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ROPER marriages 1857-1872 Victoria Australia

Journal by tonkin

ROPER marriages 1857-1872 Victoria Australia.


Married: Henrietta WHOLERS 1857.
WHOLERS also recorded as WOHLERS and WOHLER in the birth records.
Four issues located.
1. Rebecca, born 1858 Epsom, Victoria.
2. Johanna, born 1860 Epsom, Victoria.
3. Benjamin, born 1866 White Hills, Victoria.
4. William, born 1874 White Hills, Victoria.

Thomas Tyler
Married: Louisa REEVES 1859.
No issues located.

Walter Henry
Married: Sarah MACFADDEN 1859.
Eight issues located.
1. Walter Henry, born 1861 Yackandandah, Victoria.
2. Elizabeth Ann, born 1863 Yackandandah, Victoria.
3. Charlotte, born 1865 Yackandandah, Victoria.
4. Harriet, born 1866 Yackandandah, Victoria.
5. Alice, born 1868 Yackandandah, Victoria.
6. Esther, born 1871 Yackandandah, Victoria.
7. Alice Maude, born 1872 Yackandandah, Victoria.
8. Frank Nurse, born 1879 Yackandandah, Victoria.

Married: Marianne HOLLAND 1859.
Two issues located.
1. William Land Washington, born 1859 Yackandandah, Victoria.
2. Robert Henry Bradfield, born 1862 Yackandandah, Victoria.

David Milner
Married: Caroline REEVES 1859.
Nine issues located.
1. Alphaeus Milner, born 1860 White Hills, Victoria.
2. Thomas Charles, born 1863 Epsom, Victoria.
3. Ada Louisa, born 1865 Epsom, Victoria.
4. David Berkley Gerard, born 1868 White Hills, Victoria.
5. Julius Tyler, born 1870 Sandhurst, Victoria.
6. Frederick Walter Cyril, born 1872 Sandhurst, Victoria.
7. Adam John Tyler, born 1875 Sandhurst, Victoria.
8. Eve Victoria Caroline, born 1875 Sandhurst, Victoria.
9. Albert Frederick Augustine john, born 1877 Sandhurst, Victoria.

... Adam and Eve were twins.

Married: Emily LUCAS 1860.
No issues located.

Thomas Tyler
Married: Elizabeth Cousland MALCOLM 1862.
MALCOLM recorded as MALCOLME and MALCOM in the birth records.
Four issues located.
1. Alice, born 1863 Sandhurst, Victoria.
2. Bertha, born 1864 Sandhurst, Victoria.
3. Cecelia Margaret, born 1866 California Gully, Victoria.
4. Florence Elizabeth, born 1870 Eaglehawk, Victoria.

William Henry
Married: Agnes SHORTRIDGE 1863.
One issue located.
1. John Thomas, born 1867 Edenhope, Victoria.

Married: Mary Elizabeth HARRIS 1863.
One issue located.
1. Mary Elizabeth, born 1865 Maryborough, Victoria.

Married: Jane MARSDEN 1864.
No issues located.

Married: Bridget KENNEDY 1865.
Four issues located.
1. Frederick Charles, born 1867 Yackandandah, Victoria.
2. Frederick, born 1868 Yackandandah, Victoria.
3. Ada Anne, born 1871 Yackandandah, Victoria.
4. Mary Jane, born 1872 Yackandandah, Victoria.

Married: Ellen DONNELLY 1867.
No issues located.

William Henry
Married: Christina Maria CHASTON 1868.
Seven issues located.
1. Elizabeth, born 1870 Edenhope, Victoria.
2. Mary Edith, born 1872 Edenhope, Victoria.
3. William Henry, born 1874 Dergholm, Victoria.
4. Christina Maria, born 1875 dergholm, Victoria.
5. Ernest George, born 1877 Dergholm, Victoria.
6. Henrietta, born 1880 Dergholm, Victoria.
7. Alexander McLeod, born 1882 Dergholm, Victoria.

Married: Mary Jane CORCORAN 1868.
Eleven issues located.
1. Lilly Elizabeth, born 1869 Russells Creek, Victoria.
2. James Alexander, born 1870 Russells Creek, Victoria.
3. Anne May, born 1871 Russells Creek, Victoria.
4. Walter Henry, born 1873 Russells Creek, Victoria.
5. Martin Bernard, born 1875 Tangil, Victoria.
6. Mary Jane, born 1878 Tangil, Victoria.
7. Dora Alexandrina, born 1879 Tangil, Victoria.
8. Amy Ellen, born 1880 Tangil, Victoria.
9. Mable Rose, born 1882 Tangil, Victoria.
10. Ethel Margaret, born 1885 Tangil, Victoria.
11. Alexander George, born 1888 Walhalla, Victoria.

Married: Mary Anne GATLAND 1870.
Two issues located.
1. Frederick William, born 1871 Emerald Hill, Victoria.
2. Edith Maud, born 1873 Emerald Hill, Victoria.

Married: Mary JONES 1871.
No issues located.

Married: Mary Ann JONES 1872.
No issues located.


Married: John VALLENDER 1858.

Married: David Alexander MELVEN 1861.

Mary Ann
Married: Alexander LEITH 1862.

Mary Ann
Married: Antonio Angelo MOGLIN 1863.

Married: George HOLMES 1864.

Sarah Maria
Married: Timothy LONGBOTTOM 1868.

Elizabeth Goodwin
Married: Edward WOODGER 1869.

Annie Isabel Bindon
Married: Edward DONEHUE 1871.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth and Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the ROPER lines.

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