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RONEY marriages 1845-1941 Victoria Australia

Journal by tonkin

RONEY marriages 1845-1941 Victoria Australia.


Married: Sarah BROOKMAN 1856.
Seven issues located.
1. Emily Maria, born 1864 Raywood, Victoria.
2. Sarah Alice, born 1866 Echuca, Victoria.
3. Ellen, born 1870 Elmore, Victoria.
4. Michael, born 1872 Elmore, Victoria.
5. Elizabeth Miriam, born 1874 Elmore, Victoria.
6. George Patrick, born 1876 Elmore, Victoria.
7. Valentine Mary, born 1878 Elmore, Victoria.

Married: Elizabeth Maria MARRIN 1858.
One issue located.
1. William King, born 1862 Melbourne, Victoria.

Married: Anne GARTLAND 1860.
GARTLAND recorded as GARTLET & GARTLETT in the birth records.
Three issues located.
1. Thomas, born 1862 Breakwater, Victoria.
2. Michael, born 1864 Breakwater, Victoria.
3. John, born 1867 Geelong, Victoria.

Married: Mary OLEARY 1872.
Three issues located.
1. Unnamed male, born 1873 Axedale, Victoria.
2. Unnamed male, born 1873 Axedale, Victoria.
3. Unnamed male, born 1875 Axedale, Victoria.

Daniel James
Married: Mary FLAHERTY 1879.
Mary also recorded as Mary Louisa Ann & Maria FLAHERTY
in the birth records.

Six issues located.
1. Peter Daniel, born 1880 Rochester, Victoria.
2. John Joseph, born 1881 Rochester, Victoria.
3. Margaret Annie, born 1886 Longwood, Victoria.
4. Henry, born 1888 Longwood, Victoria.
5. Daniel, born 1890 Numurkah, Victoria.
6. Leslie William, born 1892 Tungamah, Victoria.

Married: Elizabeth CRONIN 1883.
Two issues located.
1. Edmund John, born 1884 Hotham, Victoria.
2. Peter Francis Hugh, born 1891 Hotham West, Victoria.

Married: Elizabeth SURRY 1888.
Four issues located.
1. John William, born 1888 Melbourne South, Victoria.
2. Arthur George, born 1892 Melbourne South, Victoria.
3. Clarence Alexander, born 1896 Melbourne South, Victoria.
4. Elsie Eliza Mary, born 1901 Melbourne South, Victoria.

Henry Brookman John
Married: Mary Ann CONNELL 1891.
Two issues located.
1. George Connell, born 1892 Port Malbourne, Victoria.
2. Mary Elizabeth, born 1894 Albert Park, Victoria.
3. Carmel, born 1903 Albert Park, Victoria.

Michael Gabriel
Married: Olivia CAMERON 1895.
One issue located.
1. Douglas James, born 1901 Devenish, Victoria.

Married: Mary Ellen BOWIE 1904.
BOWIE also recorded as BOWE in the birth records.
Three issue located.
1. Peter, born 1904 Tungamah, Victoria.
2. Joseph Edward, born 1915 Rushworth, Victoria.
3. Ellen Margaret, born 1919 Shepparton, Victoria.

John William
Married: Ruby Ethel McNab DUNCAN 1916.
Two issues located.
1. John Duncan, born 1917 South Melbourne, Victoria.
2. George Alexander, born 1919 South Melbourne, Victoria.

George Henry
Married: Violet Gordon MCGOWAN 1922.

Arthur George
Married: Millie Evelyn POLLARD 1922.

Henry John
Married: Esther Charlotte Mary VOSS 1925.

Clarence Alexander
Married: Verna Dorrit WILLIAMS 1926.

Douglas James
Married: Ethel Mary MIERS 1928.

Stanley Basil
Married: Christina STEVENS 1936.

Walter Gordon
Married: Beryl Elizabeth HATELY 1938.

Married: Mary HARTNETT 1941.


Married: Roderick URQUHART 1845.

Married: Adam CAUTLON 1853.

Married: John POUNCEBY 1855. (Registered 1871)

Margaret Rosa
Married: John VERBECK 1859.

Ann Jane
Married: Michael GALVIN 1875.

Ellen Louisa
Married: James Thomas OSULLIVAN 1886.

Married: William KIBBLE 1890.

Sarah Alice
Married: John OBRIEN 1892.

Married: Michael FRAWLEY 1894.

Valentina Mary
Married: Aksel ALEXANDERSON 1899.

Johanna Catherine
Married: George Benjamin FARMER 1908.

Mary Elizabeth
Married: Robert Gordon WYND 1921.

Sarah Brookman
Married: Francis Henry WRIGHT 1921.

Married: Jack Leslie Pedlingham MATTHEWS 1929.

Molly Alice
Married: John Joseph BROWNE 1930.

Elsie Eliza May
Married: John Harold JANMAN 1931.

Kathleen Ellen
Married: Michael Francis BROWN 1939.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth and Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the RONEY lines.

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