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Robert May South Australia

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on 2012-04-22 03:20:00

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by ALV on 2012-04-22 05:37:10

More details please - place, date and possible connections.

by MayRowe on 2012-04-22 06:04:02

My Great grandfather, ROBERT MAY 1814 Fletching Sussex. A convict to NSW 1835 that had several wives. In his Will of 1900 he left money to 2 "lawful" sons William & Robert. Thomas was another son presuming who died prior to 1900 so not in Will. Robert was listed as marrying AGNES CAMPBELL (Came "free" & a widow) in 1840. (Can find nothing else on her or children!! Robert was freed on 1843 ended up in South Australia. He married MARY MAGNER at Dry Creek in 1861 with a tumultuous marriage, lasting about 2 years, and had 1 child JAMES. (No info on him either). They separated and he got with ELLEN WASHINGTON (housekeeper)about 1862 having many children at Meningie where he died in 1900. He never divorced Mary Magner so was never married to Ellen Washington.
My dilemma is Robert left considerable money to his "lawful" sons Robert and William, (all other children being not lawful), who we believe would have been born between 1840 and 1861, either in Sydney or South Australia. Names I am researching are MARY LINDSEY and MARY TANSY... the only names listed with a ROBERT MAY in records!! Rumour has it, he made his money on the Goldfields... but where?
Any thing you can assist with would be fantastic as I really have hit the "wall"!!

by tonkin on 2012-04-22 09:08:25

You mention here that Robert MAY and Mary MAGNER were married in Dry Creek in 1861.
My records have them married at the 'Chalmers Free Presbyterian Church' in Adelaide on the 30 August 1861.

If you check the South Australian Marriage Indexes you will find the symbol 'V' has been included on the Index. This means the original record is hard to read and an error may have been made with the spelling of names when the index was compiled.

If I'm reading the records correctly Robert and Mary's son 'James' was born at Dry Creek on the 20 July 1862. James parents were named as Robert MAY and Mary MAYNE.
I'm certain that this Mary MAYNE and Mary MAGNER will be the same Mary married to Robert in 1861.

by MayRowe on 2012-04-22 19:17:09

Yes, You are correct Mary Mayne and Mary Magner are the same person. (I have viewed the actual Birth certificate for James but what happened to him from there is a mystery).
My main problem is "lawful" sons WILLIAM and ROBERT with a different mother, born prior to James who were still alive after 1900 to receive a sizable amount in the Will of Robert MAY Senior. I have checked every Willam and Robert with a father Robert in the Sth Aust and NSW records with no luck.

Any more you can throw light on for me? (Appreciate the prompt reply)

by tonkin on 2012-04-22 22:38:33

Looking at Mary LINDSEY, Mary TANSY and Ellen WASHINGTON.

Mary LINDSEY and Robert MAY were married in St James Church, Sydney, in 1843.
It's hard to confirm births in N.S.W. without certificates, but it looks like they had five children. Places of birth not recorded.

1. Thomas MAY b.1844.
2. John W H MAY b.1845.
3. Robert MAY b.1846.
4. George M MAY b.1847.
5. Sarah AEJW MAY b.1851.

Mary TANSY and Robert MAY had three children in South Australia, but I have been unable to locate a marriage for them.

1. Richard MAY b.1848, Reed Beds.
2. William MAY b.1854, Thebarton.
3. Letitia MAY b. 1856, Thebarton.

Looking at the birth years of the above children makes me think the father will not be the same Robert MAY, but I could be wrong.

Ellen WASHINGTON and Robert MAY had four children in South Australia that I know of. The children were registered under the name of WASHINGTON, but the father was named as Robert MAY.

1. John May WASHINGTON b.1874, Lake Albert. (Near MIMINGIE)
2. Edward May WASHINGTON b.1876, Meningie.
3. Albert May WASHINGTON b.1879, Meningie.
4. Martha May WASHINGTON b.1881, Meningie.

Looking at Robert's death in 1900 indicates he had another son named Henry, but I have not located a birth for him.

I will have another look for Robert's two sons, William and Robert during the week. It's possible their births were registered under their mother's name and this will make them hard to find. Their ages at death would help.

As for the other son James I think he died in New Town, South Australia, on the 11 April 1884, aged 22 years, but this needs to be confirmed.


by tonkin on 2012-04-23 00:36:43

Had another quick look at the South Australian births and picked up six children for Robert MAY and Ellen WASHINGTON. These births were registered under MAY and include four of the children as mentioned above.

It appears four of the births were registered twice. Once under WASHINGTON and again under MAY. This is how the children were recorded under MAY.

1. Henry MAY b.1867, Lake Alberton. *
2. David MAY b.1871, Meningie.
3. John MAY b.1874, Lake Albert.
4. Edward MAY b.1876, Meningie.
5. Albert MAY b.1879, Meningie.
6. Martha MAY b.1881 Meningie.

* This will be the Henry mentioned on Robert's death record in 1900.

I think the William MAY born at Thebarton in 1854 will be the William mentioned in Robert's will.

Now to find Robert.

by MayRowe on 2012-04-23 04:12:11

Thanks again for all the research. You have all the 6 children from Robert and Ellen Washington correct. (Edward May 1876 is my Grandfather).
The William at Thebarton sounds perfect... but the parents are Robert May & Mary Tansy.. they also have a Robert Junior as well that fits.. (both lived after 1900 so as to be in the Will). But they also had a Letitia and a Richard who also lived after 1900 and there was no mention but that Robert was Storekeeper and ours was a Farmer at Dry Creek who was illiterate at time of marriage to Mary Magner.
Thomas 1844 born Sydney fits well (Parents Robert and Mary but we are pretty certain this one was Mary Lindsey going by Baptism church for their marriage as well. some of the others are definitely out (different church etc).
We are trying to establish if MARY LINDSEY & MARY TANSY are the same person!! The NSW records are only typed up info. I have seen the birth certificate for RICHARD 1848 which says Mary Tansy and the "informant" was a "Mary Lindsey, single woman". Trying to figure a connection. Or if the same as the Sydney one.
With your suggestion re James Death in 1884 at New Town... I have pondered on this also. But that was up in the North of Adelaide miles from any others and there are other Mays up there but mainly from Cornwall.
Any other suggestions always welcome... often it takes someone else to "see" direction!!

by BarneyMaroon on 2018-09-06 22:41:55

Wondering if anyone on this thread is still around.

I have an ancestor Matilda May who was born in 1865, d. of Robert May. She died in Meningie in 1896, age 30, so born circa 1865 or 66. She does not appear in above names of Children.

by BarneyMaroon on 2018-09-06 22:41:56

Wondering if anyone on this thread is still around.

I have an ancestor Matilda May who was born in 1865, d. of Robert May. She died in Meningie in 1896, age 30, so born circa 1865 or 66. She does not appear in above names of Children.

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