robert MICHELL 1897.
No issues located.

Married: Frederick Albert NEWNHAM 1897.
Ten issues located.
1. Freda Sylvia, born 1897 Sale, Victoria.
2. Hugh Edward, born 1899 Sale, Victoria.
3. Stanley Frederick, born 1901 Sale, Victoria.
4. Ronald Charles, born 1905 Bulla, Victoria.
5. Colin Alister, born 1907 Youanmite, Victoria.
6. Winifred Iris, born 1909 Dunbulbalane, Victoria.
7. Phyllis Rita, born 1912 Kyneton, Victoria.
8. Mervyn Arnold, born 1914 Lancefield, Victoria.
9. Robb Harvey, born 1915 Lancefield, Victoria.
10. Laurance Thomas, born 1918 Romsey, Victoria.

Annie Steele
Married: William Joseph CHINN 1900.
Four issues located.
1. Doris Lorna, born 1901 Sale, Victoria.
2. Leonard Keith, born 1903 Sale, Victoria.
3. Kathleen Elvira, born 1905 Sale, Victoria.
4. Gordon William, born 1914 Sale, Victoria.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth and Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the ROBB lines.

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